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Valencia James Wants You To Keep On Dreaming In Her Inspiring New Single, “Dreamers”


Music has always been a form of therapy to dark pop artist Valencia James. So, when depression came knocking, it was only natural for her to channel her feelings into writing. The result was “Dreamers,”  a powerful track about finding your strength again and always holding onto your dreams. James hopes to encourage her audience find their sense of purpose and surround themselves with positive people. Listen to “Dreamers” HERE

 You describe your genre as “dreamy dark pop.” What does that mean to you?

 Valencia James: Dreamy dark pop is a way to describe my sound of my music. I think most of my songs reflect a bit of darkness in the melodic notes mixed with a bit of a dreamy landscape. It doesn’t mean my songs are all dark, but it really describes the overall feel of the melodies and production.

 How would you differentiate your sound from other pop artists out there?

 I guess people have told me that I have a very unique way of expressing myself in my melodies etc… I used to think that meant there was something wrong with me, but now I’ve come to realise that it’s something to embrace. I also like to mix other genres into the “pop sound” probably more sub consciously than anything, but I grew up listening to all sorts of styles of music including classical, R&B, rock, hip hop, world, (Irish, Arabic, etc…). So I guess I tend to include all of those styles into my melodies and even production.

Talk about your new single, “Dreamers.” You’ve mentioned that you wrote “Dreamers” after a bout of depression. Would you say that music helped you to cope during this time?

 Definitely. I believe music has always helped me cope through many different difficult times in my life and this being one of them. Whenever I’ve been through depression or anxiety, I go straight to writing and I usually end up writing more “positive” sounding songs to bring good where maybe it felt lacking.

 How did you inspire yourself to learn how to dream again?

 I really just started to remind myself of all the things that I wanted to do and started to go after those things again. Writing also helped me express everything that I was feeling and helped give me the strength again. 

What do you hope that your audience will take away from this song?

I hope people can listen to the song and feel a bit like a child again, when any dream felt like it was attainable. I hope they remember that we were all made with something incredible to do on this earth and that it’s time to start doing whatever that is.

What message do you have for people who think their dreams are unattainable or don’t have hope for the future?

I would say get yourself around people that believe even more in you than you do for yourself. There’s nothing like having someone speak life into you and believing in you even when it’s difficult for you to. And, there is always something incredible to live for if we just search for it and decide to wholeheartedly go after it. There’s always more ahead than what’s behind.

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Valencia James Wants You To Keep On Dreaming In Her Inspiring New Single, “Dreamers.” Photo Credit: Carli Jeen.

DREAMERS Interview


Hailing from Brooklyn, New York, DREAMERS is a visually stimulating and eclectic trio with a crisp, psychedelic sound. Having just released their debut EP on November 18, 2014, followed by their single “Wolves” that hit the Top 10 on Alt Nation’s countdown, it’s safe to say these boys are ready to take 2015 by storm. Below, we chat with the group about their unique and colorful sound, upcoming tours, and how they became a band.
Cliché: First off, how did you all meet?
DREAMERS: Nick and Chris grew up together in Seattle, and Nelson grew up in Ridgely, Maryland.  We met by some strange turn of events and ended up in Brooklyn, a hub of intense rat-infested art-making. DREAMERS was officially formed less than a year ago in 2014.
What do you think makes your band stand out the most? Is it your sound, your lyrics, or your style?
We think the visual element is one and the same as the music. For example, we have a website, dreamersuniverse.com, that is very psychedelic. There are a lot of specific reasons behind that, namely the theme of sleep and dreams, waking life, and the perplexing situation we call ‘existence.’
Tell us a little more behind the design of your website.
It’s a visual depiction of our universe, so people can see the backdrop behind our music.  We think rock’n’roll  is half music, half lifestyle and philosophy. Using visuals, we can give that context to our music. Life is a strange, weird, and colorful string of visions, feelings, concepts, and dreams. These are the types of things fans can expect from one of our shows as well.
What else can fans expect from one of your shows?
If we can bring together a room full of vastly different individual minds and unite them for a moment with the same sights, sounds, and feelings of freedom and intense experience, then we’ve done our job. Expect songs as well, and surprises.
What about a tour?
Yes, MASSIVE tour announcements are in the works, coming soon. 2015 will be a year of life on the road for us. Please, talk to us on the Internet and invite us to your town, and we really will come there.
Who would you love to tour with if you could?
John Lennon, Bob Marley, Johnny Cash, Nirvana, James Brown, Arcade Fire, Julian + The Voidz, Arctic Monkeys, The Oh Sees, Radiohead, and Foo Fighters. Unfortunately, many of these artists are deceased, so we will first tackle the more realistic goal and tell our agent to call up the brothers Foo. Also, we would love to tour with NY-based foursome Mainland, or Night Riots, or perhaps Public Service Broadcasting (touring with them in April).
Does your band have a message? If so, what is it?
Be EXCELLENT, to each other. And don’t sell yourself short. Also: Life is too short to be an asshole. And: Dream. Dream, think, be, read, do.
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DREAMERS Interview: Photographed by Kristin Roby