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5 Ways to Wear a Circle Skirt


The circle skirt is this season’s most versatile and flattering wardrobe staple. Named for their shape, which is cut like a big doughnut, circle skirts keep the fullness of the skirt at the hem rather than at the waist. The skirt, tight around your waist, flares out around your thighs, creating an hourglass shape on any body type. Sometimes called a skater skirt, this piece is comfortable and easily adaptable for every occasion and style.

Your entire summer wardrobe could be built around one of these striking skirts–like the Light Up My Life Skirt from Modcloth. A gorgeous black skirt is a great investment because you can wear it not only in the warm seasons but also in the fall and winter too! Here are 5 ways to wear a circle skirt:


Who says a skirt has to be feminine? Show off your inner rebel with a form-fitting crop top with a tantalizing metallic zipper closure. A bold color will help you stand out from the crowd.

5 Ways to Wear a Circle Skirt

(Clear Cut Crop Top in Navy, $8.80, Forever21.com)


A tiered crop top in soft hues makes the perfect canvas for your most dangly necklaces. A peek of skin between the skirt and the top gives just a hint of carefree sexiness.

5 Ways to Wear a Circle Skirt

(Tiered Crop Tank in Desert Flower, $12.90, Wetseal.com)


Channel the elegance of mid-century glamour with a pussy bow blouse tucked into your skirt. Soft colors like seafoam will evoke the essence of summer.

5 Ways to Wear a Circle Skirt

(Science of Chic Top, $42.99, Modcloth.com)


Need a last minute dress for a fancy event? Reinvent the little black dress! Pair a circle skirt with a figure-hugging top with sheer details to keep you cute and classy.

5 Ways to Wear a Circle Skirt

(¾ Sleeve Mesh Inset Crop Top, $11.99, Cicihot.com)


When you’re hanging out with your girls or watching your favorite heartthrob on the big screen, keep it casual and pair a circle skirt with a relaxed-fit top featuring a tie-front detail.

5 Ways to Wear a Circle Skirt

(Ivory Floral Smocked Tie Front Tank , $29.90, Delias.com)

Featured image courtesy Modcloth.com

The Best Brooches


We tend to hold on to what we know and love, and our favorite pieces of clothing are no exception to this habit. Even though we’ve worn them 12 too many times, it’s still okay to have eight selfies on Instagram with the same beanie or blazer on. We all know how difficult it is to uphold the celebrity standard of wearing something once and then never using it again. Instead of throwing a garment out or banishing it to the part of our closet’s that never see the light of day, or light period, accessorizing is the route to take.

Experiment with serious, playful, elegant, militial, or themed brooches and pins. They can transform any old garment into something sparkly and new, or even grungy, depending on what look you’re going for.

grenadeHow to pull it off: 

Take an old denim jacket and give it an alternative, edgy, biker chick feel and channel your inner Joan Jett. Brooches can really alter an article of clothing to its newer and better 2.0 phase.


For a more polished look, add a classic Chanel style brooch to an old blazer. This is sure to jazz up any outfit and if done properly, can pull an entire look together.

The magic of the pin:

The pin takes the eyes off the article in it’s entirety and brings all eyes to itself. People will be saying, “awesome pin, where’d you get that,” instead of, “I can so tell that’s your favorite jacket.”

 There are so many styles and ways to accessorize with brooches. From geometric shapes, to bicycle gears, this is an endless way to spice up your wardrobe. Don’t forget to be a risk-taker and a trendsetter.

The Best Brooches: All photos courtesy of Esty accounts: ObjesctsofO, 
CircaAD, BlingblingStunning