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Why You Should Be Watching NBC’s The Village


From This Is Us to A Million Little Things, it seems as though NBC has made it their mission to produce dramatic television shows that, if nothing else, pull on your heartstrings. The latest series to join that batch is one that you should be watching: The Village. Created by Mike Daniels, this ensemble drama follows a number of residents, all living in the same apartment building in Brooklyn, who have built a close-knit, family-like bond. They all deal with their own personal issues, but still find time to be there for each other.

Lorraine Toussaint (left) as Patricia Davis. Grace Van Dien as Katie Campbell.

The series stars a number of familiar faces, including Michaela McManus (of One Tree Hill and Law & Order: Special Victims Unit fame), Lorraine Toussaint (The Fosters and Orange is the New Black), Frankie Faison (The Wire), and Dominic Chianese (The Sopranos and The Godfather Part II). The show also stars Daren Kagasoff, who is most recognized as bad boy, Ricky Underwood, on the ABC Family (now Freeform) series The Secret Life of the American Teenager

What makes The Village such a good show, aside from the fact that it will most definitely force you to shed a few tears, is the fact that the acting is very powerful. When you have three legendary performers such as Toussaint, Faison, and Chianese on one show, you know you’re in for a treat. In addition, the show deals with issues that anyone can relate to. From teen pregnancy, to an amputee war veteran dealing with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, to cancer, to immigration issues, to caring for the elderly, this show certainly has something for everyone. You care for these characters because you either see yourself – or someone you hold dear to your heart – in them. You relate to their struggles and celebrate their triumphs along with them.

Lorraine Toussaint (left) as Patricia Davis. Michaela McManus as Sarah Campbell.

Sure, the show may not pull the numbers that This Is Us has seen in its three seasons, but it does get better as it goes along. There’s also something very endearing about a group of people who aren’t blood-related, coming together to create a stronger family than those who are!

The Village airs Tuesday nights on NBC.


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Why You Should Be Watching NBC’s The Village: Featured Image Credit: Ice Cream Convos.

Favorite TV Characters: Fiona Gallagher’s Best Moments On Shameless


The latest season of Shameless ended last month with an emotional goodbye to the Gallagher family’s beloved leader, Fiona. When the news of Emmy Rossum’s departure from the series was announced, many were wondering what the endgame for Fiona was. After nine seasons following Fiona Gallagher’s highs and lows, viewers got to see a memorable goodbye to a character we all fell in love with eight years ago.  

It’s hard to describe why viewers felt such an attachment to Fiona. Emmy Rossum’s portrayal of Fiona lit up our screens every season. Fiona wasn’t perfect. She had plenty of missteps along the nine-season ride and countless bad judgment calls that were frustrating to watch, but we never stopped rooting for her. Shameless fans knew what she meant to the Gallagher family, and it’s hard to envision them without her. In fact, Fiona’s final goodbye consisted of her taking pride in all that she’s done for her family, and that is why we always loved her.

Though picking the best Fiona moments from Shameless is a difficult task, I’ve gathered memorable Fiona scenes that we all remember. My top 10 includes emotional tearjerkers and some Gallagher humor.

Let’s take a trip down Fiona lane:

  1. “You were my mother too!” 

Emmy Rossum’s performance in this scene makes it the most memorable moment in Shameless history. In this scene, Fiona confronts her estranged mother, Monica, who returns with her girlfriend in hopes of taking custody of the youngest Gallagher, Liam. After many episodes of watching Fiona carry the family without any help from Frank or Monica, Fiona finally explodes and delivers a powerful monologue. This scene is particularly satisfying for Shameless fans because we loved seeing Fiona remind her parents of the sacrifices she’s made for her siblings while they were absent. Plus, Emmy Rossum’s acting in this scene was award-worthy.

2. “Get out of bed, mom!” 

In the second season, we finally get to see Fiona make some great strides. She lands a decent job, she’s bringing in more money and seems to be putting herself first for once. This, of course, all falls apart when Hurricane Monica returns. When the Gallagher ‘squirrel fund’ goes missing thanks to Monica, Fiona gets a devastating reminder: Her mother will never change. In this scene, we see a typical Fiona. She hits rock bottom, breaks down and cries, and seconds later pulls herself back up and tries to dig her family out of the mess. Viewers once again are reminded that Fiona is the backbone of the family.

3. “I’ve done what I could…”

In season 3, Fiona seeks to gain custody of her siblings. This lands both Fiona and Frank in court as they argue who is better for the children. Fiona once again has to describe everything she’s done for her siblings while Monica was nowhere to be found and Frank was busy…being Frank. Fiona reminds the judge, Frank, and the viewers that she’s been the protector and caretaker of the family since the age of nine, and she’s done the best that she could.

4. “You are on your own.” 

In season 6, Debbie makes bad decision after bad decision, including getting pregnant…on purpose. In this scene, Fiona is fed up with Debbie and lets her know that not only is she against Debbie having a baby but she refuses to lend any support to Debbie if she goes through with it. Fiona may seem harsh by putting her foot down but she begins to hold her siblings accountable, which made this scene special.

5. “She wasn’t here!”

In season 7, the infamous Monica dies and the Gallagher children are all unsure how to mourn the death of a parent that was never there. Frank and Fiona come head to head as he argues that Monica cared deeply for the children despite her absence. Fiona delivers a harsh truth to Frank as she tearfully tells him that Monica didn’t care for anyone but herself. As if the scene couldn’t get more brutal than it already is, she tells a heartbroken Frank she’s glad Monica is dead. Once again, Emmy Rossum is astounding in this scene.

6. “Piece of hipster trash!”

In season 7, Fiona is a professional business owner but that doesn’t mean the southside has left her. In one of the lighter scenes in Shameless, Fiona confronts a customer who left an unpleasant review about Fiona’s laundromat.  Fiona soon finds her and lets her know just what she thinks about hipsters and their Yelp reviews.

7. “I need my family back. Please…”

Season 4 was one of the darkest seasons for Fiona. Fiona is on probation after a near-fatal incident with Liam. Lip takes over Fiona’s role as the main caretaker of the family after no longer trusting Fiona’s judgment. As her siblings begin to give her the cold shoulder, Fiona soon cracks. Her tearful phone call to Lip is one of the most memorable moments on this show because it displays how much her siblings are apart of her life. After hitting rock-bottom, all Fiona wants is her family back.

8. “I’m Fiona” 

In season 8, Fiona is still scorned over the betrayal from Sean. In this hilarious scene, Fiona tries to seek closure by giving his new wife advice she wishes she was given. In typical Fiona style, it doesn’t go as planned.

9. “I was right.”

In season 8 Fiona owns a building! This means she’s not around as much to keep track of her siblings and all the typical shenanigans they get into (thanks to Frank). As usual, her siblings find themselves in deep trouble and beg Fiona for some help. Fiona lines each of them up, delivers an “I told you so!” speech and asks each sibling to tell her she was right. Petty!

10. “I did it all!”

In the finale of season 9, Fiona says goodbye in the best way possible. A final scene with Frank (played by William H. Macy) was the perfect exit for Fiona. “I did it all,” she says, and she sure did.




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Favorite TV Characters: Fiona Gallagher’s Best Moments On Shameless: Featured Image: @Shameless on Instagram. 

Why NBC’s Good Girls Is A Show You Don’t Want To Miss Out On


As March approaches, all of our favorite shows will be returning with new seasons that are highly anticipated. One return that you should be anticipating is NBC’s Good Girls! Season 2 of Good Girls is set to premiere on March 3rd! If you have never watched the show on television, chances are you’ve seen it promoted on Netflix. It appeared on Netflix over the summer and If you haven’t clicked play just yet, here’s why you should:

Good Girls is a sophisticated and funny show that centers around three strong women who each face a huge obstacle in their lives. At first glance, Good Girls may seem like just another show about three bored housewives unhappy with their lives, but after a successful first season, it proved why it’s different than the rest. Viewers fell in love with the main components of the show: the leading ladies. These three women are at a point of struggle in their lives and the only strong and stable force that is present is their friendship. The friendship and loyalty between the three women is refreshing to watch on screen even if they’re often committing crimes.

The show kicks off with Beth (Christina Hendricks) discovering that her longtime husband has been cheating on her and lying about what he’s been doing with their money. Beth’s younger sister Annie (Mae Whitman) is dealing with a nasty custody battle and could possibly lose her kid due to her not being the most responsible parent. And lastly, their longtime friend Ruby (Retta) is running out of money as she and her husband struggle to pay for the medical care of their ill daughter. Feeling wronged by the people in their life and victims of their own circumstance, they all come up with a crazy plan that they believe will solve their problems: Robbing a grocery store. The plan seems crazy and impossible…until they actually do it.

Beth soon leads the charge, as the three of them actually go through with robbing the grocery store Annie works at. Their dabble in crime is supposed to be just a one-off, except they soon find themselves being threatened by a mobster, Rio (Manny Montana) who informs them that the money they stole actually belongs to him. The show excels at finding humor in the midst of all the drama and sad realities.

When season one premiered, many feared that Good Girls would fall victim to an early cancellation. But the show proved it’s worth by scoring a second season and landing an international distribution deal with Netflix! With season two just around the corner, we’re sure to expect the unexpected.

The first season of Good Girls consisted of the women having one foot in their normal lives and the other foot in the life of crime. As the second season approaches, the teaser trailer suggests Beth, Ruby, and Annie might be all in with the life of crime. Check out the preview below:


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Why Good Girls Is A Show You Don’t Want To Miss Out On: Featured Image Credit: @nbcgoodgirls on Instagram.

Why You Should be Watching The Bay on Amazon Prime


There was a time when daytime television in the United States was appointment television for so many people, especially for stay-at-home moms and housewives. It flourished with countless talk shows and soap operas such as All My Children and One Life to Live. Fast-forward to 2019, where there are now just four daytime soap operas to watch. But even so, we are also living in a time when traditional television viewing is declining, and more people are turning to streaming sites such as Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime as alternatives to catch their favorite shows.

In 2010, director, producer, and writer Gregori J. Martin began production for a new digital drama series called The Bay. The show stars a number of well-known actors in the daytime soap opera world, such as Days of Our Lives star Mary Beth Evans, as well as a number of prime time stars and even several newcomers, like Karrueche Tran (pictured below). It takes place in the very posh seaside town of Bay City, where “the privileged residents find themselves entangled in a series of dilemmas involving rape, blackmail, sordid lovers, and vindictive arch rivals. Their lives riddled with forbidden love, malicious lies, and never-ending scandals, the town’s privileged tangle with those who confuse obsession for love, vengeance for justice, and power for success.” Starting in the Summer of 2016, the show moved to Amazon Prime, after initially being shown on the now-defunct Blip.tv. It is now in its fourth season.

A scene from The Bay, featuring Karrueche Tran as Vivian Johnson along with costar, Kristos Andrews as Peter Garrett

The show has been critically acclaimed for its acting, visuals, production values, writing, directing, and storytelling, In 2015, Entertainment Weekly named the show “one of the 4 best soap operas on the web.” Because of this, the show has won over 20 awards, including several Daytime Emmy Awards. The show is also known for its large, interconnected, racially diverse cast. It feels like an actual community, leaning on each other during times of need. If you loved Dynasty, Melrose Place, and Desperate Housewives, you will most likely enjoy binge watching The Bay. It has everything you ever need and want in a good, juicy, compelling drama. A murder mystery, a dramatic court case, and all the twist and turns you could possibly imagine. Need I say more?

Click here to watch The Bay on Amazon Prime


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Why You Should Be Watching The Bay on Amazon Prime: Featured Image Credit: thebaytheseries.com