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Cutest Accessories for Book Lovers


Are you a die-hard book lover? Do you or someone you know absolutely love curling up with a good book? With winter now in full swing and the cold weather upon us, there has never been a better time to grab a book and cozy up for a few hours (or days!) to enjoy some quality alone time. For all my fellow literature fans, here are some cute accessories for book lovers.cute accessories for book lovers

Floating Shelves

For anyone wanting something a little different from that classic bookshelf look, try these floating shelves! These shelves come as a set of three and are a perfect addition to the home of any book lover. They are not only incredibly cool and unique, they also save a ton of floor space where an ordinary bookshelf would go. Give them a try!

Nessie Bookmark

This is quite possible the cutest bookmark around (and I’ve seen my faircute accessories for book lovers share of cute bookmarks). At only $10 from Amazon, this is the perfect accessory for anyone who loves reading. These are ideal gifts for friends, family, and even yourself! Treat yourself to something that will brighten your day every time you look at it.

Literary Postcards

These literary postcards show 100 depictions/graphics of some of the most famous literary quotes ever. From Jane Austen to Edgar Allan Poe, these postcards are a super cool token that can be used for way more than just their intended purpose as a postcard; they can be used as bookmarks, décor, or even wall art.

Library Socks

Not only are these socks completely adorable and ridiculously comfy, they also support a great cause. For every pair that is purchased, some of the profit goes to funding literacy programs and book donations around the world. These socks will feel fantastic, and you’ll feel great knowing you’ve helped spread the love of reading.

Once Upon A Time Necklace

This necklace is a great accessory for anyone who loves books and wants the world to know it. This dainty little charm is adorable and inexpensive (at only $10 on Amazon), making it an ideal gift for the reader in your life (or yourself). Check it out now!

cute accessories for book lovers

Go Away I’m Reading Pillow

Combining both comfort and humor, this pillow is a bookworm’s dream. It is the perfect addition to your book nook! At only $10 from Amazon, there’s no excuse not to have this cute and comfy pillow for your home.

We hope you got some inspiration and ideas for your home with these cute accessories for book lovers.

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A Chic Buds Review


In my life, both music and fashion play prominent roles. Dressing up every day is a way of expressing myself and listening to music is therapeutic, especially when it comes to dancing when I’m really happy and singing along to the words when I need them the most. What happens when fashion and the equipment needed to listen to your favorite tunes join forces? Chic Buds happens!
Located in sunny California, Chic Buds take the adorable and fashion forward color palettes and patterns of popular fashion trends and combine them with reliable, efficient technology like earbuds, portable phone chargers, and cute wristlets. The company believes in making products that reflect a woman’s personal style and a product that they can rely on during a busy work week. Alongside their wonderful products, 20% of all sales are donated to the Vampire Diaries leading man’s Ian Somerholder’s charity, the Ian Somerholder Foundation, that impacts environmental causes for the planet.
The team at Chic Buds were kind enough to send me the Clutchette Power Jacquelyn, Luv Buds Sienna, and Slim Power Phone Charger Ashley. The Jacquelyn is both efficient and stylish, with pockets for credit cards and essentials during a day brunch or night out. It also comes with a handy strap to wrap around your wrist and the convenient charger element where you can connect your smartphone, Mp3 player, or any device to when you’re running low on power. The Slim Power Phone Charger does the same, while the Luv Bud Sienna is any fashionista music lover’s dream with the power of big budget earbuds, reasonable pricing, the cute colors any fashionista would adore.
Needless to say, my dream products have finally been created.
Visit ChicBuds.com for more styles!
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Chic Buds Review: Photographs courtesy of Chic Buds

Easy Up Dos for Steamy Summer Days


It’s ten minutes before you need to leave and your hair isn’t exactly looking like the “beachy waves” you anticipated and rather than the cute messy bedhead you resemble more of a birds nest. We’ve all been there and here are a few solutions to the problem. Here are a few easy up dos for steamy summer days!

1.  Roller Derby–  This will take you no more than three to five minutes. Simply grab a head band with an elastic backing and push your hair back. Make sure you have a few bobby pins handy and now start tucking the ends around the elastic.it may take a few rolls the longer your hair is but once its all tucked bobby where it feels looser or in need of support. You have a super cute ‘do that looks like it took a lot longer than it actually did.

2. Pinwheels- This updo simply requires a few bobby pins.  Grab a front section of hair and start to twist it towards your face and pin back with a bobby pin. Do the same with the next section on the other side of your face. Grab another section of hair and simply twist it once and bobby pin it towards the back of your head leaving the ends free and repeat this step until all of your hair is up. The result is a cute but relaxed looking up do!
3. High Pony– This is when you’re truly in a hurry and bobby pins are just a hassle. Flip your hair over your head and flatten any bumps that may occur. Once thats done grab an elastic hair band and tie your hair. What you can do to polish it off is reach for a bottom strand and tie it around the elastic band to hide it or simply add a bow or tie some ribbon to add some detail.



French Buns– Take a front section of your hair and start french braiding it, finish at about ear length. Pin the braid back and gather the rest of the hair and either do as instructed in the pinwheel hairstyle and pin back sections or simply do a loose bun.

Summer is the time to be carefree and the less effort it seems is made the more summer “appropriate” styles seem to be. The best part about all of these are that they are effortless! Enjoy the summer and these cute hairstyles!

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