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Prinze George Releases 90s Inspired House Track “Purple Sunset”


Alt-pop group Prinze George just released their newest single, a rejuvenating 90s inspired house track titled “Purple Sunset.” The track comes following the release of their “Together” EDM based collaboration with Platinum selling DJ, Shaun Frank.

An invigorating and uplifting electro pop production, “Purple Sunset” was created out of Prinze George’s first days living in LA right before the pandemic, exploring what the city had to offer. Lead vocalist Naomi Almquist used the time in isolation to take notice of the nature in LA and chose to look into the good she had, rather than focusing on the loss of being away from family during such an uncertain time. It’s a song about finding your center and being grateful for the world around you in its purest form. Vocalist Naomi Almquist explains:


We started working on purple sunset a couple of days after Easter 2020. We had just moved to LA from MD a month before lockdown after a pretty brutal year and we were trying to be productive and survive and make sense of the isolation and loss we were all feeling. We were hiking a lot during the pandemic and as east coasters we were so grateful for this new access to all of the natural beauty LA has to offer. 


I started exploring this concept of using nature as a reference point instead of people, like I always have. We were far away from our families and oldest friends. We had our roommates and each other and the mountains and the sky and I wanted to focus on that; on what we had at our fingertips…instead of what we lost.” – Naomi Almquist, Prinze George


While producing the track, the duo took their time finding the perfect chorus, and connected with a piece of gospel that just felt right. Almquist elaborated, 


We want to make sure that people know that we are not trying to dictate any religious ideology to anyone…frankly, we don’t care what you believe. As long as you aren’t hurting anyone and are leading with love, we don’t care how you get there. Whether you worship God or Buddha or the mountains, just make sure you remember to look outside of yourself and your own life for balance occasionally. Safety, peace, strength and healing can be achieved when we stop centering ourselves so much” – Naomi Almquist, Prinze George


Inspired by their hometown roots of Prince George’s County, Maryland, Prinze George is an American Alternative Pop band formed by life-long partners Kenny Grimm (Producer) and Naomi Almquist (Vocalist) in 2013. Soon after, the two recruited then-student Isabelle De Leon (Drummer) while at college. Influenced by a wide array of genres – from folk to electronica to R&B – Prinze George’s music takes the listener on an emotional, introspective journey. With strong harmonics rooted in live instrumentation, danceable grooves in the outer layer of their discography, and themes of love, friendship, loss and perseverance – Prinze George is emerging and transcending across radars, giving a fresh perspective to the pop genre lyrically and sonically.


Following the release of their self-titled EP Prinze George, the band went on tour with Albert Hammond Jr as direct support in 2015. Bolstering their growing reputation, they dropped their debut album, Illiterate Synth Pop, in 2016 and joined Lewis Del Mar on his North American Tour. After impressing fans at festivals like Austin City Limits, Eaux Claires, and Firefly with their nostalgic, synth-soaked sound, innovative and distinctive lyrics, and mesmerizing, gripping performances, the band released their last EP, Airborne in 2018. Around the same time, Naomi and Kenny were given the opportunity to write songs for actor/director Til Schweiger’s film “Head Full of Honey” in Europe. They continued to expand their loyal following and break genre barriers thanks to a string of collaborations in 2019 with some of the industry’s top artists like Carnage, Diplo, G-Eazy & Wiz Khalifa (“Slot Machine,” “Letting People Go” & “Wait For Me”). Their latest EP effort, Happy Garden, dropped March 26th of this year, featuring singles “Garden in the Sky,” “Taller,” and “Centuries.” 

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DVBBS Release “Losing Sleep” – Fusion of Alt-Punk and Electronic Music In Collaboration With Powfu


DVBBS team up with fellow Canadian and alternative sensation Powfu for their new track “Losing Sleep,” which sees the duo experimenting with a masterful blend of alt-punk and electronic music. Opening with mellow instrumental melodies, Powfu‘s heartfelt vocals shine through as “Losing Sleep” laments on a lost lover. DVBBS‘s influence comes in soft basslines during the culmination of the track, which is guaranteed to pull at any listener’s heartstrings. Powfu has been riding the wave of his TikTok popularity from “death bed (coffee for your head)” song, which got him signed to Columbia Records and just surpassed 1 billion streams on Spotify alone. “Losing Sleep” is the latest from DVBBS‘s forthcoming album “SLEEP” and follows their recent “Lose My Mind,” for which they sampled Yebba, and “Fool For Ya” – a dancefloor filler, which announced the forthcoming LP. You never know what kind of sound this adventurous duo has up their sleeve next, so stay tuned for more from the new album!

Losing Sleep‘ is the definition of fresh, we’re excited to share this one.” – DVBBS

Losing Sleep‘ is an acoustic idea I wrote a few years ago and posted on my IG. It’s really cool to see DVBBS take it to the next level” – Powfu

Only a few producers have risen to the top in the electronic music scene as quickly as DVBBS, who captured the industry’s attention with hits like “Tsunami” and “Not Going Home” and never let it go. The Canadian brothers Alex and Christopher have been continuously cultivating their sound since their debut in 2012 and have racked up an impressive display of collaborations with renowned names from diverse musical backgrounds, such as blackbear24kGoldnJasmine ThompsonBellyNERVOJuicy J, and more. DVBBS continue to prove there’s nothing they can’t accomplish. Their hits such as “La La Land,” “Gold Skies,” and the breakthrough “Angel” are staples in every dance music fan’s library. Prior to the global pandemic, DVBBS performed a staggering 250 dates per year at some of the world’s hottest music festivals and top-tier clubs, including TomorrowlandEDC Las VegasUltra Music FestivalHakkasan Las Vegas or Ibiza‘s Amnesia, and Ushuaia. Throughout their career, DVBBS has proved they are relentlessly dedicated to expanding their global footprint and bringing cutting-edge new music to their listeners.

More info on DVBBS / Powfu / Ultra Records:

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Electronic Artist Manatee Commune Talks New Music, Upcoming Tour, and Musical Inspiration


Grant Eadie, better known as Manatee Commune, grew up as a classically trained musician in Spokane, Washington. After becoming completely enamored by classical music, he moved into the electronic scene. His songs have rich textures and layers that are in part inspired through his upbringing in classical music. He mixes organic sounds from nature with electronic elements that create smooth tracks that have been described as “groovy.” His songs have such a relaxing feel to them while also being exciting and keeping crowds engaged during his live shows. He’s becoming a staple in the electronic and dance community touring with big names such as Odezsa, performing at festivals all over the US, and being named “best electronic artist” by Seattle Weekly. His latest single “Growing Pains” is the final song to be released from his album PDA which releases Friday, May 3rd. 

Listen to Manatee Commune’s latest track here: 


Cliché: Can you tell me a little bit about your background as a classically trained musician?  What pulled you into this creative world?

Grant Eadie: When I was a kid I was mildly obsessed with Celtic music. As early as I can remember, I wanted to play the violin and begged my parents to let me take classes.  When elementary school rolled around, I finally got the chance. After that, I couldn’t get enough and wanted to play everything I could and to be the best at it.

In high school, music was literally the only thing I cared about.  So I just soaked up everything I could in my little town of Spokane, WA.  Then I discovered electronic music and my inspiration skyrocketed. I did my best to figure out how to make that kind of music myself and the rest, as they say, “is history.”


As a fellow violist, I really appreciate your use of viola throughout your songs, it’s not something you really hear all too often!  Can you tell me a little about your instrumentation and choices behind it? It’s such a great mix of organic and electronic that creates such rich textures.

I think my classically trained background has given me the desire to make rich, four part harmonies and create sweeping, cinematic sounds.  I find that strings usually accomplish that so well, especially when performed live. And I’ve noticed the richness of the sound that comes from human touch and I try to make it a point to at least perform all the parts of my productions, even if they are “synthetic” in nature.


Reading about your writing process for your song, “I Can Dream” feat. Effee, and how it all started with a beautiful spring day in Portland, it’s evident that you are inspired by the world around you. What would you say inspires you the most? Do you have a specific writing process or does it happen differently with each song?  

Each song has its own unique inspiration.  More often than not it’s captured in a small field recording that establishes the mood and then I tweak to blossom into a full blown track.  The subtle details in the space inspires me the most. When I can close my eyes and listen to my surroundings and an immense feeling of calm washes over me, I know I got the right “sound”  — like when you notice rain blowing through the leaves or the creak of a porch swing swaying in a gentle breeze.


You’ve collaborated with artists such as Marina Price, Effee, Flint Eastwood, and others. Who else would you love the opportunity to work with?

My ultimate wish list would definitely include Chelsea Cutler, Emily King, BAYNK, Chrome Sparks, Raveena and Tom Misch.


Your live sets are so interesting to watch because you’re the one making it all happen. What are some of the challenges you face when your performing live? What’s your favorite part about performing live?

A major challenge is maintaining the energy level.  Performing live, triggering visuals and engaging the crowd requires tons of focus.  Keeping all these moving parts well oiled while maintaining my stage presence is both invigorating and a little lonely sometimes.

My favorite part of performing live is hitting the drop with a full room of people and watching the anticipation on the crowd’s faces morph into blissful expressions as their expectations are surpassed and they find themselves lost in the music and the experience.


You’ve got a tour coming up this spring with Geographer. What are you looking forward to with this tour? Any stops along the way you are particularly looking forward to?

I’m so excited and honored to be supporting Geographer this Spring.  Not only to be back on the road, but to debut bits and pieces of my new live set to the fans and cities I’ll be performing at for the first time.  Off the top of my head, San Francisco and LA are the 2 stops I’m really pumped about. And I’m going to pull out all the stops to make those shows really special and memorable.


Apart from this upcoming tour.  What else can listeners expect from you coming up in the near future?

I’ve got a full length album, PDA, out May 3 on Bastard Jazz with tons of featured vocalists.  Dropping some limited edition, autographed white vinyl too for the project.  The music video for my 4th single off the album, Growing Pains, premieres in May.  Also did a special mixtape for Apple that drops a week or so after the album. Festival dates at Lightning in a Bottle, Shambhala and a few others this summer then my headlining tour this fall/winter and a special NYE 2019 performance.  And most importantly, I’ll be documenting the process of growing out my mustache on the ‘gram!


Manatee Commune will be on tour this spring. Check out his website to see if he’s coming to a city near you! 


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Electronic Artist Manatee Commune Talks New Music, Upcoming Tour, and Musical Inspiration: Featured Image Credit: Allen Daniel 

SHAED Talks New Music, Upcoming Tour, and Their Recent Feature in an Apple Commercial


Alternative band SHAED has been making music together ever since they all became friends back in high school. Hailing from Washington, DC, the group consists of twins Max and Spencer, and their best friend Chelsea, who is now also Spencer’s wife. The band is first and foremost best friends and their love of the same music is channeled into their creation of music. Chelsea answered some questions for us about their new music, their recent feature on an apple commercial, and more about what we can expect.


Cliché: How did the three of you decide to start making music together? Was there a specific moment when you knew that this was the right fit?

Chelsea: The instant we became friends is the moment we started writing songs together. We were in separate projects for the first couple of years of knowing each other which prevented us from working together officially until SHAED was born in 2016.


How does your songwriting process work? What inspires you to write your music the way that you do?

We all live together in a small house outside of DC. We try to write together as much as possible. Our inspiration can be as simple as having the ability to walk into our studio every day and freely create.


I was first introduced to your music last year when you were on tour with Bishop Briggs and Manatee Commune and I’m very happy that I was! How much has changed for you since that tour?

A ton has changed. We all moved into a house together. Spencer and I got married. And we released our EP Melt.


Your song, “Trampoline,” was recently featured on an apple commercial and it’s one of your most popular songs on Spotify and itunes. How important has that exposure been for you? Do you feel you’ve gained new fans you hadn’t reached before?  

The Apple commercial has been a dream. The amount of exposure we’ve received is unbelievable – we have gained so many new fans, especially internationally. It has opened a lot of doors for us which we are incredibly thankful for.



You’ve gone on tour a few times now. What has been your favorite city or cities to play and why?

We get asked this question a lot and we always struggle to answer. We are so happy that we have the opportunity to travel and each place we visit is wonderful.


When performing live do you try to make it sound just like the recorded versions or do you ever like to get creative with the composition or instrumentation when performing? What’s your favorite song to perform live at the moment and why?

We definitely like to change things up. We totally strip down “Just Wanna See” to just electric guitar, drum pad and vocals. That’s our favorite song to play live at the moment.


Your latest EP, Melt, has been out for a little while now. I read that leading up to it you were writing every day. What was it about the songs that are on it that they made the final cut?

We wrote a lot of songs for this EP but we picked tracks that were especially special to us. “Melt” was the first song we wrote in our house, “Trampoline” followed after, and “You Got Me Like” and “Keep Calling” were a result of being snowed in during the winter months. Every song we chose just felt like us.


It was recently announced that you’re going on your first headlining tour this coming February which must be really exciting! What are you most looking forward to?

It’s going to feel super special knowing that everyone there came to see us 🙂 Seeing and hearing people sing along to our songs is our favorite thing.


Apart from your upcoming tour, what can listeners expect from SHAED coming up in the near future?

New songs soon 🙂



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SHAED Talks New Music, Upcoming Tour, and Their Recent Feature in an Apple Commercial Featured image credit: Nicole Mago 

CHVRCHES Find Their Remedy In ‘Love Is Dead’


Love Is Dead is the third studio album from the Glasgow-based synth-pop trio CHVRCHES, and the group’s latest project since 2016’s Every Open Eye. It’s also one of their sharpest releases to date. Featuring the refined and glittering production of Grammy award winning Greg Kurstin (whose previous credits include Adele, Sia, and Beck, among many others) on 9 out of 13 tracks — marking the first time CHVRCHES has worked with an outside producer on an album — Love Is Dead is a step in a different, remarkably self-assured direction for a group that has been consistently delivering infectious and wry pop since their 2013 debut, The Bones Of What You Believe.

Despite the fact that the process of creating this album was unlike any other, one constant that any CHVRCHES fan can count on from any track is a catchy chorus. From opening track “Graffiti,” which chronicles a distant but intense young love, to the introspective closer “Wonderland,” Lauren Mayberry’s vocals soar effortlessly and unconditionally. Repetition has always been the trio’s best friend when it comes to writing their memorable and sing-a-long-friendly choruses, and the simple lyrics are always bolstered by lush and electrifying beats. While this has remained true for all their releases, on Love Is Dead they’ve truly found the sweet spot — evidenced by leading single “Get Out,” an arena-ready, certified banger with a chorus made up mostly of just a repetition of the title.

Another first (and highlight) of the album is the unexpected, but completely welcome collaboration with The National’s Matt Berninger, who alternates singing verses with Mayberry on “My Enemy.” Berninger’s signature croon cools down Mayberry’s hyper-intense soprano, blending beautifully into a one-of-a-kind pop anthem.

CHVRCHES Find Their Remedy In ‘Love Is Dead’: Photo courtesy of Headline Planet/Andrew Lipovsky/NBC

CHVRCHES Find Their Remedy In ‘Love Is Dead’: Photo courtesy of Headline Planet/Andrew Lipovsky/NBC

Not to say that Mayberry needs any help on vocals, though. This she has proven time and time again to be unnecessary. On “Graves,” her recitation of the lines “I will stop at nothing” becomes more and more powerful each time, as if they are a prayer she is physically willing into existence. It’s only a few tracks later, on “Really Gone,” that she slips into a breathy falsetto, ushering the listener into an airy and ephemeral world of realization. A world that looks vaguely like a room full of mirrors, reflecting all the insecurities and uncertainties that usually stay hidden. And, to quote Robert Frost, “the best way out is always through.”

From top to bottom, Love Is Dead is one band’s exercise in facing reality and working through it. It’s a solution to the ever-looming question of how to create authentic art that stays true to an artist’s integrity, while also creating something relevant to the cultural climate. In short, it’s a lesson in not selling out. With the lofty production of Kurstin by their side, CHVRCHES have stepped into a new realm of artistry — one that couldn’t have been possible without a proper period of self-reflection, followed by a few creative risks.


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CHVRCHES Find Their Remedy In ‘Love Is Dead’: Featured image courtesy of CHVRCHES

Anna Of The North Releases Chilling Single “Oslo”


Electronic duo “Anna Of The North” has seen exciting success. The pair’s songs have been streamed over 40 million times and their single, “Sway” was also remixed by The Chainsmokers. Recently, the artists released their new single titled “Oslo.” In the song, the artists capture the feeling of being in Oslo, a city they love dearly. The song combines both electronic beats with a mellow, reflective look at Oslo. The song is a beautiful journey through the city and the experiences the artists have had there. Throughout the song, the chorus repeats saying, “I never want to leave you / I never want to go / You’re the warmth that’s in my heart / And it makes me feel at home.” The duo does a wonderful job of translating the love they have for this city into song lyrics that are both emotional and relatable, no matter where you call home.

The music video for the single is equally as well done. Focusing on the Nordic landscapes, the video is whimsical and dream-like.
The video features only Anna Lotterud, one half of Anna Of The North. The video is just her, the music, and the beautiful landscapes. Brady Daniell-Smith, the other half of Anna Of The North, describes his inspiration for the song. “I’d never been to Oslo. It seemed so untouched and really captured my imagination…I met Anna soon after and we finished it together – she brought an authenticity to it that makes it feel like a love letter to the city.” The video further helps to capture the feeling the song conveys; warmth, and the feeling of home.
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Anna Of The North Releases Chilling Single “Oslo.” Featured image courtesy of Pigeons & Planes.

Grand and Warren Share Their Sound


601e99_4f420995c7142bdc923f804c091914e7The term “disc jockey,” created in 1935, was made in reference to those who operated or worked with vinyl records. Fast forward a few years to the discos of the 1970’s, and dance music is a not only a phenomena, but a culture captivating the lives of those in afros and white platform boots. Dance music is continuing to change, even today, and in 2013, dance music has taken on a completely new form. There are so many different styles of dance music that have evolved: hip-hop, rap, trance, electro, house, and dubstep are just some of the latest.
According to New Jersey’s up and coming DJ’s Grand and Warren, “DJing now, compared to DJing from years ago, is like night and day. Nowadays, DJing is only a fraction of what we do. Anyone can call themselves a DJ, but in order to stand out from the rest, you have to be on your game both in and out of the DJ booth. It takes countless studio hours, meetings with new connections, and constant marketing and promotion. DJing is our best time to interact with new people and when we really get to display our talent.”
The talented duo, James Alexander and Gary Rabbitt, originally met at Saint Peters Preparatory High School in Jersey City, New Jersey, which sits on the intersection of Grand and Warren. Although they were acquainted with each other for some time, they did not collaborate musically until a few years later. The two coincidentally spun at the same bar (Celebrities in Haledon, NJ) and decided to change their game up by performing at the same time, as opposed to having two separate sets. With the recent release of their original tracks, “Lion” and “Tonic,” Grand and Warren have just begun their journey to the top of the electronic scene.
Cliché: How have you progressed as artists and as a team since you began your DJ career path?
James Alexander: We do a lot of listening. I’m not talking about music. I am talking about listening to what everyone has to say. No one’s opinion is considered “stupid” or “irrelevant.” We realize where we are in the industry at this time, and we only want to get better.
Gary Rabbitt: We have definitely grown since the start. Like James said, we like to listen to what people have to say, and we draw our own business plans based on the knowledge we acquire.
Do you plan on having careers outside of this industry (if you don’t already)?
James: I definitely plan on making a few investments outside of this industry. Growing up, I learned and taught myself how to become a barber, and I am very blessed to be working with the best barbershop in the world, Fabulous Stylz!
Gary: Music has been my passion for most, if not all, of my life. So, whether it be producing music or helping others in the industry, I intend on keeping my career path focused here.
What aspects of your life (both past and present) influence your music?
James: The fans, the crowds we play in front of, Pacha in New York City. The list goes on…
Gary: For me, our music is just a reflection of our experiences that we’ve shared throughout our lives. Sometimes, capturing that one sound or writing that one verse is all it takes to bring back memories, both good and bad.
How do you come up with the concepts for your original tracks, in addition to mixing songs?
James: It’s all over the place. We hear so many great productions from other artists, and it can get very inspiring. Then, all of a sudden, something pops up in your head while listening to the track, and next thing you know, you are writing your own.
Gary: It’s difficult to really pinpoint where the concept for an original comes from. Sometimes, I wake up from a deep sleep with a melody, and I’ll have to make a dash for the piano just to jot it down. It comes and goes; it’s a gift and a curse.
Other than performing, name other projects that you are currently working on or aiming for.
Both: Producing and collaborating with other artists.
Which are some of the best and worst experiences in your musical career thus far?
James: Best experience by far was playing at Pacha NYC. We worked so hard to perform there, and it was everything we expected. The worst? Not too much. We enjoy the late nights in our studio, and everyone who helps us out and stays on top of us with everything we do.
Gary: For me, my best experience was when we produced our first track, “Carbon.” It was the moment when we realized we had a lot more talent than we expected.
In this type of musical genre, are there rivalries between artists similar to those in the rap and pop world?
James: Not that I am aware of, and I hope it never gets to that. This industry is filled with artists that use other artists productions to better their live performances! It’s beautiful.
Gary: From our understanding, this industry is more about love and passion rather than competition and “who’s better than who?”
Where do you see Grand and Warren within the next five to ten years?
Both: At the top! We can’t wait to show off our talent and share it with the rest of the industry’s best producers!
What activities do you participate in outside the DJ life?
James: Not too much. When I’m not working on music, I am usually in the barbershop.
Gary: I am fully involved with our music 24/7.
What advice do you have for artists pursuing the same passions?
James: Don’t listen to anyone who tells you that you can’t do it, and surround yourself around good, positive people.
Gary: As LaidBack Luke said to us, “Just keep going, work the hardest you can, never ever give up on your dream, and you will!”
Does pop-culture or the electronic world have any influence on your music?
Both: Every genre of music influences us.
What are some upcoming musical trends that electro-lovers should be looking out for? More dubstep, trap, or something new?
James: Dubstep made its way and is continuing to grow. Trap is definitely coming above ground, for sure!
What should fans be expecting from Grand and Warren in the not-so-distant future?
James: A lot of new productions and crazier parties! We are currently working alongside a girl by the name of Nicole Medoro. What a voice this girl has!
Gary: Absolutely. Nicole Medoro is a phenomenal person with a beautiful voice. We are putting out our remix of her song “Running Back” very soon.
When it comes to DJing, James says, “It is more than music: It is an art, it is creativity, it is sharing,” and he is absolutely correct. This passion for music is what separates them from other DJs and has lead them to perform at locations such as Pacha (NY, NY), 4Sixty6 (West Orange, NJ), Teak on the Hudson (Hoboken, NJ) and many more. Listen to their free, high-energy podcasts on the Grand and Warren podcast channel (available through iTunes) and download a handful of their songs from Soundcloud. For a further peek into the duo, don’t be shy—send them a tweet at @grandandwarren and like them on Facebook.
Photo courtesy of grandandwarren.com