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Shine Bright Like a Diamond: 7 Tips to Find Your Statement Necklace


Today we want to share 7 tips to find your statement necklace.  Did you know that styling necklaces correctly is as important as choosing the right necklace? Styling comes in handy when mixing and matching patterns, stripes, and opposing colors. In fact, it can even help you create an elegant piece. With this guide, you can create the statement necklace you’ve longed for. From multi-layered necklaces to geometric designs, styling them has never been easier. All it takes is a little creativity to show off your signature style.

Now, are you ready to dive in? Here’s the insider scoop on styling necklaces:

1. Select Multi-layered Necklaces to Create a Chic Outfit 

Multi-layered necklaces are great for any occasion. However, if your layering necklaces make sure to wear a V-neck or a striped collared shirt to balance out the shape of your neckline. 

When layering necklaces don’t mix metals, if you do, it may look chaotic or messy. Instead, opt for either a gold necklace or a silver necklace. That way, all necklaces are cohesive and complement one another.

2. Add a Pop of Color for a More Gleeful Look

Red Teen Model Portrait Girl  - Photosbychalo / Pixabay

Photosbychalo / Pixabay

To liven up any look, wear a necklace with colorful components. However, make sure to wear more refined tones rather than bright colors. It will make your necklace stand out without looking overly flashy or gaudy.

You can pair colorful necklaces with colored tops like pastel colors or earthy hues for a fun and girly style. Although, one of the best combinations is pairing a colored necklace with an all-black outfit. The pop of color will bring the outfit to life and create a truly one of a kind look.

If you want to sport a trendy necklace this season, stay within the spring/summer 2020 color palette. Colors consist of coral pink, flame scarlet, and even faded denim!

3. Add a Stylish Necklace to Any T-shirt

Join together a graphic tee with a stylish necklace for a modern-day urban look. You can even combine your casual attire either with a chunky necklace or a simple pendant depending on your sense of style.

However, don’t be afraid to combine necklaces that might have multiple-layer components, colored gems, or a few charms to your statement piece. Just make sure the necklace doesn’t clash with your overall look.

To make your necklace stand out, pair it with a simple t-shirt. That way, it attracts the most attention and creates a stunning and marvelous look. 

4. Choose a Pearl Necklace for a Sophisticated Styling Look 

tips to find your statement necklace

Myriams-Fotos / Pixabay

As a beloved favorite, the pearl necklace is perfect for any sophisticated outfit. Although, make sure to pair your pearls with a nice blouse or evening dress. That way, it showcases your classy and chic style.

However, if you want to add a modern spin to your outfit, simply pair your pearls with a trendy top to give your outfit a little edge. That way, the refined nature of the pearls will offset the modern themes creating an alluring look.

You can even pair necklaces that feature chains, charms, as well as pearls. Adding these types of necklaces will give your outfit more depth and even increase its complexity.

5. Select an Art Deco Necklace for a Boho-Inspired Outfit 

To achieve the boho-chic look, choose a longer statement necklace. It can be big and bold, fringed, or feature a simple art design. However, just make sure the necklace is hippie-inspired but still remains elegant and fashionable.

Art deco necklaces pair best with earth tones and flowery patterns. Although, don’t be afraid to mix and match necklaces of a smaller variety.

However, one necklace you might want to look for is a coin-inspired necklace. While they’re typically larger, they make great statement pieces, especially for patterned clothes.

6. Wear a Chunky Necklace for an Edgy Look

tips to find your statement necklace

A1_Moments_AU / Pixabay

Chunky necklaces are expected to be gaudy; however, when styled right, they can be quite stylish. The secret to pairing a chunky necklace is to pair it with something simple. Like, for example, an all-black dress, a simple graphic tee, or even a plain blouse.

After all, you never want to overwhelm your outfit or take away from your overall look. Instead, you want your accessories to add meaning to your styling choices.

Thus, you can upgrade your normal look by adding a chunky necklace to your outfit. With the combination of its heavy and detailed appearance, you can add an edgy look to any simple outfit.

7. Choose a Geometric Necklace for a Minimalist Styling Look 

Another one of our tips to find your statement necklace includes a geometric necklace.  Geometric necklaces can completely transform any casual outfit. Due to their clean lines, geometric pieces can give your outfit a very sleek and refined style. In fact, since they add a splash of definition, they’re great to add to any semi-formal outfit.

They’re also the perfect add-on to make any outfit more interesting. When choosing a geometric necklace, experiment with different shapes to create a unique look.

Create Your Statement Necklace Today 

Finding the right statement necklace depends on your personality and your sense of style. For example, if you’re an artistic person, you might want to find and art deco necklace or geometric design to go with casual and everyday outfits. However, if you like edgy fashion styles, you might want to pick up a chunky necklace or a set of pearls to go with your trendy top.

When styling jewelry, its important to have fun and let your creativity run wild. While there are a few rules to remember along the way, just sit back and experiment.

For more tips to find your statement necklace, visit our website to learn more. We look forward to helping you.

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Moissanite Stone: 4 Key Reasons Why People Love Moissanite


Who doesn’t like diamonds? After all, they’re one of the most sought-after gemstones in the world.  Known for their brilliant shine, they’re often used in jewelry such as necklaces and engagement rings. As you probably know, though, they’re expensive.

Depending on the grading, a diamond can cost you anywhere between $2,500 to $70,000! Looking for a more cost-effective option? How about a moissanite stone? If anything, it looks just as great as diamonds — but for a fraction of the price!  Want to learn more? If so, let’s view 4 key reasons why people love Moissanite.

reasons why people love Moissanite

TerriC / Pixabay

What is a Moissanite Stone?

Moissanite is a naturally occurring gemstone that is made up of silicon carbide. It was first discovered by Henri Moissan in a meteorite crater in 1893. Nowadays, it’s grown in laboratories for the jewelry market.

Appearance-wise, it looks a lot like a diamond. In fact, it has an even higher refractive index.  In other words, a Moissanite stone will sparkle more than a diamond!

Reasons Why People Love Moissanite

reasons why people love MoissaniteNowadays, more and more people are substituting diamonds for moissanite. Here are a few reasons why:

1. It’s Much More Affordable

Diamonds may be pretty, but they’re also costly. For example, a 1-carat ring can easily set you back $5,000! In contrast, you can get a moissanite ring of the same size for around $1,000 — that’s one fifth the price! Given that, it’d be a great choice for those who’d like to save a bit of extra money.

2. It’s Super Durable

One of the reasons why people love diamonds is because they’re durable. Well, guess what? Moissanite is too! It might not be as high as diamonds on the hardness scale, but it’s pretty darn close. For those who’re curious, it has a score of 9.25 on the Mohs Scale of Hardness whereas diamonds have a score of 10.

3. It Sparkles More Than Diamonds

What determines a stone’s brilliance? Its ability to reflect light. The more it reflects, the more it will sparkle. We mentioned this earlier but moissanite actually scores higher than diamonds on the brilliance refractive index — that is, it sits at 2.65 whereas the latter is at 2.42.

4. There Are Just As Many Design Options

One of the reasons why diamonds are so popular is because there are many design options. For example, you can choose the shape and set.  As it turns out, however, you can do the same thing with moissanite—that is, it can be cut into all the same shapes a diamond can. For example, you can ask for it to be cut into a round, oval, princess, or cushion shape.

Picking Moissanite over Diamonds

As you can see, diamonds are not the only option when it comes to jewelry. The fact is, a moissanite stone can be just as pretty! What’s more, is that you can get one for a fraction of the price!

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Freedom is Autumn’s True Fashion Trend


Autumn is on the way and many of you might be thinking about what emerging fashion trends are on the horizon for the later half of 2019.  What amazing style will be transformed into our Golden Nugget bonus code to create an invincible outfit? What’s so awesome about fall fashion is the incredible amount of which color will be the most fashionable? Never before did we only have one word: freedom!

autumn's true fashion trend

nastya_gepp / Pixabay

When you see stunning models strut down the catwalk showcasing new collections by great designers and budding brands, the main attitude seems to be that everyone should find their own style from among the hundreds of fashion shows and thousands of outfits. What makes you feel good? What inspires you and makes you feel beautiful in your eyes.  That is what fall fashion is all about.  Freedom is autumn’s true fashion trend. 

We’ve been on the hunt for the most bold and creative autumn styles that highlight creativity and freedom.  How about an aggressive military style look? Combat-à-porter: camouflage prints, badges, khaki suits, parkas, cargo pants and a good ration of grit. With G.I. Joe as your fashion guru, your style will simply be… disarming!

It will not be a novelty but it might impossible this autumn to resist the exotic temptation of the animalier.  If leopard patterns are the master, zebra, giraffe and tiger will certainly not stand by and watch.  If the city is a jungle of asphalt, there’s no more glamorous way to blend in than this.

Did someone say punk? Studs, pins, boots and chains never cease to exert their subversive charm. From the subcultures of yesterday, to the catwalks of today: the step is not only short, but decisive and irreversible. “Rebel” is a state of mind.

Listen, there’s nothing wrong with being considered a traditional bourgeoisie and dressing accordingly.  The fashion statement is clear: practical, hip, and preferably a touch of Seventies.  Never aggressively over the top and never an undertone.   Instead think impeccable without having to exert any effort to capture attention.  In 2018 we can think day dresses, skirt suits, stack-heeled loafers and sleeveless pullovers. Bourgeoisie fashion will be a popular fashion style this fall, 2019.

autumn's true fashion trend

AdinaVoicu / Pixabay

Delicate and charming for Spring-Summer. Sexy and comforting for Fall-Winter.  What could we be referring to? lace of course!  As ductile as ever, lace changes declination, but not its most intimate essence. Fashion freedom means that you have complete authority to use lace in any creative outfit experiments using as little or as much lace as your fall wardrobe desires.

Since freedom is autumn’s true fashion trend, it’s the perfect time to show off your prized fashionable diamond collection.  Diamonds make a tremendous fashion statement no matter how they are worn but let’s see if we can offer up a few outfit ideas that will make you stand up even more.  For instance you can make a fashion statement by add diamond colors other than white to your collection.  A necklace or bracelet that mixes white and black diamonds will look amazing with a v-cut black and white maxi dress.  Orange or yellow diamonds, alone or paired with white diamonds are extremely on trend and effortlessly classic.

Being an ally of casual styling, there’s nothing better than a beautiful checkered jacket to make any look sophisticated and professional.  Whether it’s a trench coat (Stella McCartney) or a suit (Giorgio Armani), it doesn’t matter.  They both can be the essential everyday item of fashion and one of the few evergreen pieces you can always count on.

When most think of autumn colors, we think of orange, yellow and brown.  Surprisingly enough, we forget about the soft and cream tone whites that are modern, clean and considered elegant and sophisticated by many European style forecasters.   If your looking for inspiration for how to rock white during fall, take a look at 15 all white fall outfit ideas on whowhatwear.com.

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The Engagement Ring: Once A Symbol of Control Now a Symbol of Eternal Love


Getting engaged is one of the most exciting times in a couple’s life. It is also an expected milestone for most couples in love that they will eventually reach this point and commit to spending the rest of their lives with one another. From intimate, romantic moments between two people to grand, public declarations of love, there are hundreds of different ways a proposal can happen, and in modern society, more and more women are the one getting down on one knee.

The Engagement Ring: Once A Symbol of Control Now a Symbol of Eternal LoveFor thousands of years, it has been customary for the man in a traditional relationship to provide the woman with a ring of sorts. However, it was not always a diamond, and it was most certainly not always a representation of the love and commitment the couple shares.
The use of rings within a relationship dates right back to prehistoric times where men would wrap cords around their partner’s waist, wrists or ankles. The ties were crafted from braided grass and were used to take the female spirit under the man’s control. Used more as a token of ownership and control rather than love, this practice continued for hundreds of years.
Engagement photoIt wasn’t until the ancient Egyptians came along, thousands of years later, that the ring became a symbol of love and was worn on the finger. The romantic Egyptians felt that the shape of the ring embodied the idea of eternal love between two people and the opening in the ring was the gateway to their future together. Wedding bands were a separate entity, as they are today, and were made of braided reeds, worn by each partner. Rings were worn on the left hand on the finger between the middle and little fingers. This is now aptly called the ring finger and is still where people wear their wedding bands, and in many cultures, their engagement rings. This finger was chosen due to the belief of a vein running from here to the heart, although later discovered to be untrue, this vein was named the  in 1686, which means ‘vein of love’.
Rings took a step back again in Roman times, according to Pliny the Elder who was a Roman author. Engagement rings during this period were, again, a symbol of ownership and property. There were two rings involved in the contract, an iron one for wear around the home and a gold one, which was exchanged at the wedding ceremony, and worn only for special occasions.

Poesy Rings photo

Photo by woofiegrrl

Over a century later, rings were still teetering on the edge of ownership when sultans and sheikhs would give their partners a puzzle ring. These rings were specially designed to fall to bits if removed and therefore minimized any risks of infidelity. Females only wore the rings in the relationship.
The ring did not come back to depict love or care until 860AD. Pope Nicolas made it a requirement that a woman is presented with a gold ring, by her male partner, as a mirror of his wealth and ability to look after her.
The first diamond appeared on an engagement band in 1477, centuries later. Mary of Burgundy was given a gold band with the letter ‘M’ detailed in diamonds by her partner, the Archduke Maximillian of Austria. The ring gained a lot of attention and later became a trend among the most affluent.
Poesy Rings grew popular in the 1700’s which encompassed beautiful poems inscribed along the band. They were incredibly romantic and continued to be popular into the 1800’s where the addition of brightly colored gems and clusters were added into the mix. Ornate rings continued through from the Victorian times right up until the Edwardian times, where they were called Dearest Rings. Victorian and Edwardian rings are still popular choices now, for lovers of vintage designs.
Diamonds became much more accessible in 1867 when mines were located in South Africa. It was only two decades later that the esteemed & Co launched a new design, which they called the ‘Tiffany Setting’. Using six prongs, the diamond was elevated above the band to create a more prominent dazzle.
Custom designed engagement rings became fashionable in the 30’s as couples wanted to present their own personality and love through what the ring represented.
engagement ringsIn 1938, the economy after WWI and during the Great Depression resulted in the decline of the diamond industry as demands fell. However, large enterprise De Beers was persistent and created a marketing campaign to boost interest, which is still one of the best of its kind to date. A decade into the campaigning, a new slogan was released, which stated ‘A Diamond is Forever‘. During this period, females were led to believe that a diamond was the only thing good enough to be a measure of true love and it became an inevitability within a relationship. Men were expected to spend an entire income earned in a month on a ring. Otherwise, it wasn’t enough. This was later increased in the 1980’s when the campaign published another line suggesting they spend two months: ‘Isn’t two months’ salary a small price to pay for something that lasts forever?’.
The diamond is not only the preferred engagement ring jewel of choice in western cultures. It has been the tradition for years that the women in China wear a simple ring on their right hand when engaged and transfer it to their left hand following the wedding ceremony. However, since the 2000’s, the presence of diamonds has increased and now 30 percent of married women in China fashion diamond rings. A similar transition also occurred in Japan back in the 70’s.
Recent statistics show that China and India, along with the States will be the leading countries in the industry over the next ten years. Not surprising, since 80 percent of proposals in America already include a diamond. Beyond this, however, it may not be too early to predict that 3D diamond rings could become the norm, along with custom designs continuing to prevail.
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Diamond Jewelers Who Value Consumer Education


diamond photo

A diamond is not only one of the most sentimental purchases you’ll ever make, it’s one of the most important purchases to be sure you get right when you’re about to invest in something as valuable as a gorgeous diamond. A jeweler or jewelry provider that values educating the consumer before they buy a diamond shows that they truly care about consumers getting the best value possible for the money spent on diamond jewelry.

This thoughtfulness goes a long way towards building trust, something that’s crucial when you’re making a major purchase from a jeweler. Reputable jewelers like Mervis Diamond, among many others, know the importance of educating consumers to create loyal customers for life. When consumers have a great experience, they’ll probably come back, and may even refer their friends.
Education Areas Ideally Covered

jeweler photo

Photo by Tiger Girl

The areas you want to be educated in when you’re choosing a diamond include the basics like the four C’s, Color, Cut, Clarity and Carat Weight.  Good jewelers like Mervis Diamond will make sure you understand the importance of every aspect of a diamond and subtle differences that can add extra value or attractiveness. Some jewelers will even have helpful online tutorials that you can reference at any time.
Another area you should be educated in is the value of a report done by the GIA about your soon-to-be new diamond. The GIA is the Gemological Institute of America. They can provide an in-depth report about all the nuances of a diamond you’re considering. Other smart things to consider when you buy a diamond include:
– A Laser Inscription – You can ask to have a laser inscription of the GIA report number placed on your diamond. This is for your protection in case your diamond is ever stolen or lost. It can help prove that it is your diamond, since every report number is assigned individually.
– Insist on a Diamond Grading Report – When you buy your diamond, it’s smart to ask for a diamond grading report from the GIA, or a report from the IGI, the International Gemological Institute. This gives you an in-depth look into the nuances that are specific to your diamond.
– Purchase Protection – Find out from your jeweler what levels of purchase protection they offer. This can include a warranty, an appraisal of the worth of your diamond, and insurance. Most diamond sellers and suppliers like Mervis and others will offer some type of consumer protection.
Other Great Services Provided by a Reputable Jeweler
diamond ring photoAnother thing to look for in a reputable jeweler is private space provided to you while you’re learning about your diamond. It’s nice when jewelers provide a separate, private room for viewing your diamond, and for learning about what you’re buying, without distractions from sales people or from other customers.
You always hope that your professional jeweler will be straightforward with you and will provide honest answers to your questions, to the best of their knowledge. This helps you develop confidence in your jeweler as a true professional that you want to continue to do business with. Your diamond purchase is too important to be left to chance. That’s why a reputable professional diamond provider or jeweler is always the best choice.
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Are Diamonds A Girls Best Friend? *Infographic*


Diamonds hold an enduring appeal for many of us and they are often used when a particularly romantic gesture is in order, especially when the big question is about to be asked. In the U.S and many parts of Europe, a diamond ring is generally used when a marriage proposal is being made. With some clever marketing slogans, especially the memorable “A Diamond is Forever” that caused sales to double within three years, this symbolic gem seems to hold a special place in our hearts.
This infographic, brought to you by The Circle, takes a fascinating look at the history of diamonds and reveals facts such as the virtual monopoly the DeBeers mining company once had over sales and some the different ways a diamond ring is used to celebrate or symbolise love.
If you have just splashed out on a fancy rock for your loved one or been the lucky recipient, you may not want to read the section that reveals the huge difference in price between the wholesale and retail price of a diamond. The former chairman of the DeBeers mining company probably summed up the logic applied to diamond rings and diamonds in general. He was quoted as saying that “diamonds were intrinsically worthless, except for the deep psychological need they fill”. That’s the point really, for many of us it is what they symbolize in a relationship more than anything else, but let’s also be honest and say that the amount spent on the ring might carry some weight as well!
Diamonds Infographic