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Reheating Your Cooking Skills: 7 Tips Every Beginner Chef Should Know


Today we want to provide you 7 tips every beginner chef should know. Whether you’re learning to cook or reheating your cooking chops, whipping up a homemade meal can be a daunting task. Despite the blood, sweat, and apron stains involved, preparing a slow-cooked chicken or simmering a stew can be an enriching and delicious experience—despite your amateur chef skills. Check out these simple tips and complete your transformation from sous chef to superb chef. 

Don’t buy into the microwave stigma

Tips Every Beginner Chef Should Know

Photo by Lisa on Pexels

Microwaves have a bit of a bad rap, but don’t let that get to you. Microwaves are an excellent tool for the aspiring chef and make cooking very accessible for skill level. Overall, microwaves are very versatile. From reheating to cooking and steaming, there’s a microwave setting for every meal. 

Additionally, microwaves take up very little space, making them perfect for people with small kitchens. Microwaves like Goedeker’s make creating microwave-friendly meals fast and easy. For those chefs in the making in the market for a new microwave oven, keep your appetite up for a microwave oven that meets your wattage, size, and price preferences.

Once you have your oven-mitted hands on a reliable microwave, give microwave-friendly recipes a go. Quick and simple microwave meals such as perfectly poached eggs, delicious steamed vegetables, and even decadent desserts are just a few button-presses away. No time wasted waiting for the oven to preheat, and since microwaves take up less energy than a traditional stove, you’ll save some money on your electric bill.

Read the recipe

This tip may seem pretty obvious, but it’s an important tip, nonetheless. Make sure you read over the entire recipe before beginning to cook. That way, you can avert kitchen disasters, like realizing halfway through preparing your meal that you are missing a crucial ingredient. For optimal success, check your recipe carefully for any time-sensitive instructions, such as marinating the meat overnight. Additionally, ensure that the recipe at hand doesn’t require any specialized tools, such as a specific cake tin. 

Gather supplies before you start

Food on white background

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels

You don’t want to be halfway through cooking a challenging recipe and realize you forgot an essential ingredient, forcing you to scramble to the nearest grocery store. By gathering all of the ingredients, bowls, and pans you need before beginning, you ensure a more calm cooking experience. As an extra tip, put things away as you use them, making cleaning up the kitchen later a much less daunting task. 

Use good knives

Dull knives are more dangerous than properly sharpened knives. Ensure to keep your knives in good working order, and store them properly when not in use. 

Remain attentive

While you’re waiting for a pan to preheat or a pot to boil, it can be tempting to step away from the kitchen for just a moment. However, it’s essential to remain close to the kitchen while cooking in case of a problem. The consequences of leaving your kitchen unattended range from burnt food to fire, neither of which you want. 

Store things correctly

Where you keep your food plays a pivotal role in the success of your recipe. Make sure to have shelf-stable foods in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight. You should store herbs and spices in a cabinet rather than on the back of the stove because the heat may impact them adversely. 

Use good ingredients

It just makes sense that when you use better ingredients, your food will taste better too. When at your local grocery, keep an eye out for fresh fruits and vegetables to include in your meals. Consider splurging on better cuts of meat that are more juicy and tender. Soon you’ll get a feel for what types of ingredients you love best. 

Wrap up

Cooking is for everyone, and even beginner chefs can create excellent meals you’ll be proud to show off. 

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How to Spend Valentine’s Day at Home


With chocolates and sweet treats stocked on the supermarket shelves and red and pink decorations galore, it’s obvious that this could only mean one thing. Valentine’s Day is here! This Sunday is the day of love! Whether you are spending this day with your special valentine, with friends or alone, this year might be much different than the past. 

With COVID-19 still very much present, capacity restrictions are in effect for most establishments. Getting reservations just got a lot more difficult. And if that wasn’t the only hindrance, we are currently in the middle of a pretty brisk winter season that will surely put a pause on any outdoor plans. So, if you are choosing to spend the day at home why not make it the best Valentine’s Day yet? 

So for all of you lovers or lovers of love, we have your guide to the best and most romantic Valentine’s Day at home!

Playful girlfriends with facial mud mask touching chins of each other on beige background

Photo by Ketut Subiyanto

Self Care

As Valentine’s Day falls on a Sunday, it’s the perfect opportunity to get some much needed self-care in! Get your mud masks out and get to work! Masking with your partner is such a fun and sweet way to bond while also taking care of your skin. Check out this amazing mud mask from Fresh! While you’re at it, a hand mask or foot mask might also be a nice treat as well!

Another great self-care activity is a bubble bath! Whether you prefer bath bombs or epsom salts, a relaxing bath is the ultimate way to treat yourself and your partner. Make it romantic with some candles, music and maybe even some rose petals! It’s Valentine’s Day, go all out! 

Let’s Paint!

One of the cutest and most popular date ideas are Sip and Paints. It’s where you and your partner or you and some friends take a painting class while also enjoying a few drinks. Unfortunately, many of these places may be closed or under limited capacity but that shouldn’t stop you from the fun! 

Bring the Sip and Paint to your home for Valentine’s Day! Pick up some canvases, paint and brushes from your local craft store and follow along to your favorite painting DIY video on Youtube! We love this one by Bob Ross! 

If you don’t want to paint all on your own, a great activity is a paint-by-numbers canvas. You can select any picture you like and it will be sent over to you with the mapped-out canvas and the corresponding colors. You can even make it a gift idea, and submit a photograph of your choice to be converted to canvas for you to paint! 

Movie Night

Couple love sitting evening

Photo by cottonbro

Bring the movie theater date night to you this Valentine’s Day! This lovely Sunday is the best day to snuggle up and watch some movies. Get your popcorn, candy and drinks ready because we have compiled a list of some of the best movies to get you into the Valentine’s Day spirit 

  1. About Time – Netflix
  2. Sylvie’s Love – Amazon Prime Video
  3. 50 First Dates – Netflix 
  4. Call Me By Your Name – Hulu
  5. Pride and Prejudice – Peacock
  6. The Photograph – HBOMax  
  7. Fifty Shades of Grey – Hulu
  8. When Harry Met Sally – Hulu
  9. Crazy, Stupid, Love – Amazon Prime Video

Dinner Time

Reservations at your favorite spot might be hard to come by this year but fear not, we’ve got you covered! An easy and simple choice would be ordering takeout and relaxing. However, a fun way to end the night could be cooking dinner with your significant other. Make sure to plan your recipe ahead of time so you can pick up all of your ingredients! 

While there are millions of recipes online to choose from, we wanted to share one of our favorite meals with you! A quick and easy recipe for some delicious pasta with spicy vodka sauce! 

Closes up photo of macaroni

Photo by Engin Akyurt

Spicy Vodka Sauce Pasta recipe to cook at home!

  • 2 Tbsp extra virgin olive oil
  • 1 small/medium onion, diced
  • 1 tbsp minced garlic
  • 1 Tbsp tomato paste
  • ½ cup whole whipping cream
  • ½ tsp salt, or to taste
  • 1 tsp red pepper flakes
  • 1 Tbsp unsalted butter
  • 1 tsp garlic powder
  • ½ cup shredded parmesan
  • 1 (16oz) box of rotini, boiled + reserve pasta water for later use
  • 1 Tbsp vodka, your choice


  1. Boil pasta according to box directions, or until al dente. Set aside, reserving 1 cup of pasta water for later use.
  2. Prepare all of your ingredients, set aside. Can combine all spices – red pepper flakes, salt, pepper, garlic powder—in one small dish, like a ramekin.
  3. In a large, deep skillet, add olive oil and heat pan to medium/medium-high heat.
  4. Once your pan is hot and sizzling, add diced onion and minced garlic. Sauté until fragrant, about 5-6 minutes. If you like your onions more cooked, sauté until golden brown.
  5. Add tomato paste, butter, vodka and whole whipping cream to the skillet. Mix all ingredients together—the sauce will take on a slightly orange/pink hue, and will be slightly thick.
  6. Heat pasta sauce for about 2-3 minutes, stirring constantly, ensuring it doesn’t burn. Lower the heat if it starts to burn, or if the pan gets too hot.
  7. Add in the shredded parmesan cheese, mix until melted and completely combined.
  8. Add reserved pasta water to the skillet to thin out the sauce. Start with ½ cup of water, stirring constantly. Remember: the sauce will need to burn off some liquid, so it will be a little thin to start.
  9. Heat pasta sauce on low-medium for about 5-6 more minutes, stirring frequently, while some of the excess liquid burns off. Lower flame if sauce starts to burn.
  10. Once the sauce is ready, pour half of the rotini into prepared sauce. Store extra pasta.
  11. Plate pasta and add additional parmesan cheese and a pinch of dried or fresh basil on top.

Crack open some champagne or wine and enjoy! Happy Valentine’s Day! 

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Images provided by Creative Commons, Flickr, Unsplash, Pexels & Pixabay

Great Ideas to Beat Weekend Boredom


Today we want to share a nice list of ways you can beat weekend boredom.  For the last few months most of us have been stuck at home trying to fill the day with fun things to do, but it can be difficult to find things to do when we are in the same place. 

If you are feeling bored this weekend and you are looking for something to do, we want to give you some ideas. There are lots of ways to have fun at home this week, and you’ll feel more productive when you spend the day doing things you enjoy.

Here are some ideas for activities and jobs you can do this weekend to kill that boredom. 

Watch sports 

Even though the rest of the world is still uncertain right now, sport still goes on and provides us with entertainment and comfort. Check out the latest NFL Update or the baseball, make some game snacks and sit down to watch a game or two this weekend. 

Weekend Boredom

Michal_Beitz / Pixabay

Play board games 

Board games are the kind of thing we mostly break out during the holidays but it is not only a holiday activity. You can also enjoy a good game on a weekend evening with your partner or your family. Sit down with a beer and some snacks and have a games night with your loved ones. It’s a good way to pass the time doing something a little different and it will allow you all to distract yourselves from any boredom you might be feeling. 

Some great board games to play are: 

  • Trivial pursuit 
  • Monopoly 
  • Frustration 
  • Ludo 

Go for a walk 

Being stuck in the same four walls for many months has likely sent a lot of us loopy, and now is a great time to take a walk outside and get some much needed fresh air and sunshine. Take the time this weekend to set off from your house and take a walk around your hometown. You’ll often discover little green areas you never knew existed and it can be a great excuse to make the most of your home neighborhood. You can make a walk as short or as long as you want and if it rains you’ll never be too far from home! 

Try a workout 

If you are looking for something different to do this weekend and you haven’t done a workout for a while ; why not try to do one in your living room? There are tons of workouts online to try and you can even get your family involved as a fun activity. Try a body combat session, a dance workout, or even practice some relaxing yoga and feel better physically and mentally after doing it. 

Do some gardening 

Weekend Boredom

pasja1000 / Pixabay

If you have a garden at the back of your house, autumn is a good time to do some important jobs. In the autumn there are several ways you can prepare your garden for winter such as pruning shrubs, cutting the grass one last time, and clearing out leaves and debris from your flowerbeds. Working in the garden has the added bonus of giving you some fresh air, and it can be a great way to spend a whole day during lockdown. 

Clean up 

Have you been cluttering up your home recently with online orders and random clothes? Now is a great time to clean up. If you are bored this weekend consider doing a full house clean from top to bottom, making sure that everything is spick and span. Some of the jobs you can do are: 

  • Vacuum the house 
  • Bleach the bathroom and kitchen 
  • Clear out old bathroom products 
  • Clear the pantry 
  • Dust and polish
  • Clean the windows 
  • Wash your bedding 
  • Wash the carpet 
  • Declutter 

If you can do all of these jobs over the weekend your house will be clean and fresh and feeling great for the winter.

Do some DIY 

There are a lot of small DIY jobs you can complete over a weekend that will freshen up your home and make a difference to the space. You could redo the gloss paint around the house, change your feature wall colour, fill in small holes in the walls, and even regrout the tiling. Any of these small DIY jobs will make an impact to your house and will make you feel happier at home. 

Bake tasty treats 

If you have some time at home this weekend and nowhere else to go, why not make the most of it and do some baking? We have a simple treat for you to try and bake this weekend:

Triple Chocolate Cookies 

weekend boredomTriple chocolate? Yes please. These cookies are decadent and yummy and easy to make. 


  • 180g flour
  • 2 tbsp cocoa powder 
  • 1 tsp baking powder 
  • 150g dark chocolate, chopped 
  • 150g milk chocolate, chopped
  • 150g white chocolate, chopped 
  • 150g butter 
  • 175g caster sugar 
  • 1 medium egg 


  1. Preheat the oven to 190C. 
  2. In a bowl, place dark chocolate. Heat up a pan with simmering water and place the bowl over the top, ensuring the bowl doesn’t touch the water. Melt the chocolate and leave to cool. 
  3. In a bowl, cream together sugar and butter with an electric whisk. Once creamy, add egg and melted chocolate.
  4. Stir in your dry ingredients and mix into a batter. Stir in the chunks of milk and white chocolate. 
  5. Use a spoon or scoop to take bits of dough and form into a circle. Place on a greased baking sheet and press down slightly. Bake for 12 minutes.  
  6. When ready to eat, simply pop in the microwave for 10 seconds and you’re good to go! 

Try a new hobby 

If you are bored this weekend and looking for something new to take up your time, why not try a new hobby? There are lots of fun hobbies to try such as cooking, painting, sports and more. Try something new and see how amazing it makes you feel. Sometimes the best way to get out of a slump is to do something out of your comfort zone and this can be a super fun way to spend your day. 

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Healthy Fall Recipes for Every Meal of the Day


Today we want to share some healthy fall recipes for every meal of the day. Fall is a wonderful transitional time full of holiday anticipation, cooler weather, beautiful changing leaves, and of course, an array of seasonal flavors. Favorites like pumpkin spice, caramel apples, and squash make their grand entrance as we say goodbye to summer treats such as watermelon, popsicles, and hotdogs. It can be overwhelming to navigate the sheer number of potential dishes you could try this autumn when every magazine in the grocery store declares that they have the best apple pie recipe. Not to worry, because today we have compiled delicious and healthy fall recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert!

Breakfast Baked Apples

We’ve all been told breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but with our hectic schedules (especially in today’s crazy world), it may not always feel like it. Take time to sit down and enjoy a delicious breakfast of baked apples filled with oatmeal. With only seven ingredients needed, this recipe yields four mouthwatering servings and takes only 45 minutes to complete. The apples are rich with maple syrup and cinnamon flavors, making it the perfect dish to satisfy. What better way to begin your day than with a sampling of the best flavors fall has to offer?

Pumpkin and Sage Soup

healthy fall recipes

For both a healthy and filling lunch, try this pumpkin and sage soup. There are 12 ingredients necessary and it takes about an hour to prepare, but every second is worth it once you taste that heavenly pumpkin and sage flavor. This soup serves eight and is perfect for those who want a light lunch that exemplifies autumnal flavors.

Pumpkin and Gouda Pizza

Anyone who wants a twist on that classic dinner vibe will love this five-ingredient pumpkin and gouda pizza. It takes only an hour to prepare, making it a simple dish you will want to have over and over. The gooey, cheesy flavor combined with the sweet pumpkin base is one of a kind. This unlikely combination is sure to be your new favorite. Pair it with the following stuffed shell recipe for an “Italian” night unlike any other!

Pumpkin Ricotta Stuffed Shells

An alternative dinner recipe, or a wonderful addition to the pumpkin pizza, is this tasty pumpkin and ricotta stuffed shell dish. The pumpkin allows you to use less cheese than a typical stuffed shell recipe, making it a healthy way to satisfy your pasta craving. The recipe serves eight people and takes a little over an hour to prepare and cook. There’s nothing better than eating a full plate of pasta, but eating a full plate knowing you’re choosing a healthy, yet tasty alternative might just top the traditional recipe.

healthy fall recipes

Chocolate Pumpkin Muffins

Last, but certainly not least, is everyone’s favorite: dessert. These chocolate pumpkin muffins are both light and airy, while still packing that delicious chocolatey punch. The recipe only requires two ingredients, cake mix and pumpkin puree, and takes less than twenty minutes to whip up. You can also add chocolate chips if you’re feeling like you need that extra hit of chocolate. For that final taste of autumnal perfection, these muffins are a must try for anyone short on time and big on flavor.

We hope these recipes gave you some delicious ideas to kick start your fall!

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Check Out Divas Can Cook for Amazing Summer Recipes


Summer is here! ‘Tis the season of barbeques, fruit bowls, and chilly refreshing drinks. Whether it’s friends gathering around a picnic table in the park or family grilling in the backyard, we all want to bring something new and tasty to the party. If you’re looking for a website to give you some ideas for meals that will never fall short, then check out

Divas Can Cook Official Facebook Page

Divas Can Cook is run by Monique, a blogger from a large Southern family that has passed down old and new recipes from generation to generation. Monique began her website to encourage her readers to bring back the tradition of making real good food from scratch. She covers every meal—breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert—with mostly traditional spreads alongside her own innovative twists. She’s even found a way to make health-conscious, gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegan takes on classic Southern food so nobody’s missing out.    

Everything that comes out of Monique’s kitchen is mouth-wateringly delicious. Even for people who aren’t so confident in their cooking skill, Monique has posted videos of her making each recipe step-by-step so her audience can follow along. Not to mention her beautiful personality shines in all her videos and written posts, she makes cooking so much more fun that you’ll want to go through everything on the website.

Summer recommendations from yours truly include: extraordinarily fluffy Blueberry Cream Cheese Muffins, zesty Sweet and Spicy Pulled BBQ Chicken Sandwich, tangy Strawberry Piña Coladas, and finally gooey chewy Oven Baked S’mores Bars.

After working through one of her dishes, you will feel like the proud, confident person that she wants to unleash in everyone. So, please click away to Divas Can Cook to get a head full of ideas and a belly full of food!


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Check Out Divas Can Cook for Amazing Summer Recipes: Featured Image Credit: Divas Can Cook official Facebook Page.

‘How to Instant Pot’ Cookbook Giveaway


This holiday season, we are partnering with Workman Publishing for a cookbook giveaway you won’t want to miss! With How to Instant Pot by Daniel Shumski, you can change the way you cook and make delicious meals by mastering all the functions of one-pot appliances. With over 100 recipes and helpful lessons, you’ll be inspired to try new dishes well beyond the holiday season. Enter below for your chance to win a copy of a book, plus an instant pot to put your skills to the test!

One (1) winner will receive the following:
– 1 copy of How to Instant Pot
– 1 Instant Pot appliance
Prizing and samples courtesy of Workman Publishing

How to Enter:
– Complete the required action(s) below for entry to the giveaway
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The winner will be chosen at random using Rafflecopter.com and will be contacted within 48 hours after the giveaway has ended. The winner will be given 72 hours to claim his or her prize before he or she must forfeit it to another winner.

Giveaway open to U.S. residents only.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

About the Cookbook

Master the revolutionary appliance that’s changing the way we cook!

The only Instant Pot cookbook that is organized by function, How to Instant Pot is both a guide to understanding the Instant Pot basics and a foodie’s creative collection of over 100 recipes specially crafted to take advantage of the Instant Pot’s many virtues, from cooking perfect risotto in six minutes, no stirring required, to five kinds of yogurt, to creating one-hour killer chili and soups from scratch, using dried beans.

About the Author

Daniel Shumski is a writer and editor who has hunted ramen in Tokyo for the Washington Post and tracked down ice cream in Buenos Aires for the Los Angeles Times. Between stints at the Chicago Sun-Times and the Chicago Tribune, he worked for a Midwestern heirloom apple orchard. His bestselling first book, Will It Waffle?: 53 Irresistible and Unexpected Recipes to Make in a Waffle Iron, won praise from the New York TimesPeople magazine, and Food52. He lives in Montreal.

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‘How to Instant Pot’ Cookbook Giveaway: Prizing,  images, and summaries provided by Workman Publishing

‘The Haven’s Kitchen Cooking School’ Book Giveaway


Cliché Magazine is partnering with Artisan Books for a The Haven’s Kitchen Cooking School book giveaway you won’t want to miss! In The Haven’s Kitchen Cooking School, readers will learn how to cook for a lifetime. From beginner lessons like getting over your fear of frying to learning how to properly filet a fish, there’s something for everyone to learn. Enter below for your chance to win a copy of the book plus a stainless steel cooking tool-set to get you started!


One (1) winner will receive:
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The winner will be chosen at random using Rafflecopter.com and will be contacted within 48 hours after the giveaway has ended. The winner will be given 72 hours to claim his or her prize before he or she must forfeit it to another winner.

Giveaway open to U.S. addresses only.
a Rafflecopter giveaway

About the Book

Alison Cayne takes the essential skills gleaned from her popular cooking school classes at Haven’s Kitchen into her first comprehensive teaching cookbook, The Haven’s Kitchen Cooking School.

The Haven’s Kitchen Cooking School includes 100 delicious recipes carefully chosen by Cayne and her expert staff with food inspired by global cuisine and a modern sensibility of how we like to eat today.

Each of the book’s nine chapters revolves around a key lesson taught through a collection of recipes to ensure that readers are not simply memorizing a canon of tried-and-true instructions; they are learning how to cook for a lifetime.

About the Author

Alison Cayne is the owner of Haven’s Kitchen, a cooking school, café, and event space in New York City. Cayne started Haven’s Kitchen as a place to inspire and educate people about food and sustainability issues. She serves on the boards of Edible Schoolyard NYC and the Food and Environment Reporting Network and has been featured in such publications as the New York TimesVogueElleDominoBon AppétitFood & Wine, and Goop. She has a master’s in food studies from New York University, where she is now an adjunct professor. Cayne lives in New York City with her five children. Find her on Instagram @havenskitchen.

Social Media

Follow Haven’s Kitchen: Instagram | Twitter | Facebook
Follow Artisan Books: Twitter | Instagram
#HavensKitchenCookbook #CookWithConfidence

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‘The Haven’s Kitchen Cooking School’ Book Giveaway: Prizing, photographs, and summaries courtesy of Artisan Books

7 Ladies’ Night In Ideas


You know how it is: going on a night out is always fun but sometimes you just want to stay in with your girls. Sure, dancing like no one’s watching is what the weekends all about, but we have some alternatives for those of us who need something a little different sometimes. So grab a bottle of wine each and let’s start having some fun!

movies photoMovie Marathon

Choosing your movie marathon is easy: just queue up a few movies you all like or ones you love that the others have missed. Netflix has a fantastic library of movies whether you and your girls are into chick flicks, thrillers or sci-fi. Plus, we guarantee there’ll be a drinking game for at least some of the more popular movies!

Games Nightsscrabble

Games nights are one of our favorite past times as they can really bring us closer to each other – you know, as long as the competitive friend keeps her cool. Don’t worry; we all have at least one. To host an incredible games night in, all you have to do is get your board games out, set up your games console or bookmark some mobile casinos and wait for the fun to begin.

The Great Bestie Bake Off

If you and your besties enjoy baking – to be fair, even if you don’t it’ll probably just make it funnier- then now is the time to pull out your baking trays and icing bags. Google some recipes for pies, cakes or cookies and get your bake on: whoever bakes the best dessert wins and whoever loses will not be in charge of catering at any future event.

makup-madnessMakeup Madness

Chances are you’ve seen the incredible makeup tutorials on YouTube, right? Well, it’s time to get some practice to see if you can reach that level of artistic beauty. Pick a video each and either attempt to recreate the looks by yourselves or work on each other.

Let’s Get Crafty

DIY blogs and crafty Pinterest boards are more popular than ever, so why not invite your friends round to see what sort of masterpieces or monstrosities you can create. We recommend you stay away from the wine if you’re handling tools though, that includes scissors.

spa photoSpa Night

Speaking of online tutorials, there are thousands of DIY spa treatments scattered around the web that you and your gal pals can create. From honey facials to egg yolk hair masks: they’re all online and all you need to do is get the ingredients. Alternatively, you can all just bring your best creams over and pamper yourselves without making a mess.

Favorite Things

Although you all know each other so well, each of us are always gathering our own favorite things. So why not share your favorite things with your favorite people? Bring a bag or write a list of your favorite beauty products, destinations, pictures, recipes, experiences, even gardening equipment if that’s what you’re into. If you love something enough to share it, chances are your friends will like it to and appreciate the shout.
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