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Sevenn Debuts on Purple Fly with “The Hills” in Collaboration with Flaremode and DLAY. A Perfect Dance/Electronic Cover of The Weeknd’s Timeless Hit


Hot on the heels of the Purpley Fly‘s first-ever single “Miami” from BLVD. and Fatman Scoop, the NFT-fueled imprint is back with another unusual collaboration. US-based SevennItalian duo Flaremode, and Swedish producer DLAY join forces for a progressive house-influenced cover of The Weeknd‘s “The Hills.” Opening with groovy, deep melodies and distorted vocals, the track reels the listener in with driving basslines – making for a dancefloor-friendly, dance/electronic version of the sultry original. Sevenn is known for his hit “BOOM” with Tiësto, while Flaremode has released on labels such as Smash The HouseSpinnin’ RecordsRevealed Recordings, and more. Keep an eye out for more from these talented artists, and Purple Fly coming soon! Make sure to check out the NFT drops for “The Hills” on Purple Fly‘s website on June 11 and July 08.

Expanding musical horizons and challenging sonar stereotypes, ‘The Hills‘ is a fresh new taste of The Weeknd‘s classic. With a driven dark melodic beat, it promises to take you for a drive down the golden coast, or a boat ride in the Caribbean.“- Sevenn

Purple Fly is an independent imprint utilizing cryptocurrency’s hottest frontier as a platform for the spectrum of electronic music. The label’s goal is to support collaborations of all forms of art, connecting music and stunning visuals for an immersive experience that spans the sonic realms of trance to trap. The latest release comes from Kevin Brauer, who has exploded into the international electronic music stage as Sevenn. In his repertory, he has four global hits: “Colors Of The Rainbow” produced in collaboration with Kathy, and successful releases such as “BYOB” and “The Wall,” produced with Alok, which reached over 50 million streams. Sevenn‘s massive collaboration with Tïesto “BOOM” debuted on Ultra Music Festival Miami in 2017. The single’s 2018’s version with Gucci Mane on the vocals had peaked #14 on Billboard’s Hot Dance/Electronic charts amassing over 120 million streams on SpotifySevenn played at some of the world’s most celebrated festivals, such as TomorrowlandLollapalooza, and Creamfields.

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The Revolution of 1989: A Review of Ryan Adams’ Cover Album


There is a mist of eeriness that passes through you as you listen to the dark vocals of Ryan Adams. That eeriness, however, is followed by a lavish wave of enlightenment. His music, rich in essence, alongside the words of lyrical genius, Taylor Swift, at hand, Adams has evolved 1989 from what it once was.

Being the huge Taylor Swift fan that I am, when I first discovered Ryan Adams was covering her latest album and releasing it on September 21, I lost my cool and my heart raced with momentum. Adams’ composition is similar to that of an indie artist and taking on a new perspective of
1989, he made it his own. Although the words remained the same with the exception of minor changes, his sound gave them a whole new meaning.
My favorite track that he covered, “This Love,” was sung with such ease and it’s his simplistic approach that gives his sound its authenticity. The way his voice shifts when he sings, “When you’re young, you run,” echoes with movement, vibrating into the depth of your core. Stripping down the energy and playful disposition that Swift carries with her sound, Adams leaves the music in its rawest form, further revealing the naked truth of his conceptions.
Music is subjective. Once it’s placed into the world, it is no longer just the artists’ but it is also the listeners’. The significance of a lyrical verse varies from person to person and what is taken from it is subject to the context of one’s current situation. With that, Ryan Adams told his story though Swift’s words, allowing his melodies to speak for him. And so, “How You Get the Girl” became a ballad and “Shake it Off” was showered with melancholy.
Taylor Swift’s album and Ryan Adams’ covers are both tasteful in different lights, making it nearly impossible to hold the two in competition against one another. Instead, both are created with contrasting energies and unfold different narratives. And yet, they carry the ability to complement each other. Perhaps it was the amount of love and support the two artists have for one another that translated through music. Either way, if you have yet to listen to the cover album, I highly suggest you do it now and I can promise you won’t regret that decision!
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Photograph courtesy of  Paxamrecords.com

Ethan Thompson releases new cover “Never Gonna Give You Up”


Ethan Thompson has just released a new cover of Rick Astley’s song “Never Gonna Give You Up,” but not without putting his own personal touch on the 1987 hit.
“Pete Nappi (producer) and I discovered the lyrics of ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’ were pretty powerful and wanted to share them in a way that showcased the writing,” Thompson wrote on his Facebook page. “We knew this song has been at the end of a lot of Internet jokes and wanted to repaint it in a way the world could learn about it all over [again].”
And in this version, he does just that. Thompson swaps out the upbeat, head-over-heels in love fest that is the original version and opts instead for a more sentimental, mellow, and nostalgic route, while his love interest in question wanders hauntingly in the background.

He goes on to thank Erica Eng for directing the piece, Logan Triplett for the cinematography, and Alex Pollini for providing the backdrop throughout the whole video.
Thompson was also featured on the new Fareoh track, “Fight For You,” earlier last month to great fanfare. We can’t wait to see what else Thompson is working on for the future!
What do you think of Thompson’s cover? Let us know in the comments below!
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Photograph courtesy of Ethan Thompson/YouTube