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Amazing Back to School Shopping Deals


Today we want share share some amazing back to school shopping deals with you.  Reality is that most of us have had to cut back on spending during this challenging time so it only makes sense that you would look for coupons, discounts and special deals to help save money.  Now some of you might have your normal go to stores when looking for back to school clothes and supplies but we’ve done our own homework and want to share with you 5 great back to school shopping deals that we think you’ll love.

Back to School Shopping Deals

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1. Kohls Coupons

Kohls is one of America’s most favorite back to school stores where you can find all of your favorites in one place.  We found a handful of Kohls coupons including a coupon for 30% off all orders.  Now that’s the type of savings that you can get excited about.  Kohls has all of your back to school favorites from shoes and backpacks to girls and young men.  They even have some great at home learning products for those who must stay at home for the beginning of the school year.

Back to School Shopping Deals

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2. Best Buy coupons

Now that we’ve got most of our clothes shopping out of the way, it’s time for some back to school electronics with some great Best Buy coupons.  When it comes to affordable electronics, no one does it better than Best Buy.  Is your child asking for a new laptop or a new phone to stay in contact with you during school hours?  No problem.  Right now you can earn up to 4% cash back.  2 additional coupons that we found that we really liked are:

  • $300 savings on select Intel Computers
  • 20% off select cellphone accessories

3. Staples Coupons

There’s no way we could complete this list of back to school deals without finding some super valuable Staples coupons.  When it comes to office supplies, Staples stands out above the rest.  Here are 5 amazing Staples coupons we found for you. 

  • 20% back on rewards on ink and toner
  • $20 off your order of $100
  • $20 on select MS Office 365 + 2019 titles when you buy monitors
  • $70 off McAfee LiveSafe Software
  • Up to $100 off select furniture deals
Back to School Shopping Deals

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4. Walmart Coupons

When you want to shop for less, head over to our local Walmart.  Any back to school shopping spree should always include Walmart.  Especially when you see these great Walmart Coupons we found last week.  When you shop online you can now get free 2 day shipping on select items.   You can also earn 2% cash back when you save smarter on College Shop.   Don’t forget that can earn 2% cash back when shopping on College Tech.  This also includes 2 day free shipping.

5. Bed Bath and Beyond Coupon

Some of you might wonder why we’ve included an awesome Bed Bath and Beyond coupon in our list.  It’s really simple.  How about free shipping on orders more than $39.  There are so many ideas that come to mind on how to use this coupon.  Did you know they have an entire category dedicated for College?  Everything from small furniture to wall decorations and kitchen appliances you’ll have all the essentials needed to make your college dorm room feel a little closer to home.  There is even a separate category for Student Faves which will show you what products other college students love.

We hope you love our list of back to school deals.  Whether your children will be attending school or e-learning we’ve scoured the net for the best back to school deals to help you save money.  Don’t let our current COVID19 challenge keep you from shopping and keeping your children happy and motivated during the upcoming school year. 

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9 Simple Ways to Live Cheap Without Looking the Part


Today we want to share with you 9 simple ways to live cheap without looking the part.  This topic is quite interesting knowing that Americans spend an average of $101 every day.  For the entire country as a whole, that’s about $10.7 trillion every year. With many people still under quarantine or struggling to work, it’s important to make every dollar last.

Here are nine simple ways you can start living cheaply. With these tips, you can save money instead of spending it all away.  Learn how to live cheap and save money with these nine easy tips today!

1. Review Your Expenses

9 Simple Ways to Live Cheap

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Before doing anything else, take the time to track your spending. Where is all your money going? Gather all your bank statements, paycheck stubs, and bills, and start auditing.

Take the time to break all your expenditures into categories. It’s easier to set specific budgets for each category if you know where you’re spending.

For example, you can separate your spending by:

  • Transportation
  • Groceries
  • Entertainment
  • Rent
  • Utilities
  • Cable
  • Debts

Now set a hard limit for each category. The first trick to living cheap is to minimize spending. Once you cut frivolous costs, you can put that money into savings instead.  Take the time to review your expenses over the next few months. You might find you spend more money in one area than another. If that’s the case, adjust your budget as needed. After reviewing your expenses, you can start living on a budget and saving some cash!

Set Saving Goals

Do you have a major expense coming up soon?  Maybe you need a new car or want to save up for your child’s college tuition. Determine how much you need to save overall. Then, set a monthly amount to save for that amount.

Keeping your savings goals in mind can help you stay on track while you live cheaply. Neglecting those long-term goals might make it more difficult for you to save in the present.

2. Stop Subscribing

9 Simple Ways to Live Cheap

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A single-family can pay for a long list of subscription services in a single month. Make your own list, possibly including:

  • Hello Fresh
  • Amazon Prime
  • Hulu
  • Netflix
  • Birchbox

Those monthly subscriptions can add up to a huge bill. Which of the subscriptions do you use the most? Which subscriptions can you remove to lower your monthly expenses?  If you want to live cheap, turn your “auto-renew” switch off. Every month, determine whether you need those subscriptions. If you need to save money next month, remove a subscription or two.  Don’t forget to look at your budget. Which categories do your subscriptions fall under? Which categories do you need to save money on?  Cut back on those subscriptions to start saving instead of spending!

3. Get out of Debt

House Finance Financing Cost Budget  - TierraMallorca / Pixabay

TierraMallorca / Pixabay

Your debts can add up, too. While debt can make any person experience stress, learning how to dig yourself out of debt can help.  First, set realistic goals for yourself. Consider making a debt management plan to keep yourself organized and on track. Your plan can help you pay off credit cards, a mortgage, and your student loans.

The average American household has about $137,063 in debt.  While you can’t pay off all your debt in a single day, you can start working your way there. Making an effort to pay off your debt little by little can reduce your stress.

First, determine which of your debts is high-interest. Those charges are stealing the most from your account. Make an effort to pay off those larger debts first.  Getting out of debt will make living on a budget much easier moving forward.


4. Eat Smarter

9 Simple Ways to Live Cheap

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You can eat away your budget without realizing it. If you want to start living cheaply, you need to consider your food spending. There are many ways you can eat smarter to spend smarter.

First, determine how much money you’re spending on food each month. Is it from a monthly subscription box, a specialty grocery store, or restaurants? Cut back on your most expensive grocery costs.

Next, make a grocery list before you go shopping. Stick to the list to avoid impulse buys and overspending.

Before you go shopping, check online. Many grocery stores offer online specials and coupons. Plan ahead based on the savings that are available.  Try to reduce how often you eat out at restaurants or order takeout. Instead, plan a week-long family menu. You can plan meals that use the same ingredients to reduce spending.  If you do plan on eating out, look for “kids eat free” nights or happy hour specials so save money!

5. Buy Generic

Most people buy the same brands over the years due to brand trust.  For the most part, name brands aren’t much different from generic brands beyond the packaging.  Try buying generic the next time you go shopping. You can purchase generic brands for your cleaning supplies, paper products, and staple food needs. Even medicine and makeup are available in generic brands.

6. Shop Around Savings

Wine Cheese Grocery Store  - ottawagraphics / Pixabay

ottawagraphics / Pixabay

The time it right! Before you go shopping, make sure to plan your purchases based on the sales available. You can always check online before you shop.  Are you a student, teacher, or vet? There are usually discount prices available for AAA members, too.

Don’t forget to look for coupons! Many grocery stores have their own online coupons available. There are online coupon websites, too.  You can view more here to find coupons online to help you live cheap!

7. Do It Yourself (DIY)

You don’t always have to buy something new or hire an expert.  Instead, see if you can do it yourself. Head online to find a tutorial video to fix the TV or sew up a shirt to save money.

8. Think Through Travel

Do you want to plan a family trip?  Make a budget for it first! Make sure to think about travel, entertainment, and food for the entire trip. Making a budget for your vacation can help you save. You can always try a staycation if you want to live cheap!

9. Barter a Bit

Do you have a skill you can share?  Try bartering with a friend or family member.  You can “trade” your skillset for one of theirs to help you save money!

Living Cheap Never Looked So Good

Want to live smart and savvy?  Try these nine tips for living cheaply. Using these tips, you can live cheap without looking cheap and start saving!  Check out Clichemag’s latest posts for more helpful tips and guides!

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7 Key Tips to Getting the Best Savings While Shopping


Do you love shopping but hate draining your bank account?  Today we’ll share 7 key tips to getting the best savings while shopping.  If you want to get more bang for your buck, there are plenty of simple tricks you can use to generate huge savings.  Are you ready to become a shopping expert?

1. Always Check for Coupons

The best way to save on shopping is to use a coupon on your order. Although you can find incredible discounts, even coupons as low as 5% off your order can lead to big savings over time. Before you make any purchase, make sure you refer to websites like Yes We Coupon to see if you can find any deals.

2. Sign up for Newsletters

Another one of the easiest ways to save is to add your email to your favorite stores’ newsletter lists. After you sign up, you’ll be notified whenever there are any sales and you may even gain access to exclusive coupons.


3. Browse Other Retailers Before Making a Purchase

If you’re shopping for an item that’s sold at other stores, it’s a good idea to scope out those retailers to see if any of them offer a lower price. This step is especially important for big-ticket items like electronics or luxury clothes.

4. Keep Your Eyes Peeled for Special Sales Events

Sometimes you can find the best savings on shopping by waiting for a big sale event. Stores can offer random events throughout the year that are hard to predict, but you can always depend on special sales during holidays.

5. Try Shopping in a Private Browser

One lesser-known tip on how to save on shopping is opening a private or incognito browser. Although this doesn’t happen all of the time, lots of stores can offer different prices based on your specific location. When you’re in a private browser, retailers won’t be able to change their prices based on your browsing history or location.

7 key tips to getting the best savings while shopping

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6. Always Be Mindful of Shipping Costs

Since shipping can cost an arm and a leg, it’s best to avoid these charges at all costs whenever possible. Before you start shopping, try to find coupon codes that can give you free shipping or figure out if there are any price thresholds to earn free shipping. If you’re ever close to a free shipping threshold, it’s better to buy another item instead of paying the same price for less to cover shipping.

7. Tease Retailers by Leaving Items in Your Cart

Retailers don’t want to lose your business, so they’re more willing to offer better deals to close the sale. To us this strategy, create an account that’s linked to your email then leave your items in the cart for a day or two. After some time passes, you might be surprised to find an email with a discount code in your inbox.

These Tips Will Help You Score Major Savings on Shopping

If you follow these 7 tips, you’ll be able to find the best savings on shopping. With extra money in the bank, you’ll have more opportunities in the future to treat yourself.  Do you want to become a shopping expert? Explore Clichemag.com to find more helpful tips and guides.

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