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Makeup Trends Heating Up This Summer


The summertime can bring to light some unexpected things and makeup is no exception to that. Maybe the heat has gone to our heads, making us so lightheaded that all that’s left is color. Or maybe it’s the sun liberating us from our winter coats and bundled up minds that leads to a bright, creative summer. Either way, this summer’s sun is working hard to melt away any inhibitions you might have and urges you to go boldly into the uncharted Sahara that is this season’s makeup trends.


1. Inner Corner Color

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Try swapping your typical shimmery eyeshadow out for a bolder shade that will make your tear ducts pop like no highlight could. Pair the look with clean skin to limit distractions and keep the focus on your eyes.


2. Loud Blush

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Your face is a blank canvas, so paint it! Makeup artist Priscilla Ono shows off the ultimate cheek gradient she created using all Fenty Beauty, of course. Celebrate being summertime fine by daring to live every day like it’s the Met Gala.


3. Crystal Eyes

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Bejeweled eyes are being made chic for the Summer. The key is to choose dainty-sized crystals to adorn your eyes with. Rosy cheeks and natural lips would look amazing paired with diamond lids.


4. Color Block

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Glossy or geometric, just swipe on some color and you’re ready for anything from a beach day party to a late night disco. Try pairing this with the Loud Blush trend if extra is all you know.


5. Bright Lashes


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Go full-alien by batting colorful eyelashes at anyone that passes by. If you don’t want to commit to buying a colored mascara, try running a spoolie through any colorful pomade to create your own, custom color.


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Makeup Trends Heating Up This Summer. Featured Image Credit: @martahunt on Instagram 

Why You Shouldn’t be Intimidated by Negative Space Eyeliner


So, we can all agree that eyeliner is hard to master, right? The process of getting your two lines to match perfectly can be excruciating and time consuming. Well, f*ck a feline flick. It’s time to get down with eyeliner that’s a bit more open. Negative space eyeliner celebrates imperfections and feels less rigid than traditional eyeliner. It’s the perfect technique to try when you feel like being extra playful with your makeup; plus, you can be as extravagant or reserved as you wish with it. A conversation-starting look would include adding chunky glitter to exaggerate your lines, while a chill, black double wing will just hint at rebellion.

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The cubic, mod vibe that this geometric eyeliner trend gives off seems to channel the sixties and its intense cut creases. History repeating itself is nothing new, of course. The colorful eyeshadow of the seventies are also back in a big way. The makeup world seems to have tired itself of looks that are just pretty. Those looks have their place, however, because who doesn’t want to look like a bombshell occasionally. But, more and more, people seem to be taking risks with their makeup and not minding if others find it distasteful or garish. This switch-up is liberating and should encourage you to just do what you want with your face, it is yours after all. So, don’t be intimidated, just have fun, and if you’re too shy to wear your edgy beat out in public, at least take some bangin’ Instagram shots before wiping it away.

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Why You Shouldn’t be Intimidated by Negative Space Eyeliner. Featured Image Credit: @teishajenaie on Instagram