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The Dichotomy of Myth & Modernity


Michael Fausto, a luxury evening and ready to wear brand, centers on the dichotomy of myth and modernity.

Trained in the ateliers of Oscar de la Renta, Marchesa, and Badgley Mischka, designer Michael Fausto Oliu was able to hone his design skills under the tutelage of master artisans. Just after graduation from the Fashion Institute of Technology and working for prominent fashion houses of New York, his gowns were donned by Robin Roberts at the Oscars, Allison Janney at the Emmys, and Carrie Underwood at the CMA Awards. With designs featured in The New York Times, ELLE Magazine, and WWD, he decided to embark on creating a collection of his own vision.

Launched in October 2019, the debut presentation was hosted at the illustrious Baccarat Hotel in New York. Over the following months, his fantastical silhouettes and crafted textures garnered admiration from industry and media alike. In addition to features in WWD and a partnership with luxury silversmith, Christofle, his designs are consistently pulled by stylists for editorials and red- carpet dressing. Celebrities such as the iconic Carmen Dell’Orefice, Emmy-winner Laverne Cox, Oscar-winner Julia Kennelly, and starlet Bailee Madison have been dressed in his designs.

The brand’s latest collection plays on a similar idea of modern-age couture; combining structured silhouettes with vibrant colours and intricate detailing. From unparalleled, flattering silhouettes to swing dresses that act like modern-day ball gowns, Michael’s undeterring ability to combine his learned skill set and expertise with a thorough understanding of the market creates pieces like no other.

Michael Fausto aims to serve the modern heroine. Delivering a refined sensibility coupled with a flare for drama, this clothing is made to exalt women. Since the world began, women have worn the title of creator, mother, lover and countless more; and it is our goal to celebrate every incarnation.

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Images provided by Michael Fausto

The Technical Designer Behind Adam Selman’s Creations : Tatiane Moribe


Today, let’s talk about that specific talent, essential to all the greatest fashion designers : the technical designer. Tatiane Moribe is one of the busiest women in the field, so let’s discover her work and contribution to the creations of Adam Selman.

Tatiane MoribeAll the way from Brazil, Tatiane Moribe achieved international success in a few years. Now based in New York city, she is known in the business, as the key talent to giving birth to the most prestigious creative designs, up to the stores and red carpets.

You may recognize projects that she’s worked on, with the most famous stylists in the world, in publications such as Vogue or Vanity Fair and in stores like Urban Outfitter. After working with renowned brands and designers in Brazil, Tatiane was quickly noticed internationally and settled in New York City.

First recruited by Priscavera NY she was then hired by Adam Selman. She’s worked with him since the New York Fashion Week show in 2018. Meeting Adam Selman was life-changing in the career of Tatiane Moribe, especially since he hired her himself. He flew her all the way from Brazil and together, they collaborated closely on several collections.

“  We worked together on collections, he directed me on what he wanted or would show me an idea and I would be responsible for making that come to life, by making technical sketches of a few different ways of that idea and we would work on that until we got to the final product. After that I would do colorways, sometimes we would also work on some prints together.” — says Tatiane

At Adam Selman Tatiane Moribe saw the creations she had been the lead technical designer of, being worn by celebrities like Rihanna, Celine Dion, Katy Perry, Ariana Grande, and many more.

Tatiane Moribe

After years of collaborations, Tatiane Moribe learnt so much from Adam Selman. She has great memories of their work together, and gained an invaluable experience at the top of the chain.

“He is truly the sweetest man alive and super creative, which made work with him fun and easy.

And I learnt so much! First, I had the opportunity to see how the American fashion market works. And second, the way that he does his research and constantly finds new ideas is definitely inspiring to me. I love that he can turn garments that are somewhat boring, like workout clothes into fun and fashion statements pieces. I also became a crystal expert after working with him, the man loves crystals! “ — she says.

As technical designer, Tatiane takes a design and creates the information necessary to produce that garment. This includes sewing instructions, button sizes, colors, thread colors, packaging information, patternmaking, specs, grading, fit, and production.

« I make technical sketches, and 3D sketches that contain all of the information you will need to produce a garment. On the 3D software specifically, you can test the fitting and fabrics too. Both sketches are used in the creative process, when a collection is being made, so we create boards and can see how the collection will look like, in a more realistic way, rather than fashion sketches, before making protos or samples. It is also used when the garment in being produced, to communicate with factories in higher details. »

Tatiane’s role is the bridge between the creative process and the production.

« I love that in my role I get to be very creative and also have to really think about how things are going to be produced, it’s like a fun puzzle. It’s harder than some people think, but it is also extremely rewarding to see people wearing your designs. Plus I obviously love clothes, fabrics, trims and everything about it. »

Discover Tatiane Moribe’s work : https://www.behance.net/tatimoribe/

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Images provided by Creative Commons, Flickr, Unsplash, Pexels & Pixabay

The CONNECT Collection


Kikiito is releasing the CONNECT Collection, a new fashion couture bag line with focuses on sustainability and functionality. It is to debut on February 19 at London Fashion Week. 

There are 6 pieces each of a unique blend of à la mode minimalism with modernity in their cut lines and leather. Their multifunctional use allows the wearer to personalize the bag’s figure using hooks or chaining multiple bags together.  

The CONNECT collection was designed and created by Kiki Ito from her experience throughout the pandemic. Channeling her struggle with depression and anxiety, she drew inspiration through introspection and reflection to help discover and flesh out the authenticity of her brand. 

“The mind is such a powerful thing it can control you in the worst ways but it can also take you to the best places. I wanted to express all the honest emotions I had from my fear to the strength I found through this collection” says Kiki.

Sustainability is the main focus of the collection with their usage of leftover leather for every intricate detail of the bag. Each is designed for longevity for long-lasting use and only a limited supply will be manufactured to minimize waste.

 Pre-orders will be available for global shipment from February 24th on weareyugen.com/collections/kikiito 

For more, visit www.kikiito.com/


Photographed by Catarina Silva

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These 4 Designer Sneakers Belong in the Post-Sneaker World


“I’m heading out for groceries! Be back in a bit,” says your roommate as he heads out on a beautiful, golden sunny morning in New York City. He goes out in the most comfortable attire possible: baseball cap, hoodie, sweatpants, and Gucci Horsebit Loafers.

“Wait a second! why are you wearing those shoes instead of sneakers?” You inquire. Your roommate replies enthusiastically: “Haven’t you heard? It’s the Post-Sneaker World!”

This scenario is an extreme example of what the Post-Sneaker World is (the outfit is outright ridiculous) but, it’s certainly not too far off from the idea of its visionaries: Lawrence Schlossman and James Harris, hosts of the hype-meets-fashion podcast Throwing Fits. Let’s get some terms out of the way to figure out what the Post-Sneaker World is.

Schlossman and Harris both started their careers in Fashion and Media at Complex, and went their separate ways when Schlossman ran the Four Pins menswear site (owned by Complex), and Harris went on to manage Complex Style. In these jobs, both of them were able to express their enthusiasm for the Fashion industry: “We felt like we held up a mirror to the fashion industry, both to lampoon it, but also express our enthusiasm for it,” explains Harris in an interview with Mr. Porter. Schlossman then became Brand Director of the menswear resell site Grailed while Harris worked at Snapchat as an Editorial Development Specialist, where they both felt they didn’t possess the voice they wanted to express their passion for “jawnz.”

So what are jawnz, exactly? Schlossman describes it as any fire gear: Raf Simons tee, Maison Margiela Jacket, Yohji Yamamoto Parka — and not just hype clothing, but anything that sparks the serotonin in your brain (and others). The Throwing Fits hosts describe themselves and their audience as “jawnz enthusiasts,” and their goal, according to the podcast’s description itself, is to “navigate the millennial male zeitgeist.” It’s in this navigation that Schlossman and Harris came up with the Post-Sneaker World.

Hype culture is still prevalent today — it is especially evident in a brand like Supreme. Every Thursday, people hungry for the latest Supreme drop line up at the brand’s New York City location at 190 Bowery, the majority of which resell their newly bought jawnz at reselling websites like StockX and Grailed. Fresh drops at Supreme can resell for twice the retail price and much more, that the brand’s culture itself seems lost. 

“When every kid thinks that they’re an entrepreneur and employs the dark arts to cop six pairs of the most coveted sneakers in the world, and then flips them because they think they’re the next fucking Benjamin Kickz, it becomes about conspicuous consumerism. It’s all about flexing on the ‘gram. It becomes more and more mass. It’s just spun out of control,” Harris says in an interview with Highsnobiety Editorial Director, Jian DeLeon.

For Schlossman and Harris, the Post-Sneaker World is an environment that holds brands accountable for the products they put out; brands like Nike and Adidas can put out the most hyped-up shoes on the market, but what about the quality and craftsmanship? Sneakers made with much better materials and designs can be easily forgotten by consumers who only look at sneakers that are considered “hype.” General Release (GR) sneakers by other brands like New Balance and Asics can be just as influential if not more than the most coveted sneakers on the market. The Post-Sneaker World is not about the elimination of wearing sneakers, but it’s a way of knowing that there are other quality sneakers (and products) out there. 

This world is coming soon; NPD Senior Industry Advisor Matt Powell thinks people are much less concerned about having the latest and greatest sneaker on the market. It looks like, with the Post-Sneaker World, people are about to get more informed and educated about their purchasing decisions. But, it’s also important to point out which sneakers people should look for when the time comes (or even starting now, if you will.) Without further ado, these 4 designer sneakers belong in the Post-Sneaker World.

Sleek Silhouette: Common Projects Achilles Low

These 4 Designer Sneakers Belong in the Post-Sneaker World

$425 at Nordstrom

The legendary luxury sneaker itself, but only to certain eyes. This sneaker is so sleek that it’s become acceptable to pair them with a suit; made with high-quality leather from Italy with just enough branding with gold letters signifying the shoe’s size and color on the side (which made the brand recognizable), it is the epitome of the elevation of one’s style.

Common Projects is the love child of former V Magazine Art Director Peter Poopat, and Brand Consultant Flavio Girolami, who promise to continue producing a sneaker that is both clean and timeless.

Sneaker with a Statement: Maison Margiela German Army Trainer (GAT) Replica

These 4 Designer Sneakers Belong in the Post-Sneaker World

$625 at Farfetch

There’s a reason this sneaker is called the “Replica.” The German Army Trainer has deep roots in the Bundeswehr — or, as the name itself says, the German Army. 

Adidas and Puma were responsible for creating a sneaker that was fit for the German Army in the ’80s and ’90s, which eventually led its way to consumers after there was a surplus of unused pairs of GAT’s. Acclaimed Fashion designer Martin Margiela was able to acquire a pair from this surplus, brought it to his team, and transformed the GAT into an upscale sneaker made with Calfskin leather. Today, the Replica has become one of the most iconic sneakers in Fashion, with variations of the sneaker featuring unique paint-splatter details that differ with each pair.

Gothic Grunge: Rick Owens Geobasket

These 4 Designer Sneakers Belong in the Post-Sneaker World

$833 at SSENSE

One of the most iconic sneakers in the “Rick Owens-esque” lifestyle and sneaker culture in general. Fans of the brand embody its avant-garde and grungy appeal, which can be seen in the Geobasket sneaker created for the Rick Owens Spring/Summer 2006 collection (originally called the Dustulator Dunk but was later changed by the brand when Nike thought the sneaker was too similar to their Dunk sneaker.) 

Featuring a hi-top silhouette in white and black, oversized tongue, a padded ankle, and side-zip detailing, the Geobasket can bring out the inner grunge in you — perfect with a pair of black skinny jeans.

The Inner Rockstar: Saint Laurent SL/06

These 4 Designer Sneakers Belong in the Post-Sneaker World

$575 at Farfetch

The rockstar gene has been imbued in the ethos of Saint Laurent since Hedi Slimane entered the French label, and it has largely stayed even with his departure. Enter the SL/06 Court Classic sneaker which looks like you’ve worn them a considerable amount of time from the off-white color and intentionally distressed canvas upper that screams nonchalance.

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Images provided by ddhyunbb, shaundarwood, blazkocjancic, and ldn2hk on Instagram

Meet Israel’s Next Famous Fashion Designer: Inbal Dror


Attention, brides-to-be: Are you toying with the idea of crafting your dream wedding gown with the help of a couture dress designer, but not sure where to start? To get the ball rolling, it’s time to meet one of Israel’s most talented, illustrious and mind-blowingly creative minds in the bridal dress industry today – Inbal Dror. Cliché got a glimpse and taste of this designer’s craftsmanship, and we’re now infatuated with her gorgeous bridal creations. Who is this genius designer?

Not only is Dror the leading designer of Bridal Gowns and evening dresses in Israel, but she has a keen eye for innovative silhouettes and intricate embroideries. That’s not all, just last year the Israeli designer launched yet another diffusion line of bridal gowns, but this time the collection had all the sex appeal and sheer fabrics of her couture bridal line. Add to that, Dror’s brand has caught the eye of celebrities from Beyoncé and Noami Watts to Bar Refaeli, even receiving an official request from the British royal family to submit sketches for a wedding dress for Meghan Markle. What’s not to love about this designer’s brand? Let’s put it this way: There’s no fashion designer that has the set of skills and the art of hand-craftsmanship like Dror’s. That’s for sure.

Image Credit: Staci Layne Wilson

So in case you’re wondering who the next celebrity who will be wearing Dror’s dream bridal gown will be, it’s none other than award-winning actress Brooke Lewis. Check out some amazing in-house footage of Brooke and Dror at The Panache Bridal Salon of Beverly Hills.

                                                                                Hair & Makeup: Allison Noelle

As the countdown till Brooke and Mark Bellas’ wedding at the famous Houdini Estate has officially begun, the gorgeous fiancée spent a full day with the popular Israeli designer at The Panache Bridal Salon of Beverly Hills. Dror praised Brooke by telling her that if she can think about a perfect bride for her dress it would be Brooke. Brooke responded, “How many brides in a lifetime get to meet their designer?” Brooke then explained that she chose Inbal after nightmares trying on so many gowns, and what was authentic to her soul was this brilliant designer’s work. She added, “Once I saw Dror’s gowns on the rack, Erika at the Pasadena store said that she can already get my vibe and knew the dress that I loved.”

Image Credit: Staci Layne Wilson

Before Brooke and Dror headed home for the day, Brooke left her with this statement about her bridal gowns, “It’s sexy, stylish and we are doing the magic of Old Hollywood in our soirée, it was just perfection for Old Hollywood and feeling that you could transport me back to a magical era and your brilliance will be my absolute honor to wear on that day.”

Be sure to check out Inbal Dror today and begin crafting your dream wedding dress! You can view her beautiful 2019 collection here.


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Meet Israel’s Next Famous Fashion Designer: Inbal Dror. Featured Image Credit: Vogue.com

Fashion Artistry with Isabella Rose Taylor


Every once in awhile, there is a fashion piece we see on the runway that instantly has us oohing and aahing, capturing our hearts like no other. Well, our hearts have been captured again, and this time it isn’t just for a fashion piece, but for a whole line—including the phenomenal designer behind its magical existence. At only 15 years old, Isabella Rose Taylor has broken the glass ceiling in the fashion industry with her youthful, fresh take on urban fashion, sophisticated personality, and passion to design clothing that are walking pieces of art. If it isn’t Taylor’s accomplishment in being the youngest designer to have a clothing line in Nordstrom or being the youngest designer to present a collection during NYFW ‘14, then it is her gift and profound mind that will have you taking a seat back. We’re so honored to chat with this young designer, who is flourishing before our eyes in everything she does.
Cliché: Us fashion fanatics at Cliché think your quote “If art had legs, it would be fashion” is genius. Most importantly, we think that the fashion you create is art in itself. What spiked your inspiration to merge art and fashion?
Isabella Rose Taylor: I came to fashion rather organically through art. When I was around 8 years old, I was interested in mixed media and wanted to incorporate fabric onto my canvas. I decided I needed to learn how to sew. I took sewing and patterning classes and loved it. I loved the idea of making 2D into 3D.
Was being a fashion designer always something you envisioned yourself becoming? Is it different than you thought it would be?
I always envisioned myself doing something creative, and I have always had an interest in fashion. I don’t remember a time where I was not making something, whether it was a drawing, a painting, designing, or even writing a poem. Being in the field of fashion has taught me so much. I did not realize how important the business aspect is; there is so much more than just creating, even within all creative industries. Being at Parsons has taught me a lot as well. Before I started at Parsons, things were happening very organically and maybe not as disciplined, which is okay, but for a business to mature and grow, it takes a lot of planning and structure. One of the biggest lessons was learning about strategy in business: actually thinking about what we were and what we were not as a company. Exercises in branding and positioning take a lot of looking into the fiber of who we are, and it takes a lot of creativity as well.

I just want my pieces to be easy to wear, comfortable, and make the girl feel effortlessly cool and stylish.

Every fashion line has their “person” that they envision dressing. Who is the girl of your fashion line? Is she a jet-setter, a girl boss, a student?
My girl values independence in every aspect of her life and loves to express herself through fashion. She is a girl boss and embodies female empowerment. She doesn’t need permission to be herself.
How do you want your pieces to make your customers feel?
I just want my pieces to be easy to wear, comfortable, and make the girl feel effortlessly cool and stylish.  
You’ve become quite the inspiration for your generation. If it isn’t the amount of accomplishments under your belt at such a young age, it is your voice that is definitely something to be heard. What advice would you give to others like you following their dreams?
I would say that there is never a perfect time. You need to practice dreaming, and when you find something you really want to pursue, you just need to begin. Ask for help. Learn everything you can. But again, just begin and expect to make mistakes along the way. Learn from those mistakes and never stop learning. I made a lot of mistakes, but I learned from them and that is why I am studying the business of fashion at Parsons now.
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Fashion Artistry with Isabella Rose Taylor: Photographed by Business Rockstars

Journals Meet Fashion


We have all been somewhere, perhaps walking down the street or snuggled up in our beds watching a Netflix movie, when we see someone wearing an outfit that we absolutely wish we had. The only problem is, after that moment has passed, we aren’t quite sure what to do with that knowledge. Some of us might try to Google the print, style, or design of the outfit, and some of us might even be adventurous enough to stop someone and ask them where they got their piece from. However, most of us will just let it go and accept the unfortunate fact that we may never have it. But what if that wasn’t true?
Fashionary is any fashionista’s ultimate dream. This company specializes in producing products for professional fashion designers and anyone who has an interest in fashion and design. What’s most exciting about Fashionary is their new Fashionary Felt Mini Collection, which features travel size design journals that are both stylish and convenient for any fashion need.
The new winter collection features a three pack of the 40-page journals each with perforated pages, thread-stitched spines, and a soft felt cover to add to the overall fashion effect. Why not sketch and look trendy while you’re at it?
The journals’ compact size, lightweight feature, and barely visible runway figure templates aim for quick sketches while on the move. Tailor-made for fashion designers and those who just want to brainstorm on the go, the Fashionary sketchbooks include four pages of body measurements, easy-sketch clothing templates, and a fabric dictionary for accuracy and efficiency. You can find the mini felt journals specifically with templates tailored to either men or women for the perfect template that fits your creative need.
The Fashionary Mini takes handy sketching to a new extreme and can be found in felt pink and felt grey. These warm tones are guaranteed to be attention drawers unlike any other sketch journal and aims to reflect wellness, comfort, and peace as stated by Fashionary.
So, if you see a design you love and absolutely must need or perhaps get some random inspiration for a quick sketch, these journals are the perfect tool. The templates and measuring dictionary pages aid to help create more accurate and simple sketches while still being soft and cute enough to whip out on the go. Remember outfit ideas, design your own collection, and bring your inner fashionista to life with this mini journal.
The Fashionary Felt Mini Collection is available on fashionary.org and select stores worldwide. Find your perfect on-the-go sketchbook so no ideas get left behind!
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Journals Meet Fashion: Featured image and all images courtesy of fashionary.org.

Rita McGhee Interview


Behind the show-stopping and eclectic looks in FOX’s latest smash hit series Empire is the show’s costume visionary of Season 1, Rita McGhee. Her costume design history stems back to Sunday’s Best, The Martin Show, Let’s Stay Together, and many more. This Emmy-nominated designer reminds us of a fairy godmother with the way she not only brings a character front and center through fashion, but in the way she tells a story through all of the characters. Although she did not work on the second season of Empire, she has established a fashionable foundation for all the characters that no one will never forget.
Cliché: What ignited your passion to become involved in costume design?
Rita McGhee: I was always fascinated with the story that clothes tell and how you can create a story through wardrobe, color, fit, fabric, and style. I was always fascinated with the way it speaks for itself, and that there’s a history behind clothes.


Courtesy of ©FOX/Empire

How do you go about representing each character’s unique style in the costumes you prepare for them?
Well, I find out what the actor needs, who the character is, and who is the actor portraying that character. I get notes from the actor and I look at their body type and I look at what works for them. I get their age, what they like, what they don’t like, and then I go from there and pick different colors, shapes, and patterns—for instance, colors that represent strength, or something that could represent sorrow. I’ll do a pattern, usually a very strong pattern, with a great design or a great print on it. I also look at things that are distracting, depending on what the scene is, so I’m very intentional about the background and research what it is. I also get my notes from my actors so we can work together. It’s a collaborative effort of filmmaking, of making it work for the actors, so that it can be seen and heard without saying anything.
Who was your favorite character to dress throughout Season 1 and why?
They were all fun to dress. All of them were interesting and all of them told a story. I liked that I was able to create a story with all of the characters and that it was a different story they were telling in the wardrobe. Everyone was my favorite. Cookie Lyon was my favorite because she wore furs and she was louder. Anika Calhoun was my favorite because she was strong and bold. Rhonda Lyon was my favorite because she was soft and bold, and then she was sexy and carefree. Then Jamal Lyon was my favorite because he was understated. Each person, each character, each actor, was a different personality. I liked dressing all of them.
Is it ever challenging when it comes to brainstorming the right look for a character?
It’s always challenging! My motto is, “Challenges make you a champion.” It’s about being in life: being around people; being in a relationship with my family, my loved ones, and my friends; looking at real life situations. So many different things inspire me: music, weather, colors, other movies, films, and books. I have a good team; I work with my sister. To keep the creative flow going, I listen to my actors and I listen to the notes. I think resting, too, is important.
What are you working on next?
Right now, I’m working on Zoe Ever After starring Brandy. Brandy just came off of Broadway in Chicago, so this project for her is with BET. It’s going to be filled with fashion and love and great stories about family and togetherness and working things through, so I’m very excited about that. In the future, I just want to work on great projects and continue to make a difference in the work that I do, and to work on really good projects that people are affected by.
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Rita McGhee Interview: Photographed by Mike Gonzalez

Jade Marlin Interview


Fashion Designer Jade Marlin has a vision for his fashion collection, and that’s to “Aspire to Inspire.” Founded in 2003, his brand Jade Clothing blends classic British style with today’s contemporary businessman. Below, we chat with this LA-based designer about his menswear collection, his design process, and his pending fashion shows.

17740870114_d14379637e_kCliché: How did you get started in the fashion industry?
Jade Marlin: I started in 2003 in Los Angeles by creating t-shirts and selling them at the local swap meet at the age of 18. I’ve been on this journey for 11 years, trying to build my name and my brand, Jade Clothing. I was very persistent and never stopped pushing my brand.

What do you love most about fashion?
I love the creativity and the design aspect of fashion, especially when creating a fashion show to present the brand and to show all who attend what the brand is about.

Describe the type of person who would love your clothing line.
My customer is the 25- to 50-year-old professional, successful businessman who is a leader and wants to feel empowered.

What is your biggest accomplishment?
My biggest accomplishment to date is that I have 12 major sponsors supporting my line, and I am producing my first two fashion shows this year.

What is your latest collection about and what inspired you to create it?
I started with polo shirts because they’re great for a businessman to wear; they have a relaxed fit, but still look professional. The polo can be worn in a professional environment and still be very comfortable. I have also created three different styles for my 2016 Men’s Shoe Collection that will be very popular for casual weekend looks. I felt this was a great beginning to my collection.

What is your designing process?
When I design my products, I do a lot of research to see what is out there. I usually work in a quiet environment without any disruptions. I also like to go to the malls and see what is out there. I go and feel fabrics and see what materials are out there to get inspired to create something different to make my brand stand out.

What skills do you need to have in order to be successful in this industry?
You need to listen and pay attention, as well as learn the business of a fashion career and how to bring it all together.

How do you stay up-to-date on fashion?
I stay up-to-date by reading fashion magazines. I also use the Internet to keep up on things in the fashion industry and look at different designers’ work to see what is in style.

Tell us about your upcoming fashion show.  How did that come together?
I have buyers coming out from local stores. We are having a televised event in July, as well as inviting local media to see my collection. All of this will bring me more exposure for my line and help build awareness for the brand itself.

What’s unique about your brand?
My tag line, “Aspire to Inspire,” should inspire you to accomplish many things. It should motivate you to make changes or to make a difference in your life, or to be the best that you can be in everything you do. It should make you want to be a leader, and give you strength. That is very important to me.

What is your goal for 2016?
My goal is to be in major department stores and to be a brand recognized globally. I hope to build my brand and create my men’s suit line for Fall 2016.

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Jade Marlin Interview: Photographed by Edward Batres of Jade Collections

Bridget Julia Interview


“Fashion is the art of dressing well,” says Bridget Julia when referring to her couture and evening wear brand that embraces the figure, accents, and details of every woman wearing them. Cliché had the opportunity to speak with Bridget Julia herself, and talk about the brilliance behind the brand, her hopes for the future, and her love for Beyoncé.
Cliché: When did your love for design and fashion begin?
Bridget Julia: I was born with a passion for art and fashion, which go hand in hand. I wanted to pursue a career in which I could express myself creatively. I started designing when I was a child. I found a Patrick John Ireland illustration book at Goodwill and taught myself to sketch. It wasn’t until college that I even learned to sew; I picked up a knack for quality and patience quickly.
All Rights ReservedWhat are the sequential steps to your designing process?
I always start by getting inspired, which usually comes very quickly. I look at what is going on in fashion and where it will be going by researching and reading fashion forecasts. From there, I start sketching and looking for fabrics. Fabric is incredibly inspiring and I adapt sketches to textiles I find. I set up a timeline for myself and begin with one garment. I make the patterns and sew everything together myself. There is usually over 200 hours of detail work by hand involved. I complete each piece before moving on to the next. My favorite part is the feeling of satisfaction as I put a finished couture dress away in a garment bag. From there, the model brings the dress to life and it’s no longer a garment, but a piece of art.
Who would you say is your target audience?
The vision of Bridget Julia is to provide quality eveningwear for women with exquisite style and taste. The dresses I design are intended to combine a high level of style with a hint of whimsical adventure.
Your brand is very high fashion. Who would you say is your biggest inspiration?
I have so many muses and inspirations, so to narrow it down, I am grandly inspired by fashion designers like Elie Saab, Alexander McQueen, Marchesa, Zuhair Murad, and Christian Dior. These design houses set the bar for couture and I aspire to set that bar as well.  My muses include Brigitte Bardot and Beyoncé. These women are daring, confident, and beautiful. I have photos of them on my inspiration wall in my sewing studio. I couldn’t imagine designing a piece without them in mind.
What is your favorite dress that you designed?
My favorite dress I designed was the “Chanel No. 5” Dress from my “I Wanna Be Loved By You” collection. It’s everyone’s favorite, to be honest! It’s a stunning black body suit with a sweetheart neckline and long sleeve netting embellished with lace detailing and Swarovski crystals. The dress has a lace full-length skirt that shows off the legs in a sexy and stylish manner. I loved this collection, which was inspired by Marilyn Monroe. All of the pieces were exquisitely designed and meticulously detailed.
Where can someone purchase one of your gorgeous designs?
Currently, Bridget Julia designs are custom made to order. A personal consultation can be made for special occasion couture. My samples are always available to purchase. Feel free to visit BridgetJulia.com or send an email to [email protected] for more details.
What are your hopes for Bridget Julia in the future?
I want to continue to design and showcase my collections at fashion shows. I am involved in the fashion industry in other aspects, but I truly love designing for Bridget Julia. In the future, I see many Bridget Julia gowns hanging in Beyoncé’s closet!
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Bridget Julia Interview: Photographed by Brandi Boehm, Makeup by May Nguyen

Misha Vaidya Interview


22Misha Vaidya is bringing storybook fashions to New York with her line By Misha. The London native focuses on sophisticated elegance with her “Eloquence” collection. Inspired by classic beauties such as Audrey Hepburn and Florence Nightingale, Vaidya’s collection exudes femininity and strength. She juxtaposes flowing dresses with tailored blazers for the perfect balance, ideal for the confident woman. Cliché caught up with the international designer to talk about her newest collection and what we can expect to see from her in the future.

Cliché: What influenced you into becoming a fashion designer?
Misha Vaidya: My love affair with fashion, drawing, and anything creative started when I was a very little girl. Having been born and brought up in London, I was fortunate enough to have a rich diversity of arts on my doorstep. In hopes of making this dream a reality, I started exploring styles, examining history and expressing my passion through illustrations, paintings, stories, and crafts.

What is the aesthetic of By Misha?
Understated grace with an unexpected twist! Many people want to fit in, but By Misha is for those who want to stand out. Feminine, sensual fabrics, subtle textures, and flawless detailing define the By Misha brand, which prides itself on creating effortless combinations of modern sophistication and timeless elegance.

What was the inspiration behind the “Eloquence” collection?
Beauty and persuasion, not only in speech, but as a lifestyle. The By Misha style is generally very architectural, with a sweet, dreamy twist. “Eloquence” stays true to that aesthetic, but has a much more minimal, refined feel. With a focus on assertiveness, the collection features more work-to-weekend wonders than normal and highlights the beauty of neutrals at all times of day.

6If you could choose one old Hollywood starlet to dress, who would it be and why?
This one’s easy! Audrey Hepburn. Not only is she recognized as a fashion icon, film legend, and one of the most beautiful women of all time, but she’s also equally well known for her amazing humanitarian work in disadvantaged communities. Her strength, confidence, and personality fits in perfectly with what By Misha stands for. Hepburn is an absolute inspiration, so much so, that one of our “Eloquence” dresses is named after her!

You were born and raised in London, educated in Miami, and your company is based in New York. Each city has its own unique style. How do you incorporate those influences in your collections?
Themes of nature, exploration, tradition, and dreams are integral to my last five collections. I try to incorporate all these concepts into the brand, even if very subtly. I feel like I’m very lucky to have been able to experience three amazing cities with such different qualities, which help me to appreciate the intricate details that we’re surrounded by. From historically renowned architecture and pioneer trends in London, beautiful backdrops in Miami, to the dream chasing of New York, I’ve been provided with the perfect creative playground.

Which trends are you excited to embrace this winter?
When designing, I gravitate towards standards of simple elegance where prettiness trumps quirkiness, and above all, the philosophy of not conforming to trends. Although trends are an integral part of fashion, I think there is always space for a classic silhouette, especially when you throw a dash of mischief into the mix.

Can we expect to see you in NYFW or LFW this season?
I have had the absolute pleasure of being able to showcase four collections at New York Fashion Week, and two at Miami Beach International Fashion Week. Since London is “home,” it is definitely on the horizon, as is another NYFW next season! Showing is nothing short of a dream come true. From the sounds of hairsprays and clicks of cameras, the air of excitement and anticipation, to the chatter of guests, zooms of lenses and richness of smiles, I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

Where do you hope to see By Misha in the next few years?
My goal is to expand, further bringing the fairytale to life. Expansion would be seeing the By Misha brand reach more people, in a variety of markets. It gives me a real sense of achievement to share my dream with others.


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Misha Vaidya Interview: Photography: Vlad Lafontant, Hair: Aaron Grenia, Makeup: Michelle Elizabeth, Model: Lindsey C. @ APM Models

W Concept Feature


Shopping in stores sometimes doesn’t quite cut it. We can face shopping struggles like not finding a to-die-for top in our size, finding a dress in our size only to spot a rip or stain, or spending all day at the mall and having little to bring back to our closets at home. But with online shopping, you won’t experience this disappointment! Shopping has rapidly moved into the cyber world with more people enjoying clothes hunting through their browsers than in crowded stores. Every new bag, shoe, and accessory are all at your fingertips: just a type into the search bar and click to add items into your shopping cart. Plus, there are deals and bargains found online everyday! 30% off designer? We’re there!

(Laboratoria 917 Dorsay Flat Shoes $65, Us.wconcept.com)

W Concept is one stellar exclusive online retailer that brings designer labels right to your screen with amazing deals and bargains. The online inventory of this fabulous retailer includes well-known brand names, such as Ray Ban, Saint Laurent, Tres Chic, Mulberry, and Ling Wu. The W Concept also features an exclusive designer LURI, which takes “Made in Italy” seriously. Each genuine Italian leather handbag in their collection is made to add a combination of edge and simplicity to any look, while being stylish in a minimal way. Laboratoria 917, another authentic Italian brand that recently launched a collection of handcrafted and chemical-free shoes, can also be found on The W Concept. Their shoes have a bold and modern style but stay true to tradition with their century-old shoe making process. We absolutely appreciate the value of authenticity these brands boast and it’s certainly reflected in the quality of their products.

(BOLOGNA_Blue Lavender, Us.wconcept.com)
(PERUGIA POCHETTE_Crocodile Sage, Us.wconcept.com)
You can find some serious deals on the W Concept right on their website. There’s a “1% a Day” deal that targets all of the merchandise on the site. Each day, an item is listed in their “1% a Day” section and drops 1% in price for every day that it remains on the site. Bonus: their most dropped items are always featured on top. Easy shopping! Besides their shop-worthy deals and coupon codes, you also receive free shipping on orders of $100 or more and free returns. Check out everything the W Concept has to offer on Us.wconcept.com!
All photo credit goes to the W Concept.
Featured Image Details: (Laboratoria 917 Pointy Toe Slingback Pump $60, Us.wconcept.com)