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Mismatched Earrings


©Gregg DeGuire We’ve all suffered through that devastating moment when you come to find that an earring is missing after a long night out. Although we may never wear it again, we have the habit of keeping them stashed away in our jewelry boxes. Here’s an idea, try wearing mismatched earrings. You can DIY or ...

DIY Highlights


DIY Highlights  Are you dying to shed your winter hair color for something much lighter? Our beautiful locks tend to turn naturally lighter in the summer anyway, but there is no harm in rushing the process. Just by adding highlights to your hair you can easily change your look, which will have you looking fabulous all ...

Summer Sneaker DIY


Brighten up your beloved canvas sneakers for the summer months with an easy and quick fabric appliqué. Customize your sneakers with a matching fabric or bold print to disguise stained areas or add a pop of color. The hardest part is choosing your fabric, but this Summer Sneaker DIY is so easy that you can ...

Braided Details


Braided Details Keeping our hair in check every day of the week and trying to make it look like we just stepped out of a Pantene commercial takes time and dedication. Often we prepare ourselves ahead of time by setting our alarm clocks an hour earlier than usual, but let’s be honest; none of us have ...

At-Home Teeth Whitening


Everyone wants white teeth, but not everyone has hundreds of dollars to spend. Whitening your teeth isn’t as difficult as you may think. There are lots of easy, at-home ways to get your teeth whiter without putting a dent in your wallet. My favorite way to whiten my teeth is by using hydrogen peroxide. You can ...

Make Your Own Face Masks


Want to do something fun while also making your skin look fabulous? Here are some super awesome (and messy) recipes for homemade face masks! Each recipe makes enough face mask for one person, so add to the recipe if you want to try this out with friends! Avocado Face Mask -1/2 avocado Options (choose one): -1 tsp. honey -1/2 banana ...

Extreme Makeover: Violent Lips & Eyes


Talk about an extreme makeover! Violent Lips & Eyes are the newest--and perhaps most daring--makeup trend on the market right now. These temporary tattoo makeup applications have been spotted all over the place, even gracing the faces of some of the most sought-after celebs--ahem Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj, and Kim Kardashian. Oh, and did we ...

DIY Galaxy Nails


Photo courtesy of Eva Due from Flickr creative commons We have seen the new galaxy trend appear in all forms of fashion from dresses to tights to even shoes, so why not use the same design for our nails? This trend is taking off quite fast and we are already in love with it. If ...

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Covers: Jade Chynoweth & Ciara Riley Wilson
Inside, cover star Baby Ariel discusses her music, acting, and her anti-bullying activism; Parker McKenna Posey talks being a child actor, her role on Games People Play, and more; actress Sharon Blynn talks beating cancer and empowering women through her foundation; we chat with actress Tasya Teles about her role on The 100; and much more!