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Why You Shouldn’t be Intimidated by Negative Space Eyeliner


So, we can all agree that eyeliner is hard to master, right? The process of getting your two lines to match perfectly can be excruciating and time consuming. Well, f*ck a feline flick. It’s time to get down with eyeliner that’s a bit more open. Negative space eyeliner celebrates imperfections and feels less rigid than traditional eyeliner. It’s the perfect technique to try when you feel like being extra playful with your makeup; plus, you can be as extravagant or reserved as you wish with it. A conversation-starting look would include adding chunky glitter to exaggerate your lines, while a chill, black double wing will just hint at rebellion.

Image Credit: Rex 

The cubic, mod vibe that this geometric eyeliner trend gives off seems to channel the sixties and its intense cut creases. History repeating itself is nothing new, of course. The colorful eyeshadow of the seventies are also back in a big way. The makeup world seems to have tired itself of looks that are just pretty. Those looks have their place, however, because who doesn’t want to look like a bombshell occasionally. But, more and more, people seem to be taking risks with their makeup and not minding if others find it distasteful or garish. This switch-up is liberating and should encourage you to just do what you want with your face, it is yours after all. So, don’t be intimidated, just have fun, and if you’re too shy to wear your edgy beat out in public, at least take some bangin’ Instagram shots before wiping it away.

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Why You Shouldn’t be Intimidated by Negative Space Eyeliner. Featured Image Credit: @teishajenaie on Instagram

The Best Makeup Looks To Wear This Spring 2018


Spring is officially here and it is time to wear the best makeup that will suite beautifully for this season. There are many makeups to choose from such as smokey eyes, a pop of color and glitter. It is best to find what colors are desirable for your skin tone, but remember to have fun with it. Here are the best makeup looks to wear in the spring.


Smokey Eye

Image Credit: @hungvanngo on Instagram

A smokey eye look will look great on anyone and it can be created in many different ways. This smudgy look will look great with any color of your choice. Blend at least three different shades of colors across your lids for a bolder and gradient look or use a light layer around your lash lines for a softer appearance.


Blue Eyeshadow

Image Credit: @shaebutters on Instagram

Blue eyeshadow is perfect for any skin color. It is a trend that includes a royal blue eyeshadow with a glittery finish. Pick a shadow that pops and complete that with a neutral look that includes a light blush, a soft pink lipgloss and a highlight that will make your skin glowy. You can also add a liquid eyeliner to compliment your eyes.


Cat Eyes

Image Credit: @patrickta on Instagram

This spring, it’s all about getting out of your comfort zone and rocking your best eyeliner. Cat eyes are a go to look for the spring because it embraces the shape of your eyes. It goes well with any eyeshadow and you can create any shape that you want, such as a thick line or a thin line.


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The Best Makeup Looks To Wear This Spring 2018: Featured Image Credit: @shaebutters on Instagram

Glitter Products to Embrace This Holiday Season


You deck the halls with lights that twinkle, light fires that burn shimmering embers, fill glasses with dazzling champagne, and only play with sparkles on the eve of a new year. But who’s to say the magic of all that glitters ends there? Leave behind the notion that you can only rock glitter on the most special of days, and instead, indulge in your inner child by getting your hands a little sparkly. You don’t have to douse yourself in a vat of costume glitter to celebrate this trend because the wonderful world of cosmetics has made it possible for you to join in on the fun without the mess.

Glitter & Glow
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to step into a room and make everyone stop and stare? With Stila’s Glitter & Glow Liquid Eyeshadow, you’re bound to make a statement that has everyone admiring the way your eyes shimmer. The shadow, a vibrant mix of glitter and pearl, applies like liquid and once set in place, it dries down to a powder that promises to hold onto its glimmer all night long.

Glitter All Day
Do you know what liquid gold looks like? It’s mesmerizingly lustrous, a swirling pool of shimmer, and thanks to Jouer, you can glide that gold over your lips and let the gloss do the talking. Their Long-Wear Lip Topper can be worn over your favorite lip color or stand alone as an iridescent statement. Formulated with coconut oil, jojoba oil, and vitamin-E, it’s guaranteed to hydrate your lips and thanks to their long-wear formula, it won’t budge all night. One glance at this hypnotic lip topper and you’ll never be able to look away.

Unicorn Glitter
Unicorns are real and I have proof: Unicorn Snot. Though the brand name comes with a guaranteed giggle, it supplies a much-needed dose of happiness. Unicorn Snot prides itself on its range of glittery goodness from lip glosses to multi-purpose gels. If you’re willing to take a leap, fall right in love with glitter-roots: apply Unicorn Snot Glitter Gel to the roots of your hair and style accordingly (space buns are my personal favorite, but braids or a center-part work, too). Take it a step further by using this lightweight gel as a funky highlighter atop your cheekbones or collarbones. Once it’s set, it’ll stay put while you dazzle the world, and with a quick rinse, it’ll wash right out.

Glitter Pop
If you want to hop on the trend, but don’t want to commit to something as bold, Too Faced has just what you’re looking for. The thin brush-tip applies their Glitter POP! Eyeliner evenly and the glitter intensifies with each swipe, making for a statement that can be amplified to your liking. The best part? You don’t have to fuss with makeup remover for clean up. Once it’s dry, it peels off just like a strip of tape. Lift at the edge, carefully pull it up, and you’ve avoided any potential messy cleanup. I told you glitter is magical.

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Glitter Products to Embrace This Holiday Season: Image courtesy of ©IMAXTREE

What’s in Your Touch-Up Makeup Bag?


Before you begin your first day of the school year, you’re definitely going to make sure you are all glammed up and have a fresh face on, right? So we’ll have to ask you this: what’s in your touch-up makeup bag? You have to make good first impressions since you might run into some people you know or a few that you want to get to know better.  Whatever the reason, you want to keep your makeup looking fresh all day, and by 3 pm, after you have been running around trying to locate your classes, your makeup would have most likely melted away or faded. Below we’ll help prepare you for your first day back with this miracle touch-up makeup bag checklist!

What you will need:

Clean & Clear Oil Absorbing Wipes
After a long day, your face may appear oily, but no worries, just grab a Clean & Clear Oil Absorbing Wipe and blot your face with it! After removing all the excess oils, your face will be ready for you to apply press powder.

Pressed Powder
After applying concealer, use a pressed powder of your choice to finish up the look for the rest of the day. One inexpensive press powder that I love is N.Y.C’s Smooth Skin Pressed Face Powder.

Stain Gloss
To start off the day, you will want to choose a lip stain that will not fade too quickly. To keep your makeup looking fresh, you should re-apply the lip stain while you are touching up your makeup. One of the lip stains I would suggest using is Lip Tar Stain Gloss by Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics; they come in fifteen gorgeous shades.
Eye Liner
We all know that our eyeliners are always fading or smudging, so make sure you are carrying around the same one that you have previously used. A Q-tip will also come in handy to clean up some of the smudging with out getting it all over your eyelids.
You are going to want to re-apply your blush because it would have definitely faded away by now. I love using the Too Faced Sweetheart Perfect Flush Blush but you can really use any one that you want. Once you are done your face should be looking as good as it did that morning.
Featured Photo Courtesy of Mark Baylor via Flickr Creative Commons

Eye Popping Colors


Spring’s long awaited arrival brings with it an abundance of beautiful colors that are welcoming to the eyes. An array of reds, blues, and greens captures us as nature once again begins to bloom in all its splendor. The bountiful colors of spring have inspired the beauty world to create eye-popping looks in the form of eyeliners. Put your classic black eyeliner to the side and make room for eyeliners that all pop with color! Turquoise, violet, mint green, and other bright colors will quickly become your favorites to line your eyes with this spring. They’ll be just as eye-catching as the spring colors we’re all in awe of!


Blendable Colors

Colored eyeliners are a bit different from the classic black eyeliner in the sense that a neutral base color will make them pop more. Urban Decay’s Naked 24/7 Glide-On Double-Ended Eye Pencils come in rich neutral colors, such as Naked Basics: Crave and Venus. Yes, that’s right: two colors in one eyeliner that are both great to use as bases. Their creamy and blendable formula provides a complementary base for the colors to reside on. Once the colored eyeliner is paired with any one of them, there is no stopping the color from being seen in its full glory.

Vibrant Colors

Picking a color can be a little intimidating with the amount available for your purchase. Stila’s Smudge Stick Waterproof Eye Liner comes in spring-ready colors that will take over your shopping receipt. Colors like Mint Julep, Peacock, and Purple Tang are destined to grab your attention as well as others once they’re adorned on your eyelids. These vibrant colors are sure to last all day with the same intensity at first application. The soft and smooth texture of the pencil will help the color glide on easily for its debut on your lids.

Gel Liners

Don’t worry if you’re not so much of a eyeliner pencil pro; gel liners also have their own batch of colored shades. Bobbi Brown’s famous Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner is sure to please the eyes in colors like Denim Ink. Applying this gel liner can be just as simple as applying any liner with the help of an eyeliner brush. When gliding onto the eye, the color will appear just as potent as it does in its packaging, plus it will be resistant to smudging and wearing off throughout the day. What more can you ask for in a gel liner?

Go Waterproof

Beauty-loving Sephora was quick to stay in the trend with their own Retractable Waterproof Eyeliner. The waterproof formula is an added bonus in these gorgeous colors by never budging in any amount of spring showers. Shimmering Magenta Plum is a luxurious shade of red that would be a fabulous addition to your spring eyeliner collection. The waterproof liners come with sharpeners that are already built into their grand design as well as a smudge tip. This is a liner that is sure to meet all your wants and needs.


The fantastic brand of Make Up For Ever has Aqua Eyes, an eyeliner that is waterproof, smudge-free, long-lasting, and, we can’t forget, absolutely eye-catching. A neat fact about the collection’s colors is that they were created for the Parisian Aquatic Ballet to be indestructible while they perform; they were tested and approved by being underwater for up to five hours. That’s an eyeliner that will conquer all just to be beautiful. It’s safe to say you won’t have to worry about any of these colors running down your face. They’ll be blending in with all the colors that spring has to offer in these eye popping colors.

Photos credited to Fabrice LEROUGE, Sephora.com, and Barneys.com.

Colorful Spring Eyeliners


Tossing the contents of your junk drawer, donating the dress in the back of your wardrobe that hasn’t been worn since the day you bought it two years ago, moving around furniture until everything looks shiny and new – it’s the time of year to turn the phrase “out with the old, in with the new” into your mantra, but who said spring cleaning has to stop at tidying your closet? With these colorful spring eyeliners, you’ll be able to revamp your look to better welcome the change in season!s1393685-main-Lhero

Urban Decay has crafted eyeliners pulled straight from a rainbow with their 24/7 Glide-On Eyeliner. All it takes is one smooth swipe of Woodstock to get a rich boost of color that will weather a full twenty-four hours of wear without smudging or running. This shimmery electric pink will add a fun punch of color that mimics lush, blossoming flowers.s1579382-main-Lhero

Want to cool down? Try Stila’s Mint Green Smudge Stick Waterproof Eyeliner. The creamy formula glides on like a dream and offers the option to smudge before it locks down so that blazing sunshine and hours of wear stand no match for this liner’s lasting power. This shade acts as a fun eye brightener with a minty twist.

Everyone loves a good scandal, and Rimmel is no exception. The Rimmel Scandaleyes Waterproof Kohl Kajal in Turquoise is the secret to eyes that smolder. This dazzling shade is as captivating as the clear, blue skies of spring. The soft kohl formula gives this pencil versatility, leaving you with the option to add a simple pop of color to a neutral look or change the game with a vibrantly smudged out look that screams Scandaleyes!

– by Amanda Curran

Photo’s courtesy of Sephora, Kmart, and Rimmel.

Merle Norman 2014 Spring Collection Review


With warm weather on the way, we were ecstatic for the debut of Merle Norman’s new Color Collection. The cosmetics come in flattering hues that make our faces flawless. From creamy lipsticks to soft and subtle blushes, check out our thoughts in this Merle Norman 2014 Spring Collection review.

Nothing brings more attention to our faces than a luscious colored lip, and with shades to compliment all skin tones, the long-lasting lipsticks by Merle Norman are perfect. The Creamy Lipcolor Just Right says it all in the name: it is “just the right” shade of neutral with a hint of warm color. This lipstick is great for an everyday look, day or night. The Age Defying Lipcolor The One is a darker shade of pink that leaves an overall warm look. Lipsticks in pop colors are the latest trend and the Creamy Lipcolor Late Bloomer gives us a stunning coral highlight while remaining subtle and delicate, just like spring flowers. The lipsticks leave your lips feeling moisturized and refreshed.

While the three Lipcolors are fabulous, my favorite piece from the collection is the Lip Polish Confection. The sparkly pink gloss goes on smooth and leaves my lips feeling kissable and shiny. You can wear the Lip Polish over lipstick or by itself—either way your luscious lips look dazzling. I topped the Late Bloomer lipstick with a coat of Confection for a glossy finish and loved the romantic look of the lip duo.

The Age Defying Eyeliner Charcoal is lighter than the typical black eyeliner, but still gives you intense and sexy eyes. The long-lasting and defining eyeliner also features a smudger to help intensify the dramatic look.

The Lasting Cheek Color Fancy Free is a great way to add some color to your winter skin. With a light shimmer, the soft pink blush is a perfect shade to top off the newly warm weather glow. The light-weight and oil-free blush looks immaculate and is an excellent tool to help contour cheekbones.

The great thing about Merle Norman cosmetics is that the products are long-lasting and dermatologist tested. The collection ranges from $14 to $20 and is available to purchase at one of their studios located in the United States, Canada, and globally. Make sure you get your hands on these limited colors before they run out! BY TATIANA STEC

Merle Norman Cosmetics   Merle Norman CosmeticsMerle Norman CosmeticsMerle Norman Cosmetics

Photos courtesy of Merle Norman Cosmetics


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