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Fashion Artistry with Isabella Rose Taylor


Every once in awhile, there is a fashion piece we see on the runway that instantly has us oohing and aahing, capturing our hearts like no other. Well, our hearts have been captured again, and this time it isn’t just for a fashion piece, but for a whole line—including the phenomenal designer behind its magical existence. At only 15 years old, Isabella Rose Taylor has broken the glass ceiling in the fashion industry with her youthful, fresh take on urban fashion, sophisticated personality, and passion to design clothing that are walking pieces of art.

Journals Meet Fashion


We have all been somewhere, perhaps walking down the street or snuggled up in our beds watching a Netflix movie, when we see someone wearing an outfit that we absolutely wish we had. The only problem is, after that moment has passed, we aren’t quite sure what to do with that knowledge. Some of us might try to Google the print, style, or design of the outfit, and some of us might even be adventurous enough to stop someone and ask them where they got their piece from. However, most of us will just let it go and accept the unfortunate fact that we may never have it. But what if that wasn’t true?

Rita McGhee Interview


Behind the show-stopping and eclectic looks in FOX’s latest smash hit series Empire is the show’s costume visionary of Season 1, Rita McGhee. Her costume design history stems back to Sunday’s Best, The Martin Show, Let’s Stay Together, and many more. This Emmy-nominated designer reminds us of a fairy godmother with the way she not ...

Jade Marlin Interview


Fashion Designer Jade Marlin has a vision for his fashion collection, and that’s to “Aspire to Inspire.” Founded in 2003, his brand Jade Clothing blends classic British style with today’s contemporary businessman. Below, we chat with this LA-based designer about his menswear collection, his design process, and his pending fashion shows. Cliché: How did you get ...

Bridget Julia Interview


“Fashion is the art of dressing well,” says Bridget Julia when referring to her couture and evening wear brand that embraces the figure, accents, and details of every woman wearing them. Cliché had the opportunity to speak with Bridget Julia herself, and talk about the brilliance behind the brand, her hopes for the future, and ...

Misha Vaidya Interview


Misha Vaidya is bringing storybook fashions to New York with her line By Misha. The London native focuses on sophisticated elegance with her “Eloquence” collection. Inspired by classic beauties such as Audrey Hepburn and Florence Nightingale, Vaidya’s collection exudes femininity and strength. She juxtaposes flowing dresses with tailored blazers for the perfect balance, ideal for ...

W Concept Feature


Shopping in stores sometimes doesn’t quite cut it. We can face shopping struggles like not finding a to-die-for top in our size, finding a dress in our size only to spot a rip or stain, or spending all day at the mall and having little to bring back to our closets at home. But with ...

Tom Ford Gets Secretly Married


Tom Ford, the well-known fashion designer revealed that he is indeed married to his partner of 27 years, Richard Buckley. The exciting news was revealed at the Regent Street Apple store in London last night, while Ford was chatting to Kinvara Balfour. He didn't make a lavish announcement, but instead casually slid it into the conversation ...

JULJA starts Crowdfunding Campaign


Made in Designland is a showcase of new, innovative Finnish design. Products and services of 50 cutting edge companies will tour the U.S. for 18 months starting next July. Companies selected for the tour represent the best in new Finnish design, software, technology, and architecture. Part of the applications has already been accepted and for example Aidine, Jenni Rutonen Design, ...

Our Latest Issue

Covers: Jade Chynoweth & Ciara Riley Wilson
Inside, cover star Baby Ariel discusses her music, acting, and her anti-bullying activism; Parker McKenna Posey talks being a child actor, her role on Games People Play, and more; actress Sharon Blynn talks beating cancer and empowering women through her foundation; we chat with actress Tasya Teles about her role on The 100; and much more!