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4 Denim Trends Making a Comeback


With the cold weather dying down from absolutely freezing to a tolerable breeze, the Cliché fashion forecasters predict a denim whirlwind this spring. So grab your umbrellas, rain boots and all things denim to be prepared for one of the best comeback trends this season.

No matter how many times we try to change our style, the most reliable outfit choice for any occasion is all-jean-everything. From shorts and cropped jeans to jackets, chokers, purses and more, the denim trend is fiercely dependable and here to stay.

Whether you’re relaxing, grabbing coffee or going out on the town with friends, here are all of the must-have denim trends we see coming back in this season’s forecast.

Denim Jacket

Learn To Love Denim Jacket ($61.95, showpo.com)

This spring, denim jackets are coming back full swing. Providing effortless style, warmth and flare, this 90s grunge staple has taken a more modern twist. Transform any outfit from simple to date-night-out with this edgy addition. Wear your jacket open or button it up depending on the look you’re going for.

The Learn To Love jacket from Showpo is transeasonal and a great start to your 2018 denim collection. Whether you’re in a flowy sundress, ripped shorts or cropped jeans, this stylish piece will have you learning to love yourself and your style!

Denim Choker

Denim Skinny Choker Set ($7.90, forever21.com)

In the past year, chokers have made a serious comeback on every trend radar across the globe. While the bold trend seems to be settling down again, one aspect of the choker is only just making its fierce debut. Denim chokers are the new subtlety that provides a unique twist on the classic necklace. Perfect for any outfit pairing, the choker will give you that small touch of denim every outfit in 2018 needs.

Feel free to get creative and make your own denim choker or leave it to the experts and buy one from Forever 21. The Denim Skinny Choker Set features a skinny denim choker and a black faux suede choker with a lobster clasp close. For such a low price, this set is definitely a must-have on our accessories list.

Denim Long-Sleeve

1969 Denim Western Shirt ($59.95, gap.com)

One of our favorite pieces from the denim comeback trend this season is the long-sleeved denim shirt. Versatile for every occasion, this long lined shirt can be worn unbuttoned with an under shirt, buttoned up with leggings for a more relaxed look, or tucked into jeans or a skirt for a more flirty take.

The 1969 Denim Western Shirt from Gap has a very neutral shade for all your pairing needs along with snap cuffs, a point collar and snap-flap patch pockets on the front. Dress this shirt up with white jeans and nude heels for brunch and drinks.

Denim Mini Skirt

Pop and Lock White Denim Mini Skirt ($49, lulus.com)

Putting a twist on the always reliable jean shorts, the denim mini skirt is a movement we are 100 percent behind. Once popular in the 90s and early 2000s, the new denim skirt features a more polished look with highwaisted bands, longer hemlines, and dramatic buttons. Switch up the colors of your skirts from the classic jean-blue to white, black and even maroon. Match with crop tops or a tucked-in flowy shirt and either boots or sandals to make a statement this season.

If you’re looking for a great design and style of mini skirt, consider starting with Lulu’s Pop and Lock White Denim Mini Skirt. With trendy belt loops, pockets, a frayed hem and bold branded button, their skirt exemplifies the all-jean-everything trend.

There are so many combinations with denim that make it a perfect and dependable fabric. And while there will be plenty of new trends breaking out throughout 2018, we think the denim forecast is here to stay. Get your fill of denim and let us know which styles are your favorite!


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4 Denim Trends Making a Comeback. Featured Image Credit: showpo.com

Singers We Want to Make a Comeback


Thinking back to a few years ago, some amazing, talented artists come to mind…so here are some singers we want to make a comeback!
Hilary Duff
Hilary Duff
Hilary Duff was like the older sister you never had for those of us who watched Lizzie McGuire and listened to her infectious music. I’d be lying if I said that I don’t still jam out to “Come Clean” and “Why Not.” I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for a new Hilary Duff album, or even a Lizzie McGuire reunion!
Jesse McCartney
Jesse McCartney saw massive success with hits like “Beautiful Soul” and “Leavin.’” From his days in Dream Street to his headlining tours, Jesse McCartney amassed tons of fans, who I’m sure wouldn’t say no to a chance to relive their childhood and go to a Jesse McCartney concert.
2013 MTV Video Music Awards - Arrivals
Danity Kane
Danity Kane’s music is from a different part of our childhood than the previous two singers on the list, but that doesn’t mean we don’t miss them! “Showstopper” was one of the most popular songs of 2006, and you can’t even deny that you jammed out to “Damaged” whenever it came on the radio. In 2013, Danity Kane announced that they’d be reuniting, and we’re anxious to see how it plays out!
Teen pop icon JoJo made it big in 2004 with her breakout single, “Leave (Get Out”). The song reached number one on the Billboard pop charts when she was just thirteen years old! It’s been ten years since that release, and I think we’re all ready for JoJo to release another huge pop hit!
Ryan Cabrera
Ever since I first heard the song “On The Way Down,” I’ve loved Ryan Cabrera. He has such a unique, laid back voice, but I’m sad to share that he hasn’t released a new album in almost six years. I would love for Ryan Cabrera to make a comeback with a more mature, bluesy sound!

Photos courtesy of FanPop, AceShowBiz, Huffington Post, and StarPulse