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Captain Marvel is the First Marvel Comics Universe Film to be Scored by a Woman Composer


Set for release in March 2019, Captain Marvel is the first Marvel comics universe film to be scored by a woman composer. The lucky lady, Pinar Toprak, recently wrapped up scoring the first season of the Syfy Network’s show “Krypton.” In addition, she composed some additional music for DC’s “Justice League,” which according to Variety, ...

‘Justice League’ Review: All In, But Not All Together


The rapid mishmash of action and surprising comedy in Justice League left me wondering about this new tone of the DC Extended Universe. Certain parts of the film, such as the plot and specific characters, even left me slightly saddened by the direction of the film. However, Justice League is still a great film that should be seen if you need to satisfy your inner comic book nerd.

‘Wonder Woman’ is a Superhero Film That Matters Today


The right combination of action, drama, and romance with the addition of setting and strong, well-developed, and likeable characters makes Wonder Woman the first truly successful film in the DC Extended Universe. It also reflects a powerful female superhero with a solid moral core. The film tells the story of the Amazonian warrior princess Diana (Gal Gadot) who yearns to defend the world after a pilot, Steve Trevor (Chris Pine), washes up on the shores of her home.


Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Review


Finally, the epic comic book movie our collective childhoods have been waiting for, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Yes, the Batman, the Superman, going one-on-one before our very eyes.  I’ll try to touch on what the movie is about without spoiling anything: Bruce Wayne, played by Ben Affleck, is pissed that Superman’s brawl with ...

5 Superhero Films That Deserve A Following


With Marvel and DC coming out with amazing hero based films, it’s sometimes hard to recall the superhero films that came before, especially films that didn’t have a major theater release. We at Cliché think it’s time to visit the little known or all but forgotten comic book films, and show that you don’t need ...

Age Of The Geeks


Still of Evans Peter as Quicksilver in Days Of Future Past, along with Huge Jackman, James McAvoy, and Michael Fassbender With QuickSilver making his first proper silver screen debut (he, arguably, made a cameo in X-Men Origins: Wolverine), it seems that the Age of Geeks has finally begun. We are living in an age where ...