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What to Do When Starting a Skincare Regimen


Some of us are blessed with perfect, acne-free skin that is always clear and never causes any problems. The majority, however, are not that lucky. It’s estimated that 80% of people experience acne outbreaks between the ages of 11-30. Of course, genetics or your environment play a big role in how your skin behaves, but there are things you can do also to put your best face forward. Here’s how to begin a great skincare regimen:
Healthy Habits
No matter how great your routine is or what products you use not leading a healthy lifestyle will always have a negative impact on your skin.  This means cutting out habits that can trigger your skin’s problem areas. Cut out smoking because it causes under eye bags, wrinkles, and an overall dullness to your skin. Also foods that are salty, non-organic, or fatty will have a direct impact on the glow of your skin and will definitely increase acne.
Routine is Key
With the multitude of products and methods available it may seem that achieving a clear face is a really complicated process, but it doesn’t have to be. Getting your routine down is the most important part. Breaking things down into 3 steps and repeating them in the morning and night will ensure that a change will appear not only your skin’s clarity, but it’s overall healthiness as well.
Every morning you should first cleanse your face. Then, lightly exfoliate to remove the build up from your sleep. Lastly, use a light moisturizer and apply sunscreen to your face and you’re ready to start your day. At night, these steps are repeated (sans the sunscreen) to bring things full circle. How easy is that? These steps apply regardless of what type of skin you have.
Less is More
Putting on a face full of makeup is necessary from time to time, but don’t make this a habit. If you must pile on the foundation make it a light one. MAC, Maybelline, and Clinique all make lightweight foundations that won’t weigh on your skin and cause breakouts. Also, break the habit of sleeping with makeup on; you’ll regret it when pimples start taking over your face.

Using these easy tips are guaranteed to make a HUGE change in the way your skin looks and feels. Once you get your routine down, you will be well on your way to confident, clear skin living.
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Summer Skin Damage Control


There’s no denying the magic of those long (or too short) summer months—rising temperatures, sun-kissed skin, and relaxing beachside on well-deserved vacations. But while the summer season is a favorite for many, your skin is not a huge fan. And while the sun may seem to do wonders for your complexion, the harsh rays can actually wreak havoc on your skin. By fall, our dry, damaged skin is left screaming for help. Read on to find out how you can turn summer skin damage control into some serious TLC for your skin.

Banish Dead Skin Cells
It’s common knowledge that the sun dries out your skin. By the time summer comes to an end, our bodies are covered in dry, dead skin cells. Not only is scaly skin not an attractive look, it’s not good for you either. Dead skin cells can clog pores, causing inflammation and acne, which makes for an even less appealing look. Fortunately, we can solve this problem very easily with a good exfoliator. My recent favorite? I’m loving DIRTY WORKS Glow Girl Buttery Salt Scrub ($14). This scrub gets the job done with invigorating sea salt and smooth soybean oil. Get ready to say goodbye to dull, dry skin for good!

Glow Girl

Even It Out with Anti-Aging
Repeat after me: It is never too early to anti-age. I can’t reiterate this enough, especially after the long summer months. Everyone, no matter what age, can benefit from anti-aging products. While we love rising temps, the summer sun can kickstart discoloration and even wrinkles, starting as early as your late teens and twenties. But there’s no need to panic. There are tons of affordable products on the market that can protect your skin pre- and post-sun, including one of my favorites, OLAY Total Effects 7 in One CC Tone Correcting Moisturizer ($18.79). This all-encompassing—not to mention lightweight—product features color and correction to fix fine lines and imperfections (including discoloration), as well as SPF to protect you from the sun’s harmfulrays.
Extend Your Glow
While I’m not a proponent of tanning beds, I am a big fan of keeping that summer glow well into the autumn months. My alternative? I’ve been using JERGENS Natural Glow ($8.79) for years, and this product has only gotten better with time when it comes to extending your sun-kissed look. They’ve improved their formula immensely over the years to ensure a more even, natural looking color as well as a much more pleasant fragrance to go along with it.
Check In and Check Up
If you don’t already check in with your dermatologist on a yearly basis, now is a great time to start. Scheduling a full-body examination is a huge step in keeping tabs on the general health of your skin and preventing the growth of cancerous cells. Even if you don’t see any suspicious moles or growths, it’s a good idea to schedule an appointment anyway and have your doctor take a look. They can see things that we can’t, and they can give you more great tips for how to keep your skin safe throughout the entire year.

Images courtesy of Nelly.com, Target, and Walmart

Your Smoothest Summer Skin


For me, the journey to smooth skin—especially in the summer—has not always been smooth sailing. Sure, the summer season is great: rising temps, beach days, short shorts—okay, stop there. Baring my pale, flaky skin (thanks, polar vortex) is about the only thing I wasn’t looking forward to this summer. Add on my new-found spots of cellulite, and I’m ready to wear my favorite jeans in 95-degree weather. That is until I found a few of my favorite new skin products. Below are three products I’ve recently fallen in love with that also happen to work wonders when it comes to smooth summer skin. Am I a cellulite-free, golden goddess? No. But do I feel a whole lot better rocking my favorite Coachella-esque lacy shorts? You bet I do. Follow suit and you’ll feel a lot more confident in your smoothest summer skin yet, all season long.

DIRTY WORKS Glow Girl Buttery Salt Scrub
This one speaks for itself. I recently discovered this gem while browsing the beauty aisles of my local Marshalls (amazing find, I know). I like to use this exfoliator in the shower twice weekly, as it does wonders scrubbing away any dead skin, leaving my whole body silky smooth. This scrub normally retails for $14 at Nelly.com. I snagged it for only $5.99, and boy am I glad I did.
Glow Girl
BLISS Fat Girl Soap Massage Bar
Hate the name, but absolutely love this product. It was another lucky find at Marshalls, and I’ve been using it religiously ever since. It features stimulating massage nubs along with skin-invigorating caffeine, peppermint, grapefruit extract, and jojoba beads that slough away dead skin and reduce the appearance of cellulite (short-term). The massage bar normally retails for $19 at Sephora, but I was able to grab it for a meager $9.99.
JERGENS Natural Glow Moisturizer + Firming
What do I love most about this product? It packs a one-two punch, tackling the appearance of cellulite while also giving me the golden glow I crave during the summer months, minus the harsh rays of the sun. The older I get, the more I realize how important it is to protect my skin from sun damage. Jergens Natural Glow ($8.79 at Target) allows me to maintain natural-looking color while keeping my skin healthy and youthful.
Images courtesy of Nelly.com, Sephora, and Target.