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Take Your First Steps Getting to Know Two Feet


Chet Faker, Flume, Two Feet. If you’re not familiar with the last name, it’s OK. Not a lot of people are, but you’ll soon remember his name. Check out his recently released EP First Steps (available to stream via SoundCloud) to experience the mix of EDM, jazz, and R&B all in one. The song we can’t get out of our head is ironically “Go Fuck Yourself,” which we would never ask you to literally do. Head bob, sway—do whatever your body naturally tells you to do and take in all of the two minutes and nine seconds. Then hop to the next track, which you’ll vibe out to just as much. Keep reading to learn more about who is Two Feet as he tells us about his start in music, performing on stage at SXSW and with JAIN, and his goals for the future!