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Latest Makeup Trends for 2019


Whether you have set up a decent date or are just looking to stay on top of the fashion world, it’s a good idea to see what is happening with makeup in the present day. There have been many changes since the cat eyes of yesteryear, so it’s important to keep in mind that the new trends might seem rather foreign. Without further ado, here are latest makeup trends for 2019.

latest makeup trends

kinkate / Pixabay

Multi-Color Eye Shadow

latest makeup trends

Gromovataya / Pixabay

One of the most important makeup trends that you are going to see in 2019 is the changes in eye shadow. Last year was all about creating that perfect smoky look for day or night. Now, there is an emphasis on introducing more colors into the eye shadow palettes for everyone. That is being seen in brighter colors as well as unique styles that are mimicking the hair colors we saw in summers past. Specifically, you can expect to see some rainbow eye shadow colors come along, especially when the weather gets warmer.

Big, Bold Eye Liners

Another one of the major trends that you are going to see this summer also has to do with the eyes. In the past, eye liners were limited to the small outlining and maybe even the cat eyes. Now, you can expect to see bolder, larger, and longer eye liner designs happening. As famous stars in music and movies keep slathering on more eye makeup, so too does everyone else. You can count on having to learn how to extend your eye liner to get more unique looks as the year goes on. Don’t worry, though. This trend can only go so far before people don’t like it anymore

Glowing Skin

latest makeup trends

cuncon / Pixabay

A great look that is coming out this year and is going to cause a splash is the glowing skin look. This requires you to put in some effort on your skin’s upkeep like a quality moisturizer. Once your skin is dried, you will apply a lightweight foundation on your skin that closely matches your natural tone. You’ll have an incredibly natural tone that, when used with a face oil, will make it look like you just did a face care regimen. This look is easier for some people than other to pull off, so take some time to experiment to see if the foundation or a simple bronzer will work the best for your skin’s needs.

Bright Lipsticks

The final thing that you have to keep in mind in terms of fashions that are coming this year is brighter lipsticks. With neon colors appearing everywhere from hair and clothes, it is a good idea for you to think about the lipsticks that are going to match that those. These colors are almost neon in their appearance, so you should plan on matching them to the outfit that you’re wearing for some extra “pop”. It’s not too difficult to see that colors are going to be a major trend in the months to come, so get out in front of the trend and pick up a tube of trendy lipstick today.

As you can see, there are many different makeup trends that are important to be mindful of in 2019. A lot of things have changed since last year. Multi-color eye shadow, a continued emphasis on cat strong eye liners, the glowing skin look, and bright lipsticks are all major trends that you can count on seeing. Now that you know about what kinds of trends are out there for makeup in 2019, you can click here to find a match to show them off.

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Colourpop Yes, Please! Palette Giveaway


To celebrate the release of Cliché Magazine’s Aug/Sept 2017 issue, we are giving away Colourpop’s sold out Yes, Please! pressed powder shadow palette. “This palette is so popular that it keeps selling out in minutes and Colourpop has to keep restocking it,” says Editor in Chief Megan Portorreal. “Since it’s such a hot-ticket item, I thought: why not get one for our Cliché readers?” With over 100 5-star reviews on the Colourpop website and 12 beautifully vibrant, warm shades, this is the palette to have. Enter below for your chance to win this highly coveted eye shadow palette, which is perfect for a summer to fall seasonal transition!


One (1) winner will receive:
– One Yes, Please! eye shadow palette by Colourpop
Prizing provided by Cliché Magazine

How to Enter:
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The winner will be chosen at random using Rafflecopter.com and will be contacted within 48 hours after the giveaway has ended. The winner will be given 72 hours to claim his or her prize before he or she must forfeit it to another winner.

Giveaway open to U.S. addresses only.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

About the Yes, Please! Palette

Colourpop’s first ever fixed 12 pan palette is all about that golden hour glow – the hottest shades inspired by our fave time of the day. The palette includes these 12 gorgeous shades:

Full-Zip: matte warm ivory
Big Cocktails: matte orange
Champs: matte pale peachy nude
Bling: metallic rust
Louie: metallic duochrome red with a gold flip
Butter Cake: metallic pale yellow gold
Spoiled: matte brick red
Gno: matte burnt orange
Mischief: matte warm yellow
Note to Self: matte warm caramel
Chauffeur: metallic duochrome bright orange with a gold flip
French Kiss: matte deep red brown

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Colourpop Yes, Please! Palette Giveaway: Prizing courtesy of Cliché Magazine

Create Your Own Doucce Freematic Eye Shadow Palette


Have you ever bought an eye shadow palette and only ended up using half the colors? We’ve been there, and it isn’t fun. Now, cosmetic brand Doucce is changing the way you feel about eye shadow palettes by launching their new Freematic System. Tailored to give you a more personalized makeup experience, this sleek, compact, and magnetic palette makes it easy to mix and match four different shades for your desired look. And with over 90 colors to choose from, the combinations are endless.


“We’re really excited about the entire system,” said Isaac Doustar, Doucce’s Chief Operating Officer and President of Product Development. “It’s a super intuitive system that works smoothly and seamlessly.”

And we couldn’t agree more. With a wide selection of shimmer and matte shades, ranging from cool blues to rich plums, there are so many different looks to choose from. Our favorite shades for fall include the soft lilac Carrie, the smoky Lynn, and the sparkling Dalia. Plus, their website lets you easily create your own quad in real time right on the screen, so you can preview your palette before purchasing! Mix and match to your heart’s content until you land on your very own perfect quad.


Is the idea of creating your own palette a little overwhelming? No worries! Doucce has created a bunch of themed eyeshadow quads to introduce you to their new system. Our recommendations? The deliciously named Apple Pie with a mix of rusts and silvers, Raspberry Rum for your inner purple monster, Island Hideout for a great mix of nude shades, and Mystique for a chic smoky eye.

The new Freematic system includes 15 original palettes priced at $35 each, and you can purchase single trays for $10 each and create your own palette. Head to doucce.com to learn more.

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Create Your Own Doucce Freematic Eye Shadow Palette: Images courtesy of Doucce

We All Scream for Eye Cream!


Screen Shot 2013-07-22 at 10.47.57 PM

I remember the day I gave up eye shadow like it was yesterday. I was up before sunrise, wasting precious hours of sleep sitting in front of a mirror, attempting to cover my eyelids with a thin film of beige, sparkley dust. Frustrated with the tedious task, I finally decided it wasn’t worth the hassle. I threw down the brushes, three to be exact, and walked out the door without the sparkles. Sparing 20 minutes to create a look that would fade in a few hours and leave a trail of glitter down my cheek just didn’t make any sense.

There did come a point in time, when dull, shadow-less eyelids did start to bother me, but that time was short lived. You see, just when I was about to return to the routine I’d dropped, I was introduced to eye cream shadows. Growing in popularity, these products have a smooth gel consistency and can be applied in a matter of seconds with a brush or simply the tip of your finger. Apply as much or as little as you like and even blend multiple shades to make a statement that will resonate from dawn to dusk. With cream shadows, you’ll never have to worry about running glitter, using specialized brushes, or wasting time. Your biggest decision will be choosing the right shade to slide over your lid!

Screen Shot 2013-07-22 at 10.48.06 PM
Don’t waste another second on eye shadows. Find a gel or cream that’s right for you, like one from Maybelline’s Color Tattoo Metal 24 Hour Cream Gel Shadow, for fierce eyes that will have everyone thinking took you all day to create. I assure you once you try cream, you’ll never dream of anything else. Pretty soon you’ll be screaming for eye cream too!

Feature Image Courtesy of http://fashionsupdate.net/glitter-eyeshadow.html
Post Images Courtesy of Maybelline