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Isabelle Armstrong Bridal Spring 2016 Collection


I’ll be honest—I’m not the kind of girl who dreams about her wedding day. All the attention on you, all the planning and arranging and the stress, all in the name of ceremonial love? It’s so much pressure! Let’s not and say we did! However, after attending the Isabelle Armstrong bridal fashion show at Penthouse 45 in New York City on April 18, I must admit I am now dreaming about the perfect dress.
The brand’s newest luxury couture bridal collection is a tribute to diamonds’ strength and beauty, and each gown is timelessly elegant. From romantic mermaid gowns with feathers and geometric textures to silky, billowing princess dresses with lace details, there was much to covet for any bride-to-be.
See some of our favorites below from the collection!


“Jessica” – $6,180*


“Cate” – $7,500*


“Diana” – $7,427*


“Celia” – $7,000*


“Celeste” – $6,350*

“Jules” – $5,520*


“Ana” – $7,260*


“Dena” – $8,780*

*Suggested retail value
The Spring 2016 collection also includes cocktail dresses and flower girl dresses. For more information on Isabelle Armstrong, visit www.isabellearmstrongny.com.
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Isabelle Armstrong Bridal Spring 2016 Collection: Photographs courtesy of Isabelle Armstrong

Midi Mayhem


Midi Mayhem
Say goodbye to the mini and hello to the midi trend! It’s all about the balance in the short vs. long competition. The two lengths have overlooked their differences and created a love child in the form of the midi length: a not too short, not too long perfect combination.
Now here’s the big question that’s probably popping in your head: what’s so great about a midi length? For one thing, it comes in a variety of fits for any and every woman out there. Want something free-flowing that fits well on the waist? Midi has it. Want something that hugs your curves just right? Midi has that, too. This trend has been taking the world by storm, and has been seen on many celebrities, from Sandra Bullock to Lily Collins, in various shapes creating a midi mayhem.
The trend can be styled in multiple ways: by tucking a shirt inside the midi skirt of your choice, wearing a midi fitted dress, or pairing it with another favorite trend, such as a crop top.
If you’re new to the midi trend, a simple way to try it out would be by getting a staple piece. Start off with a basic midi skirt in a neutral color. The favorites that have been paired with it are booties and simple tops of a different color. Put it together and there you have it–a midi trend all your own!
Once you’ve conquered the first take on it, the possibilities are endless. It’s safe to say that the “simple is more” saying has transformed to “Midi is more.”
Here are some midi inspirations that you could own yourself!
(ASOS Midi Skirt in Sheer Burnout $70, Asos.com) 


(Missguided Skyle Front Split Skirt in Nude $24, Missguided.co.uk)


(Boohoo Elvie Velvet Full Midi Skirt $26, Boohoo.com)


(Bossy Midi Skirt $70, Piximarket.com) 


(Powerful Bodycon Midi Dress $45, Dailylook.com)


(Venice Midi Dress $398, Anthropologie.com) 


(Asos Bardot Body Conscious Midi Dress $46, Asos.com)



Romantic Wear for Valentine’s Day


Romantic Wear for Valentine’s Day

Love is in the air with Valentine’s Day a heartbeat away. Sweethearts are rushing around everywhere with plans to show their special Valentine just how much they mean to them (Date Night, anyone?). Whether you are the giver or receiver this Valentine’s Day, it’s always fun to get into the holiday spirit. What girl doesn’t love to dress up every now and then? Spark up the romance this year by wearing something that will be sure to catch your Valentine’s attention! From gorgeous lace to beautiful flowy textures, these dresses we have chosen will have you ready to keep your Valentine’s heart beating non-stop.

A little bit of detail can go a long way when dressing up for someone, such as wearing a dress with little hints of lace. This in turn shows just the right amount of skin for your special someone. Remember, less is always more!

(Nasty Gal Coquette Lace Dress $78, Nastygal.com)


Who says you can’t wear black on Valentine’s Day? Black can be just as romantic as red if it’s styled in a light manner like this dress. Not only does it show off that romance theme we’re going for, but it also provides a mysterious factor that will definitely get your Valentine’s attention. A stain of color on the lips, such as red or pink, can balance the black tone of the dress to amp it up a bit.

(Free People FP New Romantics Lovers Lane Ikat Dress $140, Freepeople.com)

For a bit of a more laidback approach, a simple fitting dress with some intricate detailing is sure to do the job. A dress that fits in all the right ways doesn’t need to have a lot to make a statement. You are wearing the dress; it isn’t wearing you, so flaunt what you have! Picking one in a light hue as pictured will give room for you to show off your beautiful locks in any style you want with it not being too much.

(STYLESTALKER Love Me Do Dress $190, Dailylook.com)


Of course we had to go with at least one classic red dress for this occasion. You can never go wrong with a number like this, especially with a pair of fabulous heels. Red just screams romance and attention when you walk into a room. There will be no hiding from your Valentine! When pairing a dress like this with heels, stay away from prints and go with a simple color, such as black. It won’t overpower the red of the dress but will instead pull it all together.

(Cooperative Queen of Hearts Fit & Flare Dress $79, Urbanoutfitters.com)


Keep in mind with this next dress that there is no such thing as being too romantic. What else says romance other than hearts? A heart-printed dress, of course! The detailing of the hearts on this dress is balanced perfectly with the small print of the images and the sweetheart neckline. Not only is it super wearable, but there are so many different combinations you can do with it by adding tights underneath or even just throwing a cardigan over it. Whatever you choose to do you’ll definitely be the true “Queen of Hearts” in this piece.

John Paul Ataker Unveils F/W 2014 Collection in NYC


To kick off Fashion Week, John Paul Ataker unveiled their Fall/Winter 2014 collection to an intimate group of guests in their New York City showroom on Seventh Avenue yesterday evening. This womens-wear label, well known for its elegant custom fabrics, features both haute couture gowns perfect for red carpets and ready-to-wear cocktail dresses. The F/W 2014 line, in particular, was greatly inspired by New Yorkers and their keen sense of purpose and style.
“New Yorkers are idealists who demand the best of themselves and others,” Ataker said. “That’s what lures them to the city, and that’s why we wanted to launch the new collection here.”
Pieces from the collection—from gowns to jumpsuits to cocktails dresses—come in all different lengths, fabrics, cuts, and colors. Our favorites? This lacy black ready-to-wear cocktail dress and this sheer, embroidered gown (that just screams Ophelia to Lit majors everywhere).
Read on to check out more photos from the exclusive event, and be sure to follow John Paul Ataker on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. You can also browse their collections and book an appointment to their showroom on their website, www.johnpaulataker.com.
Promo photos by John Paul Ataker

Strike a Pose with JULJA Finland


When three bright fashion-savvy students from Turku, Finland (Nora Peltoniemi, Inka Kiuru, and Johanna Hakala) came together to combine their skills and ideas, a beautiful clothing brand was born. JULJA Finland, founded in 2012, is a Finnish womenswear line meant for the outgoing, independent, and strong woman who loves making a fashion statement. JULJA’s first ready-to-wear collection for Fall/Winter 2013 was released last spring, and only better things are in store for the brand this year. Below we chat with designer Nora Peltoniemi about her lifelong dream, her designing process, and her inspiration.
img-11   img-19
Cliché: What got you first interested in fashion design? Was it something you’ve always wanted to do?
Nora Peltoniemi: When I was a little girl, I loved to play with Barbies. Unfortunately I had no money to continuously buy new clothes for them, so my mom and other relatives taught me how to sew those clothes myself. Since then I’ve always known that I wanted to be a fashion designer.
What kind of customer do you have in mind when designing?
When I’m designing, I always keep in mind the woman that I’m designing for. We’ve defined a JULJA woman who is outgoing, strong, independent, loves her body, and is not afraid to show it.
Do you have any muses or inspiration?
I get my inspiration from different fashion blogs and the way people dress. I also like to browse beautiful pictures, and I think part of my inspiration comes from there also—and of course from my everyday life.
img-9  img-15
What’s your designing process like?
The designing process begins with the need to create a new collection. After that we define the borders for the collection such as season, usability, sex, etc. After that the inspiration takes over and I start doing sketches. At the same time I’m thinking about materials for the collection. Then I make the first prototypes of the collection and we will test them. At the end, of course, there’s a photo shoot for the new collection and then the manufacturing process begins. We have our manufacturing in Estonia, as it’s unfortunately not possible to produce such a big scale of clothes in Finland nowadays. We wanted to keep the manufacturing as close as possible, so Estonia was a natural choice for us. This way, we know who makes the clothes and in what kind of condition they are in since it’s easy for us to visit the factory every now and then.
Which pieces do you enjoy designing the most, and why?
I enjoy designing unique evening dresses because I can really release my inspiration and be creative. I don’t have to think about commercialism and if the clothes are going to sell after I’ve designed them. When designing unique pieces, I can really be creative and do what I want.
Which piece for your shop is your favorite, and why?
The Annaliina dress because it’s festive, showy, and comfortable to wear. I like the way it makes a woman’s body look and how it highlights the best parts of a woman’s body.
Any big plans for this year?
I’m really looking forward to launching our next collection (F/W2014) and having my baby (in June).
img-5   img-17
To shop the collection, visit www.juljafinland.com.
Photographs courtesy of JULJA, Photographed by Katja Virolainen

Dressed to Impress


Ready to glam yourself up this summer? This season’s trends bring us a variety of fun and fabulous dresses! Grab a pencil and takes some notes; this simple checklist will assure that you have all the basics covered when you hit the stores!
Screen Shot 2013-05-28 at 7.46.28 PM

Every girl needs a fitted floral dress. Pair it with pearls and sensible wedges for a classically elegant daytime look.

Screen Shot 2013-05-28 at 7.49.14 PMMake sure there’s room in your closet for a magnificent maxi dress. Throw on a denim jacket and gladiator sandals for a casual day, or pair it with wedges, a loose updo, and some dangling earrings for the perfect date night outfit.

Don’t forget to add the proud prints to your wardrobe. Whether the dress has polka dots or an asymmetrical design, printed dresses are a great way to showcase bold taste and playful personalities.

If laidback and casual is your style, be sure to pick up a hipster high-low. Show off your legs in these fun dresses and you’ll have everyone taking a second glance.

Screen Shot 2013-05-28 at 7.47.32 PM

For those formal occasions, pick up a dress with a conservative collar. Achieve that put together look with a fitted shirt dress that is sure to highlight your frame tastefully.

Finally, do not leave the mall without some snazzy stripes–vertical or horizontal, it doesn’t matter. Paired with subtle accessories, striped dresses are a great way to make a dramatic statement.

Don’t be afraid to take risks this season. With this guide, you’ll surely be dressed to impress!
Photos Courtesy of www.delias.com.