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How To Choose Vintage Items You’ll Get Wear Out Of


Today we want to share some tips on how to choose vintage items you’ll get wear out of. Buying vintage clothing online has become more and more popular recently and especially during lockdown when we have been restricted to staying in our houses and our online buying addictions have got a little out of control. But do you know how you can choose vintage clothes and accessories that you will get wear out of?

Don’t worry because we do!

Fortunately, we have put together some tips on how to choose vintage items you’ll get wear out of.  Let’s take a closer look below.

Quality Is Essential

on how to choose vintage items

Photo by Sunsetoned on Pexels

As with all clothing or products that you buy, it’s paramount that they are of the best quality. Not only is this important for durability and longevity, but you want to look good too. You don’t want to spend your money on something that is going to either break easily or look cheap. You should feel confident in your new vintage clothing and be sure that it isn’t going to get damaged or break with ease.

Plus, you will want to continue to wear your new vintage clothes time and time again, so you don’t want clothing that can only be worn once or twice.

Know Your Vintage Shops

That leads us nicely onto our next point; know your vintage shops. If you want to know that you are getting quality and where the prices are set just right, then spend some time browsing different vintage shops and check out reviews, as not all vintage shops are the same.

In fact, you may have a specific vintage shop that you visit for different occasions and events, or for certain items of vintage clothing that you know you can only find in specific places.

Don’t Be Fooled By The Label

Just because the label has a high-end brand on it and the sale price is significantly lower – don’t be fooled! This style of clothing may not suit you, so don’t waste your money on high-end labels for your vintage clothing if you then aren’t going to get wear out of the item!

Try Clothes On

on how to choose vintage items

Photo by Olya Kobruseva on Pexels

Leading on from our last point; try clothes on! Whether you buy the clothes online or visit a vintage shop now lockdown restrictions have eased a little, you should always try the clothes on. You will get that instant feel of whether you feel confident in the item or not. If you are unsure when you first try, then you shouldn’t buy the item, as the likeliness is that you won’t get good wear out of it and you will have just wasted your money.

Start With Accessories

If you like vintage clothing, but it isn’t similar to your current style, then instead of buying loads of vintage clothes, start with accessories instead. This way you can slowly implement your new vintage style into your wardrobe, which will give you time to decide if the look is right for you or not.

Plus, vintage accessories are available at brilliant prices and gives you the chance to dip your toe into the world of vintage! From jewellery to hats and bags, there are so many options to choose from.

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10 Comfortable Outfits you Need for 2021


Today we want to share with you 10 comfortable outfits you need for 2021. One of the nicest things about loungewear is that a lot of it is mix and match. No matter your color preference, black yoga pants and a grey cardigan always go together; add a pink tank and you’ve got a proper outfit. Below are several pieces of loungewear that can quickly be turned into a variety of outfits.


Leggings are a nice base for your womens loungewear set mix and match setup. You can find leggings in black, grey and black, or you can invest in some fun colorblock leggings which can be quickly matched to multiple garments. If you are looking for comfy clothes for women, you will love Dressbarn, the whole selection is available online, so shop in comfort!


Healthy fashion people woman

Photo by Mikhail Nilov on Pexels

While men’s sweats tend to be a bit sturdier and come only in a limited number of colors, women’s sweatpants are available in a wide variety of patterns, weights, and styles. Even better, these sweatpants can be found in a variety of lengths, so if you’re headed out for a run, your work from home capris can quickly turn into your workout pants.

Yoga Pants

Yoga pants can quickly be turned into “answer the door” pants with a long tee. While the waistband placement can be problematic for some, there are many different manufacturers and designers that create either low rise or high waist yoga pants. From Dressbarn to Old Navy, you can find yoga pants to wear every day.



A caftan can quickly be turned into a maxi dress if you need to run out and take care of errands while working from home. Luckily, caftans are a great option when the weather gets hot. With a trip pair of capris or biking shorts under your caftan, you’ll be plenty covered and feel quite comfortable.


Photo by Gabby K on Pexels

Comfy lounging shorts can quickly go from sleeping to errands to housework. A snug-fitting pair of biking shorts can even be used out and about if covered with a long tee or a long hoodie. Even more fun, there are many leggings and shorts in a wide variety of patterns.

Long Tee

Finding a long tee can be a challenge for some women, so why not look for a mini dress? The world of tights, leggings, capris and bike shorts is changing rather quickly. With a mini-dress and a long cardigan, you can turn your yoga pants into daywear.


Hoodies are a great option when the weather gets cold; any garment with a built-in hat is a great tool when the temperature drops. Hoodies also often have a pocket, so if you need to make a quick trip out into the world, you can skip the purse and bring your ID and credit card with you in your pocket.


Whether you need to be presentable for an online meeting or you just like to layer up to avoid the chill, there are many wonderful tanks that you can enjoy as a way to add a pop of color to your basic outfit. Black pants plus a grey cardigan is a good base, but you can change up these pieces with a pink, blue, red or yellow tank.

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7 Reasons Socks Are Actually a Romantic Gift Idea


Today we want to share 7 reasons socks are actually a romantic gift idea. For a long time, socks have gotten a bad rap when it comes to gift-giving. Cue the 1960s footage of boys with well-combed hair, ripping open holiday presents, only to reluctantly hold up a pair of wool socks. But that’s not the case anymore. Today, socks are some of the best socks when you’re shopping on a budget.

And in case your budget is light though your heart is full, socks are not only affordable but they can also be really romantic. That might seem like a crazy statement at first, but there is actually a lot of good reason behind it: socks are warm, they can be funny and silly, they can be luxurious. 

Socks Are Actually a Romantic Gift Idea

Photo by Taryn Elliott on Pexels

If you’re wondering if giving socks to a romantic partner is an appropriate gift, here are seven reasons why those socks are actually a great choice:

1. They keep you warm and cozy

The number one reason to wear socks is to keep your feet warm and cozy all year long. This is an especially tough challenge during the winter months or if you live in a cold environment.

If your partner is always complaining that their feet are cold, give them the fuzziest, warmest, most luscious pair of socks that you can find. Most of us would not purchase those kinds of socks for ourselves because they can be expensive — at least, they’re expensive compared to other pairs of socks. On the gift-giving spectrum, they’re actually very affordable! That’s why they’re the perfect way to spoil your partner while you’re on a budget.

2. They can be part of an at-home spa routine

Self-care is essential to our overall well-being. One way to practice self-care is to take care of your body’s physical needs, making time to relax. This could include getting a good night’s sleep, eating well, and sometimes pampering yourself. Creating an at-home spa routine is the perfect way to pamper yourself in a practical way. 

To boost your partner’s spa routine, give them the gift of a pair of gel-infused socks. These socks help to moisturize their feet and keep them warm. Have them put them on just after a bath or foot-soak and lotion application to lock in moisture and hydrate dry skin. And if your partner wears them overnight, the results will be even better.

3. You can never have enough

Socks Are Actually a Romantic Gift Idea

Photo by Marta Ruf on Pexels

Socks wear out. The elastic stretches. Holes appear in the heel or in the toes. One sock mysteriously goes missing between the washing machine and the dryer. We replace socks all the time. Often, we buy ourselves just plain packs of socks because they’re cheap and practical. That’s why receiving a silly or colorful pair of socks from a loved one is so much fun!

And, because you can never have enough socks, they’re the perfect gift for that person who has everything. Help them stock up on the coziest, silliest socks you can find. They’re sure to be put to good use.

4. Customized socks can play on inside jokes

Customized socks are the most fun way to gift socks. The New York Times puts it in their top 20 list of best stocking stuffers. You can choose the color and style of the sock and also choose pictures to appear in a pattern on the sock.

I’ve seen this done with pets, loved ones, favorite actors, TV/movie characters, you name it! These socks can be romantic because they are fun, thoughtful, and silly. Most importantly, it shows your loved one how well you know them. They can be as goofy as you want, as long as they feature something that your partner loves.

5. They’re practical but playful

Socks Are Actually a Romantic Gift Idea

Photo by Alan Cabello on Pexels

For many of us, work attire can be pretty boring. Slacks and button-ups get old pretty fast. But you can always add a pop of personality and color with your socks. Because they’re hidden most of the time, they aren’t too distracting. But when you get a peek of a brightly colored sock or something with a silly pattern, it can be kind of fun!

If you’re buying for someone who has a 9 to 5 with a strict dress code, try and track down socks with fun patterns and prints. When they have a tough day, they’ll see them and think of you!

6. You can shop for themed socks

As No Cold Feet notes, there’s even a case to be made for giving Valentine socks as a gift. Just about every store that sells socks will sell socks specifically designed for Valentine’s Day. No Cold Feet takes it one step further though. You can buy a two-pack of socks in any color and style of your choosing. Once you have the socks picked out, you can choose one of three V-Day themed packaging options, or choose a custom one. You can also take an eco-friendly approach to this process and gift your loved one sustainable socks made from bamboo.

Sometimes, socks get pigeon-holed into being an add-on gift. You have your main gift and then you have the socks as an added bonus. But themed socks packaged up just for the holiday are a perfect standalone gift.

7. Every style is represented

While we’ve spent a good deal of time talking about silly socks in this article, it’s also important to note that classic sock patterns and styles make for great gifts too. Not all of us want brightly-colored goofy socks. Some would rather stick to solid colors, stripes, argyle, and other classic patterns.

The great thing about socks is that they come in just about every style, color, and pattern imaginable. No matter who you’re shopping for, you can find the perfect pair of socks to fit their style. Even if the socks seem plain or boring to you, your partner might love them and will think of you when they wear them.

Socks might not be the first thing you think of when you start shopping for a romantic gift, but they should definitely be considered. Whether your partner likes funny gifts or serious ones, luxurious gifts or practical ones, you can find the perfect pair of socks to fit their preferences. The next time a romantic holiday comes around, pick out a pair of special socks for the occasion.

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How to Maintain Your Faith When Dressing Fashionably


Today we want to share some insightful tips on how to maintain your faith when dressing fashionably.

‘I don’t have anything to wear.’ 

Those who spend a lot of time around women hear this statement a whole lot. It’s a simple phrase that elicits various reactions— from rolling eyes, sympathetic sighs, and bewildered looks. When a woman says she has nothing to wear, it doesn’t mean she has no clothes in her wardrobe (trust me, there’s tons of them) or that hers are all in the laundry. She might be hinting at wanting something new, or in most cases, something appropriate for the season or the occasion. Not having anything to wear actually translates to not having anything suitable for an event.

The same is valid with dressing up that conforms to religious dress codes. Fashion trends often emphasize skin and sensuality that it’s pretty hard to find clothes you can use for Sunday worship or everyday wear. It is so limited that thrift stores are the only places that offer hope for you to find dresses with reasonable lengths and decent necklines. Unfortunately,  this comes at the expense of wearing clothes that are not as stylish most of the time.

Being fashionable while maintaining one’s faith has become quite a dilemma for women who want to keep their standards and, at the same time, express their identity. It seems that faith and fashion are extremes that cannot be reconciled.

The Modest Fashion Movement

Then the fashion modesty movement started and changed all that. As opposed to previous fashion trends, modest fashion is all about covering up and showing less skin. It moves away from the sheer, skimpy, and tight to give way for loose-fitting, comfortable, and creatively layered clothes.

The movement began as a desire to appropriate fashion for Muslim women. This served as an avenue for religiously-motivated fashion designers to create pieces reflective of women’s desires who want to be stylish without sacrificing their beliefs. What began as a Muslim-led campaign has now become mainstream. Modest fashion is now inclusive, something anyone can wear regardless of religion or belief.

While women of faith gladly received these additions to their modest wardrobes, fashion attitudes are quick to catch on with the modest dresses they see on the runway and those featured in their latest collection. Now people are shifting their styles towards modest dressing.  Social media and a host of influencers now flaunt their fashion sense without using their bodies.

The movement also expanded women’s choices. In the past, you only have thrift store finds. Now you have a more comprehensive range of options. Designer brands and top clothing stores suit their designs to cater to women who want modest clothes for religious functions and, most importantly, going about their everyday duties.

Modest fashion is the answer to the “I don’t have anything to wear’ rhetoric. The only option left is how you can incorporate this style to make faith and fashion work for you.

maintain your faith when dressing fashionably

Portrait of her she nice-looking attractive lovely sweet lovable smart, cute shy girl thinking clue isolated over bright vivid shine vibrant lilac violet purple color background

How To Dress In Faith And In Fashion

  1. Set Your Modesty Standard

Dressing modestly begins with setting a standard for yourself. This can come from your personal preference or as adherence to religious guidelines. You would need to understand when and how this is applicable.

You can show your commitment to modesty as you choose the clothes and styles that are suitable for you. Modest garments are not meant to be boring and restrictive. Check out fair fashion sites such as Sacred Stitches as these offer a wide range of choices that cover everyday wear and clerical clothing. This shows that wearing the appropriate dress is not only for religious functions but also for everyday outfits.

  1. Color Power

Some may think that wearing decent clothes are plain and boring. In truth, modesty fashion comes in different colors and hues and in prints and patterns as well. A key to maintaining your standards while being fashionable is selecting clothes in colors in season. For this year, 2021, the Pantone Color is ultimate gray and vibrant light yellow. You can choose these shades to keep your wardrobe updated with the latest fashion trend.

You can also use the color wheel when you’re up for some experimenting. Pick one color and see what’s across it in the rotation. You can select complementary colors to make your modest fashion style more varied and vibrant. For example, choosing the yellow color points to violet as its complementary. You can use this combination as a guide when you pick out your next modest OOTD.

  1. Invest in Key Pieces

What’s good about modest fashion is that it only requires a few pieces, but it gives you endless possibilities when you mix and match them. You may already have some or most of these. All you have to do is retrieve it from the bottom drawer of your closet. Or, you can always go online or shop from your favorite brands. Most of them now have dedicated lines for modest fashion.

What does modest fashion require? Think classy blouse, plain white tee, detailed long sleeve blouse, and basic striped t-shirts for tops. You can also add in cardigans, an oversized blazer, and a leather jacket for cover-ups. Wide pants, mom jeans, long denim skirts, and a classy black skirt are bottom must-haves. Dresses are definite modesty pieces. Dresses such as midi, spring, shark bite, and maxi dress can complete your modest fashion style. Or you might want to take a break from all the layering and mixes that you can just step into a one-piece suit instead. Pair it with a jacket of the same color, and you’re good to go.

maintain your faith when dressing fashionably

  1. Dress Up, Down, and in-Between

Covering up is very versatile. It can work seven days a week and help you stay trendy no matter the season. Use layering to make you comfortable under the weather. You can dress up, down, or in-between by mixing and matching the pieces mentioned above.

Give layering a try with the following suggestions:

  • Dress Down: Pair a skirt with a sweater when running errands. Or you can use leggings under a skirt or an oversized tee for a quick hang-out at the mall.
  • Smart casuals: Match knee-length skirts with leggings and boots. Use long-sleeved tops as inner garments for summer dresses and low neckline blouses. A crisp white button-down shirt also works well with a cardigan or a blazer along with your favorite pair of mom jeans.
  • Dress Up. Top dresses with a chic bolero or an embroidered shawl to transform your staples into sophisticated outfits.

The possibilities are endless. It could be tricky at first, but when you’re used to dressing comfortably, you’re sure to master it in time.

  1. Accessorize

Fashion is not only about choosing clothes, as it also says much about your style. You can use jewelry to accentuate your outfit and still maintain your modest vibe. Experts advise choosing gold or silver accessories as basics. Then you can try on a bolder necklace or a classic cocktail ring. You can also use handbags or scarves to complete your look. Just remember that accessories are just that, don’t overdo them so you can maintain your discreet yet sophisticated look.

  1. Look Online for Inspiration
maintain your faith when dressing fashionably

Photo by RODNAE Productions on Pexels

Social media has a lot to do with the changing attitudes of people towards modesty. Thanks to influencers, women of all faiths and religions can follow real-life examples of modest dressers. They make propriety wearable and accessible for everyone. They demonstrate that women can become subtle with the simplest of outfits.  All it takes is a dash of creativity and a hint of color experiments to create a solid look.

You can find inspiration in their style and use these as you develop your own. You can look for the influencer’s media accounts for ideas and even use their tutorials to guide you in your modest dressing journey.

You can even join groups whose members have the same commitment as yours.  Modesty fashion is all the rave these days that it won’t be hard to find support from women across all cultures and religions. And while you’re at it, you can even share your modesty journey to inspire other women.


Benefits of Modest Dressing

Faith is an inward expression of one’s belief. Translating this to an outward commitment is possible with modest dressing. Aside from being able to adhere to appropriate dress codes, modest dressing also has the following benefits:

  • Modest dressing is all about comfort. Loose pants and long sleeves allow greater mobility that it is convenient to wear every day.
  • Boosts self-confidence. Tight-fitting clothes or low necklines can distract you from doing your work. These can make you self-conscious and even feel vulnerable. It may also impede others from knowing your wonderful personality. Wearing modest clothes gives you the ability to focus on your tasks without having to pull down your skirt every time. It also allows you to foster meaningful relationships that go past your cleavage or your curves.
  • Enhances your style. Choosing to wear decent clothes can take some effort, but it can be a worthwhile endeavor. Modest dresses can become wardrobe staples that are usable all year round. You just need to get creative in layering pieces and do mixes and matches so you can continue to enjoy both comfort and style no matter the season.

Attitudes about Modest Fashion

Woman wearing pink collared half sleeved top

Photo by Moose Photos on Pexels

Clothes serve the primary purpose of shielding our body from the elements. It is also a means of self-expression. Clothes can convey our personalities, radiate our confidence, and even reflect our spiritual disposition. It allows us to express our more profound commitment to observing moral codes such as modesty.

Long ago, faith and fashion existed as opposites. These left women of faith to deal with the daily predicament of finding something appropriate to wear independently. Given the limited options that could be found in thrift stores or from rummaging through your grandma’s clothes, all you could do was to do DIY projects to make them stylish in a way. Back then, being modest was not as accepted, and people would raise their eyebrows if you wore something that didn’t show skin.

While it may have taken a long time for the fashion world to catch these sentiments, the modesty fashion movement has made a difference in people’s attitudes towards clothing that conceals the body. It is now being accepted as the norm rather than the exception. Thanks to religiously-motivated fashion designers and social media influencers, modesty is no longer a thing of the past. It is now the current fashion trend that is all-inclusive and accessible.

This acceptance makes maintaining faith while dressing fashionably not only possible but all the more enjoyable for women of faith. They now have more options to choose from, thanks to brands that now recognize their sentiments. The extended fashion lines and the increase of modesty shops give women more avenues to appropriate fashion into their beliefs.

Modesty fashion has also allowed women to explore the benefits of this fashion style. It has affirmed their identity as women, not just objects dressed for the male gaze and pleasure. It provides them with the ability to feel confident without exposing their bodies. It helps them appreciate comfort and style as essentials to self-expression.


Modesty fashion makes maintaining faith while dressing fashionably possible. It allows women of different religions to find pieces and ensembles that reflect their commitment to religious dress codes. At the same time, it gives women the ability to express themselves and their spiritual disposition through fashion.

The resurgence of modesty as a fashion statement allows for greater inclusion and diversity. Women of faith are now recognized as more than a potential consumer base, but with legitimate concerns and needs. It has paved the way to make appropriate fashion accessible and approved by most.

Thanks to social media, attitudes are changing. People are no longer raising their brows at floor-length hemlines or shaking their heads at high-cut necklines. They no longer think that such clothes are outdated or restrictive. People now understand and accept that covering up is not only decent but the latest and perhaps a long-standing fashion trend.

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5 Tips on How to Choose a Woman’s Cardigan


Today we want to share 5 tips on how choose a woman’s cardigan. Cardigan sweaters are an essential part of every woman’s wardrobe. They are more flexible than the average sweater. For example, they have an open front that lets you wear it like a jacket or simply allows you to wear it over another layer. However, this variety is what makes finding the right cardigan sweater more difficult. Here are 5 tips on how to choose a women’s cardigan that’s right for you.


how choose a woman's cardigan

Photo by Designecologist on Pexels

The best cardigan is one in a color that you wear well. If you already wear a lot of bright colors or pastels, you should consider a cardigan that matches. Avoid cardigans in unusual colors or shades, unless it matches several other items you already own. Another option is choosing cardigans in neutral colors that can go with everything you wear.


The material the cardigan is made from affects everything from its appearance to its performance. For example, a thin poly-blend is not going to be able to keep you warm, though it can come in almost any color and size. A thicker cotton cardigan can keep you warm when it gets chilly. A heavy wool cardigan can be as warm as a winter coat.


In the spring or summer, a cardigan is more of a fashion statement than a way to stay warm. You might want to own several different cardigans. You can wear the thicker ones when it is cold and use the thinner ones as a throw over a camisole or T-shirt to make it look dressier. Another option is picking cardigans based on the knitting. A light-knit cardigan will let the breeze come through. This prevents you from overheating in the summer while still providing cover.

A nice cashmere cardigan is a good compromise between weight and warmth. Cashmere is a much better insulator than wool, but it is far lighter. Its elegance and wrinkle-resistance are added benefits.

Silhouette and Fit

how choose a woman's cardigan

Photo by Jorge Fakhouri Filho on Pexels

Some women like cardigans that accentuate their figure so that they can show it off rather than covering it up. This requires a cardigan that fits your silhouette. Others want a boxy cardigan that gives them more room, while some use the longer cardigan to cover up undesirable features. For example, you can wear a long cardigan to cover your derriere. Never buy a cardigan that’s too tight.

Don’t forget the little details that you may want in a cardigan, be it buttons or pockets. You might want a zipper that lets you zip it up like a jacket or pockets that just make it more convenient. The locations of these features can affect how the cardigan looks when you wear it.


The texture of the cardigan should be something you’re comfortable having against your skin. The fabric should be smooth enough to not irritate your skin, and the fabric shouldn’t make your skin itch.

Pick a pattern that both looks and feels good. However, if you don’t like to iron, you’ll want to pick a chunkier knit. A thin cardigan will show the wrinkles in the layer underneath it. Cables and ribbing also make the garment warmer, though some also think that this makes the cardigan more interesting.


Cardigans are one of those garments that we could wear every day if it truly fits us and our lifestyle. Choose the right cardigan so that you can feel confident when you wear it.

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The Perfect Dress for Every Occasion


Today we want to share what we think is the perfect dress for every occasion. Every woman knows the stress that comes with trying to figure out the best outfit for every special event. Here is what you need to know about finding the perfect women’s dress for every occasion.

Formal Affair:

A classic ballgown dress or a sophisticated cocktail dress will certainly make a splash for a black-tie affair. This is the time to make a statement. Choose a dress in a color that appeals to you but that fits the formality of the event. For example, a neon pink dress might not be the best choice for a formal charity auction. Dresses made with silk, satin, velvet, or chiffon are all great materials for a formal event.

Everyday Office Wear:

When it comes to your professional clothing, comfort should be key. While you want to convey a professional vibe, you also want to be as comfortable as possible so that you are not distracted from doing your job. This is not the place to be flashy. You should always err on the conservative side when it comes to office wear. Good choices include long skirts, suit dresses, or a wrap style.

Job Interview:

Like everyday office wear, you want your job interview outfit choice to reflect your professionalism. Lean toward modesty when choosing what to wear for this occasion. For example, go with the high neckline rather than a more revealing cut. You should also focus on neutral colors, such as black, gray, or beige. This dress should be a step above your average outfit at the office.

First Date:

perfect dress for every occasion

Photo by Oleg Ivanov on Unsplash

Clearly, your main goal with your outfit choice for a first date is to make a great first impression. For this reason, you want to pull out all of the stops when choosing your dress for the night. It is also important to choose a dress that is an expression of your true personality. This will make you feel more confident and help you to wear it well.

Holiday Wear:

The holidays are an excellent time to show off your sense of personal style. Choose warm fabrics such as wool, velvet, or cashmere. Jewel tones are the perfect complement for the colors of the season. Plaids are also a good choice for the holidays. Go extra cozy with a warm long sweater paired with a pair of tights. While it is fun to dress up, it is also a good idea to stay comfortable.

Where to Shop for Women’s Dress Clothes:

There is no shortage of retailers that offer dresses in a wide array of styles. Dress Barn is now open for online purchases, making it easy for you to browse the vast selection and purchase the best women’s dress clothes for all of your upcoming occasions without having to leave your home.

Do not be left without the perfect dress for that next special occasion. It is easy to stock your closet with all of the women’s dress clothes that you could possibly need this year.

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Purchase the Perfect Underwear Online with These 5 Simple Steps


Today we want to share with you 5 simple steps to help you purchase the perfect underwear online.  Buying the best underwear online requires a bit of research and dedicated time to make the right selection. Buying underwear can sometimes be a sensitive purchase as some people are often scared to walk into a store and buy underwear. Some individuals have rushed this process to get home and find their new undergarment doesn’t fit, and the store had a no return policy on goods sold. Please don’t always shy off when buying your new undergarment. You can opt for an online purchase to be comfortable. Here’s what you need to follow

  1. Check the size

There’s more to seeing pretty undergarments displayed online that you need to focus on always. You need to

purchase the perfect underwear online

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels

purchase an undergarment that’s either too tight as it might cause you discomfort or one that’s too big. It’d be best to look at the size charts when buying underwear online in Australia. After that, you can use it as a reference on which size suits you best. When you check on the size, you need to avoid checking for the jeans’ size; instead, it needs to be your waist size; thus, you can make an informed purchase without regretting your choice.

  1. Focus on getting top-notch products

Your new undergarment’s quality is vital as it depicts its overall durability. While in a bid to buy either a single piece or packs, you need to always invest in top-notch undergarments to get value for each penny spent. It’d be best to pay attention to the material fabric used and the mode of machine washing recommended.

  1. Don’t skip out on the online deals

The most intriguing part about shopping for undergarments online is that you stand to get special deals that hardly come by in local stores. While shopping, you need to look at the coupons, discount offers, and even free shipping. You can always subscribe the mailing lists to get the latest updates on new arrivals and special sales.

  1. Look at the return policy
purchase the perfect underwear online

Photo by David Bares on Pexels

When you’re making any online purchase, including getting new underwear, always remember to look at the return policy. Each online store often has a different mode of operation, including their return policies.

  1. Always begin with the fundamentals

Whenever you think of purchasing undies, you need to start with the basics as you build on your collection. You ought to choose what pairs well with each outfit that you have in your wardrobe. After you have covered that, you can start getting special undergarments for certain colorful occasions if you want to flaunt your look and feel pretty and sexy about yourself.

The fascinating thing about buying underwear online in Australia is that you’ll have so many choices. However, it would be best if you keep looking until you find the perfect underwear for you. Please be sure to adhere to the above tips while buying underwear online. It’s a chance to gift yourself the best item ever and have the best shopping experience.

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Winter is Coming: How to Prepare through Fashion


Winter is coming and here’s how to prepare for it through your wardrobe. But while quarantine will occupy our time indoors, there’s still the obligatory grocery trip so here are some tips to make that trip fashionable because we all know that all that pent-up fashion energy is being channeled in that 5-minute walk. 

Courtesy of Christy Dawn

1. Have fun with your masks

Masks have become a part of normal attire but that doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun with them. Try jazzing up an outfit with tiny details, whether it be coordinating a pattern mask with a look or attaching a dainty eyeglass chain, these are the details that can improve an outfit. Masks seem to be here to stay so might as well have fun with them!

2. Puffer jackets

Puffer jackets were a trendy item last year, appearing on runway shows and neighborhood dads alike, and have remained at the forefront of casual fashion even now. Stay fashionable layering a classic North Face or an All Birds plain puffer jacket on top of an already established fit that’ll fend off the cold and those germs. 

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3. Sweatpants

If quarantine has taught us anything, it’s how to be lazy. For those of us out there unwilling to spend the extra effort in formulating an outfit, choose a fashionable pair of sweatpants to get the best of both the cozy and chic worlds. A monochrome look would go perfectly with some Everlane Terry joggers or for a more streetwear/ tech look, try some classic Nikes

4. Sweater Vests

There’s one staple that is definitely the “in” right now and it’s sweater vests. Adorned by celebrities like Emma Chamberlain and Harry Styles, it’d be unfair to say that this classic elderly look hasn’t taken the fashion world by storm. Whether it be layered over a tennis skirt or some well-tailored jeans, a sweater vest is a must-add to this winter’s closet. Look towards brands like Land’s End or just nab one from a male’s closet!

5. Chelsea boots

Of course, the best has been saved for last. Chelsea boots have always been a classic shoe choice and it’s never been truer than this season. Think of a strong, independent woman walking by you on the streets, and what is she wearing as foot decor? Chelsea boots, of course. Channel your inner vagabond and invest in some classic Dr. Martens or if you’re looking for something a bit more classy, & Other Stories. Either way, there’s no going wrong. 

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Factors to Consider Before Buying Clothes as Gifts


Today we want to share some important factors to consider before buying clothes as gifts. Clothes can be a perfect gift for your loved ones when celebrating a special occasion such as a birthday or anniversary. However, it can also be the worst gift if you buy the wrong piece.  

You can avoid such a problem by studying the recipient before deciding to buy and pack a clothing item as a gift. When conducting your research, there are three things you should focus on to ensure you buy the right clothes.  

Fashion Style  

Today we want to share some important factors to consider before buying clothes as gifts. Clothes can be a perfect gift for your loved ones

Photo by Godisable Jacob on Pexels

Each person has a unique style, which is why each store has a wide selection of clothes. Therefore, you must know the fashion style of the person you want to gift to avoid buying the wrong piece. 

Finding out about the person’s fashion style should not be a challenge. This is because you can look at the kind of clothes the person usually wears. Remember to note the occasion if you don’t want to buy an attire that can only be worn once a year. 

There are several questions you can ask yourself so that you can know the style of the person you want to give a gift to. For instance, does he or she prefer baggy or fitted clothes? With such knowledge, you will get the right clothes for the person that they will remember for a long time. 

The Size 

The size of the person is a crucial factor to consider when buying clothes as a gift. This is because you can easily buy an outfit that is too big or small for the person. Such a mistake will make the gift worthless even if thought it might be expensive. Hence, ensure you know the exact size before heading to the store.                     

Determining the size of the person you want to gift can be a problem if you are not too close. But you can ask for help from someone who is much closer. When buying in a physical store, you can ask one of the salespersons with an almost similar size to try it out. If you want to buy men’s or womens clothing online, use the size chart provided by the store.  

The Person’s Need 

buying clothes as gifts

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After learning about the recipient’s style and size, it is time to consider what they need. He or she might have a lot of clothes. But they might have one missing piece that they need at that given moment. 

A clothing gift that meets the recipient’s needs will be appreciated more than a piece that adds to their large collection. Therefore, do not focus too much on what the person wants or likes to ensure you don’t miss out on what they need.   

In conclusion, keep in mind three things when buying clothes as a gift. First, learn about the person’s fashion style. After that, know their style and their need at that particular moment. You can then shop from the comfort of your home by ordering from a shop that sells men’s or women’s clothing online, or both. Alternatively, you can visit a physical store.  

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How to Wear a Kaftan: 7 Stylish Tips


Most people might see kaftan as a fashion trend and nothing more, but the truth is that this piece of clothing has been around for a long, long time.  A kaftan, or caftan, is a loose, flowy garment that looks similar to a tunic and that’s originally from Ancient Mesopotamia.  From the 14th century until now, a variety of kaftans have been used by men and women of many different cultures. However, the ones that we now use in Western fashion are inspired by the Moroccan kaftans from the 60s. 

Keep on reading and find out how to wear a kaftan flawlessly.

how to wear a kaftan

7 Tips on How to Wear a Kaftan

When you wear a kaftan, it becomes the star of your look.  But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t put some thought into the rest of the outfit. With these 7 tips, you’ll let the kaftan shine, while complementing it with the perfect pieces.And more: you’ll be able to come up with appropriate for any occasion you can think of.  Your outfit will be perfect!

1. Accessorize It Well

The first thing you should think about when it comes to accessorizing is if you actually need to do it. Some kaftans have very beautiful complex patterns and in those cases, the accessories might be a little bit too much. If you really want to, wear a pair of small earrings or a plain ring.  However, when your kaftan is more on the simple side, you can go a little crazier on the accessories.  For formal situations, consider wearing a pair of oversized earrings or a sleek necklace. For the beach, add a stylish straw hat and a pair of sunglasses and make the perfect Summer outfit.

2. Choose the Right Shoes

Just like the accessories, the shoes you wear can make or break the outfit.  Now, the “right shoes” will greatly depend on where you’ll be wearing your kaftan.  For formal events, a nude heel never disappoints, especially if you’re wearing a kaftan with a lot of patterns. For the beach, a pair of simple sandals will do. For casual occasions, sneakers that match the colors on the kaftan can be a good choice. 

how to wear a kaftan3. Match the Length to the Occasion

There are kaftans of all lengths, which is one of the main reasons why this is such a versatile garment.  So think about where you’re going and look for a kaftan that is appropriate.  Our suggestion would be a short one for the beach, a medium-length one for work-related situations or family gatherings and a long one for formal events.  You can even find kaftan tops. Match them with your favorite pair of jeans and some nice sneakers and you have a fashionable yet comfortable look for your everyday life.

4. Pay Attention to the Fabric

Kaftans are also very diverse in terms of fabric.  Once again, the right fabric will depend on where you’re wearing the kaftan and what’s appropriate or not. Plus, you should also take into consideration how cold or warm it will be.  For the beach or Summer parties, choose flowy fabrics. For formal events, silk, rayon or satin can make for amazing looks. For casual gatherings, a cotton is a good option.

5. Match It with the Right Bag

Wearing the right bag with your kaftan can bring a lot of balance to your entire look.   As we said before, kaftans are pretty loose, which can make it look a bit oversized. So when you wear one, go for a smaller bag or even a clutch. When it comes to the color, the secret is to match it to the kaftan.   If you’re wearing a unicolor kaftan, you can choose a bag that’s a little bit more over-the-top. If your kaftan is patterned, try to go for a more subtle bag.

kaftan6. Accentuate Your Waist 

One reason that you should be interested in learning how to wear a kaftan is because if the kaftan is oversized, it might end up hiding your curves.  Celebrating your body is the biggest fashion trend there is!  So choose a thin belt or a rope, figure out where in your waist it looks best and rock it.  When you wear the kaftan to the beach, we’d suggest you go for the rope and give the outfit a boho look.  For formal events, wear a belt. Once again, choose the belt according to how simple or complex your kaftan looks. Simple belts for patterned kaftans and flashy belts for plain kaftans.

7. Don’t Be Afraid of the Patterns

We’ve been talking about patterns all throughout this article and our last tip is simply to encourage you to try them out!  If you’re used to wearing simple outfits, rocking a crazy kaftan might seem a little bit intimidating. But hey, why not get out of your comfort zone once in a while?  We’re 150% sure you’ll look awesome. Especially if you follow our other tips!

A Versatile Piece of Clothing

There are so many different styles of kaftans that you can pretty much wear them anywhere. Even if you only have one in your wardrobe, the way you wear it and the pieces you wear it with can make a huge difference in your overall look.

How to wear a kaftan is totally up to you.  Over a bikini to the beach, with your best pair of heels to a more formal occasion, with a pair of sneakers for a walk in the park… whatever you want!  If you want some more tips on how you can rock your kaftan, you can always read more on our blog or shoot us a message.

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How Does Jeremy Scott’s Moschino Integrate Humor Into Fashion?


Moschino is a brand that instantly grabs attention, and keeps people guessing. One of the biggest reasons Moschino has become a brand that so many people are fans of at the moment has a lot to do with how Jeremy Scott takes the ideas of the founder, Franco Moschino, of poking fun at high fashion, and making it seem much less severe, to an entirely new level. Franco Moschino’s take on fashion humor was somewhat traditional, for example, printing “WAIST OF MONEY” on the waistline of a blazer, or adorning a boucle jacket with silverware. His attention to detail, and unwavering love of being unconventional lead to him creating a respected brand. With this in mind, some wonder if Jeremy Scott even stays true to the brand’s dedication to making fashion humorous at all, but we at Cliché believe that Scott isn’t disregarding the brand’s original intention, but updating it for a new generation!


Jeremy Scott took Moschino’s absurd fashion humor and updated it to the 21st century. We believe the biggest example of Scott’s innovation was during Scott’s first collection as creative director of the brand. The now iconic Ronald McDonald and Chanel inspired looks that paraded down the runway mix the silhouette of one of high fashion’s patron saints with the epitome of consumerism and pop culture, the fast-food chain McDonald’s. The collection also featured multiple Spongebob Squarepants looks, and a finale of beautifully created couture gowns printed like junk food wrappers. A collection such as this one is a rather instinctive reaction to what one would call “fashionable humor” in today’s world. It mixes high-end staples with low-brow humor to break up the seriousness that is usually linked with the fashion system.

For a generation that thrives on internet “meme” culture and nostalgia, Jeremy Scott’s version of Moschino plays directly into that fantasy. Scott can play with these things freely, as well as add in a touch of subversiveness. Scott, much like Franco Moschino, both use humor to also speak on the issues of excessive waste and consumerism within the fashion industry.  Moschino’s fall-winter 2017 collection speaks to this heavily. Comically dubbed “Mousechino”, it featured a capsule collection of shirts featuring cartoon mice donning gowns made of garbage. It also featured dresses and suits that looked as if they are made of cardboard, collaged magazine editorials, and even trash bags. This collection was not only a commentary on the fashion industry’s problem with waste but also a way of showing the fashion world that, as Scott puts it, “Couture is an attitude, it’s not a price point.”

 To summarize, when looking at the direction that Jeremy Scott has taken Moschino, it is definitely within the world of fashion humor. Scott, like his predecessor, is very easily able to make familiar concepts and ideas within the realm of fashion, and play with them in a way that is unique, and almost tongue-in-cheek! Humor and subversiveness will always be a part of Moschino, and Jeremy Scott’s interpretation is one that we cannot get enough of!


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DazzleBar: Experience the Last Bit of Summer from Long Island


There is a mother-daughter duo of fashion lovers in the heart of Long Island, New York that you just have to meet. Sherree and Ashley O’Shea work together through thick and thin with their mobile women’s clothing, jewelry, and accessory company, DazzleBar. If their exquisite, classic collection of affordable style doesn’t draw you in, their warm, affable nature definitely will. These two women are dedicated to giving their customers individual attention to give each of them that special piece to complete an outfit. They have fun, work together strongly, and even consider most of their customers to be like family.


Cliché: What inspired both of you to create your own boutique?

Sherree: You know when you don’t know what you want to do with your life? I was in my late 50s at that point and I didn’t know where to go. I knew I loved to shop, so what do you do when you love to shop? You create a place that people love to come to. Living so close to New York City, it was easy to get started and follow the trends. I just love to shop and why shouldn’t everybody no matter what your funds?

Ashley: When I started getting involved, I would help them out here and there, but then I started taking vacation days to help out. Around the same time, I was getting frustrated with my commute to my job and they just weren’t going in the same direction that I wanted, so I decided to leave and just do this for the holiday, but by January, I realized that there’s no turning back now! I also enjoy shopping and playing with the pieces.

Sherree: Part of it is growing up with four daughters and one son, we’re always putting together pieces and seeing what each other has. We’re always mixing them and creating something new with them. We always love doing crafts and creating together. We have a lot of fun doing what we do. Everybody says they want to be a part of our family, but they do become family. We enjoy being with them; we have a mutual trust! If something doesn’t look good, we’re not going to try to sell it just to sell it. It’s also very much family backed; everybody is there for each other. We have a lot of fun. You gotta love what you do!

Ashley: I’m telling you, I am the most like my mother! There are days when I say “Oh no! I am becoming my mother!” We have a harmonious style that’s perfect for collecting our pieces.


You’ve mentioned on your website that you donate funds and time to many charities. Where do you guys help out?

Sherree: One of the big ones that we do is the Long Island Beauty Ball. That’s usually around October for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. They give a day of beauty for women who are survivors or who are still surviving and have a ball at the Crest Hollow Country Club. We were the first actual vendor there and then we make a donation back to them. We also do work with Cystic Fibrosis.

Ashley: We go into schools and we open up sales to teachers and staff and then donate money back to them. It goes towards things like children being able to afford field trips, scholarships, new playground equipment.

Sherree: We don’t tell them specifically what it has to go for. They know their needs better than we do. The schools are really our biggest events. We just did one for the Hauppauge volley ball team.

Ashley: We also have promo codes online that, if used, will go towards a certain charity or event that we’re doing.

Sherree: Also, while trying to find our audience, I called up the principle from my kids’ old school. All five of my kids were very involved, so when I said “Hey, remember the O’Shea family? Can we do an event?” it was no problem and then it became word of mouth.



What is the unique style behind DazzleBar?

Sherree: We hand-pick everything and we pick and what we love. Our style is universal, but near on the preppy-side.

Ashley: We include a beachy, coastal style in our boutique that’s true to Long Island.

Sherree: We also include accessories that you can take from day to evening. We deal with a lot of working women who don’t have time to change before going to an event, so we teach them how to switch up the same accessories to get a new look. It’s also affordable enough for all women and we cover a vast age. We stand behind our products 100%. If you’re not happy with something, we are a text away and we meet our clients to make swaps. Some even text us pictures of outfits and we will take the time to tell them which accessories go best with it. We are customer service oriented.

Why did you choose to be a travel boutique?

Ashley: We are a true pop-up boutique and that’s the way the world is going.

Sherree: We have a website, but most people still want to touch and feel the merchandise. We still allow for that touch-and-feel while still offering you the convenience.

Ashley: We go into a lot of schools and many teachers think “I had to run out and get gifts after work, but you’re here and this is perfect,” so there’s the convenience factor. We’re just trying to make people’s lives a little bit easier and give them more time to just breathe.

Sherree: We are a personal service. With retail, you have to be different from the next guy and that’s our thing.

Ashley: Most people of my generation don’t want to make the connection between us and them, but we will talk to anyone for hours! But we’re also a little cut and dry because you don’t have to wander around a store and talk with a zillion different people. We will help you directly.

Sherree: It’s also a lot of fun. Each experience is new and you never get bored.


How has working together as a family influenced your experiences in creating your boutique?

Sherree: We don’t always agree on everything. You have your moments like in anything, but we are family and we have each other.

Ashley: You also just can’t walk away. Any other job you can just not show back up, but here, you have to face each other whether you want to or not.

Sherree: I think it does inspire a lot of other people. It inspires some other moms and daughters to do more together.

Ashley: Everybody also thinks it’s so easy. They think “you work with your mother or daughter, it must be fun,” and it is, but maybe only 80% of the time, but it gets easier.

Sherree: There’s no escaping! Sometimes we even look at each other and say “one of us is gonna have to change,” because we think so alike in fashion that sometimes we dress the same. We always do all of our buying together; we’re rarely apart. Our vendors that we buy from become like family too. We really enjoy spending time with them and doing business with them. We are really very fortunate in getting to do something that we love to do.

Any funny stories you have from working together as mother and daughter?

Ashely: It’s honestly one of those things where everything is a rite of passage.

Sherree: There was this one jewelry party that we went to that was down to only two guests. We figured, why not? We’ll go anyway. Both ladies were on a dating sight and they started talking about it. One says, “you wouldn’t believe the message I just got from this fellow! He says he just got out of a traffic ticket because the cop pulled him over for texting, and he showed the cop my picture and he said ‘she’s so pretty, I just can’t give you the ticket.’” So then the other girl says, “hey I just got the same message!” It was the same guy! So we spent the night taking pictures and sending messages to this guy for playing them like that! It was one of the best nights we’ve had. We didn’t sell a whole lot, but we wound up engaging in these women’s lives.


Any tips for anyone looking to start up their own fashion boutique?

Sherree: The biggest thing is, it’s easier than you think.

Ashley: Don’t just pick your best friend; it will ruin your relationship. Find someone who balances you. You need someone who keeps you in line. Also, make sure you do it right the first time, even if it takes you longer. Do your research.

Sherree: Be patient. You’re not going to open up a store front and boom, everyone comes to you. People have become so used to that instant gratification that they don’t want to wait for anything. Take the time to make connections and don’t be afraid of failure. There will be good days and there will be bad days; you have to persevere. Also, a big thing that we still struggle with is: did we get enough of it? You don’t want to have any left-over, but you also don’t want to sell out in a week and have to tell your customers that you can never get that again. I think we’re getting better at it. Every day is a learning experience and you’re never too old to learn something new. Lastly, at the end of the day, you can’t go home mad! I think it’s important; life is short. We love what we do.

Ashley: Also, never assume anything or judge a book by its cover. You never know who you’re going to run into one day or who you might help.

Sherree: The people we have met and wouldn’t have met otherwise, is amazing. We are so fortunate. We aren’t breaking records, but we’ll do it until it’s not fun anymore.



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