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Justin Baldoni Talks ‘Jane the Virgin’ and ‘My Last Days’


Justin Baldoni isn’t your average heartthrob. Sure, he has abs of steel, a smile that melts hearts, and a laugh and confidence that is so attractive, but he’s also a triple threat. Not only is he responsible for the collective swooning of audiences across the world as Rafael Solano on The CW’s Jane the Virgin, but he’s directing and producing with his production company Wayfarer while he takes over the world. Justin Baldoni is a man who can and will do it all.

Fifth Harmony’s Normani Kordei Talks Girl Power and Career Moves


Every so often, an all-girl group comes along that blows up the music scene. From TLC to Destiny’s Child, these groups redefine girl power with their confidence, talent, and powerful performances. For the next generation, this source of influence and inspiration can be found in the ultra-popular girl group Fifth Harmony. Although the group formed ...

Torrey DeVitto Interview


Known for her characters on beloved teen dramas One Tree Hill, Pretty Little Liars, and The Vampire Diaries, actress Torrey DeVitto has now taken on a more “adult role.” In the primetime drama Chicago Med, DeVitto portrays Dr. Natalie Manning, an emergency pediatric medicine specialist. While her character is saving lives in the ER, she’s ...

Inbar Lavi Interview


Top: Wayf, Earrings: Melinda Maria, Pants: Bailey 44 Inbar Lavi is more than just a star on the rise—she is one beautiful force to be reckoned with. Though she’s been in the business for a while, the Israel native is finally being paid her due. Whether it’s kicking post-apocalyptic butt in the Navy in her ...

Grace Gealey Interview


Way before the record-breaking television drama Empire was even thought of, actress Grace Gealey could have been found in the Cayman Islands, where her family was ingraining something in her that she would carry throughout the rest of her life: a drive for education. Jumpsuit: Colton Dane, Earrings: Melinda Maria “Education was instilled in me at ...