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Falsely Accused of a Sex Crime? Do These 5 Things Immediately


If you are ever falsely accused of a sex crime, do these 5 things immediately. If you are accused of a sex crime it is reasonable to expect that this will have an immediate and profound impact on your psychological state. It may be hard to keep a clear head or even think rationally in the immediate aftermath of that accusation but how you react and what steps you take could make a substantial difference to the outcome.

As this is a scenario that you will not be familiar with a good first move would be to appoint a professional sex crime attorney so that you can get guidance on what steps to take to combat this serious allegation.

Let’s take a look at the key things you need to do as soon as you are accused of a sex crime and have to formulate a defense.

Understand the severity of the situation

Unfortunately, there are a number of people who don’t take the situation seriously enough when they are accused of a sex crime.

Even if you are absolutely confident that the allegations are baseless and you have no case to answer you need to appreciate the severity of the situation and take steps to defend your name and your liberty, both of which could be at stake.

As well as seeking out professional guidance as soon as possible you should be mindful that the financial cost of resolving the matter can often be less when you act quickly rather than let things escalate.

Get the right representation

Falsely Accused of a Sex Crime

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Sex crimes can be complex and challenging to defend and even if you know a good attorney who has a general ability to defend typical cases and legal situations it usually pays to seek out an attorney with specific skills in dealing with this type of crime.

Prepare your finances

There is no getting away from the fact that defending a sex crime accusation can become costly. You may have to go through psychological and DNA testing to prove your innocence and these all come at a cost. Be prepared so that you have the financial resources to defend your reputation and liberty.

Do your own research and improve your personal knowledge of sex crime laws

It might seem strange to be told to educate yourself on sex crime laws when you have appointed a professional attorney to represent you. However, it can often help you deal with the situation when you have a better understanding of what is going on and what your options are.

Gather witness and other information

The quicker you begin working on a witness the better it will be for giving your attorney the sort of ammunition that will help them to clear your name.

Start compiling a list of witnesses and make sure you take note of everyone who could help your defense. It can often be that witnesses who you think might not be that significant can turn out to be more useful than you imagine so note everyone and every detail to present to your attorney.

Being wrongly accused of a sex crime can be a traumatic experience but you need to stay strong and focus your attention on working with your chosen sex crime legal representative to get the charges dropped as quickly as possible.

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Top 5 Crime Documentaries To Binge on Netflix


When it comes to finding shows that enthrall the audience, crime shows on Netflix have been on the rise. Despite creating popular romantic comedies, Netflix has an array of crime shows that make you scratch your head in absurdity. You’re also inclined to turn into your own detective trying to figure out who could have possibly done the crime. These are our picks for the top five crime shows on Netflix that will lead you down a dark path of mystery.


1. The Keepers

Released in 2017, The Keepers follows the investigation of the disappearance and murder of a nun, Sister Cathy Cesnik. The beloved Catholic high school teacher in Baltimore, Maryland went missing on November 7th, 1969 and was found dead two months later. The series takes you on a journey through the dark world of the Catholic church and its institutions, as well as the dedication of Sister Cesnik’s former students to find the truth after all these years.



2. Delhi Crime

The heinous rape of a young woman shook India to its core in 2012. Delhi Crime, starring Shefali Shah as Deputy Commissioner Vartika Chaturvedi, is based on the aftermath of this gang rape in South Dehli. The series follows the investigation to find the men responsible, as the country tries to find guilt in the police department. The story and show will make you shiver.



3. Abducted In Plain Sight

The show Abducted In Plain Sight will absolutely baffle you! In 1974, twelve-year-old Jan Broberg was abducted by a family friend, not once, but TWICE. Robert Berchtold, “B”, infiltrated and blind sided the Broberg family into being able to manipulate and get close to young Jan. The show takes you on a roller coaster of emotions between shock, intrigue and utter bewilderment.



4. Conversations With A Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes

Ted Bundy is one of the most notorious serial killers in history. There have been numerous shows made about Bundy, but this series delves deeper and Bundy gets even more chilling. The show features audio of Ted Bundy while he was on death row, conducted by reporters Stephen Michaud and Hugh Aynesworth. The murderous layers of Ted Bundy’s mind are peeled away even more.



5. The Innocent Man

Based on shocking murders that changed Ada, Oklahoma, this docuseries follows the investigation of two murder cases between 1982 and 1984. The show looks into first hand accounts and testimonies of friends and family of both the victims and the accused. The kicker? The investigation leads to the possibility of false confessions coerced by the police on the potential perpetrators that, at the time, were found guilty.



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Top 5 Crime Documentaries To Binge on Netflix: Image Credits: Netflix

Interview with Ian Anthony Dale


Murder in the First’s Ian Anthony Dale is no stranger to the suit and tie, having starred in quite a few crime-drama roles throughout his career. The gifted actor is all business on set—his characters who are usually direct and focused on their missions are no nonsense. While Dale is certainly career-driven and takes his job very seriously, he is also an experience-loving traveler who is super easygoing and approachable. While that brilliant smile he sports is hard to look away from, the real eye-catcher is Dale’s incredible talent. Before entertaining viewers as the dashing Lieutenant Jim Koto on Murder in the First, Dale starred in hit series such as CBS’s Hawaii Five-O and NBC’s The Event. His career boasts a laundry list of popular titles, both in television and on the big screen. Not bad for a Minnesota native who once dreamed of becoming a professional baseball player! We’re glad he took his many talents to Hollywood. Get used to this handsome face on prime time, because there’s no toe-tag on this career. He’s on the scene and here to stay.


Cliché: Is there any particular reason you gravitate towards roles in the crime-drama genre?
Ian Anthony Dale: I wouldn’t say I target them necessarily. Crime-dramas have a tendency to dominate the television landscape, and having worked with a fair amount of regularity over the last 12 years, I was bound to end up on a few of them. I started playing cops early in my career and it’s become a role that the entertainment community, as well as the public, has grown comfortable seeing me in. That’s typically how it works in our industry. About 12 months ago, I played a doctor for the first time, and since then, in just this past year, I have played a doctor two additional times. Perhaps a superhero will be next.

Do you think these roles would enable you to have a career in law enforcement? You already know all the police lingo.
No amount of fake dead bodies could ever prepare you for the real thing. The job of a cop, particularly a homicide detective, can be extremely challenging. I’ve learned that from my brother who works homicide for the Minneapolis police department. Though I have considered what it might be like to pursue a career in law enforcement, I don’t pretend to think that what I do on television in any way makes me more qualified for real police work. I have a tremendous amount of respect and admiration for the men and women in law enforcement.

What do you love most about your career?
[I love] all of the places I get to travel to and experience, as well as all of the wonderfully talented, interesting, and genuine people I get to meet and work with along the way.

What was the worst scene you’ve ever had to shoot in your career?
The ocean is one of Mother Nature’s most beautiful creations, but also one of her most dangerous, particularly on a stretch of shoreline on the North Shore of Oahu known as the Bonzai Pipeline. Waves upwards of 40 feet high crash down onto razor sharp coral in an awesome display of violence and power. Early on in my career, I shot a pilot called “The Break” in which I played a surfing cop. One of my scenes required me to drop in a half dozen times on Hawaii’s famed wave. Mind you, I had only surfed maybe ten times in my life prior to shooting the scene, so you can imagine my trepidation as I paddled out. Each attempt ended with me going over the falls and getting thrashed like a ragdoll by the underwater currents. I’ve never had to hold my breath so long in my life. I came out of it a little bruised and battered, but also with a massive feeling of exhilaration. It was a harrowing experience to say the least. I probably came a lot closer to death that day than I realized at the time.

How does your new series, Murder in the First, compare with your experience on the set of Hawaii Five-O?
Both shows have a crime element to them, but beyond that they are vastly different. Hawaii Five-O is a procedural with serialized elements, while Murder in the First is entirely serialized. It’s hard to compare experiences. Each set is unique. I’ve had a great time working on both shows.


Tell us about your character, Lieutenant Jim Koto (Murder in the First). What sets him apart from the other members of the San Francisco PD?
Jim is a very ambitious young man who straddles the line between cop and politician. He has a tendency at times to let his opportunistic attitude get the better of him and disrupt his relationships. There are a few key characteristics that set Koto apart. For one, he’s the only member of the SFPD sleeping with the District Attorney, at least as far as I know. He also clearly wins the award for most luxurious head of hair in the department.

That he clearly does! There are often little bits of humor sprinkled throughout the episodes. Do you think that’s important for shows with more serious subject matters?
A little levity never hurt.

Do you think real-life cases are ever just as interesting as the fictional one on the show?
I would argue that most cases we see on television were inspired by real events, hence the term “ripped from the headlines,” made popular by the Law & Order franchise. Between my brother the detective and my cousin the lawyer, I’ve heard some pretty fascinating real-life stories.

Unlike other shows of this genre, Murder in the First follows only one case throughout the entire season, rather than new ones for each episode. Will we find out “whodunit” by the season finale?
Definitely. We won’t leave you hanging.

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