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Unusual Teas to try This Winter


Who doesn’t love a good cup of tea on a cold winter night? A fantastic alternative to coffee (which can be expensive!) tea is an ideal drink for anyone wanting to step away from their coffee addiction in the new year. There are a ton of different types of teas and each one has its own really awesome health benefits; there’s a flavor for everyone. For all my tea lovers out there who want something a bit different from the classic Earl Grey, here are some unusual teas to try this winter!

unusual teas to try

Purple Tea

With half the caffeine of green tea, purple tea is a fantastic drink for anyone trying to pull back on their caffeine intake. It not only looks amazing with its purple color, it also tastes like a cross between black and green tea with a woodsy yet sweet flavor. This tea is full of antioxidants (the most of any tea leaf!), making it a healthy choice this season.

Passion Tea

A personal favorite, passion tea is a delicious blend of hibiscus flowers, orange peel, citric acid, and a few other refreshing ingredients. It can be enjoyed both hot and cold and is both refreshing and fortifying for the winter! With Vitamin C and antioxidants, this tea is ideal for boosting your immune system.

Blue Tea

This lovely tea is made by soaking butterfly-pea flower leaves in hot water and has a ton of health benefits. Full of antioxidants and caffeine-free, this tea is perfect for anyone who doesn’t want to be up all night but wants a nice cup of something warm before bed. It is also said to be a mood enhancer and great for stress relief. Try it with lemon and honey for a sweeter taste!

unusual teas to try

Rose Tea

For anyone wanting to up their tea game and feel a bit fancier, rose tea is for you! The taste is delicate and floral with hints of that classic rose smell. With Vitamin E and C, this drink is great for healthier skin and contains no caffeine or calories. Pour it in your fanciest teacup for a totally classy experience.

Tomato Mint Tea

This one may sound like a combination you would never try in a million years, but it is definitely worth a try! With its rich color and slightly spicy aroma, this tea feels like drinking a delicious broth. It’s way more than just another basic black tea! Try it next time you feel a cold coming on.

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Fall Cocktails to Try This Season!


Today we want to share some of the best fall cocktails to try this season. Fall is a special time full of all our favorite seasonal flavors; pumpkin and apple are hits on the plate this season but why stop there? We have compiled a list of cocktails that are quintessentially fall and represent the best tastes the season has to offer.

White Spiced Coffee

For the coffee lovers out there, try this white spiced coffee to warm up on a chilly evening. It takes a little time and effort to prepare, but the results are well worth it. The coffee, cinnamon, and cardamom flavors pair beautifully with the rum, creating an unforgettable drink. It can also be made without alcohol, making it a great treat for any time of day that everyone can enjoy.

   best fall cocktails Apple Cider Mimosas

Who doesn’t love apple cider? Who doesn’t love mimosas? A twist on the classics, the best of both worlds combine to create this mouthwatering apple cider mimosa. With only four ingredients necessary, this is perfect for anyone who wants a new seasonal favorite without a lot of hassle. Pop that champagne and treat your tastebuds to a bubbly, sweet cider.



Boozy Screamsicle Shakes

No one with a sweet tooth will be able to resist these boozy screamsicle shakes. Just in time for Halloween, these seven ingredient shakes indulge your inner child and pack a punch all at the same time. Orange sherbet, Oreos, and Vanilla Vodka combine to create those signature festive colors. Though Halloween may be different this year, you can still celebrate with these delicious shakes.

 best fall cocktails

Apple Pie Bourbon Shots

For those looking for something a little more intense, these apple pie bourbon shots will be a new favorite for sure. Only six ingredients are required and it takes about five minutes to prepare. Ginger, cinnamon, and nutmeg are key players in making this drink taste just like that signature apple pie. Be careful, they’re so good you won’t be able to have just one!

Hot Mulled Cider

Finally, we want to finish off with a classic: hot mulled cider. Everyone should try making mulled cider at least once and there’s good reason for that; the taste speaks for itself. The drink takes about an hour and requires nine ingredients, making it a little more involved than some of the others, but there’s nothing better than sipping that warm, comforting flavor on a crisp fall night.

We hope you love these fall cocktails and they give you a delicious, boozy boost this season!

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Fresh Drinks to Serve Up this Holiday Season


December is upon us, which means it’s time to start buying gifts, decorating trees, and planning festive parties. Although we love the season, there is nothing more stressful than hosting a holiday party. As hosts, we worry about everything under the snowfall, from the aesthetic of the log fire to seating arrangements. Most of all, we worry about how much fun our family and friends are having, at the end of the day everybody wants to have a good time and make lasting memories with one another. If you want your holiday party to be a memorable one, try serving up some new fresh drinks this year. Enjoy some, or all, of these flavorful holiday cocktails that will be sure to spice up your party (some of which can be made without alcohol).


1. Eggnog with a Twist: Everyone knows the Christmas classic, Eggnog. Originally I found this recipe on delish.com and it is as creamy and sweet as anyone could hope for, but I found that adding a secret ingredient will meet the high Christmas standards for your party.

    • For a serving of 4: In a large saucepan, whisk together 5 egg yolks and ⅓ cup of sugar. Add 2 cups of milk, ¼ teaspoon of nutmeg, ½ a teaspoon of cinnamon, and 1 teaspoon of vanilla, lower the heat to a medium-low flame. Then cook until the Eggnog is thick enough to coat the back of a spoon. Take off the heat and mix in ¾ cups of heavy cream, 1 cup of Rumchata if you’re feeling boozy, and (get ready for it) 1 cup of freshly brewed coffee. Finally, refrigerate until cold and serve with whipped cream.

I know it’s a pretty basic Eggnog recipe, but if you’re like me and don’t enjoy drinks that are overly sweet, adding the coffee becomes a necessity. It takes away from the overpowering sugariness of the Nog and mixes well with the cinnamon and nutmeg spices.


2. The North Pole Cocktail: I found this amazing cocktail on halfbakedharvest.com and, honestly, it’s one of my favorites. It has the aesthetic of a hot chocolate with the flavor of a gingerbread house.

    • For a serving of 4: In a cocktail shaker, combine 4 tablespoons of chocolate syrup, 3 teaspoons of molasses, 1 teaspoon of vanilla, ⅛ teaspoon of ginger, ½ a cup of vodka, and ¼ cup of optional Kahlúa, then (OutKast voice) shake like a polaroid picture, hey ya! Add some ice and shake it, shake it, shake it. Strain the beverage into four glasses, and add ½ a cup of heavy cream. Top it off with whipped cream and a candy cane.

I find this drink really gets me in the mood for the holidays. It smells and tastes like the spices that make up the pleasing aroma of Christmas, and that bite of peppermint from the candy cane makes it even better.


3.The Sufganiyot Cocktail: When I first saw this on thedailymeal.com I thought it must have been very intimidating, but “sufganiyot” is actually Hebrew for “jelly doughnut,” traditionally eaten on Hanukkah. This drink is very potent but still carries the taste it promises in its name.

    • For a single serving: Rub a lemon wedge on the rim of a martini glass and dip in powdered sugar, then add ice. In a cocktail shaker combine ⅛ a cup of vanilla vodka, ⅛ a cup of citrus flavored vodka, and ¼ cup of Manischewitz sweetened blackberry wine. Then shake it up like a magic eight ball being passed around at a slumber party. Finally, strain into your glass and enjoy.

The Manischewitz wine in this cocktail is so delightful, when mixed with the vodkas it creates a harmony in the mouth.


4. Holiday Punch: This is a delicious traditional drink in my household. Funny enough, I’m not sure who created it or how it began, but every year we throw this bad boy together and enjoy.

    • When I say throw this bad boy together I mean that literally. The measurements for this drink are whatever you want (except for the alcohol). Firstly, grab a punch bowl fill the bottom with ice. Then pour in a carton of cranberry juice, followed by half a carton of orange juice, and finally a bottle of 7Up for extra fizz (stir in ⅓ cup of gin if desired). Based on how you like your drinks you can switch around the cranberry and orange, however I like this beverage a little more tart. Finally, garnish with whole cranberries and orange slices.

If you like something that’s fruitier than Eggnog with plenty of fizz, you will want to try making Holiday Punch. From my family to yours.


5. Apple Pie Shot: This simple yet tasty drink will be a favorite at your party this year. I found this recipe on allrecipes.com after searching for a dessert beverage. I was lucky the link for this little guy popped up.

    • For a single serving: In a shot glass pour ⅛ a cup of apple cider and ⅛ cup of Tito’s Vodka or ¼ cup of apple cider if you don’t want it dirty. Then top it off with whipped cream and a large sprinkle of cinnamon.

You may think that this would taste like nail polish remover, as most shots do, but surprisingly this one is rather pleasant. It doesn’t taste completely like a warm apple pie, no beverage can ever be that good, but it does have a nice apple flavor.


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Fresh Drinks to Serve Up this Holiday Season Featured Image Credits: castbox.fm, chowhound.com, allrecipes.com, thedailymeal.com, halfbakedharvest.com, and delish.com

Sweet Summer Drinks From graze


If anyone knows how to turn a snack into a healthy, delicious treat, it’s graze, the new subscription service that is taking the country by storm. To make sure this summer goes out with a bang, they are sharing two delicious drink recipes with us: their guilt-free piña colada and their mango coconut freakshake. Enjoy!


Graze’s Mango Coconut Freakshake

graze - milkshake-1-5

● 1.5 cups coconut water
● 1 tbsp chia seeds soaked in 4 tbsps  of water
● 1 tablespoon shredded coconut
● ¼ teaspoon ground turmeric
● ½ mango (frozen)
● ¼ cucumber
● Juice of 1 lime
● Juice of 1 lemon
● 4-5 ice cubes
● Toppings: coconut yogurt, graze mango coconut granola protein topper, passion fruit spread and fresh fruit

First, blend all ingredients into your blender until smooth.  Then pour into a cup or bowl, and top with fresh fruit and graze snacks.


Graze’s Guilt-free Piña Colada

pina colada 2

● 1 cup coconut milk
● 1 ½ frozen banana slices
● 2 cups fresh pineapple chunks
● ½ cup coconut water
● 1 tbsp coconut oil
● 1 tbsp honey
● 1.5 oz rum
● ½ cup ice (optional)

Blend above ingredients and top with graze’s summertime punch featuring shredded coconut, dried pineapple, and delicious goldenberries.

Visit graze.com and join the snack craze!

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Sweet Summer Drinks From graze: Photographs and recipes courtesy of graze

Friends Fun Wine Review


Canned wine is the new adult way of drinking and we’ll tell you why in this Friends Fun Wine review! Instead of worrying about having a bottle opener on hand, these low-calorie single-serving cans are great for wine lovers on the go! Toss them in the cooler on your way to the beach, bring them along to barbeques and tailgating parties, or simply enjoy at home.

Friends Fun Wine comes in eight different flavors: Strawberry Moscato, Peach Moscato, Rose Moscato, White Moscato, Red Sangria, White Sangria, Cabernet Merlot, and Chardonnay Sauvignon. Friends Fun Wine provided Cliché with samples of the Rose Moscato, White Moscato, and the Red Sangria, which were great. Containing two glasses of wine per can, these convenient beverages are best served chilled. The best part about Friends Fun Wine is that it’s all in the name—grab a can, your friends, and have some fun!

To learn more about Friends Fun Wine, go to Friendsfunwine.com.

VOGA Wine: The Bottle to Bring!


Superbowl Sunday: a day dedicated to football, screaming at the tv, drinking beer, and eating lots of food. I personally am not the sport type, but I do enjoy delicious food and drinks while hanging out with great friends. To my fellow wine lovers, you would understand my level of excitement when VOGA Italia Wine sent me a box of goodies a few days before the Superbowl, including a bottle of Pinot Grigio, Dolce Rosso, Prosecco, and Sparkling wine. I have always been interested in the different types of wine and how they pair with specific foods. VOGA Italia Wine also sent over a list of Superbowl foods that compliment my new bottles of wine.


We brought our VOGA Italia wine to this year’s Superbowl Party, a big change to the usual beer my friends and I drink. My favorite foods are the unhealthy and fried ones such as boneless buffalo wings, mozzarella sticks, burgers, and nachos, but to my luck, these are the suggested Superbowl foods that the VOGA Italia wine would go great with!

We started off with pairing the Pinot Grigio with guacamole and Tostitos chips. Pinot Grigio is my favorite wine and I love the VOGA Italia Pinot Grigio. The light wine complimented the saltiness of the Tostitos chips very well and didn’t overpower the hints of red onion and jalapeño in the guacamole. We then moved on to the sweet Dolce Rosso that we paired with mini burger sliders. I prefer my burgers well done and thought the Dolce Rosso left a very savory taste. Next we moved on to the Prosecco wine matched with spicy buffalo chicken pizza. The Prosecco went well with the spice of the buffalo sauce and the thick pizza dough. We saved the Sparkling wine for dessert which we paired with funfetti cupcakes and sugar cookies. With only 155 calories a bottle, we sure made up for the rest of the calories with the sweets.

VOGA Italia wine is now my new favorite brand of wine to drink. With the bottles ranging from $10.99 to $15.99, not only are they affordable, but they are very delectable in taste, too. Choosing to drink wine instead of beer left us feeling unbloated and made our food tastier. Visit their website at Vogaitalia.com. BY TATIANA STEC