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Back to School Beauty with Pacifica x Target


It’s that time again! With summer drawing to a close, the back-to-school advertisements have begun, sharing with all of us the school essentials—from fashion to beauty—that we’ll be needing to stock up on this year. We’re here to not only help you feel refreshed for the upcoming season, but to make sure you’re prepared for anything that’ll be jotted down in your school agenda. And what better way to start than with a list of beauty must haves that’ll have you wishing for the first day of school? We’re sure there will be no early morning blues when you have beauty goodies from the latest Pacifica x Target collection. Each product is 100% vegan and made with certified cruelty-free ingredients that’ll have you glowing all day long. So, stay clear from the snooze button and turn up the tunes as you get ready for the day with these products that you’ll love using.

Read on and check out our back to school beauty list, brought to you by one of our favorite makeup lines and stores!

Fresh Beauty Looks For Spring


Just as matte makeup looks and winter go together, fresh makeup looks and spring are a match made in heaven. Glowing skin, rosy cheeks, neutral eyes, and colorful lips are made for the easy, breezy weather. But after a season spent sticking to sharp contours and dark lips, it can be a bit of a struggle to transition into spring beauty. Thankfully, inspiration is all around us—and with beautiful brands including jane iredale and Merle Cosmetics, our makeup routine will be blooming into fresh beauty looks effortlessly. 

with jane iredale
Effortless beauty is made easy with jane iredale’s new spring collection—Skin Is In! The mineral-based products in the spring line are made to highlight your natural, beautiful features and help you master the no-makeup-makeup look that always reigns during spring. The Naturally Matte Eyeshadow Kit (we’re letting matte pass in this area) holds five milky-soft eye shadows in creamy neutrals including greys, browns, and a soft pink. Talking about a palette is sure to become a part of your daily beauty routine. For natural brows with a little more umph, the GreatShape Eyebrow Kit, available in Blonde or Brunette, is perfect for all who aspire to have “brows on fleek.” Jane iredale’s Flawless Purepressed Blush is the epitome of rosy cheeks (and is my new favorite blush, by the way) with its peachy, pink hue. Just apply it to your cheekbones, or use it as an eye or lip color even, for a refreshing wash of color. To complete a fresh look, apply a lippie like the White Tea PureGloss Lip Gloss—a creamy, golden caramel color that will condition, moisturize, and nourish your lips.

… with Merle Norman Cosmetics
For even more lippie options, which we never can get enough of, turn to Merle Norman Cosmetics. Instead of a matte to liquid lip that you’ve probably been reaching for on a daily basis (I’m guilty!), opt for a creamy or glossy lip to tie the fresh look together. Looking to keep everything neutral? Merle Norman Lip Polish in Ladylike is your go-to. A favorite of celebrity Julianne Hough, this soft nude is designed to be “your lips but better,” while being the perfect compliment to any au natural glowing beauty look. If you want a glossy lip that pops, try Merle Norman Liquid Lipcolor in Drama Queen—this flirty, hot pink shade applies easily like a gloss, but gives you the long-lasting pigmentation of a lipstick. Speaking of lipsticks, if you’re a lipstick lover then you’ll fall head over heels for Merle Norman’s Creamy Lip Colors in Romance and Amour. These lipsticks lay perfectly comfortable on your lips throughout the day while providing hydration and eye-catching color in one creamy stroke.
Want to get your hands on any of these products? Go to www.janeiredale.com and www.merlenorman.com to grab our beauty picks today.
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Photographs courtesy of Merle Norman Cosmetics and jane iredale

Beauty Crush: Jolii Cosmetics


After reading the title of this post, I know what you’re thinking: ”You’re crushing again?” And yes, I absolutely am. But I’m sure your heart will fall for the lovely beauty brand Jolii Cosmetics just as much as mine has. I first discovered Jolii through Instagram and was instantly intrigued by their delightful packaging and liquid lipsticks (naturally). After trying out their Luxe Creme Mattes, I immediately knew that I just had to share this growing beauty brand with all of you. Get ready for some heart palpitations and a whole new set of lippies to add to your collection with Jolii Cosmetics. 
Optimized-Jolli Cosmetics-30
Jolii Cosmetics produces liquid lipsticks called Luxe Creme Mattes, which are cruelty-free, vegan, and gluten-free. I know, talk about a triple threat in the beauty world. The Luxe Creme Mattes have a true high-quality, liquid-to-matte formula that is easy to apply and fully dries to matte within 10 minutes. The waxes and oils within the formula leaves you with a soft matte finish that is comfortable to wear throughout the day with very little transfer.
Optimized-Jolli Cosmetics_Lipsticks-37 Optimized-Jolli Cosmetics_GIF-15
When it comes to pigmentation, these liquid lipsticks shine like there’s no tomorrow. Because of this, they are also buildable colors that can be applied with one swatch, whether they are ready-to-go or layered for a darker hue. You can even experiment and mix the shades together for a customized color or an ombre effect. I did so with Vita and a swatch of Succosa in the middle of my lips. Together they created a peachy, coral effect perfect for spring. Colorful, long-lasting, beautiful packaging, and an impressive formula? There’s no way you can blame me for having a crush on Jolii Cosmetics. Now, have you fallen head over heels too?
Jolii Cosmetics has a beauty store in New York, but their Luxe Creme Mattes are available for purchase on their website.  If you want to get your hands on Jolii Cosmetics’ Luxe Creme Mattes, visit them at www.joliicosmetics.com. Be sure to follow them on Instagram and like their Facebook for any updates and plenty of eye-catching photos as well.
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Beauty Crush: Jolii Cosmetics: Photographs courtesy of Jolii Cosmetics and Victoria Olmo

ColourPop Cosmetics: Ultra Satin Lip Collection Review


Among the smorgasbord of beauty brands out in the world, ColourPop Cosmetics has found a special place in my heart. Super affordable, cruelty free, complementing to a range of skin tones, and made with impressive, one-of-a-kind formulas, ColourPop has broken the barrier of high-quality products with overly high digits on their price tags. Each of their cosmetics from their Ultra Matte Lips to their Super Shock Shadows has become enormously popular over a short amount of time. With each new product that is launched, it’s no surprise that they quickly become one of the most talked about items by beauty lovers everywhere—including myself. And this is where ColourPop Cosmetics’ newest collection of Ultra Satin Lips comes in.  

After the 16 new lippies launched on February 25th of this year, the Ultra Satin Lip collection has gained momentum and favoritism by a growing number of fans. Created with a formula that is easy-to-apply, leaves you with a satin finish, and lasts all day long with only one touch up needed if that, these lippies will have anyone head over heels. I, like many others, hopped on the bandwagon of picking up my favorites as soon as they were available for purchase. When my order of five ( Echo Park, TooLips, Tansy, London Fog, and Frick N’ Frack) arrived along with a cute handwritten note from ColourPop and flyers about the collection, I couldn’t have been more excited.

I immediately chose one to sport the next day to see if these lippies would live up to ColourPop’s name—and they absolutely did. Packaged just the same as their Ultra Matte Lips, application of the creamy formula was easy and quick before heading out the door. Tansy (a yellow-toned brown) was the first shade I tested; the beautiful hue immediately sat comfortably on my lips, without drying to the point of being super matte. As the day went on the lippie held its pigmentation and only needed a touch up after eating and drinking (note: these lippies aren’t transfer proof, but they still pack a punch). Since my first initial try-out with the Ultra Satin Lip collection I have been wanting to wear nothing else on my lips. Currently, Echo Park is my favorite, being a peachy nude shade that is perfect for wearing everyday.
Have you tried out the new Ultra Satin Lips yet? If not, head on over to www.colourpop.com to get your hands on them—at just $6 a pop, they’re more than you could ask for.
Be sure to tag your Colour Pop choices with #colourpopme as well as for a chance to be featured on the beauty brand’s Instagram.
P.S. Colour Pop just launched their new brow collection on March 10th, and you better believe I’m all over that as well. You can purchase their Brow Colour ($6) and Brow Pencils ($5) on their site. Stay tuned for my next review, beauty babes!
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ColourPop Cosmetics: Ultra Satin Lip Collection Review: Photographs courtesy of Victoria Olmo

5 Small Beauty Brands You’ll Love


You know that when it comes to seeking out the latest in the ever-evolving beauty world, I am all about it. However, between the newest goodies that make their daily debuts on social media networks and the products flashing ‘New’ labels every time I enter a store, it can be quite the mission. So, instead of sharing the current “hottest” products, which can easily change within a week, I’m introducing beauty brands—five small New York companies, to be exact, that create products that pack a punch. Leave the stress of needing to keep up with every must-have beauty product out there and reign it in with a small business, one that not only produces high-quality goods that are made with tons of love, but one that provides so much goodness in each package that you’re sure to add them to the top of your holy grail list. Spread the love; share and shop these 5 small beauty brands you’ll love.
Natural E
Created by Elaine, who was born and raised in Manhattan, NY, Natural E brings you au naturale goodness right from the big city. Inspired by the raw nature found in the countryside when she was a child, Elaine wanted to bring the natural components she found there into her products. After educating herself on holistic medicine, as well as working with its practitioners, Elaine began her own journey in creating the Natural E Bath and Beauty collection. Made from pure, herbal ingredients without any artificial fragrances or parabens, Elaine brings forth products that will relax and enhance her customer’s body, mind, and spirit. Shop Natural E via its Etsy shop: etsy.com/shop/naturale.

Mullein & Sparrow
Founded by Anit Hora, who was born in India and raised in New York City, Mullein & Sparrow formed from Hora’s personal journey. Hora grew up following the ancient Indian system of traditional medicine, Ayurveda. Her belief in the positive elements of plant-based healing was solidified during a backpacking trip around South America—a path that led her to connecting with the world in a natural way again. Once she returned to New York, Hora sought out knowledge of apothecary, herbalism, yoga, and skincare, which led her to not only become a successful holistic herbalist and esthetician, but allowed her to bring her own apothecary line of Mullein & Sparrow to life in Brooklyn, New York. Her line provides products that nourish with holistic, cruelty-free, vegan, and authentic ingredients to everyone who indulges in them. Visit mulleinandsparrow.com and check out their social media networks via @mulleinandsparrow.

RAAW in a jar
When Trice Christiansen moved to New York, she lived a healthy, organic style in all aspects of her life—well, except beauty. She realized that the beauty products she used on a daily basis from high-end brands she trusted were not giving her body the gentle care and love it needed. After a troublesome reaction from a beauty product she loved, she swore off from using/buying any merchandise that had ingredients she did not recognize. With that, she started to study herbal medicine from traditional Chinese and Western cultures, and she then began to create products that not only were made from raw ingredients, but had healing properties as well. Christiansen’s first product, “Miracle Oil,” successfully treated her eczema, and from then on, RAAW became what it is today. RAAW in a jar offers 100% natural, cruelty-free, certified-organic, and non-toxic goods for your body to soak up, helping you create a clean lifestyle, inside and out without any chemicals, unnatural preservatives, etc. Shop RAAW in a jar at raawinajar.com and stay connected on their social media via @raawinajar.

MAKE brings forth not only paraben-free and cruelty-free beauty products from New York City, but a message to its customers that there are no rules to beauty. It’s all about coloring outside the lines with MAKE products and doing whatever your heart desires—whether that’s glittery eyes all year round or a bright, colorful lip any time of the day. When using MAKE, it’s all about being true to you, trying something different every now and then, and making a life you aren’t afraid to live. Each beauty product from MAKE has rich formulations that include a versatile range of shades, finishes, and textures that make any look possible. Ten percent of sales from this wonderful company is donated to the We See Beauty Foundation—a foundation that supports women-led and worker-owned cooperative companies around the Americas. Purchase beauty products from MAKE that won’t only allow you to create whatever you want, but help companies flourish as well, at makebeauty.com. Stay in touch with them on Twitter @makebeauty and Instagram @makebeautyofficial.

LURK brings fragrances into the air from essential oils to create luxury perfumes that smell simply divine. The oils used are 100% natural with no synthetics, additives, fixatives, compounds, GMOs, parabens, or phthalates. Each one-of-a-kind scent is developed from hard work, dedication, and the want to make eco-friendly and sustainable products that are kind to the world around it. Douse yourself with something that not only looks and smells good, but is made to be good. Visit lurkmade.com and stay up to date on the latest creations from LURK as well via their social media at @lurkbeauty.

Photographs courtesy of etsy.com/naturale, mulleinandsparrow.com, raawinajar.com, makebeauty.com, and lurkmade.com.
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Featured image courtesy of MAKE Beauty

Winter Makeup Trends


One thing I absolutely love about the winter time, besides the endless cups of hot cocoa I can consume (mini marshmallows included), is the luxury of being able to wear makeup without fear of it melting off—which tends to happen in the warmer, sunny months. With this luxury also comes some of my favorite makeup trends of the year that I, and you, can take complete advantage of right now. Whether it’s a super smoky eye for a sultry look or the darkest lip out there, it’s time to head out into the cold with a makeup look so hot, it could melt even the Ice Queen to her feet.

©Cushnie et Ochs/ImaxTree

Photograph Credit/ImaxTree

  1. Smokey Eye

The smoky eye has been a favorite in the beauty world and has become a certified, go-to look for a night out on the town. This season, the smoky eye was seen on fashion runways like Burberry Prorsum and Pascal Millet. From blended shades of gray and black to the newest additions of emerald green and plum, the classic smoky eye has been kicked up a notch in surprising and sexy ways we love.



  1. Deep, Dark Lip

Berry, crimson, and near-black shades may have us thinking of Halloween, but once you swatch them onto your lips, you’ll be hooked just like that. There is something entirely satisfying about being able to wear a dark lip in the winter—so, why not take it a step further and go darker? As seen at Luisa Beccaria or Marc Jacobs runways, a dark lip is really all you need before stepping out the door.



  1. Graphic Liner

We all know black liner isn’t going anywhere any time soon, but now it’s taking a whole new, artistic direction—literally. Rochas featured liner in sharp, thick lines on both the top and bottom lids, while Christian Dior went to the dramatic side with bold lines that swooped into a cat eye motion all over the top lid. Talk about making an eye-catching statement. Instead of the usual cat wing, try something different with your liner; from simple lines to graphic designs, it really is all about stepping outside of the box.



  1. Dewy Skin

The last thing you want is for your skin to appear dry and dull, which can often happen with the frigid cold. Make it look healthy and glowing with a dewy look that includes flushed cheeks, highlighted parts of your face (wherever the light hits directly), and eyes covered in soft peach or bronze shadows.



  1. Glitter Details

Take all those glittery eyeshadows that you have leftover from New Year’s Eve and put them to good use all throughout winter. There really is no such thing as too much or little when it comes to glitter, so go as minimal or as bold as you want. Adding little gems under the eyes or at the corners has become one of my favorite looks.

©Matteo Scarpellini/Imaxtree

©Matteo Scarpellini/Imaxtree

  1. Orange Hues

During runway shows for Stella McCartney and Alexander McQueen, hues of orange gilded not only the eyes of models, but their cheeks, hair, eyebrows—you name it! Orange typically isn’t a color that many of us are “oohing and aahhing” over, but in rich, mesmerizing shades like toffee, caramel, and mocha, it will quickly become one of your favorites.
What winter trends are you ready to try? Share them with us via our Twitter beauty account, @ClicheMagBeauty!

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Winter Makeup Trends “Snow Queen” originally appeared in Cliché Magazine’s Feb/March 2016 issue

Best Beauty Products of the Year


Every time the holidays come around, the phrase “this year has flown by!” always seems to slip out of our mouths. Despite the cliché business that comes with that saying, nothing rings more true than it. The year has flown by! As we prepare for the upcoming new year with our plans, resolutions, and aspirations, we look back on 2015 with a bittersweet adieu. Now, we couldn’t let the year just flutter on by without some well-deserved memorabilia. We’re taking a trip down memory lane in the beauty department of the year 2015, before 2016 takes its place. See which beauty goodies in makeup, skincare, and hair made the cut down below. Are any of them your faves? Let us know what you think are the best beauty products of the year on Twitter via @ClicheMag and @ClicheMagBeauty!

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Makeup Stocking Stuffers


Hello, my blushing beauty babes! Our favorite time of year has made its appearance once again as we’ve snuggled into cozy sweaters with steaming mugs of hot cocoa. Amongst the endless array of holiday decorations, the smell of pine, and peppermint-flavored goods, the beauty world has gone into a frenzy with deals and bargains galore. We at Cliché know how exciting and terrifying shopping can be during the holidays, so just like Santa has a list to keep everything in check, we’re more than glad to help with a shopping guide of our very own. For all of you beauty lovers out there, move the old school idea of stocking stuffers to the side and make room for bags of beauty topped off with a bow. From glittery nail polishes to rich colored lippies, I’ve looked high and low for the best and most adorable makeup bag “stuffers” available. This year, give beauty aficionados (or yourself!) a lovely makeup bag filled with goodies that can be used year-round. Don’t forget to check your list twice! Happy holiday shopping, beauts!
Marc Jacobs Fragrance Daisy Rollerball Trio

(Marc Jacobs Fragrance Daisy Rollerball Trio $45, www.sephora.com)

One for your mother, one for your BFF, and one for you! You go, Glen Coco!
Tony Moly Panda's Dream White Hand Cream

(Panda’s Dream White Hand Cream $12, www.sephora.com)

A.) It’s in the shape of a cuddly panda. B.) It’s a Korean beauty product, which means you know anyone’s hands will be totally covered throughout the winter season with this product. They’ll feel just as soft as panda fur!
O.P.I Infrared-y to Glow

(O.P.I Infrared-y to Glow $9.50, www.ulta.com)

Essie Luxe Effects

(Essie Holiday Luxe Effects Fringe Factor $8.50, www.ulta.com)

Sparkly nails every day are perfectly acceptable.

(eos Holiday 2015 Limited Edition Decorative Lip Balm Collection $9.99, www.evolutionofsmooth.com)

What’s cuter than festive eos lip balms? Being able to decorate them yourself!

stile Eternally Yours Liquid Lipstick Set

(Stila Eternally Yours Liquid Lipstick Set $39, www.sephora.com)

These lippies will last through any winter storm.

(MAKE UP FOR EVER Lash Show Instant Drama False Lashes $18, www.sephora.com)

Holiday parties call for a little sparkle and shine with dramatic lashes.
Smashbox Art Love Color Eyes

(Smashbox ART. LOVE. COLOR. EYES $42, www.sephora.com)

Get colorful eyes to enter the New Year.

(Kate Spade New York ‘glitter bug – ezra’ cosmetics case $60, www.shop.nordstrom.com)


(H&M Makeup Bag $12.99, www.hm.com)

Breakups to Makeup Canvas Pocuh

(Breakups to Makeup Canvas Pouch $35, www.urbanoutfitters.com)

The cutest makeup bags to store the best beauty goodies in!
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Makeup Bag Stuffers originally appeared in Cliché Magazine’s Dec/Jan 2015 issue

5 Up & Coming Beauty Vloggers


The anticipation that comes with a new video notification never gets old. Once my phone lights up to that beautiful note, it’s time to halt everything and click play. It’s safe to say that I’m a YouTube beauty vlogger addict—shout out to my fellow beauty babes out there that admit to being the same! There is no shame in the game, though. Gals empowering gals is something we should always encourage. Whether you know it or not, it’s just what you do when watching a beauty vlogger’s new video. What better way to spread that love than with up & coming beauty vloggers you should keep an eye out for? It’s a win-win for everyone! I’m fully encouraging your beauty vlogger obsession with these 5 up & coming beauty vloggers to put on your must-watch list. You’re totally welcome. Happy watching, beauties!


via colourpop.com/ellarie-x-colourpop/

1. Ellarie
You’ll instantly become smitten with Ellarie’s infectious smile. She’s a gorgeous soul who can always rock a colorful lips, has some serious makeup tricks, and is the incredible mother to a baby girl named Zara. Click on over to her Youtube channel and get ready to grin while bopping your head (or dancing around your room) to her catchy, beautiful, and extremely helpful videos.

via instagram.com/alvajay

2. Alva Velasco
There is no denying that Alva Velasco (also known as @Alvajay on Instagram) is beautifully talented with a makeup brush in hand. She’s all about experimenting with looks and being an inspiration to her loyal viewers. Check out this sweet pea’s versatile videos and try out one of her mesmerizing looks yourself!
Simply Kenna

via www.youtube.com/user/McKaelinn

3. Simply_kenna
It’s all about laidback vibes and self-discovery in Kenna’s world. She’s a young free spirit who isn’t afraid about being herself and sharing it with anyone who watches. Fall for her simple, cozy lifestyle by switching over to her channel.
Becca Rose

via www.youtube.com/user/voussontbeauetbelle

4. Becca Rose
The darling soul of Becca Rose shares with her viewers the most adorable shopping finds, along with stunning makeup tutorials. I for one am absolutely taken away by her cute flat. Did I mention she even created an Adele makeup video? You’re so going to want to watch that!

via www.pinterest.com

5. Babylailalov
Nura is a young mother and wife that expresses herself through her one-of-a-kind beauty looks, while showing off her scarf wrapping skills. She thrives on sharing her authentic self with viewers and we’re all about that. See how she uses makeup as a tool of empowerment for women everywhere!
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Must-Have BeautiControl Products


Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, BeautiControl is a skincare and cosmetics brand that has been around for 35 years. Referred to as “America’s Greatest Brand” and the top spa treatment across the states, BeautiControl is a direct sale company; therefore, it is produced not through retail or advertisements but sold through consultants, which makes the interactions between customers and consultants more personable. Thanks to one of the most successful senior representatives, Frieda Y. Lin, I was introduced to this ever-evolving and growing company, and was able to try a few of their most popular and effective skincare and cosmetic products. As you might have guessed, Cliché invites you to journey with us on being you, being beautiful, and being BeautiControl.
Regeneration TFF PM Intensive Moisturizing Eye Elixir ($69)
Quite the multi-tasker, this treatment addresses dark circles, under-eye puffiness, and signs of aging while also helping the tender areas of skin feel firmer and keep their elasticity. To achieve the best results for this product, apply it during the nighttime. Be sure to apply after washing your face and then pat the product onto the under-eye area, allowing it to be completely absorbed into the skin.
Skinlogics Lip Balm ($15)
This lip balm isn’t just any lip balm—orange peel oil truly helps improve moisturize, hydrate, and soften the skin for a much longer period of time. Meanwhile, the orange also creates a light citrus scent that automatically makes me feel refreshed and invigorated.
CC Crème ($29)
This lightweight formula changes color to fit your natural skin tone while also hiding imperfections and visible discolorations in the skin. I tried #21614 Light, and I loved how light the product felt – it didn’t feel like I was wearing anything at all! I also loved how it created a very natural radiance for my skin. With such little product needed to be used for each application, this CC Crème will be sure to last a long time.
If you’re curious to know about specific ingredients and their functions, feel free to check out Beauticontrol’s website; it’s user-friendly and pinpoints exactly the purpose of each ingredient.
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Must-Have BeautiControl Products: Photos Courtesy of BeautiControl

New Beauty Products to Try


I’m always on the search for new beauty products making their way into our favorite stores and online sites not only for myself, but especially for all of my beauty babes! Sharing is totally caring. Am I right? Being able to share with all of you some incredible products from even more incredible brands also allows my nerdy beauty brain to be let out without shame. High-five to all my ladies who not only carry swatched hands on a weekly basis, but aren’t ashamed of admitting that new products get them just as excited as Taco Tuesday. At least, the latter counts for me! Read on about three stellar beauty brands that I have had the pleasure to work with recently and am ready to share their latest products with you—I’m totally not judging you if you start pulling up tabs to their sites right after reading. Shop on, you beauty lovers! 
Lime Crime Cosmetics
If you haven’t heard of Lime Crime Cosmetics, it’s an extreme honor to introduce you to this cool-girl beauty brand—or in Lime Crime’s words, makeup created for unicorns. Designed by founder and CEO Doe Deere, this beauty brand is a total wild card made for expressing an individual’s personality and out-of-this-world style. Based in the groovy sunshine area of Los Angeles, Lime Crime Cosmetics not only caters to their customers in a genuine way, but also makes every gal feel utterly special in the skin they’re in. It’s all about enhancing each and every person’s beauty in magical ways that only this beauty brand can do. The brand is known for their popular cruelty-free and Vegan products from Velvetines, for being the original liquid-to-matte formulated lipsticks, and for their ever-growing fan favorite, Venus: The Grunge Palette, which consists of the most intriguing eye shadow shades designed to let your creative side flow. Recently, Lime Crime launched a lipstick collaboration with artist Melanie Martinez for their Unicorn Lipstick collection in the form of Crybaby—talk about blues for days! I’m all about it. Be sure to head on over to www.limecrimecosmetics.com to begin or add to your beauty collection. Also, check out Lime Crime Cosmetics’ popular social media sites, including Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Use the hashtag #limecrime for any posts about their products for a chance to be featured on their cyber outlets! You’ll feel like a total unicorn for sure.
Orange Cream Key Lime
Whish Beauty
Made for women with sensitive skin in mind, creator Jesse Werner, who is on the same boat, started Whish Beauty to help women with the same needs and desires in skincare. After experiencing and trying skincare products from all over, he hit the jackpot when he discovered a rich European cream with his name written all over it. When his wife fell into the same predicament of wanting skincare products that produced a clean shave and left her skin feeling refreshed, Werner went on a mission to create products that achieved just that and more. What began as a collection of impeccable shaving creams branched out into a skincare collection focused on whole body needs. Whish products contain no harsh chemicals and instead include only organic ingredients for a natural production. In celebration of the 2015 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, Whish launched the Soda Fountain Collection, which included luxurious bath and body gels and body butters available in scrumptious flavors like Ginger Melon, Black Cherry, Orange Creme, and Key Lime. Each product creates the scene of being in an old-fashioned ice cream parlor with a bottle of pop in hand. Mmm! These vintage soda fountain flavors will leave your skin feeling smooth and revitalized all day long! You can get your hands on this wonderful skin care line at www.whishbody.com or at www.nordstrom.com and in Nordstrom stores nationwide. Stay in the know with this delectable brand via their social networks, including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Tag @WhishBeauty as well in any posts to showcase their amazing products!
Pro-Metal-Palette-Open-2500x2500 Pro-Contour-2500x2500
LORAC Cosmetics
LORAC creator Carol Shaw conquered the beauty world with her own beauty brain when she began to notice that there was a demand for products that made women feel like themselves but enhanced their natural beauty as well. LORAC, or “Carol” spelled backwards, has grown over the years and is known for their easy-to-use-products that often fall into anyone’s makeup bag when they comes across the collection. The treatment-based makeup within this brand takes quality into a whole other level; it includes skin rejuvenators, plant extracts, emollients, conditioners, and more ingredients that makes one’s skin still feel impeccable underneath. LORAC’s new Fall 15’ collection presents nothing less than just that while offering way more for us in our makeup collections this season, such as the brand’s first contour palette, the PRO Contour Palette, and a sequel from their best-selling PRO Mascara, the PRO Plus Fiber Mascara. Each new product within the collection brings something we all are missing and needing in our beauty lives. I’m most excited about LORAC’s new eyeshadow palettes that are “serving so much face” in all of their shades, including the PRO Matte Eye Shadow Palette and the Limited Edition PRO Metal Eye Shadow Palette. Talk about so many eye shadow looks you can create while following upcoming fall beauty trends (or even start thinking up designs for Halloween)! Gain inspiration from LORAC’s very own social media networks, including Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

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Photographs courtesy of www.limecrimecosmetics.com, www.whishbeauty.com and www.loraccosmetics.com.

Glossier Feature


Glossier is a phenomenal beauty brand inspired by real-life beauty in real-life women. The one-of-a-kind brand is all about embracing and enhancing natural beauty. Their motto, “We believe that beauty should be fun, easy, imperfect, and personal,” is applied to all of their quality products. The brand was created by Emily Weiss, founder of the popular site Into the Gloss. Weiss is an ambitious and creative woman who wanted to design a beauty brand made for real women she admired. After much researching, interviewing inspirational and strong women (from models to designers), testing, and scouring for the best-quality ingredients, Glossier was born with a set of products created for every woman out there.
Love Your Skin
The Glossier Phase 1 Set enables you to help perfect your skin and not conceal it. It’s all about enhancing what your momma gave you, ladies. Weiss and her Glossier team call the set’s products “skincare as makeup” for this very reason. The set includes everyday products made with you and your skin in mind. There is the Priming Moisturizer, Soothing Face Mist, Perfecting Face Tint, and Balm Dotcom. Asides from their attention-grabbing names, these products were created to replace the several you may have in order to give you a much more simple and effortless daily routine. Enriched with ingredients such as rose water, aloe, beeswax, diamond powder, and more, each product plays an important part in making your skin look its very best while allowing you to not feel overwhelmed or intimidated when using them. The set retails for $80 on glossier.com and includes all four of the incredible products you will need to help rule your world.
GLOSSIER_Mega Greens Mask stacked
The Green Juice
When not running off and doing all the fabulous things you do, Glossier recommends giving your skin a good pampering with their popular masks. If your skin is feeling a bit dirty, opt for The Mega Greens Galaxy Pack, retailing at $22. Labeled “the green juice for your face,” its intact vitamins, nutrients, and skin-loving ingredients will have your skin feeling fresh and newly bloomed. It’s all about reviving it in a gentle and nourishing way. If your skin is feeling dry, the Moisturizing Moon Mask ($22) is for you. This mask helps bring the moisture back to your skin with honey and aloe, an oxygenating agent, hyaluronic acid, and more. Elasticity is restored into your skin along with a hydrating and smooth factor over any fine lines. Talk about skin heaven with these masks.
GLOSSIER_Moon Mask stacked
Real Beauty
Interested in Glossier just as much as we are? We’re positive you are! “Glossier is really an homage to all the people I admire, including Into The Gloss readers, and everything they’ve taught me,” says Weiss. “It should be, at any given point in time, an at-a-glance snapshot of beauty as it stands today, and I hope that it encourages girls to feel free and happy and OK with themselves, wherever they’re at in real life.”
GLOSSIER_Masks group
It doesn’t get any more natural than that! Check out Glossier and snag your own set of products that will quickly become your must-grabs every morning. You can purchase the popular masks, Phase 1 set, and more at glossier.com. You’ll also be able to check out Glossier’s blog, g.IRL, which is filled with inspiration and more information on the products. Also, be sure to share your mask selfies with Glossier l via Instagram with the hashtag #glossier.
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Glossier Feature “The Touch of Beauty” originally appeared in Cliché Magazine’s April/May 2015 issue