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How To Advertise Your Event During A Pandemic


Today we want to show you how to advertise your event during a pandemic. While most events have been postponed at the moment due to the coronavirus pandemic, some events are still going ahead, either socially distanced or online. Usually it is relatively simple to advertise an event; you can post on social media, make posters or flyers, and inform people via word of mouth.

However, during the pandemic, it has become harder to get the relevant information to the relevant people. With a flurry of online advertising campaigns as companies rush to digitize their operations, it has become difficult to stand out from the crowd when advertising your event.

In this blog you will find easy ways to stand out when advertising during the pandemic.

Get Old-Fashioned

How To Advertise Your Event During A Pandemic

Photo by ROMAN ODINTSOV on Pexels

One thing that many people forget to consider is the power of traditional methods. Making flyers or posters that advertise your event, to be posted around town, college campuses, or inside public buildings, is still a valuable form of advertising.

Why are old-fashioned methods particularly relevant for the pandemic? Many people are spending more time than ever online, so surely all advertising should stay digital? While it is, of course, important to advertise your event online, using posters is a unique, eye-catching way to advertise in this day and age, thus drawing more attention. Plus, it’s a cheap way to advertise, compared to PPC advertising or similar methods. 

If you want to link your poster or flyer to further information online, make a QR code to include in the poster! This way, anyone who is interested can find out further information by simply scanning their smartphone.

Use Trendy Designs

As we move through the years, popular forms of digital marketing come and go. Infographics are the name of the game right now; you’ll see them all over Instagram if you search popular accounts that gain followers each day.

It is super important to pay attention to the kind of digital marketing that is getting a response right now – and emulate it. Perhaps consider outsourcing your digital marketing of an event to a company that uses these modern methods to entice a younger audience, if that’s what you are looking for!

Lay Out Your COVID-19 Safety Procedures

How To Advertise Your Event During A Pandemic

Photo by August de Richelieu on Pexels

If your event is going ahead in-person, it is very important to ensure you are keeping people safe. Most people will want to avoid in-person gatherings for obvious reasons, so as the organizer, it is absolutely crucial to lay out your COVID-19 safety plans when advertising the event.

You don’t have to make this serious or dull – you could even make it fun. Asking all guests to bring their most colorful mask, for example, enforces a mask rule while making it part of the fun event dress code. 

Similarly, you could provide branded masks and/or gloves at your event, so that it is easy for everyone to access these things while making it part of the fun!

Final Thoughts

If you are trying to come up with innovative ways to advertise an event during the pandemic, these helpful tips will light the way to success!

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Images provided by Creative Commons, Flickr, Unsplash, Pexels & Pixabay

The Best On and Off-Screen Kisses for International Kissing Day


In case you haven’t already heard, today is international kissing day. That’s right, there is a day dedicated to celebrating kissing. A quick Google search will yield several articles about this common show of affection and why it is significant. This international recognition began in 2006 and since then, people take July 6th to appreciate their significant other, their children, and their family with the simple, but meaningful gesture. Whether you’re appreciating a loved one or the mere connection that we all share as human beings, it’s important to remember that we all need a little love in our lives. To celebrate today, let’s take a look at some of the best on and off-screen kisses.

International Kissing Day: Some of the Best On-Screen Kisses

Alfred Hitchcock’s “Notorious”

The Best On and Off Screen Kisses for International Kissing Day

Alfred Hitchcock’s “Notorious” Kiss with Cary Grant and Ingrid Bergman. Photo Credit: RKO Pictures, Ernest Bachrach

This one is for the film buffs out there who know their classic cinema. Or for those of you who don’t, here’s why this scene is so effective. The famous director, Alfred Hitchcock, found a way around the 1940s film Production Code’s ban on lengthy kisses. At the time, on-screen kisses weren’t supposed to last longer than three seconds. Hitchcock cleverly bent the rules by creating a two-and-a-half-minute kissing scene. Cary Grant and Ingrid Bergman didn’t actually break that three-second lip-lock. Instead, they kissed for three seconds, took breaks to deliver lines, and then began kissing again. It was utterly genius and seamlessly executed. If you haven’t seen this kissing scene, you may be underestimating the power of the on-screen kiss.

Victor Fleming’s “Gone with the Wind”

The Best On and Off-Screen Kisses for International Kissing Day

Scarlett O’Hara and Rhett Butler’s Kiss from “Gone with the Wind”
Photo Credit: REX FEATURES

Again, it’s another classic, but come on, who can deny the chemistry between Scarlett O’Hara and Rhett Butler? The film, based on Margaret Mitchell’s novel of the same name, is set in the backdrop of the American Civil War. O’Hara and Butler are perhaps one of the most notoriously tumultuous couples to ever grace the silver screen.

“Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back” Han and Leia’s Kiss

The Best On and Off-Screen Kisses for International Kissing Day

Han and Leia’s Kiss in “Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back”
Photo Credit: Lucasfilm LTD, 20th Century Fox, Disney

This kiss is pretty epic and it’s not just because it’s from a Star Wars film. The chemistry between Han and Leia is something that we all feel, thanks to Harrison Ford and the late Carrie Fisher’s portrayals. Han and Leia are a perfectly relatable couple and that’s what makes the payoff so great.

International Kissing Day: Some of the Best Off-Screen Kisses

The Times Square Kiss

The Best On and Off-Screen Kisses for International Kissing Day

Times Square Kiss 1945 by Alfred Eisenstaedt
Photo Credit: Getty Images, Alfred Eisenstaedt

Everyone has seen this photograph. Celebrating the end of WWII, the sailor was captured mid-kiss with a nurse. All thanks to a well-timed photographer and incredibly high emotions, this photograph is probably one of the most reenacted poses for modern-day couples photos.

Painting: The Kiss by Gustav Klimt

The Best On and Off-Screen Kisses for International Kissing Day

The Kiss by Gustav Klimt
Photo Credit: Getty Images

This vibrant display of lovers in an intertwined kiss was created by the famed Austrian painter Gustav Klimt in 1907-1908. If you’ve ever in Vienna, Austria, stop by the Österreichische Galerie Belvedere museum to catch a glimpse of this painting in person.


Don’t forget to appreciate someone with a kiss today!


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The Best On and Off-Screen Kisses for International Kissing Day. Featured Image Credit: Getty Images.




Fall Beauty Trend Event with Nordstrom


Not only is fall the perfect season to rock new fashion trends, but to also experiment with new makeup. Nordstrom Beauty is kicking off the fall with their seasonal Beauty Trend Weeks to bring you the hottest makeup trends from backstage at New York Fashion Week! This year, it’s all about Ultra-Pretty Neutrals and Bold Color.

Going with a neutral look is a fall favorite. With neutrals ranging from bronze, rose, and peach, attaining a natural-looking makeup look and beautiful, glowing skin is easier than ever. The possibilities for creating a soft look are endless, no matter what the occasion. For a night out on the town with your besties, bold colors are key. To create a dramatic look, rock a bold-colored lip, such as a deep plum or red shade. Then, dust a dark color like a royal navy on your lids for the perfect smokey eye. Finish off your look with a defining brow and be ready to turn heads!
Now through December 10th, you and a friend can visit Nordstrom to meet with beauty experts who will teach you how to get the latest runway looks with products tailored specifically for you! You will also receive free samples and exclusive gifts with your purchase while supplies last. To be part of the Fall Beauty Trend Event with Nordstrom, call or visit your local Nordstrom, or go to http://shop.nordstrom.com/c/fall-beauty-events and look for your city (dates included). For inspiration and the latest trends, follow Nordstrom on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest at @Nordstrom!
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Fall Beauty Trend Event with Nordstrom: Photos Courtesy of Nordstrom

Cliché Magazine’s EIC Speaks at AmeriChina Event as Panelist


On May 6, Cliché Magazine’s Editor in Chief Megan Portorreal (second from right) joined fashion designer Eva Xu (far left), of the emerging brand All Comes From Nothing; Angela Sum (far right), Project Runway alum and designer of asum; and David Leung (second from left), an adjunct professor of Parsons, designer, and entrepreneur as a panelist for AmeriChina’s New Wave of Fashion Design Pioneer in New York City. As a public relations and business-consulting firm that prides itself in “assisting American businesses in establishing and/or expanding their brands in the contemporary Chinese marketplace” while also connecting Chinese businesses with U.S. opportunities, the AmeriChina group often holds events to connect individuals in fashion, media, and business industries.


From Left to Right: Eva Xu, David Leung, Megan Portorreal, Angela Sum

Aspiring fashion designers and students from FIT and Parsons, many of whom are in the process of launching brands of their own, attended the event to get advice about breaking into the fashion industry and managing their business. Moderator Xu asked Portorreal several questions about how emerging fashion designers can catch the attention of the media, and what the media looks for when selecting fashion designers to feature.
“When I’m going through fashion pitches, I always look for brands that have a good look and a good story,” Portorreal told the audience. “Something inspiring, unique, and interesting—that’s what catches my eye. When I meet designers, I always want to know about their muse. What inspired you so much that you decided to make an entire collection about it?”
Having attended countless fashion shows both backstage and front of house, Portorreal went on to say that fashion shows or press presentations are also extremely important for emerging artists. “Fashion shows or presentations are your introduction,” she said. “It’s your first impression. It will set the mood for not only that particular collection, but for your brand as a whole.”
Portorreal also said that fashion shows generate a lot of excitement, and it’s a great chance for the audience to get a more personal look at a designer’s brand or collection. It’s also a chance for the designer to learn more about his or her audience.
Xu also asked the panelists Sum and Leung about the challenges many emerging designers face, how they should utilize social media, and pricing strategies for new collections, and then gave some advice of her own to the group about launching your own brand and securing the right funds.
In the future, AmeriChina plans to hold more events just like this to bring key innovators in fashion and media together to talk about their experiences.
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Cliché Magazine’s EIC Speaks at AmeriChina Event as Panelist: Photographs courtesy of Zhe Chen

Art Basel Recap


During the first week of December, more than 75,000 art lovers converge on Miami Beach to enjoy modern and contemporary art at Art Basel, the world’s premier art show, and its satellite fairs, art museums, gallery openings, and, of course, parties. This eclectic gathering of wealthy art collectors chauffeured in their Bentleys and art enthusiasts living between paychecks viewed the amazing artwork and price tags at Art Basel. Upon selling a $1 million Wifredo Lam painting, the gallery director casually said, “After someone has bought the mansion and the yacht and everything else, they might turn to art.” The galleries of Art Basel displayed more than $3 billion worth of artwork for sale at the right price.

Art Basel Miami by Terry Check  IMG_0657small

But what is the right price? Or should we ask, “What is art?” Take, for example, Matt Johnson’s “Party Cup Pyramid,” a colorful red sculpture of ten Dixie cups turned upside down stacked in pyramid form. Is the price right at $35,000? The artist was probably inspired by his repressive homeland, let’s say Russia, with empty shelves at the supermarket, or some other fictional story to justify the price.

If you need a glass of water to quench your artsy thirst, how about “Glasses with Magnetized Water” by a Colombian artist who performed a “ritual” in 1974 to magnetize the water, now selling for $12,000.

Art Basel Miami by Terry Check  IMG_0642

Sterling Ruby’s “SCALE,” a mixed media of hanging trash balancing from a pipe, has a price tag of $200,000. Rudolf Stingel’s “Untitled,” an amazing piece of Celotex insulation, of course professionally framed, is priced at $265,000 reserve (meaning the artist will not sell it for less than $265,000 and higher bids are welcomed).

Art Basel Miami by Terry Check  IMG_0747smallIn order for a gallery to exhibit artwork at Art Basel, the cost is about $40,000 for a 20 x 20 foot floor space. For an artist without high-end gallery representation, it is impossible to exhibit artwork at Art Basel unless your name is Takeshi Spider, a creative Japanese sculptor. For the $45 admission fee, he strolled throughout the Art Basel convention center wearing his 5-foot tall artwork, “Passionate Lover,” strapped to his back. Art patrons gathered around him wondering what was happening, some asked questions, and others took pictures. When asked, “What are you doing?” the mild-mannered artist said, “My name is Takeshi Spider, a Japanese artist. My artwork is the ‘Passionate Lover.’” Turning around to display his work, he added, “If she loves me, she will take me to paradise. However, if she hates me, she will kill and eat me. That’s the way it is, because she is a scorpion.”

The artwork sold for $1,000. As more people gathered, Spider continued, “My art is known as temporary art. At one time, art was passionate, powerful, and soulful. Then art became apathetic, powerless, and empty, known today as contemporary art. The time of contemporary art is over. I am the beginning of temporary art.” The free-speaking artist received more attention from visitors and journalists than many of the high-end gallerists.

Another lesser-known artist, Jennifer Healy, sporting a shaved head topped with a feathery arrangement, loves life, people, and animals. When exhibiting her artwork, a framed video about “how men don’t really listen to women,” she drew extra attention with a 5-foot python wrapped around her neck. Obviously, it’s all about marketing when selling art, and we’re already looking forward to next year.

Art Basel Miami by Terry Check  IMG_0600


After a long day of viewing artwork with astronomical prices and meeting innovative artists with a flair for presentation, nothing is better than a private beachside party with hyper rap, urban hipsters, and libations.  Cliché’s Terry Check joined music sensation Usher, together with A-listers such as Daniel Ashram, Tim Goosens, Rashaad Newsome, Mike D of the Beastie Boys, Vic Mensa, Vivian Van Dijk, and Emin Kadi for the vernissage of ArtHaus sponsored by Mercedes-AMG, in conjunction with Lufthansa First Class. What was intended to be a high-brow, art patron’s vernissage morphed into eclectic mix of urban hipsters and a few suits partying non-stop with music by recording artist Vic Mensa.

Art Basel Miami by Terry Check  IMG_0719

Art Basel Miami by Terry Check  IMG_0698 Art Basel Miami by Terry Check  IMG_0676

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Art Basel Recap: Photographed by Terry Check

Blake Lewis, Dean Norris, Elliott Yamin, and Linda Cardellini co-hosted the Wounded Warrior Project® Style & Beauty Suite


Blake Lewis, Dean Norris, Elliott Yamin, Jason George, Jes Mcallan, Joely Fisher, Judith
Hill, Kevin Pearce, Linda Cardellini, Lindsay Arnold and Nestor Serrano were amongst the
stars who co-hosted the Wounded Warrior Project® Style & Beauty Suite. Wounded Warriors and their families enjoyed a special day of appreciation, beauty, styling and relaxation.
Usually it’s the celebrities that get all the extra perks, but on Friday, September 20, 2013, the
Style & Beauty Suite at Avalon Hollywood, hosted by Wounded Warrior Project®
(WWP), connected some of the biggest names in television with our nation’s wounded service members to provide a true Hollywood experience. The nonprofit organization, whose mission is to honor and empower Wounded Warriors, brought veterans and their families to Hollywood, CA, to enjoy a much-deserved day of appreciation for their selfless and brave service.
Some of Hollywood’s brightest stars including Linda Cardellini (EMMY nominated star of “Mad
Men”), “American Idols” Blake Lewis and Elliott Yamin, Jason George (“Mistresses”), Jes Mcallan
(“Mistresses”), Judith Hill (“The Voice”) and Lindsay Arnold (“Dancing with the Stars”) spent the
day with some of our nation’s heroes and got a chance to thank these brave men and women for
all they have done for their country. The Style & Beauty Suite was a star-studded and fun-filled
day of beauty treatments, spa services, styling and gifting during television’s most celebrated
week. Warriors and their families enjoyed a fun-filled day with our celebrity hosts as they relaxed
while getting to know each other. The red carpet was packed as stars from some of the biggest
TV shows came to show their support and appreciation for our veterans.
Guests were treated to luxurious and relaxing spa treatments from the team at Spa del Rey,
which is located at The Ritz-Carlton Marina del Rey. Massages, Brow Shaping, HydraFacials and
anti-aging hand treatments were available from the Spa del Rey team. Guests also took home
fabulous gift bags from Spa del Rey with luxury spa products from Natura Bisse ilike Organic
Skincare, Coola Organic Suncare, wHet Vegan Nail Polish and more! “General Hospital”, star
Haley Pullos enjoyed a relaxing hand massage and “American Idols” Blake Lewis and Elliott
Yamin spent a few hours at the spa getting to know wounded warrior Tim Hunt and hearing his
inspiring story.
EDIA CONTACTS Amy Malin / amy@trueheartevents.com / 818-672-1268
Duane DeVorak/ DDevorak@woundedwarriorproject.org/ 904-405-1208

Summer Fun Post-Sandy

Atlantic City, New Jersey

Atlantic City, New Jersey

When Superstorm Sandy hit the east coast last October, many people in the New York City area were skeptical as to whether or not the Jersey Shore would be up and running in time for the summer.  Though much of the seaside attractions and boardwalks were severely damaged, many coastal towns have made speedy recoveries and are back in business. Amidst the weekly fireworks and bar festivities, here are just a few events and attractions to keep you entertained this summer.


One of the best ways to enjoy summer nights is busting a gut with your friends at a comedy club. New York City is sprinkled with great comedy clubs such as Gotham and Caroline’s, and New Jersey is home to Uncle Vinnie’s Comedy Club in Point Pleasant, but if none of their acts tickle your funny bone, check out these more well-known comedians.

Jeff Dunham @ Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa, July 14th

Jerry Seinfeld @ Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa, July 20th


Everyone loves a great summer concert or festival, especially under the star-studded night sky, and there is quite a selection. From rock, to country, to mega pop-stars, to throwback boy bands, there is a style to satisfy every ear.

Americanarama @ Pier A, Hoboken, July 26th

New Kids on the Block, Boyz II Men, 98* @ Trump Taj Mahal Casino Resort, July 26th

The Mrs.Carter Show World Tour starring Beyonce @ Atlantic City Boardwalk Hall, July 26th

Kenny Chesney @ MetLife Stadium, August 10th

John Mayer and Phillip Phillips @ PNC Bank Arts Center, August 21st

Food and Beverages

While shows can be fun, sometimes it’s nice to just sit back with friends and enjoy a meal and some drinks. We all have our favorite watering hole to visit, but here are some out-of-the-box ways to enjoy a variety of food and beverages.

Food and Wine Festival @ Bally’s Atlantic City, July 26th-28th

Manasquan River Water Taxi @ Point Pleasant, Weekends