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Our Favorite Celebrity Halloween Costumes of 2017


If there’s anything we love more than dressing up for Halloween, it’s seeing who or what our favorite celebrities dress up as. For Halloween this year, we’ve seen our favorite celebrities dress up as their favorite icons (Karlie Kloss as Marilyn Monroe), movie characters (Jessica Alba as Juno), and supervillains (Rita Ora as Poison Ivy). It’s also the perfect time to dress up as your favorite Stranger Things character, complete with a box of Eggo waffles (we’re looking at you, Wells Adams), since Season 2 was recently released on Netflix. Whether you’re dressing up this year or staying in, you won’t want to miss some of our favorite celebrity Halloween costumes of 2017.

Office-Friendly Halloween Wear


Halloweekend has come and gone with its autumnal drinks, horrifying, yet hilarious decor, and epic costumes that we’ll be reminiscing about until next year’s spooky festivities. However, just because the weekend is over doesn’t mean the fun has ended. Halloween is finally here, and despite it being a Monday, we’re showing you how to keep the ghoulish vibes alive even while working from 9-5. Christine Andrew, creator of fashion brand ILY Couture, has made our stylish wishes come true once again with her Halloween collection.

Celebrity Halloween Costumes


Happy belated Halloween, everybody! Halloween was a few days ago, but we’re still thinking about celebrity Halloween costumes! This year celebrities went all out with their costumes, dressing as everything from major fashion icons to pop music singers. Kim Kardarshian, according to E! Online, started Halloween off as a skeleton in a sleek bodysuit, face makeup, and ...