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TIDAL: Making Waves in Streaming Music


Following the 57th Grammys back in February, Kanye West voiced his opinion that today’s music industry does not respect artists or their work enough. Just over one month later on March 30, Jay-Z launched his new music streaming service, TIDAL, which aims to give the power back and “to create a better service and experience for fans and artists.”

The kickoff of TIDAL brought together musicians from all genres towards one common goal: “to re-establish the value of music.” Along with Jay-Z, Alicia Keys, Win Butler and Régine Chassagne (Arcade Fire), Beyoncé, Calvin Harris, Chris Martin (Coldplay), Daft Punk, Jack White, Jason Aldean, J. Cole, Kanye West, Deadmau5, Madonna, Nicki Minaj, Rihanna, and Usher collectively own the streaming service, which is available on the web or as an app on iPhone and Android.

Many of you are likely wondering what sets TIDAL apart from the other music-streaming services, other than the fact that it’s owned by these musicians. On the TIDAL website, the owners explain that there is a clear quality difference between the compressed mp3 files that we hear in most digital music and the lossless, unreduced sound that can be heard on CDs and vinyl records. TIDAL offers to provide the latter in digital form, allowing you to hear the music the way the artists want it to be heard. TIDAL offers us a chance to hear music in the highest quality, profit from tailor-made playlists, and receive recommendations from their editorial team.

TIDAL offers two subscription packages: TIDAL Premium and TIDAL HiFi. TIDAL Premium is $9.99 per month and includes “standard sound quality, high definition music videos, and expertly curated editorial.” For $19.99 per month, TIDAL HiFi offers almost the same experience as its Premium package, except it replaces standard sound quality with “lossless high fidelity sound quality.” The service is ad-free with either package and free 30-day trials are available now.

What do you think? Will you be abandoning your current method of consuming music to subscribe to TIDAL?

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TIDAL: Making Waves in Streaming Music: Photo courtesy of Tidal.com

Jazmine Sullivan Is Back And Better Than Ever


Today I stumbled across some very exciting news. One of my all time favorite R&B singers is returning to the music world after a three and a half year hiatus. Ms. Jazmine Sullivan is back and better than ever, and she took to the stage at the KOKO Theater in London this weekend, where she performed tracks from her first two albums, 2008’s Fearless and 2010’s Love Me Back, and her own rendition of “Get Lucky” by Daft Punk and Pharrell Williams. Her powerhouse vocals and commanding stage presence were greatly missed, and the news has social media sites buzzing with excitement. The 26 year old soul singer announced that her third studio project will drop later this year.

Back in 2011 when Sullivan departed from the music industry she stated in a tweet  “I’m making an official announcement that I am taking a break from music. I’m trying to figure out who i am… w/out a mike, paper or pen, I promised myself that when it wasn’t fun anymore I wouldn’t do it. And here I am. I’m not saying I won’t ever sing again in my life becuz I don’t believe that. But in this moment… rt now… I got some things to figure out.” But during the concert she revealed to the crowd  that insecurities and an abusive relationship were also part of the reason she took a break from the spotlight. She also assured her fans that she’s now fully confident and ready to finish what she started.

A big congrats goes out to Jazmine Sullivan on having the courage to return to doing what she loves despite the problems she faced in the past. I’m sure all my fellow R&B junkies out there can agree that the music world has missed her, and can’t wait to see what tunes she blesses our ears with in the near future.

Here is some of the footage from the London performance: Bust Your Windows Lions, Tigers, and Bears Need U Bad Get Lucky

Featured Image courtesy of (HelloBeautiful.com)

Return to Form


Return to Form

With the introduction of iPods more than a decade ago, the fear was that album art would become obsolete. What artists would spend the time creating an image when it would only be displayed on a tiny screen? Turns out, album art is as strong as ever. With vinyl making a comeback, album art is extremely important today, and artists everywhere are churning out beautiful, inspiring covers. Check out the covers below and see which artists are resurrecting album art. BY LAURA ANDERSON


Tame Impala – Lonerism (2012)


Tame Impala hired Leif Podhajsky to handle the cover art for Lonerism (Podhajsky also created the cover art for Innerspeaker, the band’s first album). Taken by the band’s frontman and guitarist Kevin Parker and edited by Podhajsky, the cover photo is a perfect symbol of the album. The photo is of the Jardin du Luxembourg in Paris, France, and viewers will pick up on the vibe of isolation by looking through the garden’s gate to the people on the other side.


Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds – Push The Sky Away (2013)


Album art has long been controversial with the inclusion of nudity. In this cover, the image is of Cave himself along with his wife, model Susan Beck. Cave took the photo but Dominique Issermann is credited with the editing of the photo. Musically, the album is very minimalistic and natural, which is reflected in the image of the woman in her most natural form.


Father John Misty – Fear Fun (2012)


The ex-Fleet Foxes drummer has re-invented himself in the form of Father John Misty. The cover is especially fitting for the album. Psychedelic, psychotic, apocalyptic fun would be one way to describe it. Dimitri Drjuchin, a New York-based painter, created the cover.


Daft Punk – Random Access Memories (2013)


What else would you expect from the French duo? A clean, simple image representative of their musical style and production. The image itself, part futuristic and part robot is striking against the plain background.The artwork also marks a classic album artwork design by not having either member of the band present on the cover.

All album art is public domain

Feature image courtesy of Flickr User Mayeesherr.

Daft Punk: Random Access Memories


Screen Shot 2013-06-12 at 8.07.16 PMIt seems like every hit on the radio these days has some sort of techno or house music inspiration behind it. But before everyone jumped on the dance music band-wagon, Daft Punk was spewing out house-inspired hits left and right. They were capitalizing on electronic beats before anyone even knew it was the next big thing. Their fourth full-length album, Random Access Memories, is perhaps their most inspiring work to date. It’s stamped with their trademark electronic feel, but also features a surprising disco-funk vibe, most evident on the radio smash hit “Get Lucky” featuring Pharrell Williams. Even with the retro feel, the album still maintains the futuristic vibe fans have come to love over the French duo’s decade-long career. The album also features some winning duos including a second track with Pharrell Williams, “Lose Yourself to Dance,” and another seamless collaboration with experimental musician Panda Bear on “Doin’ it Right.” The end result: a smooth, mellow blast from the past with undeniable futuristic accents.

Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories is now available for purchase on iTunes for $11.99.