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Top Best Activewear Brand That you Need for Your Workout


Today we want to share with you the best activewear brand that you need for your workout. Whatever type of activewear you like, one common point is that it makes you consistent. Activewear is essential whether your target is Yoga, heavy weightlifting, jogging, or any sports activity. The primary goal is to get the best clothing that suits your personality. The best characteristic of workout clothes for men is their fine fabric and comfort.

Some of the best brands for gym wear, like SQUATWOLF and Spiritual Gangster, always care about the client’s activities. These activities may be related to the profession of athletes or any occupation. So, without further delay, let’s find out the best activewear brands in the world.


Fitness wear that never dies is SQUATWOLF. The best gym wear and daily wear brand that provides classical and trendy dresses. SQUATWOLF delivers authentic fabric with decent textures and colors for all kinds of gym wear for men and women alike, including swimsuits, workout clothes for women and men, sports training attire, and other collections. SQUATWOLF is not only designed for workouts but also for daily routine activities.


Best Activewear Brand

Photo by KoolShooters on Pexels

Lululemon is designed to get you through any activity with peace and excellence. During early morning workouts, the brand’s apparel keeps you comfortable. Lightweight, durable fabric that brings comfort to the wearer regardless of the project they are working on. Lululemon has a massive outlet store with excellent quality workout clothes for men, sleek leggings, fabulously designed yoga suits, and many other finishing outfits.


With Ryderwear, make yourself fit with the outfit of jaw-dropping designed fabric. This Australian brand is a high-performance lifestyle fanatic. It offers a vast collection of Yoga, training suits, and other everyday dresses. Their gym clothes and athletic gear have a remarkable balance between care and first-class fashion.

Spiritual Gangster

Enhance your personality with the outfit of a spiritual gangster. Spiritual Gangster is an LA-based brand that is well-known due to its fitness wear and Yoga outfit. The central theme of the brand is to mix up ancient clothing styles with modern one. The primary aim of the Spiritual Gangster’s wearing collection is to upgrade the fashion for fitness wear.

Yoga Outlet

Best Activewear Brand

Photo by Miriam Alonso on Pexels

Yoga Outlet clothing style offers high quality with an excellent color combination. American design is seen throughout their gym clothes and daily wear dresses. Although they started as Yoga-centric clothing brands, they became popular for workout clothing. They are one of the most appropriate brands for sports and outdoor activities.

Beyond Yoga

Get ready to work out in style. You can’t make a mistake if your choice is the best-selling sportswear brand. Beyond Yoga is amazing when it comes to workout clothing. It provides moisture-wicking and fine fabric that keeps the person composed. Beyond Yoga store includes everything from gleaming black cycling shorts to high-waisted leggings. The brand of Beyond Yoga carries out a dream workout gear with comfortable fabric.


Lacausa has a unique and admirable approach. It takes recycled polyester and turns it into smooth and breathable activewear. It offers comfortable and fashionable athletic wear, swimsuits, and everyday clothes. Lacausa is a LA brand that is committed to making the world simpler and beautiful.


So, the above-discussed brands are the most popular and reliable ones to follow. Whatever profession you have, an excellent clothing style is likely an integral part of your routine. We hope that this list of top activewear brands will help you maintain the same style and class even when you are hustling and grinding at the gym.

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Hey Girl, Join The Hidden Family!


If you haven’t heard of Hidden Fashion, then get to know! Inspired by street style and pop culture, they are continuously pushing the boundaries of fashion with items available for everyone and every occasion – regardless of your budget.

As it’s hot girl summer, Hidden Fashion remains up to date with the latest bikini trends, showcasing similar looks worn by celebrity icons. Kim Kardashian recently posted an Instagram photo wearing a sporty orange bikini and Hidden Fashion has an almost identical one on offer for just $9.60!

(Hidden Fashion https://www.hiddenfashion.com/products/orange-crinkle-v-front-bikini-bottoms)

(Kim Kardashian’s Instagram https://www.instagram.com/p/CPTUbtLAyWQ/)

If you’re not a fan of bikinis, then Hidden Fashion also has co-ords. Hidden Fashion has a beautiful baby blue co-ord available for only $13.72, similar to Kendall Jenner’s.


(Hidden Fashion’s website https://www.hiddenfashion.com/products/light-blue-ribbed-v-neck-cami-cycling-shorts-co-ord)

(Kendall Jenner’s instagram https://www.instagram.com/p/CSaWvACpvwD/)

Hidden Fashion pride themselves in making fashion available to everyone despite their budget. They frequently have designer dupes available such as their Bottega Veneta Padded black sandals lookalikes for only $13.04.

(Hidden Fashion’s website https://www.hiddenfashion.com/products/black-woven-padded-leather-look-sliders)

If you’re unsure how to dress your body type or stay up to date with trends then Hidden Fashion offers a wide range of tips and tricks through their fashion edits, ‘Shop by Occasion’ and even on their own blogs!

Check out Hidden Fashion’s lookbooks here.

6 Effective Tips For Power Dressing


Today we want to share 6 effective tips for power dressing. There is a lot of buzz about the return of power dressing in the corporate world. It is a workplace accessory that helps move your career further. The concept of power dressing has gone through many phases but now it is more trendy than ever. Power dressing can build and demonstrate confidence, it works as an empowerment tool where you dress for the life you want to live and it offers a number of options when it comes to the day to night wardrobe. Here are a few tips for power dressing at your best.

  1. Keep the occasion in mind
Power Dressing

Photo by Emmy E on Pexels

There is nothing as alarming as being under-dressed in specific situations. Hence, you must dress for the occasion, especially when you are headed to an event that needs a certain dress code. It is good to stick to the regular button-up shirt and well-fitted trousers, so if you want to get more stylish, you only need to add statement jewelry pieces and a nice bag. When you have dressed aptly for the event, it will make you feel more confident and you will not be distracted by the poor choice of outfit.

  1. Be tidy and presentable

If you carry yourself with caked makeup or have greasy hair, it will make you look messy for the occasion. You must make sure to take care of your nails and keep your hair nice and clean. You can make your hair look stylish and presentable even if they are naturally textured. High-profile events need you to look your best and wearing the right outfit should go well with your hair and makeup. You must keep yourself well-groomed at all times. It is the first step towards becoming a well-balanced and capable individual.

  1. Wear the right makeup
Woman putting on lipstick

Photo by freestocks.org on Pexels

When it comes to makeup, you need to use it to cover the imperfections and highlight the positives. However, a lot of people make the mistake of layering it up and not using products that are right for the skin type. No matter what outfit you are wearing, makeup can make or break your look. As an employee, you can wear light makeup every day to feel confident and powerful. You can opt for a nude makeup tone for the right look. If you are attending an office party, you can wear jeans with a stylish jacket and put on bold makeup. Bold lips can elevate your look in an instant.

  1. Pick clothes that fit you well

Before spending money on expensive clothes, you need to make sure that everything fits you perfectly well. Learn about your body and identify styles that make you feel confident. You will be able to find well-tailored pieces that can bring out the best in you. It may take a while to pick out the right clothes but you must never compromise on the fitting. Use casual occasions like brunch with your friends to practice wearing clothes that suit your body type. Once you master this, you will feel confident in anything you wear.

  1. Showcase your personality

The power pieces must reflect your style. You want to look professional and even if a crop top looks great, it does not mean you wear it to an event. You can elevate the power outfits with small details like a stylish scarf or a trendy jacket.

  1. Opt for classics
Power Dressing

Photo by Emmy E on Pexels

If you cannot get the feel for a dress code, it is advisable to stick to the basics. You can build your wardrobe around the basics and then dress up or down. You do not need to wear all-black to work. If you love the blue top, wear it. Leather leggings? Wear them. Always have enough work-appropriate pieces that make you feel powerful and confident. Do not forget the shoes. Pay attention to the shoes you match with the outfit. They should be comfortable and convenient whether it is a party or a meeting.

Being well dressed is easily achievable but it helps to be careful about what you are wearing to work. You must not look unprofessional. So, when you are buying new clothes, consider the style and fit. Ask yourself if you will be comfortable wearing them for a meeting with a client. Wearing clothes that make you feel strong and smart is the true power of power dressing. Wear your best outfit and show people that you are ready to take on the world.

Whether you have a wardrobe filled with formals for work or just a few pieces when the occasion demands, but, if you pair it right, you will be ready for the big day at work. Remember to go light on makeup and wear the right shoes and accessories.

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7 Foolproof Shoe and Sock Combos That Every Man Should Know


Today we want to share 7 foolproof shoe and sock combos that every man should know. Have you ever wondered about what the implicit rules are for matching socks with shoes? This may not seem as big an issue as matching your shirt with your pants or pairing certain shirt prints and accessory types with a style of suit. But the fashionable gentleman knows the value of combining the right shoe type with the right sock. And you, too, can become a master of this fine art—whether you’d like to add pleasing symmetry or some artful contrast to the upper half of your outfit, great sock-and-shoe combos will do the trick.

Below is a cheat sheet of sorts that you can refer to when matching your socks and shoes. Use this when shopping for footwear and accessories, like Burlix’s men’s socks, and take your personal style up a whole notch!

For Awesome Style at the Office: The Perfect Oxford and Long Sock Combos

Classic brown men's brogues shoes and a man in blue socks. Men's stylish look.In most traditional office settings, the oxford is the shoe of choice—especially if one anticipates a board meeting or lunch at an upscale restaurant with a client. That means that, from top to bottom, a man should dress to convey utmost professionalism. The closed-lace construction and classic leathery look of an Oxford communicate exactly that, and these shoes should be paired with equally professional-looking socks for maximum impact.

One rule of thumb that you can follow, especially when wearing black Oxfords, is to wear matching black or dark gray socks. Doing so will achieve a streamlined effect on your business wear, thus making you look effortlessly put together. As far as work shoes like Oxfords are concerned, the conservative approach is the best one.

Big Fashion for Big Events: The Right Brogue and Dress Sock Combos

Got a wedding or red-carpet-style event lined up soon? If so, it’s likely time to break out your most intricate wingtips, your smartest pair of monk strap shoes, or some other variety of dressy brogue. After all, the most special events in your life call for the spiffiest shoes. But you have a little more leeway in terms of the socks you can wear with them.

Formal outfits call for very exact pant cuts and tailored fits. That means that your socks will stay covered by your pant legs most of the time, and they’ll only peek out when you sit down. Knowing this, you can go for long socks in straightforward solid colors, like black for a gray suit or beige for a navy suit. Or, you can do the exact opposite and bring out your boldest sock prints. It’s totally fine to add to the festivities with your socks!

Putting the “Smart” in Smart Casual: Nifty Tips for Styling Socks with Loafers, Boat Shoes, or Moccasins

Shoe and Sock CombosHow about yacht parties, outdoor cocktails, or country club socials? These are the perfect occasions to bring out your loafers, boat shoes, or moccasins. But do yourself a favor and don’t slip your bare feet into them. The stitching on new loafer-like shoes can cut or bruise your feet. Additionally, moccasins aren’t very breathable and can cause your feet to sweat. This, in turn, can cause these shoes to develop funky odors.

What’s the best way to stay stylish when wearing these shoes with shorts or chinos? The best compromise is low-cut or no-sock socks, which are socks that only cover the sole and ankle. When you’re wearing your favorite loafer-type shoes, these types of socks will still cushion your feet without noticeably sticking out.

Effortless Style at the Gym: Socks for Trainers and Other Types of Exercise Shoes

You don’t have to be dressed to the nines when you’re at the gym, but many men complete their best workouts in sporty and stylish gear. Trainers and specialty exercise shoes not only provide comfort, but also a much-needed morale boost. Why not treat socks the same way?

When it’s time to get your reps in, don’t hesitate to pair some cool socks with your sportiest trainers. You can choose between crew socks or ankle-length socks, and socks with retro stripes or socks with more modern geometric designs. It depends on which style you think you’d rock.

The Urbane Traveler Aesthetic: Socks for Combat Boots or Chelsea Boots

Shoe and Sock Combos

Photo by lilartsy on Pexels

If you’re traveling to a new city and want to be both comfy and stylish, you can add combat boots or Chelsea boots to your street fashion repertoire. Both combat boots and Chelsea boots can add a masculine edge as well as a touch of urbanity to ordinary denim-dependent outfits.

The high-top length on both of these shoe types demands that you wear long socks to stay comfortable. But it’s recommended that you go for plain and solid socks to emphasize the Chelsea boot’s stylish elastic panel. You have more legroom for combat boots, however—argyle socks and other patterned socks can work well with them.

For the Outdoorsy Gentleman: The Best Socks for Hiking Boots

Then there are the shoes that you’ll wear in the great outdoors, like your hiking boots. You may be more focused on the beauty of Mother Earth than your own sense of fashion, but there’s no reason why you shouldn’t look good on your next trek.

When you’re wearing hiking boots, it’s best to wear wool socks because these have great cushioning and temperature regulation qualities. Get these in your favorite color, or in a print that hearkens to the outdoors. Textured socks in colors like stone gray or autumn leaf brown are great options.

Bold Fashion Footwear: Expressive Socks for High-Top Shoes and Other Statement Sneakers

Lastly, there are some days that you just want to bust out your weirdest, wackiest, and most expressive shoes. If you’ve always liked wearing retro-style high-top basketball shoes or lace-ups, you’re in luck, because these have recently gone back into fashion. The same can be said for statement slip-ons that sport bold logos and metallic details. Sometimes, it’s more fun to wear these with a suit than it is to wear Oxfords or brogues!

For these shoes, you also have a lot of options. You can wear subtler high-cut socks to emphasize the shoe itself, or you can wear equally bold socks. The latter works particularly well if you’re wearing more conservative shirts or bottoms. Just embrace the style you want for yourself, because life is too short for you to always blend in.

Some Last Styling Tips for Going Beyond the Formula

These may be the unwritten rules for wearing certain types of socks with certain types of shoes, but in some cases, it may be best to break them. It can depend on the other colors, textures, or styles the rest of your outfit is sporting. So before you subscribe to each one of these rules wholesale, give yourself a glance in the mirror—and see if your shoes and socks help you look exactly the way you want to.

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Best Workout Leggings in Your Budget 2021


Today we want to share the best workout leggings. The effect of work out or arduous exercise becomes most effective while accompanied with suitable sets of workout apparel. Being a set of joggers, thigh holders, a pair of good running shoes or just a pair of sports leggings each of these ensure a fantastic body grasp while sweating strenuously either at gym or an open field.

Among all, workout bodysuits or leggings thrash up a bit more higher potency for being flexible and endowing maximum support to the body. Despite being stretchable and weaved delicately, workout leggings are quite flamboyant as well. Because, in the modern definition of fashion these have striking imprints. Therefore, in this blog let’s roster up some of the top brands, popular for fabulous workout leggings within a decent budget.

However, before starting you must be aware that these brands do not only knotch variating budgets for workout leggings but each of their products delicately yet distinctly differs from each other. Moreover, active coupon offers keep on rolling as well. For example, At this moment you can buy a pair of leggings from Nike sale 2021 at just 40% off or can pick up a set of women’s sportswear including leggings from Adidas at 50% off etc. Hence, let’s not waste more time on the anecdote, directly delve into the discussion.

Slim woman sitting on floor in studio

Photo by Anna Shvets on Pexels

Best Workout Leggings in Your Budget 2021

To help you with your choice, we have compiled some of the best workout leggings that you can buy at a budget, in 2021. Take a look at these below:

Live In Space Dye High Waist Leggings

If your intention is looking for heavy exercise supportive apparels which also shows an artistry with colours and syntax, although not so flashy, then these high waist leggings are for you.These space dye leggings are not just of attractive appearance but highly functional. Moreover, the colour syntax it provides is neutral but refreshing in most cases. For being high waist, squat proof and utterly flexible and devoid of dirt it’s already of impressive craze among sports persons and athletes. Hence, if you’re yet to try this one go for it without a hesitation.

Nike Women’s Leggings

nike leggings

Photo by Mister Mister on Pexels

Being one of the top and most effective sportswear brands, Nike always try to reach out maximum potency which has reflected on its’ women leggings as well–designed with sleek balck colour based on simple designs. No…that doesn’t mean to have a boring look! If you look at one of these, you can easily sense the meaning of simple but classic appearance! That’s what it does. While one side Nike leggings are of decent look, another side has inexplicable potential which helps your knees, thighs and calves to be flexible even after a challenging workout! As the sale is going on you can grab a pair of these under $50. So, hurry up to get one.

ASOS Bershka Gray Camo Sports Legging

If you are someone who likes camo pants to full-length ones, this is one of the best and most affordable options. It has a neutral and muted design which concordantly balances fashion and efficiency. It is high waisted, which gives a robust support to the body stem and belly, that keeps the nerve strong even after tiring fatigue. Besides, it has a meshy part on the knees which maintains body ventilation, therefore, comes out to a great relief during a suffocative environment.

Forever 21 Active Mesh Panel Legging

Do you know the benefits of mesh panels in joggers?…it keeps the body ventilated. Albeit, you can’t catch up it’s plus point in a normal situation but while phasing through heavy exercise at the gym or an air locked environment, you can surely sense the bliss. Not only it keeps your body airy but keeps it intact from odor and itchiness. Therefore, giving a try to Forever 21 mesh leggings could be an attractive option for your next purchase! It has a simple, decent appearance which is handy at a lucrative price as well, namely under $30, which is quite affordable…right?

Lamibaby High Waisted Yoga Pants

best workout leggings

Photo by Anete Lusina on Pexels

What could be better than a pair of good yoga pants? And that too with pockets! This high waisted yoga pants from Lamibaby is of pure satisfaction and purposive in terms of service. Albeit,  a pair of pockets may not meet a purpose at yoga, but the same come out as purposive while at running and jogging to carry useful items such as, fitness tracker, phone etc. Besides, this pair offers great belly control that helps while you run or jog comfortably. The material of the pants is also slightly thicker than normal which is not uncomfortable at all rather keeps you warm during chilly mornings.

H&M High Waist Seamless Leggings

The workout leggings from H&M basically come in three colours and offer a seamless fit. These are so easily carried that everyone prefers to put on even after the workout. It’s high stretchable nature helps users to comfortably stretch out, squatting, lunging and finish all heavy leg exercises with an ease. Moreover, being quickie washable these have another scale of popularity.

Old Navy High-Waisted Elevate Powersoft Colour-Block Leggings

The colour block leggings from Old Navy are cute, stylish and most importantly under a perfect budget. Not just affordable price tags very often it’s become handy at greater discounts too. It’s belly supporting high waist belt would help your core tight during your exercises. Despite all these features, it is waived with knee pads to protect from any injury during work out or other outdoor activities.


A good pair of leggings not only make you comfortable during the workout session but also keep you safe and keep you away from hurting yourself. There are plenty of affordable options that might be on the cheaper side but provide adequate results. Moreover, plethora of additional discount coupons that come in effect on a rolling basis turn your purchase more worthy. So, go ahead and buy a pair of good workout leggings to enjoy your workout sessions every day.

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3 Ethical Fashion Companies You Should Buy From


While the fashion industry is notorious for its environmental wastefulness and often poor treatment of its workers, buyers often wish to make a difference, but are lost when it comes to navigating such a complex industry. However, there are many options when it comes to making sure your clothes come from moral and sustainable platforms. Here are 3 ethical fashion companies you should buy from.


1. thredUP


Image Credit: thredup.com

Given the second hand nature of all their listed products, this online thrift-store’s values revolve around sustainability. ThredUP wishes to challenge the fashion industry’s unnecessary obsession with “newness”, lessening the amount of discarded clothing in landfills. They use innovative technology to process thousands of garments a a day, while spreading education of the environmental benefits of buying used fashion. They even collaborated with Olivia Wilde to create a second hand t-shirt collection, promoting the significance of second hand fashion to mainstream audiences. With a wide arrange of options of 35k brands, ThredUP is suitable for any shopper. Take their original fashion footprint calculator quiz if you want to make a positive impact!


2. American Apparel 

Image Credit: americanapparel.com

At its height of popularity, American Apparel dominated internet platforms such as Tumblr with their sexualized, high flash photography advertising and straightforward designs. It originally went bankrupt in 2017, shutting down 110 stores. However, the brand was revived by Canadian manufacturer Gildan Activewear, the second most sustainability managed apparel company, who revamped its image to highlight female empowerment. Currently, American Apparel operates as an online only platform. Currently, the brand emphasizes its “ethically made and sweatshop free culture. According to their website: “All production employees at our owned facilities earn significantly more than the legally-mandated minimum industry wages in all the countries where we operate. Moreover, in the majority of our locations, our employees receive valuable competitive benefits such as 24-hour access to medical clinics, free transportation to and from work, subsidized meals, and access to financial aid programs.” They also value the LGBTQ+ community, donating to the Trevor Project and the Montreal Pride Parade. 


3. Reformation

Image Credit: thereformation.com


Reformation is a vintage inspired clothing website known for its elegant and feminine silhouettes. Founded in California, Reformation opened downtown Los Angeles’ first sustainable factory in 2013. Their sustainable practices include being 100% carbon neutral (meaning no carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere), and tracking its environmental impact through a tool called RefScale. They are also dedicated to creating safe, healthy environments for their workers. According to their website: We do so through partnerships with industry groups like the Fair Labor Association, conducting on-site social responsibility audits, and a commitment to ensuring workers have a voice in our organization. Although their styles may be on the pricier side for many, the high quality of the clothing proves to be a worthwhile investment that will last you years. With their classy and flattering options, Reformation offers the perfect combination of ethical and stylish. 

Why You Should Stop Buying From Fast Fashion Platforms


Fast Fashion is the rapid production of high amounts of clothing, getting them onto the market for consumers as quickly as possible. This mostly entails places such as shopping malls, or more commonly as of 2021, online platforms. Many busy people in today’s Western society are drawn to fast fashion due to its convenience and need for social acceptance without thinking of the implications. Although websites like SHEIN and Romwe may seem appealing due to their trendy styles and vast array of options at surprisingly low prices, their charm happens to be deceiving, and ultimately not worth it, which is why you should stop buying from fast fashion.


1. Its Terrible for the Environment

Image Credit: Flickr

According to a 2020 report from Princeton University, the fashion industry uses one tenth of all the water needed to run factories worldwide. It is also responsible for massive amounts of plastic in the ocean, while being the second largest consumer of water globally. It is also very wasteful considering how often clothing that is no longer considered “trendy” ends up clogging landfills or producing pollution due to mass incineration from people carelessly throwing it away. The accessibility of clothing on the internet has caused the damage to skyrocket, with people buying 60% more garments in 2014 than they did in 2000, and clothing production practically doubling since the year 2000 as well.


2. They Exploit Their Workers-Everywhere

Image Credit: Flickr

If the prices on a clothing website seem too good to be true, chances are they’re coming from a sweatshop. By paying their workers far below a living wage and putting them in poorly run inhumane conditions, companies can afford to mark down their prices to sell to a wide audience. People are inaccurately told that they should buy local in order to avoid these circumstances. However, it is a common misconception that clothing made in the USA is inherently ethical. The truth is many are unaware that there are exploitative “sweatshops” in America as well. Mostly undocumented immigrants, these workers are desperate to feed their families with 12 hour work days for three cents a piece at a maximum of $5 an hour, and have been employed by companies such as Fashion Nova in Los Angeles. 


3. Its Not Actually Cheaper in the Long Run

Image Credit: Pexels

One of the most common arguments defending fast fashion is that the prices are within the only range that many people can afford, therefore the responsibility to make more ethical choices within their clothing purchases should not be placed on the everyday consumer. However, while it is true that the main culprit of fast fashion’s societal damage are the mass companies and factories, we can still choose to play a role as well. Logistically, the material in fast fashion clothing is often so cheaply made that the items often fall apart after just a few uses. This ultimately negates the purpose of the cheap prices if people have to keep buying more and more clothes in order to replace them. Therefore, consumers end up saving more money in the long run by investing in more high quality pieces that end up lasting longer-even if the initial price is a little higher.

Overall, it is apparent that the fast fashion industry is in need of major reform. While targeting the root of the issue would include changing the practices of mass corporations, everyday consumers can still make a difference by refusing to contribute to certain brands. Ethical alternatives include buying second hand clothing from platforms, donating unwanted clothing instead of throwing it away, buying clothing made from recycled material without plastic, and making sure that and researching an organization’s practices before buying from it.

Images provided by Creative CommonsFlickrUnsplashPexels & Pixabay

It’s Time To Ditch Skinny Jeans – Oversized Fashion Is The New Trend


It’s Time To Ditch Skinny Jeans – Oversized Fashion Is The New Trend! The years of close-fitting clothes are being shown the backdoor. Oversized clothing characterized the hip-hop culture in the early 2000s, with extra-large shirts, baggy jeans, and in-your-face jewelry being the norm. Today, the fashion world is welcoming oversized dressing back, but this time, it’s not just specified to hip-hop lovers.

As the majority of us have spent the past year indoors, the need for comfortable clothing has become more apparent. Brilliant designers saw a chance to leap onto this fashion opportunity, and are now swapping out skinny jeans with baggier alternatives. Here’s how to make the oversized fashion trend work for you.

Oversized Fashion Is The New Trend

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels

What Is Oversized Clothing?

Just in case you’ve been left behind on current fashion trends, let’s take a look at what oversized clothing actually is. To put it as simply as possible, an oversized outfit is larger than regular fit clothing. Instead of skimming and cinching the body, it falls loosely and doesn’t provide much of a silhouette.

As mentioned earlier, we have the current global pandemic to thank partly for this new fashion trend. Although the social and physical distancing practices forced many to opt for comfortable oversized clothes, the fact that many celebrities took it to another level was all the inspiration most people needed. Being the latest fashion trend, both sexes feel more confident heading outside in slightly “less flattering” pieces.


Oversized Fashion Options

Oversized Fashion Is The New Trend

Photo by Designecologist on Pexels

The first article of clothing that comes to mind when most people think of oversized attires are large t-shirts. However, oversized clothing options cover different clothing types. Here are some of the most popular.

  • Tops: Oversized tops are probably the most common you’ll find today. Most men prefer to pair extra-large t-shirts with their regular jeans or even shorts, while most women prefer huge shirts as a single-piece, belted outfit. It’s not uncommon to find celebrities like Ariana rocking oversized hoodies as their main outfits.
  • Oversized cardigans and jackets: Oversized cardigans and jackets are part of the new fashion trend taking over. Rocking your jackets and jeans the right way can be a bit tricky, especially if you’re not used to it. But most fashion experts advise pairing an oversized blazer with tighter clothes underneath.
  • Oversized pants: Oversized pants used to be baggy shorts in the early 2000s, mostly paired with equally extra-large t-shirts or sports jersey tops. Even if you still love your pair of skinny jeans, having some oversized pants should be a must, especially when we’re all still caught up in this pandemic.

How To Wear Oversized Clothes With Confidence

If you’re fashion-conscious, then styling should form an essential ingredient when you buy your clothes. Oversized clothes have a reputation for being the clothes you wear when you don’t want to put any effort into your looks. Here are a few practical tips to use when trying to rock an oversized outfit.

  • Stay your size: There is a thin line between getting your oversized outfit spot on and just looking like you’re having a bad day – and most people end up crossing this line. The first tip is to stay as close to your size as possible.
  • Create a focal point: It is easy to lose yourself in a combination of oversized clothing if you don’t create a focal point for your style. You can do this by going for pieces with subtle accents.
  • Pick materials with texture: Oversized clothing isn’t very flattering for the figure, which is why it’s wise to find alternative ways to express yourself. Through picking pieces with different materials and textures, you will be able to add a bit of personality without looking too bland.

Absolutely anyone can wear oversized clothes, you just have to know how to make it work. Next time you go to put your skinny jeans on, consider switching to a baggier alternative, instead!

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Images provided by Creative Commons, Flickr, Unsplash, Pexels & Pixabay

How To Choose Vintage Items You’ll Get Wear Out Of


Today we want to share some tips on how to choose vintage items you’ll get wear out of. Buying vintage clothing online has become more and more popular recently and especially during lockdown when we have been restricted to staying in our houses and our online buying addictions have got a little out of control. But do you know how you can choose vintage clothes and accessories that you will get wear out of?

Don’t worry because we do!

Fortunately, we have put together some tips on how to choose vintage items you’ll get wear out of.  Let’s take a closer look below.

Quality Is Essential

on how to choose vintage items

Photo by Sunsetoned on Pexels

As with all clothing or products that you buy, it’s paramount that they are of the best quality. Not only is this important for durability and longevity, but you want to look good too. You don’t want to spend your money on something that is going to either break easily or look cheap. You should feel confident in your new vintage clothing and be sure that it isn’t going to get damaged or break with ease.

Plus, you will want to continue to wear your new vintage clothes time and time again, so you don’t want clothing that can only be worn once or twice.

Know Your Vintage Shops

That leads us nicely onto our next point; know your vintage shops. If you want to know that you are getting quality and where the prices are set just right, then spend some time browsing different vintage shops and check out reviews, as not all vintage shops are the same.

In fact, you may have a specific vintage shop that you visit for different occasions and events, or for certain items of vintage clothing that you know you can only find in specific places.

Don’t Be Fooled By The Label

Just because the label has a high-end brand on it and the sale price is significantly lower – don’t be fooled! This style of clothing may not suit you, so don’t waste your money on high-end labels for your vintage clothing if you then aren’t going to get wear out of the item!

Try Clothes On

on how to choose vintage items

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Leading on from our last point; try clothes on! Whether you buy the clothes online or visit a vintage shop now lockdown restrictions have eased a little, you should always try the clothes on. You will get that instant feel of whether you feel confident in the item or not. If you are unsure when you first try, then you shouldn’t buy the item, as the likeliness is that you won’t get good wear out of it and you will have just wasted your money.

Start With Accessories

If you like vintage clothing, but it isn’t similar to your current style, then instead of buying loads of vintage clothes, start with accessories instead. This way you can slowly implement your new vintage style into your wardrobe, which will give you time to decide if the look is right for you or not.

Plus, vintage accessories are available at brilliant prices and gives you the chance to dip your toe into the world of vintage! From jewellery to hats and bags, there are so many options to choose from.

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10 Comfortable Outfits you Need for 2021


Today we want to share with you 10 comfortable outfits you need for 2021. One of the nicest things about loungewear is that a lot of it is mix and match. No matter your color preference, black yoga pants and a grey cardigan always go together; add a pink tank and you’ve got a proper outfit. Below are several pieces of loungewear that can quickly be turned into a variety of outfits.


Leggings are a nice base for your womens loungewear set mix and match setup. You can find leggings in black, grey and black, or you can invest in some fun colorblock leggings which can be quickly matched to multiple garments. If you are looking for comfy clothes for women, you will love Dressbarn, the whole selection is available online, so shop in comfort!


Healthy fashion people woman

Photo by Mikhail Nilov on Pexels

While men’s sweats tend to be a bit sturdier and come only in a limited number of colors, women’s sweatpants are available in a wide variety of patterns, weights, and styles. Even better, these sweatpants can be found in a variety of lengths, so if you’re headed out for a run, your work from home capris can quickly turn into your workout pants.

Yoga Pants

Yoga pants can quickly be turned into “answer the door” pants with a long tee. While the waistband placement can be problematic for some, there are many different manufacturers and designers that create either low rise or high waist yoga pants. From Dressbarn to Old Navy, you can find yoga pants to wear every day.



A caftan can quickly be turned into a maxi dress if you need to run out and take care of errands while working from home. Luckily, caftans are a great option when the weather gets hot. With a trip pair of capris or biking shorts under your caftan, you’ll be plenty covered and feel quite comfortable.


Photo by Gabby K on Pexels

Comfy lounging shorts can quickly go from sleeping to errands to housework. A snug-fitting pair of biking shorts can even be used out and about if covered with a long tee or a long hoodie. Even more fun, there are many leggings and shorts in a wide variety of patterns.

Long Tee

Finding a long tee can be a challenge for some women, so why not look for a mini dress? The world of tights, leggings, capris and bike shorts is changing rather quickly. With a mini-dress and a long cardigan, you can turn your yoga pants into daywear.


Hoodies are a great option when the weather gets cold; any garment with a built-in hat is a great tool when the temperature drops. Hoodies also often have a pocket, so if you need to make a quick trip out into the world, you can skip the purse and bring your ID and credit card with you in your pocket.


Whether you need to be presentable for an online meeting or you just like to layer up to avoid the chill, there are many wonderful tanks that you can enjoy as a way to add a pop of color to your basic outfit. Black pants plus a grey cardigan is a good base, but you can change up these pieces with a pink, blue, red or yellow tank.

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7 Reasons Socks Are Actually a Romantic Gift Idea


Today we want to share 7 reasons socks are actually a romantic gift idea. For a long time, socks have gotten a bad rap when it comes to gift-giving. Cue the 1960s footage of boys with well-combed hair, ripping open holiday presents, only to reluctantly hold up a pair of wool socks. But that’s not the case anymore. Today, socks are some of the best socks when you’re shopping on a budget.

And in case your budget is light though your heart is full, socks are not only affordable but they can also be really romantic. That might seem like a crazy statement at first, but there is actually a lot of good reason behind it: socks are warm, they can be funny and silly, they can be luxurious. 

Socks Are Actually a Romantic Gift Idea

Photo by Taryn Elliott on Pexels

If you’re wondering if giving socks to a romantic partner is an appropriate gift, here are seven reasons why those socks are actually a great choice:

1. They keep you warm and cozy

The number one reason to wear socks is to keep your feet warm and cozy all year long. This is an especially tough challenge during the winter months or if you live in a cold environment.

If your partner is always complaining that their feet are cold, give them the fuzziest, warmest, most luscious pair of socks that you can find. Most of us would not purchase those kinds of socks for ourselves because they can be expensive — at least, they’re expensive compared to other pairs of socks. On the gift-giving spectrum, they’re actually very affordable! That’s why they’re the perfect way to spoil your partner while you’re on a budget.

2. They can be part of an at-home spa routine

Self-care is essential to our overall well-being. One way to practice self-care is to take care of your body’s physical needs, making time to relax. This could include getting a good night’s sleep, eating well, and sometimes pampering yourself. Creating an at-home spa routine is the perfect way to pamper yourself in a practical way. 

To boost your partner’s spa routine, give them the gift of a pair of gel-infused socks. These socks help to moisturize their feet and keep them warm. Have them put them on just after a bath or foot-soak and lotion application to lock in moisture and hydrate dry skin. And if your partner wears them overnight, the results will be even better.

3. You can never have enough

Socks Are Actually a Romantic Gift Idea

Photo by Marta Ruf on Pexels

Socks wear out. The elastic stretches. Holes appear in the heel or in the toes. One sock mysteriously goes missing between the washing machine and the dryer. We replace socks all the time. Often, we buy ourselves just plain packs of socks because they’re cheap and practical. That’s why receiving a silly or colorful pair of socks from a loved one is so much fun!

And, because you can never have enough socks, they’re the perfect gift for that person who has everything. Help them stock up on the coziest, silliest socks you can find. They’re sure to be put to good use.

4. Customized socks can play on inside jokes

Customized socks are the most fun way to gift socks. The New York Times puts it in their top 20 list of best stocking stuffers. You can choose the color and style of the sock and also choose pictures to appear in a pattern on the sock.

I’ve seen this done with pets, loved ones, favorite actors, TV/movie characters, you name it! These socks can be romantic because they are fun, thoughtful, and silly. Most importantly, it shows your loved one how well you know them. They can be as goofy as you want, as long as they feature something that your partner loves.

5. They’re practical but playful

Socks Are Actually a Romantic Gift Idea

Photo by Alan Cabello on Pexels

For many of us, work attire can be pretty boring. Slacks and button-ups get old pretty fast. But you can always add a pop of personality and color with your socks. Because they’re hidden most of the time, they aren’t too distracting. But when you get a peek of a brightly colored sock or something with a silly pattern, it can be kind of fun!

If you’re buying for someone who has a 9 to 5 with a strict dress code, try and track down socks with fun patterns and prints. When they have a tough day, they’ll see them and think of you!

6. You can shop for themed socks

As No Cold Feet notes, there’s even a case to be made for giving Valentine socks as a gift. Just about every store that sells socks will sell socks specifically designed for Valentine’s Day. No Cold Feet takes it one step further though. You can buy a two-pack of socks in any color and style of your choosing. Once you have the socks picked out, you can choose one of three V-Day themed packaging options, or choose a custom one. You can also take an eco-friendly approach to this process and gift your loved one sustainable socks made from bamboo.

Sometimes, socks get pigeon-holed into being an add-on gift. You have your main gift and then you have the socks as an added bonus. But themed socks packaged up just for the holiday are a perfect standalone gift.

7. Every style is represented

While we’ve spent a good deal of time talking about silly socks in this article, it’s also important to note that classic sock patterns and styles make for great gifts too. Not all of us want brightly-colored goofy socks. Some would rather stick to solid colors, stripes, argyle, and other classic patterns.

The great thing about socks is that they come in just about every style, color, and pattern imaginable. No matter who you’re shopping for, you can find the perfect pair of socks to fit their style. Even if the socks seem plain or boring to you, your partner might love them and will think of you when they wear them.

Socks might not be the first thing you think of when you start shopping for a romantic gift, but they should definitely be considered. Whether your partner likes funny gifts or serious ones, luxurious gifts or practical ones, you can find the perfect pair of socks to fit their preferences. The next time a romantic holiday comes around, pick out a pair of special socks for the occasion.

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How to Maintain Your Faith When Dressing Fashionably


Today we want to share some insightful tips on how to maintain your faith when dressing fashionably.

‘I don’t have anything to wear.’ 

Those who spend a lot of time around women hear this statement a whole lot. It’s a simple phrase that elicits various reactions— from rolling eyes, sympathetic sighs, and bewildered looks. When a woman says she has nothing to wear, it doesn’t mean she has no clothes in her wardrobe (trust me, there’s tons of them) or that hers are all in the laundry. She might be hinting at wanting something new, or in most cases, something appropriate for the season or the occasion. Not having anything to wear actually translates to not having anything suitable for an event.

The same is valid with dressing up that conforms to religious dress codes. Fashion trends often emphasize skin and sensuality that it’s pretty hard to find clothes you can use for Sunday worship or everyday wear. It is so limited that thrift stores are the only places that offer hope for you to find dresses with reasonable lengths and decent necklines. Unfortunately,  this comes at the expense of wearing clothes that are not as stylish most of the time.

Being fashionable while maintaining one’s faith has become quite a dilemma for women who want to keep their standards and, at the same time, express their identity. It seems that faith and fashion are extremes that cannot be reconciled.

The Modest Fashion Movement

Then the fashion modesty movement started and changed all that. As opposed to previous fashion trends, modest fashion is all about covering up and showing less skin. It moves away from the sheer, skimpy, and tight to give way for loose-fitting, comfortable, and creatively layered clothes.

The movement began as a desire to appropriate fashion for Muslim women. This served as an avenue for religiously-motivated fashion designers to create pieces reflective of women’s desires who want to be stylish without sacrificing their beliefs. What began as a Muslim-led campaign has now become mainstream. Modest fashion is now inclusive, something anyone can wear regardless of religion or belief.

While women of faith gladly received these additions to their modest wardrobes, fashion attitudes are quick to catch on with the modest dresses they see on the runway and those featured in their latest collection. Now people are shifting their styles towards modest dressing.  Social media and a host of influencers now flaunt their fashion sense without using their bodies.

The movement also expanded women’s choices. In the past, you only have thrift store finds. Now you have a more comprehensive range of options. Designer brands and top clothing stores suit their designs to cater to women who want modest clothes for religious functions and, most importantly, going about their everyday duties.

Modest fashion is the answer to the “I don’t have anything to wear’ rhetoric. The only option left is how you can incorporate this style to make faith and fashion work for you.

maintain your faith when dressing fashionably

Portrait of her she nice-looking attractive lovely sweet lovable smart, cute shy girl thinking clue isolated over bright vivid shine vibrant lilac violet purple color background

How To Dress In Faith And In Fashion

  1. Set Your Modesty Standard

Dressing modestly begins with setting a standard for yourself. This can come from your personal preference or as adherence to religious guidelines. You would need to understand when and how this is applicable.

You can show your commitment to modesty as you choose the clothes and styles that are suitable for you. Modest garments are not meant to be boring and restrictive. Check out fair fashion sites such as Sacred Stitches as these offer a wide range of choices that cover everyday wear and clerical clothing. This shows that wearing the appropriate dress is not only for religious functions but also for everyday outfits.

  1. Color Power

Some may think that wearing decent clothes are plain and boring. In truth, modesty fashion comes in different colors and hues and in prints and patterns as well. A key to maintaining your standards while being fashionable is selecting clothes in colors in season. For this year, 2021, the Pantone Color is ultimate gray and vibrant light yellow. You can choose these shades to keep your wardrobe updated with the latest fashion trend.

You can also use the color wheel when you’re up for some experimenting. Pick one color and see what’s across it in the rotation. You can select complementary colors to make your modest fashion style more varied and vibrant. For example, choosing the yellow color points to violet as its complementary. You can use this combination as a guide when you pick out your next modest OOTD.

  1. Invest in Key Pieces

What’s good about modest fashion is that it only requires a few pieces, but it gives you endless possibilities when you mix and match them. You may already have some or most of these. All you have to do is retrieve it from the bottom drawer of your closet. Or, you can always go online or shop from your favorite brands. Most of them now have dedicated lines for modest fashion.

What does modest fashion require? Think classy blouse, plain white tee, detailed long sleeve blouse, and basic striped t-shirts for tops. You can also add in cardigans, an oversized blazer, and a leather jacket for cover-ups. Wide pants, mom jeans, long denim skirts, and a classy black skirt are bottom must-haves. Dresses are definite modesty pieces. Dresses such as midi, spring, shark bite, and maxi dress can complete your modest fashion style. Or you might want to take a break from all the layering and mixes that you can just step into a one-piece suit instead. Pair it with a jacket of the same color, and you’re good to go.

maintain your faith when dressing fashionably

  1. Dress Up, Down, and in-Between

Covering up is very versatile. It can work seven days a week and help you stay trendy no matter the season. Use layering to make you comfortable under the weather. You can dress up, down, or in-between by mixing and matching the pieces mentioned above.

Give layering a try with the following suggestions:

  • Dress Down: Pair a skirt with a sweater when running errands. Or you can use leggings under a skirt or an oversized tee for a quick hang-out at the mall.
  • Smart casuals: Match knee-length skirts with leggings and boots. Use long-sleeved tops as inner garments for summer dresses and low neckline blouses. A crisp white button-down shirt also works well with a cardigan or a blazer along with your favorite pair of mom jeans.
  • Dress Up. Top dresses with a chic bolero or an embroidered shawl to transform your staples into sophisticated outfits.

The possibilities are endless. It could be tricky at first, but when you’re used to dressing comfortably, you’re sure to master it in time.

  1. Accessorize

Fashion is not only about choosing clothes, as it also says much about your style. You can use jewelry to accentuate your outfit and still maintain your modest vibe. Experts advise choosing gold or silver accessories as basics. Then you can try on a bolder necklace or a classic cocktail ring. You can also use handbags or scarves to complete your look. Just remember that accessories are just that, don’t overdo them so you can maintain your discreet yet sophisticated look.

  1. Look Online for Inspiration
maintain your faith when dressing fashionably

Photo by RODNAE Productions on Pexels

Social media has a lot to do with the changing attitudes of people towards modesty. Thanks to influencers, women of all faiths and religions can follow real-life examples of modest dressers. They make propriety wearable and accessible for everyone. They demonstrate that women can become subtle with the simplest of outfits.  All it takes is a dash of creativity and a hint of color experiments to create a solid look.

You can find inspiration in their style and use these as you develop your own. You can look for the influencer’s media accounts for ideas and even use their tutorials to guide you in your modest dressing journey.

You can even join groups whose members have the same commitment as yours.  Modesty fashion is all the rave these days that it won’t be hard to find support from women across all cultures and religions. And while you’re at it, you can even share your modesty journey to inspire other women.


Benefits of Modest Dressing

Faith is an inward expression of one’s belief. Translating this to an outward commitment is possible with modest dressing. Aside from being able to adhere to appropriate dress codes, modest dressing also has the following benefits:

  • Modest dressing is all about comfort. Loose pants and long sleeves allow greater mobility that it is convenient to wear every day.
  • Boosts self-confidence. Tight-fitting clothes or low necklines can distract you from doing your work. These can make you self-conscious and even feel vulnerable. It may also impede others from knowing your wonderful personality. Wearing modest clothes gives you the ability to focus on your tasks without having to pull down your skirt every time. It also allows you to foster meaningful relationships that go past your cleavage or your curves.
  • Enhances your style. Choosing to wear decent clothes can take some effort, but it can be a worthwhile endeavor. Modest dresses can become wardrobe staples that are usable all year round. You just need to get creative in layering pieces and do mixes and matches so you can continue to enjoy both comfort and style no matter the season.

Attitudes about Modest Fashion

Woman wearing pink collared half sleeved top

Photo by Moose Photos on Pexels

Clothes serve the primary purpose of shielding our body from the elements. It is also a means of self-expression. Clothes can convey our personalities, radiate our confidence, and even reflect our spiritual disposition. It allows us to express our more profound commitment to observing moral codes such as modesty.

Long ago, faith and fashion existed as opposites. These left women of faith to deal with the daily predicament of finding something appropriate to wear independently. Given the limited options that could be found in thrift stores or from rummaging through your grandma’s clothes, all you could do was to do DIY projects to make them stylish in a way. Back then, being modest was not as accepted, and people would raise their eyebrows if you wore something that didn’t show skin.

While it may have taken a long time for the fashion world to catch these sentiments, the modesty fashion movement has made a difference in people’s attitudes towards clothing that conceals the body. It is now being accepted as the norm rather than the exception. Thanks to religiously-motivated fashion designers and social media influencers, modesty is no longer a thing of the past. It is now the current fashion trend that is all-inclusive and accessible.

This acceptance makes maintaining faith while dressing fashionably not only possible but all the more enjoyable for women of faith. They now have more options to choose from, thanks to brands that now recognize their sentiments. The extended fashion lines and the increase of modesty shops give women more avenues to appropriate fashion into their beliefs.

Modesty fashion has also allowed women to explore the benefits of this fashion style. It has affirmed their identity as women, not just objects dressed for the male gaze and pleasure. It provides them with the ability to feel confident without exposing their bodies. It helps them appreciate comfort and style as essentials to self-expression.


Modesty fashion makes maintaining faith while dressing fashionably possible. It allows women of different religions to find pieces and ensembles that reflect their commitment to religious dress codes. At the same time, it gives women the ability to express themselves and their spiritual disposition through fashion.

The resurgence of modesty as a fashion statement allows for greater inclusion and diversity. Women of faith are now recognized as more than a potential consumer base, but with legitimate concerns and needs. It has paved the way to make appropriate fashion accessible and approved by most.

Thanks to social media, attitudes are changing. People are no longer raising their brows at floor-length hemlines or shaking their heads at high-cut necklines. They no longer think that such clothes are outdated or restrictive. People now understand and accept that covering up is not only decent but the latest and perhaps a long-standing fashion trend.

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