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Why Beyoncé’s Homecoming is a Masterclass on Excellence


When Beyoncé hit the Coachella stage last year, many of us expected amazing live vocals, her iconic hits, and memorable choreography. Instead, when she hit the stage, the audience at Coachella and those watching online were left in awe when Beyoncé delivered more than just a regular performance. In a 105-minute set, Beyoncé presented a statement on Black culture and history. No one could’ve guessed one of the many songs she performed would be The Black National Anthem. No one expected Beyonce to have a full marching band (from Historically Black Colleges and Universities) to help lead her performance. And of course, no one expected a Destiny’s Child reunion.

Beyoncé’s Coachella performance was not only celebrated because of her amazing talent, but because it was a tribute to Black American culture. In the film, Beyoncé said she “wanted every person that has ever been dismissed because of the way they look to feel like they were on that stage.” And that night, she did just that.

A year later, Netflix set the internet on fire when they released the trailer for Homecoming. The trailer included a voiceover from Maya Angelou discussing the honor of representing her race through her art. Though Homecoming included the entire Coachella performance, there were interviews and rehearsal footage of Beyoncé sprinkled throughout. Those clips detail Beyoncé’s extensive eight-month rehearsal for the performance plus her journey post pregnancy. The excellence in Homecoming is not just the actual performance, but being able to witness what it takes to be the undisputed greatest performer of our generation.

In the film, not only do we hear Beyoncé struggle with her ridiculously strict diet post giving birth, but we witness her calling all the shots from the shape of the stage, the lights, and costumes, all the way down to the camera shots. We see Beyoncé hold meetings with her team demanding them to do better and then leave to take care of her two infant children. We hear Beyoncé, who we have crowned the Queen, doubt her performance abilities after giving birth to twins. Homecoming is a masterclass on excellence because Beyoncé never makes excuses nor does she slack off. She gathers her crew, has three sound stages and rehearses for eight months straight. Homecoming shows that the brilliance of Beyoncé does not come from magic, but from determination. Seeing the blood, sweat, and tears she puts into her performances and seeing her leave her heart out on that Coachella stage, reinforced the truth that Beyoncé has no equals.

It’s impossible to watch Beyoncé at her peak and not be inspired. However, the beauty of it is Beyoncé doesn’t make you want to be her, she inspires you to be the best version of yourself. She inspires women who watch her, to be excellent at whatever it is they do. Beyoncé shows women that there are no limits to the greatness within us.



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Why Beyoncé’s Homecoming is a Masterclass on Excellence: Featured Image: @Beyonce on Instagram 

Coachella 2018: Women To Watch


In the wake of Beyoncé’s absolutely epic, news-making Coachella performance, now is as good a time as any to uncover some more life-giving female talent to add to your playlists. Here are some women to watch, picked fresh from the Coachella 2018 lineup.


  1. Peggy Gou

Berlin-based South Korean DJ Peggy Gou is absolutely masterful when it comes to giving us chill tunes to vibe out to. The sounds are colorful, fun, and get those endorphins flowing. This is feel-good music in its purest form—which makes Peggy Gou’s light, refreshing house music the perfect compliment to your spring and summer playlists. No matter what time of year, though, you’ll find yourself transported to that perfect Saturday in June. Think: good drinks, great company, and too-good-to-be-true beach-day weather. Everybody’s talking about her breakout hit It Makes You Forget (Itgehane) and, while I could loop it for hours, my personal fave is definitely Han Jan.


 Image Credit:  XL recordings

  1. Ibeyi

Speaking of Beyoncé, you might’ve seen this duo across visuals from her Lemonade album. Ibeyi is made up of twins Lisa-Kaindé and Naomi Diaz. The French-Cuban sisters are heavily influenced by their Afro-Cuban roots and African ancestry. They mix in some Yoruba on many of their songs (my favorite, River, among those) and Ibeyi actually means twins in the language. Their self-titled album dropped back in 2015 and their sophomore album Ash dropped in 2017. So, if you’re just now catching on, you’ve already got a healthy supply of Ibeyi waiting to satisfy your ear. This wasn’t their first Coachella performance, either; they made an appearance in 2016 as well. Their soulful, spiritual sound is thoughtful and tells stories of womanhood, family, and love.


  1. Noname

I was first introduced to the rapper who goes by Noname on Chance The Rapper’s Acid Rap mixtape. Since then, her album Telefone  has found a special place in my heart. Right along with her set on NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert last year. She showcased herself herself as super-talented, super-intelligent, and super-humble. Her fresh lyricism takes on serious subject matter while staying creative and engaging. She pauses to talk to the crowd to break down her song choices and why she performed them the way she did; genuine in her desire to be understood and gauge the effectiveness of her delivery. If you haven’t already, I recommend heading over to YouTube and checking out that particular performance before diving into Telefone. After you’ve done that, Noname is sure to make it into your top ten.


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Featured image credit: Ninja Tune

‘Lust For Life’ by Lana Del Rey Album Review


Upon the release of her album, Honeymoon, for some (can you believe it?), it didn’t pack that punch they felt when they first landed up on tracks like “Video Games” or “This is What Makes Us Girls” in Born to Die. With Lust for Life, the entire album is one big road trip, exploring various facets of who Lana Del Rey is or may be. Lana Del Rey smiles outside of the Born to Die car, no longer looking dead inside, but primed and prepped for something. It appears she’s grown into what suits her. Released on July 21, 2017, Lana’s fifth album is a mixture of old, new, and upcoming. Here are some standout tracks on this 16-track album.


The Itinerary

We start off with “Love.” The soft hum of the vibraphone, and plucking of the mellotron, Lana sings of a world so dramatic and simplistic, with people happy and in love. The build suddenly drops after the chorus begins, leaving the listener wanting more even after the song is over. “Don’t worry baby,” this album has plenty more satisfactory auditory experiences.

Like any new trip, we have a “Lust for Life(featuring The Weeknd). Here, both show a “Prisoner” part two, but after the darkness. This song sounds hopeful and tense at the same time. In their previous joint effort, both spoke pitfalls of an environment thriving on sin. But here, they speak of that iconic illusion (Hollywood), dance it up with Shangri-Las harmonies, Iggy Pop and poetry by William Ernest Henley. The Weeknd’s vocals are smooth, complimentary, and the production revisits Born to Die standards.

We reach “13 Beaches,” along with an orchestral opening, and a sample from Carnival of Souls. This particular beach could be just that, or referring to Lana’s music. No, it’s not Normandy, but Lana sings as though she had to go through a lot, just to find one place she can find some bit of happiness. As a listener, I interpret exasperation and a small tone of victory escaping intrusion or disconnect. Maybe even the attention overall. Even in the background, a modem runs, a device used for transmitting or establishing a connection. Lana is reaching out, but internally, there’s a bit of a disconnect in what she intends and what others perceive.

Lana sings of a world so dramatic and simplistic, with people happy and in love.

For lunch, we’ll have a “Cherry.” This fruit symbolizes a lot, only in this case, Lana sings about her fruit completely spoiling, due to an external force: “them.” This person is destructive, no sweet ingredients for ‘summer wine’ but maybe a Patsy Cline record spinning, because they don’t add anything except regret. The vocal effects, and Lana’s singing style combined with the quick cries of profanity at the realization makes quite the experience.

We find a “White Mustang.” It’s lush, smooth, and layered with trap elements from the first minute in. Lana sings of a person who can’t contain his energy. Not a coincidence this song is one of the shortest on the album. Meeting “Beautiful People Beautiful Problems” (featuring Stevie Nicks) is always a treat. Stevie Nicks adds her own flair to a well-crafted track continuing in vibes until the very end. It’s self-loathing but not distractedly so. Everyone’s got problems and it’s up to you if you want to fix it.

Unfortunately “Tomorrow Never Came” (featuring Sean Ono Lennon). The harmonies, the vocals, the instruments materialize a dream, that only was just that: “I just wanted things to be the same/You said to meet me up there tomorrow/But tomorrow never came.” A person who didn’t keep their promise, but the idea of it is nice to think of. This is a standout track.

Near the end of the trip, the route does a “Change.” Lana has had her share of fumbles, when it comes to expressing herself. However, in this song, she teases that there’s a chance for something different. She’s trying to speak on her desire for consistency: “There’s a change gonna come, I don’t know where or when/But whenever it does, we’ll be here for it” With a piano, few effects and Lana’s vocals, the song speaks about being simply present in any way shape or form. Finally, we’ve arrived at the beach with Get Free,” exuding peace and optimism. In “Ride,” Lana spoke of a war in her mind, yet here she sings while emerging from the trenches: “And now I do, I wanna move/Out of the black/Into the blue.”

Lana has had her share of fumbles, when it comes to expressing herself. However, in this song, she teases that there’s a chance for something different.

Concluding Lust for Life, Lana Del Rey delivers another solid piece of work, with careful production and track list structure.

Survey Says? On Repeat.

Runner Ups:

Pretty much everything else, but check out “Heroin” for the hazy and daunting (“It’s hot, it’s hot!“) and “In My Feelings” (“You wanna make the switch, Be my guest, baby.

There’s something here for those who want the ‘old,’ and those who want more of the ‘new.’ You can even catch a few 180s such as wanting the “Money Power Glory,” to giving it all away, post-Stairway to Heaven in  “Coachella – Woodstock in my Mind.” The album is distinguishable from her other work, and a platform to spring start any form of soul-searching, and an additional library for lush pop music. 

Check out the album trailer below and the full album on Spotify and on Apple Music. For full album access and current show listings, visit Lana Del Rey’s website.

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‘Lust For Life’ by Lana Del Rey Album Review: Photograph courtesy of Interscope Records

5 Artists You Must See at Coachella


Brace yourselves, Coachella-spam is coming. You know what I mean, where it just so happens all your social feeds will have some kind of mention of the famous annual Indio Coachella Music Festival. Weekend one is fast approaching and excuse me while I mention, this is my first year attending! Whether you’re heading to the festival or heading back home for couch-chella, here are five artists at Coachella you (and I) need to see:


  1. Hans Zimmer

    I don’t even think I need an explanation for this. At first, it’s an odd name to even see on the lineup. I can’t even imagine what his set will be like. I’m assuming a whole lot of people in the crowd going, “I KNOW THIS MOVIE!” It’s a nice unconventional addition to the lineup, that’s for sure.

  2. Kendrick Lamar

    With his recently released tracks, you KNOW Kendrick is about to put on one hell of a show as he always does. This will be my first time seeing him perform live but from what I see on television and via YouTube, I can’t wait. Here’s to hoping he’ll drop even more new music. 
  3. Lorde

    Lorde’s been hiding for quite some time. Her album Heroine dropped in 2013 and since then, we’ve only heard a few tracks here and there such as “Yellow Flicker Beat” in Hunger Games. New year, new music for Lorde. With her new songs “Green Light” and “Liability” out now, I’m prepared to cry IRL.

  4. Lady Gaga

    Lady Gaga’s performance during the Super Bowl was pretty epic, to say the least. It was a whole 15-20 minutes (however long it was) of pure singing and medleys with JUST HER. No one else came to join her and I was content. Now I  just need to witness this live.

  5. Majid Jordan

    This is more for me to make a mental note but also a way for me to get Majid Jordan’s name out there for everyone to know about. The last few months, I’ve been obsessed with the duo that make up Majid Jordan who give off a JMSN meets The Weeknd vibe.

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5 Artists You Must See at Coachella. Photo Credit: Official Coachella Website

Outfits Ideas You Need To See For Coachella


Aside from the amazing music, festivities, and people at Coachella, we can’t help but get excited about the fashion side of it all. At Coachella, people around the world have the ability to freely express themselves through fashion and be comfortable in what they wear. And the best part is, everyone is looking and feeling great. The vibrant colors, unique accessories, abstract and floral patterns of Coachella fashionistas create the love and happiness in the atmosphere. Keep scrolling for outfit ideas you need to see for Coachella this year!

Let’s start with this metallic bralette paired with shorts for the beautiful weather you’re going to be in. Make this outfit pop with this blue and gold plated triangle Coachella necklace with a hint of orange in the middle.

I love this multi-pattern wide-cut pants. They have a combination of colors that complement each other. If you have, or want something similar, pair it with a solid crop top like this black one. Throw on a sunhat to accessorize!

This white crochet romper is one of my favorites because it’s so easy to slip on! And, it has Coachella written all over it. Instead of black, I’d wear a red bandana for a pop of color.

Tulle and lace–two of my favorite fabrics. This pink tulle overlay maxi skirt and white lace crop-top will surely give you a soft and simple look at Coachella.

Courtesy of Shein

If you feel like being edgy for Coachella, look at these ripped blue denim overalls worn with Converse, a plain white tank top, and a cap.

Don’t forget accessories! Sunglasses, cross-body bag, or a floral head piece. Coachella wouldn’t be Coachella without these babies.
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Outfits Ideas You Need To See For Coachella. Photo courtesy of Urban Outfitters. 

The Best Festival Looks So Far


We all know festivals are about so much more than the legendary music performances.  The real entertainment is among the crowd, which turns out to be its own fashion show filled with crop top-clad celebrities and style gurus sashaying about in the world’s best Instagram sceneries.

Coachella, one of the country’s largest music festivals, kicks off the summer each year in late April. Its eclectic, psychedelic décor is a show of its own with decorations like a giant butterfly built perfectly in the middle of the crowd.  Following Coachella on the East Coast is the Governor’s Ball, a music festival that takes over New York City for a weekend in June.  While New Yorkers treat every day like a fashion show, this weekend brings in visitors from all over the country sporting their chicest crochet bikini tops and graphic tees.  Summer music festivals allow us to embody an entirely new persona for the night (or weekend) and take fashion risks that are only acceptable in the chic, ‘70s-inspired environment of these outdoor music shows.  So far, these celebs have showed us the best festival looks so far.

Photo Courtesy of @kendalljenner on Instagram

Photo Courtesy of @kendalljenner on Instagram

Kendall Jenner: Kendall is on her festival fashion A game each year from head to toe.  This year she successfully took a fashion risk sporting a lace bralette and finishing the look off with a hat and layered statement necklaces, her signature festival pieces.  Kendall’s bralette and high-waisted shorts statement is a trend to try at home this summer.  
Photo Courtesy of @alessandraambrosio on Instagram

Photo Courtesy of @alessandraambrosio on Instagram

Alessandra Ambrosio: Alessandra put a classier twist on the crochet bikini top with a piece that resembled a dress with cutouts at Coachella. Pairing this with denim cutoffs, boots, and a fringe vest, she nailed the summer layering trend for a boho chic look.  On day two of the festival, Ambrosio rocked the flower crown, denim cutoffs and kimono combo, embodying the look of a typical festival goer — as “typical” as a beautiful, famous super model can be, that is.
Photo Courtesy of @kyliejenner on Instagram

Photo Courtesy of @kyliejenner on Instagram

Kylie Jenner: Making a statement like her older sister, this year Kylie continued her signature festival look in her wigs, one made up of rainbow hues to go along with her Discount Universe evil eye bikini.  Jenner featured a bright orange ‘do as well, the statement accessory for her simpler look with high waisted denim cutoffs, a boxy white crop top, and sparkling silver choker.  While her outlandish hair color/bikini combo may not catch on as a street style trend anytime soon, Jenner’s ‘90s inspired festival look is an easy and fashionable outfit to try at home.
Photo Courtesy of Kevin Mazur via instyle.com

Photo Courtesy of Kevin Mazur via instyle.com

Ellie Goulding: Goulding sported a different look than most of her celebrity counterparts this year, bringing light to the athleisure trend.  With her metallic silver shorts and technicolor windbreaker jacket and sneakers at Coachella, she had the perfect sporty chic look.  Metallic garments are a great way to brighten up looks this summer and into fall!
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Featured photo courtesy of @ravivora on Instagram

5 Must-Have Music Festival Pieces


As we head into weekend two of Coachella, we’re feeling inspired by all of the festival fashion! Even if you weren’t able to make Coachella and, instead, obsessively drooled over photos on Pinterest – it’s ok! Music festival season is just beginning and we’ve got the looks. We’ve partnered up with Barefoot Belle to share 5 must-have music festival pieces. From the flower crowns to the boho-chic sunnies, we’ve got your summer look covered.
1.)    Ribbon Sandals, Shop
2.)   Codi Flower Crown, Shop
3.)   Confetti Wood Sunglasses, Shop
4.)   Metzler Fringe Kimono, Shop
5.)   Santa Fe Tote, Shop
Like what you see? Take 15% off your first order at www.shopbarefootbelle.com with code FESTIVALFASHION.
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Photographs courtesy of Barefoot Belle

Coachella Style with ModCloth


From Far and Tier Dress, $59.99If you are heading to Palm Springs for the second week of Coachella, you need to dress the part out there on the West Coast. With the blistering desert heat, large crowds of people, and loads of walking, two things to keep in mind when planning your outfit is staying comfortable and cool.

Our favorite look for Coachella are maxi dresses because they are effortlessly romantic and timeless. You can pair them with combat boots for a rugged look or comfy sandals for something more feminine and traditional.

This brings us to our next topic: ModCloth. The creative retailer sells trendy, affordable, and punny titled pieces that we are crazy about. With their new spring collection in full bloom, we narrowed down our two favorite maxi dresses and accessories for the hip festival.

The From Far and Tier Dress is our go-to spaghetti strapped maxi. With simple crochet detailing along the trim of the top portion, this light sheer garment is nature chic, especially with the soft floral print. Even though you’re already near La La Land, have your own Alice moment with Wonderland of Whimsy Bracelet, $24.99the Wonderland of Whimsy Bracelet. The gold vintage-esque cuff includes the wanderlust inspiration by Lewis Carroll, “I can’t go back to yesterday because I was a different person then,” has us feeling at ease.

The Let’s Sway Together Dress is one of favorite essentials; everyone needs this piece! The strapless and neutral maxi dress looks simple at first glance, but includes crochet detailing and a tassel to define the waist. The crinkle fabric of the garment is lightweight and breathable, giving off a beachy vibe.

That Polonius Guy Necklace, $17.99

To accessorize the strapless boho maxi, we paired it with the That Polonius Guy Necklace, which includes the famous quote from Shakespeare’s Hamlet, “This above all else: to thine own self be true.” I mean, we are writers after all with an obsession for fashion, so we had to go with the quote jewelry and we love the positive vibes it sends. Be sure to check out ModCloth.com for your Coachella outfit!

Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival
Weekend Two 2015: April 17-19
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Coachella Style with ModCloth: Images courtesy of Tatiana Stec

Coachella Hairstyles


Coachella is finally here, and for those who are spending their weekend dancing to Florence and the Machine and screaming their favorite Jack White lyrics in the hot California dessert, we’ve got three perfect Coachella hairstyles just for you, courtesy of CHI.

Day 1: Textured Boho Waves

Day 1_Finished Look 1
What You’ll Need:

1. Create a center part. Take a 1” vertical section and mist CHI Style & Stay Spray prior to curling.
2. Curl section using the 1” CHI ARC, directing the hair back and away from the face and leaving out the ends for an undone wavy look.
3. Repeat Steps 1 and 2 until the entire head is curled.
4. Flip head over and break up the curls by combing your fingers through the hair.
5. Finish the effortless look by misting the hair with CHI Shine Infusion for a lightweight polish.

Best of The Best: A 2014 Festival Guide


Best of The Best: A 2014 Festival Guide 

Winter blues got you down? It’s that time of year again to start buying your tickets and booking your hotel rooms for festival season. From the West Coast to the East and everything in between, below are the festivals you don’t wanna miss out on in 2014.

SXSW (March 7-16)


One part music festival and one part film festival, this year’s SXSW is one to not be missed so make sure you buy your badges early. This year’s lineup includes Kurt Vile, Chance The Rapper, Warpaint and many more.

Ticketing and lineup information at: http://sxsw.com/

Ultra Music Festival (March 28-30)


The festival that’s perfect for all your EDM needs. This year the Miami based festival’s headliners are David Guetta, Diplo, Carl Cox and MGMT.

Ticketing and lineup information at: http://www.ultramusicfestival.com/home

Coachella (April 11-14)


The festivals to end all festivals, this year’s lineup consists of Outkast, Arcade Fire, Beck,Muse, Queens of the Stone Age, The Replacements and Skrillex. Don’t miss out on the Outkast reunion as well as the other major headliners.

Ticketing and lineup information at: http://www.coachella.com/

Sasquatch (Part one May 23-25 and Part Two July 4-6)


This year, the west coast festival will feature two separate headliners and lineups. Outkast, The National, Kid Cudi, M.I.A, Neko Case, Foster The People will all be making appearances at the festivals first round of festivities. The second showcase will feature Soundgarden, Frank Ocean, Broken Bells, Gogol Bordello and many more. Both parts look equally promising for music fans of all kinds.

Ticketing and lineup information at: http://www.sasquatchfestival.com

Governor’s Ball (June 6-8)


Despite halicious weather last year, the festival continued on while this year’s lineup looks equally as promising as the last. Headliners include Jack White, Vampire Weekend, J Cole, The Strokes and Outkast.

Ticketing and lineup information at: http://governorsballmusicfestival.com/

Firefly (June 19-22)


Firefly came about in 2002 but despite being a youngster compared to other festivals, delivers this year with a jam packed line up. Headliners include Foo Fighters, Arctic Monkeys, Imagine Dragons, Weezer, Pretty Lights and more.

Ticketing and lineup information at: http://fireflyfestival.com

Feature image courtesy of Jamey Hopkins