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How to Achieve Dewy Summer Skin


Over the past year or so, we have seen many beauty trends come and go. From crazy contouring to shimmery highlighters and matte looks, makeup’s different trends have changed the game. Although trends are constantly evolving, there is one look that stays around forever: dewy skin. Dewy skin makes us look younger and fresher by giving our skin a dazzling glow we all long to have, especially in the summer. So how do you get this look? We’ve listed the best ways and products to achieve dewy summer skin without overdoing it: remember, less is more! Read on to glow all summer long.

Winter Makeup Trends


One thing I absolutely love about the winter time, besides the endless cups of hot cocoa I can consume (mini marshmallows included), is the luxury of being able to wear makeup without fear of it melting off—which tends to happen in the warmer, sunny months. With this luxury also comes some of my favorite makeup ...