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4 Eco-Friendly Fashion Brands for Earth Day


Staying in touch with the latest fashion trends has a tremendous impact on the environment. Textile waste, toxic chemicals, and a gargantuan carbon footprint are just some examples of the environmental strain left behind by the fashion industry. If only there was a way to keep your wardrobe and the planet fresh. Well, worry not fashion lovers because, in honor of Earth Day, we found a way! Here are some eco-friendly clothing brands that keep your style fabulous and keep our earth beautiful.


The first brand on this list is named after the Chinese custom to pay respects or worship, reminding us to do the same for our earth. Kowtow is perfect for clothing that is elegant, relaxed, and, of course, eco-friendly. All of the comfortable fabric used to make this unique collection is made from organically farmed cotton approved by the Fairtrade Labelling Organisations International (FLO) before making it into anyone’s closet. Any dyes and inks used in creating the adventurous, nature-inspired prints are approved by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) which doesn’t allow for harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde and chlorine bleach. Kowtow is eco-friendly down to the last details; even trimmings and packaging are attended to. All trimmings are sustainable sourced, while packaging and tags are made from recyclables and approved by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).


Looking for clothing that can help bring your professional attire to a more ecologically conscious level? Well, look no further because Siizu can help you go from pouting and polluting to gorgeous and green. Siizu brings you a wide selection of affordable and sophisticated styles in not only clothing, but also 100% sustainable jewelry, fragrances, and skincare. All fabric is made from materials that are entirely organic and sustainably grown. Siizu even cuts down on their carbon footprint by keeping garment factories and fabric manufacturers close to each other to reduce excessive shipping and traveling. Not only is this brand dedicated to making their practice more earth-friendly, but is also focused on giving back. Siizu donates money to the American Forest to help them reach their goal of planting 2.7 million trees in 44 different locations across the country.


United By Blue is a brand not only for people who want to preserve the natural world, but who want to explore it was well. From attire to equipment, this brand has all of the essentials for your next outdoor adventure. United By Blue offers a variety of trendy graphic tees, modern lightweight jackets, stylish hiking boots, and the perfect camping gear to help prepare you for anything that Mother Nature has in store. This brand greatly reduces its impact on the environment by keep up with the B Core Certification, meaning they have to meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency that comply with protecting our environment. One example of these met standards includes all materials being made of recycled polyester and 100% organic cotton and wool. Even 75% of their office supplies are made with recycled materials. United By Blue also pledges to remove one pound of trash from the environment for every product that is sold, just another incentive to check this brand out!


Are you exhausted from chasing trend after trend? Fashion lovers like yourself aren’t the only ones suffering from this pressure. The rapidly changing fashion world can essentially be wasteful at times and puts a copious amount of pressure on the environment. Fair Indigo is a brand dedicated to preventing those pressures by creating a clothing line that is timeless, versatile, and impervious to wear and tear. All materials are completely sustainable and free of dozens of harsh chemicals, and all employees behind the scenes are treated wonderfully and paid fairly. In order to ensure that each piece of clothing can be kept for a long time, the garments undergo a rare process of pre-washing the fabric before it’s cut and sewn to allow for a stronger preservation of the shape and form of each piece of clothing. Keeping the style timeless and the materials durable takes away from the unnerving impact that comes with having to constantly update your closet; making this eco-friendly brand a revolutionary look at the world of fashion.


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4 Eco-Friendly Fashion Brands for Earth Day: Image Credits: us.kowtowclothing.com, siizu.com, unitedbyblue.com, www.fairindigo.com

6 Tips for Keeping your Style Environmentally Sustainable


These days, as it becomes increasingly and alarmingly apparent that our global resources are finite and irreplaceable, it’s more important than ever to find ways to minimize our impact on the environment. For the conscious fashionista: here are 6 tips for keeping your style environmentally sustainable.

  1. Get intimately eco

bamboo-braGetting your ‘eco-friendly fashion style on’ shouldn’t mean that you should compromise comfort.
Do you find yourself flinging off your bra as soon as you get in the door after a night on the town simply because its so uncomfortable? This bamboo bra is one undergarment that will feel like a second skin. Nothing is actually more luxurious and rejuvenating than natural fibers. They allow your skin to breathe and conform to your body’s curves and lines.
Not only is bamboo naturally antibacterial, anti-fungal, anti static, hypoallergenic and unbelievably soft, but it also grows up to one meter a day! It’s one of the most sustainable raw materials in the world, making it the only fabric you should be ‘getting up close and personal’ with on daily basis.

  1. Know that natural is sexy

Being a material girl in the material world is so passe. Just like unspoiled vistas and secluded waterfalls  – the best things in life are free – and natural! Embracing your unique beauty is a great way to find your innate sense of style and you can do this by ‘going off the beaten track’.
Fair trade and ethical fashion sets you apart from the homogeneous mainstream. There are just so many beautiful finds out there that will have you feeling completely in-tune with what really matters.

  1. Embrace retro-styling

retro fashion photo

Photo by henryjose

If you haven’t noticed retro-cool is seriously in! From hipster to rockabilly to serious 70s vibes, it’s an influence that’s driving today’s modern fashion. So, it’s easier than ever to kit yourself out in style without purchasing a single mass produced, sweatshop labored bit of clothing – ever!
Op shops are becoming increasingly good finds for recycled designer fashion, they are much less about the daggy and old mothball feels and so much more luxe/intriguingly unique scores. Also, garage/car boot sales, suitcase rummages and retro fairs can be a great place to pick up some really amazing pieces.

  1. Beauty isn’t to dye for

Making eco-friendly fashion choices extends beyond your wardrobe and into your beauty routine. Are you aware of what’s in your styling products and cosmetics? A lot of the time this comes down to the chemicals and dyes that are part of their composition.
Make sure you aren’t washing a whole bunch of toxins down the drain – negatively impacting waterways and marine life –  next time you put a new color through your hair. Check out eco-friendly hair dyes that come well reviewed and the most popular earth friendly beauty products currently available on the market.

  1. Being a conscious consumer is tres chic

Eco-friendly fashion and style is about making choices that respect natural resources and raw materials and the labor (the humanity) that goes into their production. So next time you make a purchase consider the materials and the methods behind the garment.
Where did it come from? What’s it made of? Is it synthetic and/or mass produced? Will it last a mere few weeks, or even days, before it starts to fall apart? It’s an old adage but it rings true: waste not and want not.

  1. Find your inner fashion warrior

It’s so awesomely cool to make conscious choices when it comes to fashion. When you do splash out there’s less buyer’s remorse. You’ll feel so much better about the purchase knowing that it’s the ethical choice. You’ll feel that the items that you have carefully selected are made with so much more love and care and that they will find a worthy place in your wardrobe for seasons to come.
Ethical and recycled fashion allows you to completely bypass the rampant and destructive tide that is consumerism and be part of the ‘circular fashion economy’.
Being on trend should not have to come with a hefty price tag that corresponds to a pillage of our raw materials on a mass scale. Just like fast food, fast fashion could never be good for you or for the rest of the world.  So, make like Macklemore and pop those tags!
Sustaining your style
Making eco-friendly fashion choices is the smart and responsible choice in sustaining your personal sense of style. It comes with that extra special bonus – a positive effect for the collective well being of our planet and for humanity.
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Images provided by Flickr CC License & MiracleBambooBra.com

Nokshi Crafts Proud to Unveil Their Artisan Hand Painted Silk Scarves


2I was always fascinated by the art of hand painting and handmade goods. As an aspiring entrepreneur I looked for sustainable business models to support the creative fashion industry. At Nokshi Crafts, our scarves are ethically made by artisans from rural parts of Bangladesh, which ensures them sustainable livelihood. Ethical production means our artisans are paid fair wages without being subject to adverse working conditions. I created Nokshi Crafts with a desire to provide opportunities for workers whose voices are unheard and to give them a platform to showcase their talent on a global scale without subjecting them to inhumane working conditions.

Nokshi Crafts is proud to be the first to bring ethically produced hand painted silk scarves in the market. To ensure premium quality, we produce our own silk. Our scarves are made from Rajshahi Silk, a pride of Bangladesh – known for its soft buttery feel and durability.
Initially, our collection will include two product lines. The first one is our hand-dyed batik silk scarf. Batik is the art of hand stamping intricate patterns on a garment using a wax resist. Our batik scarves are hand-dyed using eco-friendly vegetable dyes. 6As a start, we are offering our hand-dyed scarfs in a combination of five different colours and five designs that you can choose from.
The second line is the most exclusive and rare collection on the market. We are super excited to bring our hand-painted silk scarves. We’re very proud to produce the first collection of its kind. Each hand-painted silk scarf is painted by single artists from start to finish, providing a human touch that is exclusive and rare. Our talented artists are able to tell a story through this personal touch.
Each scarf is one of a kind and a true masterpiece and it will really appeal to the modern, working class conscious women, who balance career and family whilst remaining in touch with her individual sense of style. Our light, breathable, buttery soft scarves are perfect for everyday and all-season use, great for travel, light and easy to carry, and versatile for both work or play. Our scarves can even double as a sarong for those laid back lazy days on the beach.
3We have chosen to launch a Kickstarter Campaign to take pre-orders of our scarves and to raise funds for production. Creating sufficient order quantities will allow us to retain a team of skilled and talented artisans who can focus on their task instead of worrying about making ends meet. Through the backer’s commitment, we can ensure that these artisans have steady incomes, which will create incentives for them to be more involved and empowered. And of course, as our mantra goes, we hope to scale up and expand production to steadily create more opportunities to support more artisans.
With a successful campaign, we intend to deliver to our kickstarter backers, but also use kickstarter funds to carry inventory for future orders placed through our website – www.nokshicrafts.com. This will significantly reduce delays caused by weaving, dying, and painting and shipping our products. Our plan is to provide a seamless supply of products, to best meet demands at all times. Therefore, Kickstarter is instrumental to our success.
–Maisha Samiha,
Founder, Nokshi Crafts
Kickstarter preview link
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