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Signs Your Relationship may be Struggling and how to Overcome It


Today we want to talk about signs your relationship may be struggling and how to overcome it. The relationships we form as humans play a huge part in determining our happiness. Most of us crave a happily ever after but, sadly, it doesn’t always work out that way. All relationships have their ups and downs, but how do you know when the downs are unrecoverable? Let’s take a look at some warning signs.  

Warning signs 

signs your relationship may be struggling

Photo by Fa Barboza on Unsplash

Resentment – When someone feels misunderstood or unheard, bitterness and resentment can begin to grow. Once this gets too big, it can then be hard to negotiate your feelings over the immense negativity, making it hard to rationalise the situation you are in. Resentment could be caused by a difference in priorities, making you question whether they prioritise someone or something else over you. 

Dishonesty – It can be argued that the occasional white lie is excusable, or even necessary, when protecting other people’s feelings. However, once these lies become manipulative, it can be seriously damaging to your relationship and leaves you struggling to regain that trust.   

Disrespect – Respect is a fundamental part of any relationship so when it dwindles, it can create imbalance between the two parties. High expectations can often cause contempt. Acknowledging the bad and disregarding the good parts of your relationship can leave you wanting more, causing bitterness and disdain.  

What can you do to tackle this? 

Communicate – Whilst talking about your feelings might not always come naturally, communication is often the most effective way to resolve an issue before it escalates. Practising effective communication techniques can allow you and your partner to open up and work through your problems together.  

Consider parting ways  If you feel you have exhausted all methods of reconciliation, then the best solution could be to part ways amicably. You might be able to achieve this cordially between yourselves or it might be worth looking for a divorce solicitor to help proceedings be as harmonious as possible.  

Self-care – While it’s amazing to have found someone to share your life with, the time you spend in your relationship must be balanced with time alone. Give yourself time to reflect and consider whether the issues you are facing need to be detrimental. Taking time out of your routine to do the things that make you happy can put perspective on a situation and help you find your inner peace.  

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7 Benefits of Letting Your kids Decorate Their own Rooms


Today we want to share 7 benefits of letting your kids decorate their own rooms. Almost from the time they’re able to express their viewpoints, most children will have an opinion about what they want their room to look like. From race cars to princesses to YouTube stars, your kids will begin developing their own interests early, and they’ll often want to express those interests in how they decorate their rooms.

Should parents allow their children free rein in decorating their own rooms? Experts say yes, up to a point. Below, we’ll talk about seven of the most important benefits that kids can gain when parents allow them to decorate their own bedrooms.

Letting Your Kids Decorate Their Own Rooms

Source: Rawpixel.com/Shutterstock

  1. You’ll learn about the things that are important to them.

Every parent wants to know more about their kid’s inner life, especially once they hit the more secretive teenage years. Seeing how they decorate their room can give you a window into their private world. From a poster of the musical artist they’re obsessed with to wall decals of their favorite TV characters or sports stars, you can glean a lot of information from simple decor choices.

That said, resist the urge to read too much into your child’s aesthetic choices. Just because they put up some gloomy-looking artwork doesn’t mean they’re actually depressed. What your child says and does are always better guides to what’s going on than any choices of colors or art—so, when in doubt, ask.

  1. You’ll signal to them that you respect their independence.

Even young kids often feel trapped and unhappy when they don’t see themselves as in control of their own lives and decisions. Consequently, it’s important to give them the power to make their own choices when it’s safe to do so.

This kind of compromise helps build a relationship of mutual respect and understanding. Allowing kids to curate a space that suits them—and being clear that you’re intentionally doing so—can be a useful talking point in future discussions about which decisions are appropriate for them to make independently, and which ones you insist on having a say in.

  1. You’ll give them a way to express their creativity.

Self-expression is an important part of being human, and decorating a living space is one of the ways that many people do it. Choosing colors, patterns and decor are tasks that many kids find fun, and the liberty of choice will often be a key part of how they discover things about themselves.

This creative self-expression is an important part of the path to building healthy self-esteem. A child who has had ample opportunity for self-discovery through creative tasks is likely to become more confident and sure of themselves throughout the most crucial periods of their young lives.

  1. You’ll help them learn to invest in and care for a space.

Children need to learn the value of maintaining a living space to an acceptable standard. When you give your kids a role in creating and maintaining their space, they’ll be more likely to care for it by keeping it clean and tidy.

That doesn’t mean that your child’s room will never get messy. But cultivating their mental connection between space and self will pay dividends in terms of how they see and care for their living spaces throughout life. You might even make room cleanliness a condition of allowing them leeway in decorating.

Letting Your Kids Decorate Their Own Rooms

Source: FamVeld/Shutterstock

  1. It can be a fun opportunity to collaborate on a home project.

Younger kids will need help with planning and executing a concept for their room, and some older kids may want your advice as well. Working together on projects with your child is a great opportunity to build your relationship, so take advantage of these opportunities when they present themselves.

The optimal level of parental involvement will vary by how much responsibility your child is ready to take. A young child will need help with basic tasks like painting walls and applying vinyl wall decals, while an older teen might just need a few pointers on how to make the details look good. Either way, be prepared—either to offer help or to step back when appropriate.

  1. You don’t have to approve everything.

Remember that you’re still a parent and can put your foot down about things that are unacceptable. Before you allow your child to start choosing decorations, think about where your hard lines lie. There’s a difference between a poster of an artist you don’t care for and, say, a piece of hate paraphernalia or something else deeply concerning.

Talk to your child about what is and isn’t acceptable for decoration in their room, particularly if you foresee conflict. Use it as an opportunity to discuss the values that are important to your family. But always think about whether you’re making the decisions for your comfort or for their own good, and be aware when you might be about to cross that line.

  1. You might be surprised how much you like what they come up with.

The ideas your kids come up with for decorations might not always be something you think will look good. (They might even shock you with a baseball wall mural of your team’s division rival!) But you’d be surprised by how well even some more off-the-wall ideas can be pulled off, especially with a little bit of grown-up guidance.

That’s part of the joy of parenting. When you’re able to let go of some control and allow your child to live as the full human being they are, you’ll find the results are often breathtaking. Allowing your kids to take the reins on decorating their space is just such an opportunity for joyful discovery as you watch them spread their wings.

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Underage Drinking Increases Risk for Teenage Alcoholism


Today we want to explain why underage drinking increases rick for teenage alcoholism. Developing social connections is a basic human need, and its importance may be most keenly felt during the stage of adolescence when an individual is transitioning from childhood to adulthood. Belonging to a group can make one feel less alone and better able to cope with the physical and psychological changes that naturally occur during the teen years. Parties play an important role in facilitating these social interactions as they provide a setting that is separate from obligatory functions such as school. However, it is also often at these parties that incidences of underage drinking occur, and teens can develop behaviors that lead to teenage alcoholism.

What Is Underage Drinking and Why Is There Cause for Concern

Teenage Alcoholism

Photo by Eva Elijas on Pexels

In 1984, the United States passed the National Minimum Drinking Age Act which mandates the age of 21 as the minimum legal age for the purchase and public consumption of alcoholic beverages. Most states abide by this law, though a few allow exceptions for drinking with consent from a parent or guardian, within a private residence, or for religious reasons. Adults can also face civil liabilities if they know that minors are in possession of or drinking alcohol, as well as criminal liabilities if the minors harm themselves or others while under the influence.

While the legal implications should be enough to take underage drinking seriously, the effects of alcohol on teen health have far graver consequences. Alcohol is the most commonly abused substance in this age bracket because it is easier to procure and carries less of a stigma compared to illicit drugs. More than 3,500 lives of Americans aged below 21 are lost yearly due to excessive drinking, in incidents such as traffic accidents and alcohol poisoning. Not only are these deaths preventable, they represent the bigger problem of teenage alcoholism.

Dealing with Teenage Alcoholism

In 2010, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration reported that underage drinking is done by roughly 10 million American teens. Over six million were identified as binge drinkers who had five or more drinks in a day once a week, and two million were identified as heavy drinkers who had five or more drinks in a day several days a week. Having a lot of drinks does not necessarily make one an alcoholic, but as the body builds up tolerance to alcohol, more of it will have to be consumed to achieve the desired pleasurable effects. This leads to further alcohol abuse and increases the risk of alcohol dependency even later in life.

If teenage alcoholism is suspected, it is important to get help immediately. Substance abuse centers such as Miami drug rehab facilities usually offer treatments for alcohol addiction as well. Some may have programs specifically for treating adolescents, which are useful for allowing teens to heal while supporting their need for social interaction among their peers.

Long-Term Effects and Consequences of Underage Drinking

Teenage Alcoholism

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels

Alcohol abuse is detrimental to everyone, but it can have an especially strong impact on teenagers. Because teenagers’ bodies are still developing, the presence of alcohol can impede normal growth and have lasting damage. Some of the more common effects include:

  • Memory impairment
  • Extreme mood swings
  • Learning disabilities
  • Impaired motor skills
  • Delayed bone growth
  • Development of liver diseases later in life

Teens who engage in underage drinking are also more likely to have behavioral and psychological disorders that may require life-long treatment.

Because alcohol impairs judgment and lowers inhibitions, engaging in risky behavior is very common among teenagers who drink. They may take part in petty crimes such as shoplifting or vandalism, or they can even commit more serious offenses such as physical violence and sexual assault. The consequences of these actions can affect future opportunities to qualify for college scholarships or certain jobs that require a clean track record.

Additionally, teenage girls who engage in sexual activity while under the influence may find themselves with an unplanned pregnancy. If adoption or abortion are not available options to them, they may enter into adulthood with the additional responsibility of caring for their children.

Mitigating Risks

Genetics, environment, childhood trauma, and even popular media like movies and social networks all have a role to play in influencing teenagers to use alcohol. Rather than trying to block their exposure to alcohol, the best way to protect teenagers is to educate them about responsible usage and offer non-alcoholic drink alternatives for parties. It also helps to provide other venues for them to interact with other teens in a safe environment, such as sports and community activities. After all, the high of having clean, safe fun is preferable to having a hangover.

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Is it Right to Provide Care for Your Loved Ones?


Is it right to provide care for your loved ones?  It’s becoming increasingly common for people to face the challenge of finding care for their relatives in the modern world. With lifespans growing across the globe, the support market has had to quickly catch up with demand, but there are a lot of gaps that leave people feeling like they have to provide care for their loved ones themselves. This rarely has to be the case, and there are loads of options out there for those who want to be able to give their loved ones a good life without having to do the dirty work. But what’s the problem with providing care yourself?

The Problems with Giving Family Care

A lot of people feel that it is their duty to look after the people they love, and this is true to an extent. You should always support and work to improve the lives of the people you care about, but giving them personal care isn’t always the best way to do this. 

  • Memories: People typically need care when they are getting
    Provide Care for Your Loved Ones

    Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels

    towards the end of their lives. While it is sad to think about, the memories you share with your loved ones during their last years and months will be some of the strongest you have. Remembering the care you’ve had to give can be a sad way to keep your loved one’s memory alive.
  • Dignity: Dignity is incredibly important in the care sector. The people receiving care need to get the same feeling that they would get visiting a doctor, and this makes it worth having a nurse to do the work. This will feel more professional, adding a barrier that makes it easier for your loved ones to be comfortable.
  • Mistakes: The idea of making a mistake that could hurt your loved one is something that most people hate. Giving care isn’t easy, and it always makes sense to have someone qualified in charge of this vital part of life.
  • Expensive: People often view providing care to their loved ones as a budget option. In reality, though, this can end up costing a lot more than you expect when you have to take time from work to help out.

The Alternative

While it can often feel like there is very little help for those in need of care, there are a lot of private organizations out there that can give personal and health care without putting you on waiting lists or in unsuitable housing. Looking for primary care is a good route to go down, giving you the chance to find professionals who will be able to look after your whole family. You don’t have to search high and low for options like this, and it can be easier to fund than you might expect.

With all of this in mind, you should be feeling ready to take on the challenge of finding proper care for the people you love. Providing this yourself can make a good temporary option, but this can get difficult as time goes by.

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Best Family Games to Play this Holiday Season!


It’s that time of year again where the cold weather forces people indoors, and it can be hard to entertain yourself and your family when it gets dark at 4 pm. There’s a lot to love about this time of year (the holidays for one thing!) but the cold can definitely negatively impact family fun. Especially over the holidays, sometimes you need a little help figuring out a way to keep things interesting and fun. Here are the best family games to play during the holidays! 

Just One

This is the perfect game for some cooperative family fun. Anywhere from three to seven people can play, and it is a great game for any age. The goal is to help your teammate guess their mystery word by writing down a related word to help them figure it out (like snow if the word was winter). The only catch is that your word can’t be the same as anyone else’s or both words are disqualified, so being creative is critical! Order this game now for a fun new Thanksgiving Day tradition!


Designed for four to eight players, this game is perfect for those thinkers out there who like a bit of challenge with their gameplay. Two teams compete by each having someone say one-word clues that point to one or more of the team’s words while avoiding the other team’s words. This game requires a little more strategy and thinking as it can be hard to think of a word that can only be used for your team’s words and not the other team’s. This game is ideal for anyone who wants some friendly competition with their cooperative games. Buy it now for a great holiday season!

family games to play during the holidays

Goat Yoga

Any game that involves an inflatable goat is sure to be a lot of fun. Goat Yoga is hilarious and family-friendly, perfect for those who like active games where they can move around as opposed to sitting around a table. Players perform real yoga poses and various difficult challenges involving the inflatable goat. This game is a great way to get your family moving after a long day of lounging around the house. Don’t try this one after Thanksgiving dinner!

Exploding Kittens

If the name alone doesn’t intrigue you, there is much more to love about this Game of the Year winner. Exploding kittens is a strategic kitten-based Russian roulette that is perfect for adults, teens, and kids who love crazy and ridiculous games. Two to five people can play, and it is recommended for ages seven and up. People of all ages will love this game, making it the perfect game to settle down with after a night of delicious pie.


An oldie but a goodie, Pictionary is a classic for a reason. For artists and non-artists alike, Pictionary is a must-have game for the holidays. The worse the art, the more fun the game! People of all ages can play and there is no real limit to the number of players. It’s perfect for those larger families out there. If you don’t have Pictionary, this is the year to invest in one of the most beloved family games around.

family games to play during the holidays

Throw Throw Burrito

From the creators of Exploding Kittens, Throw Throw Burrito combines card games with dodgeball. Kids and adults alike will love this high-energy game where you get to hurl adorable-looking foam burritos at each other. This game makes for some truly wild and hilarious winter nights. Get out of that turkey coma with this fantastic family-friendly game! Order now before the holiday season is in full swing

We hope you enjoyed this list of the best family games to play during the holidays and have some new ideas for the upcoming season.

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The Basics of Bringing Up Healthy Children


Today we want to provide some info on the basics of bringing up healthy children. Raising a healthy child is not easy. You are busy at home and work and have a lot on your plate. Most parents pay attention to extracurricular activities and a child’s grades. But, parents often forget to put their effort into other vital components of a child’s development and success. Ultimately, it is the wish of every parent to raise happy and successful children. With the much parenting advice there, you are probably wondering who to listen to. Read through to learn the basics of bringing up healthy children.

Become a Happy Person Yourself

Bringing Up Healthy Children

zi_nective / Pixabay

A critical basic to a happy child is, ironically, a happy parent. Your happiness affects how successful and happy your child will turn out in the long run. Besides, unhappy individuals become less effective parents than happy people. Again, every child’s wish is to have a happy parent who is less tired and stressed.

Nurture Empathy in Your Child

Empathy and emotional intelligence is an essential trait that parents ought to nurture in their children. According to Kids Health, a child with a high emotional quotient and is able to understand the feelings of other people will most likely become successful. An excellent way of encouraging empathy in your child is to teach them to express their feelings and know how to take care of them. Managing emotions helps in making a child happy and healthy.

Play Active Games

An hour of engaging in physical activities is an excellent way of raising a healthy child. Some creative activities you can try out to raise a healthy child may include playing tickle monster, bouncing a balloon in the air, kicking soccer balls, or taking walks together. While at it, make sure you make playtime fun so that your child enjoys it. Also, limit screen time and know the daily calorie needs for your child to prevent obesity.

Regular Doctor Visits

Bringing Up Healthy Children

Kingofkings_LJ / Pixabay

Incorporating doctor check-ups is an essential part of raising healthy children. Your doctor will screen your child for any diseases and prevent an illness when symptoms are noticed early enough. Also, check-ups are important because they help doctors detect diseases and treat them before they worsen. When you notice any unusual symptoms in your child, it is best to seek medical treatment immediately. For instance, if your child has scoliosis or you notice signs, such as numbness and muscle weakness, ensure that you seek treatment from professionals like Southwest Scoliosis Institute.

Make Nutrition Fun

It would help if you involved your child in planning and making healthy meals. Children are likely to enjoy eating meals they have been part of preparing. You can plant a garden and eat the harvest, use vegetables and fruits to make exciting and colorful foods, and go for apple or berry picking together. It would be best to slowly swap out unhealthy foods and encourage healthy eating in your family.

Parenting is a noble calling, but it comes with its share of challenges. But, with the tips provided in this article, the task will be less daunting. Remember to take a step at a time while implementing these basics and caring for your family.

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Great Ideas for an Awesome Weekend


During these challenging times, we all want great ideas for an awesome weekend.  Weekends are awaited by everyone. Students are no exception. The contemporary curriculum is quite stressful, while professors impose a lot of requirements for the term and final papers, as well as all the other assignments. For this reason, having a quality rest during the weekend is so important:

  • After changing an activity, the body and brain function more effectively, thus, students will start the new week being encouraged and full of energy;
  • Strong impressions and emotions cause the development of new neural connections that improve the way the brain perceives information and works.
great ideas

Photo by Derek Owens on Unsplash

You may wonder how students can allow themselves to relax during the weekend when there are so many assignments to submit. Indeed, not every weekend of a student can be devoted to active pastime and rest. However, it is impossible to live fully penetrated in studies. Otherwise, even young people may end up with a nervous breakdown. So, if you feel too tired, allow yourself to buy term paper online and enjoy the weekend. We have prepared several ideas on how to spend a weekend.

How to Spend a Weekend

We have made up a list of the most favorite youth’s pastimes and will start from the most active ones, while more relaxing options will be mentioned at the end.

Water Sports

There are numerous options, and everyone will find an activity to enjoy. Extreme-lovers can go kayaking in the river with the fast jets or opt to ride a platoon boat to meet hippos and crocodiles. If you are not fond of extreme sports, you can simply rent a boat to fish in the lake or swim with friends. If there is no water body in the vicinity, even the pool will be ok. Water activities help get rid of stress. It is also a nice idea to join the nearest sports club that has a poll. Whenever you feel stressed, go swimming. This will not only help refresh your brain but also improve your health.

Enjoy Nature

In general, we mean that you should go out, anywhere you would like to. You can go to the nearest park or forest, have a stroll, or arrange a picnic with friends. Of course, if the weather forecast will allow you. Winter is not the reason to refuse from outdoor pastimes. So, get enough hot tea and go out. After several hours in the fresh chilly air, you will feel how much energy and enthusiasm you have got.

Make New Friends

It does not mean that you have to forget about your close friends, however, getting to know new people will expand your world outlook, will help improve communication skills and distract from routines and problems. How to make new friends? Go to the cinema on your own and join a group, or get to know someone on the social network. If you are lonely, make use of one of the dating apps.


Do not be surprised to see it at almost the end of the list. If you regularly exercise, you will notice the positive effects on your body and brain. However, if you are not a sport-lover, try some activities at least during the weekend. Playing basketball or hockey with friends is also a sport. Besides, socializing is no less important for distraction.

Massage and Spa

Do not treat this as a purely girly thing. Men tend to accumulate a lot of negative emotions in their bodies. Thus, massage and spa procedures are a great opportunity to release them, relax, and get distracted from routines.

Final Tip

When you are arranging a weekend to relax and get distracted, it is important to try something new. In this way, your brain and body will experience new emotions, thus, the positive impact will be definitely noticed. If you are not in the mood for activities, sometimes, it is worth it to simply turn all the devices off and sleep for several hours. When your body and mind are relaxed, you will perceive the ideas more positively. Do not let stress and tiredness overwhelm you. Relax and continue studies being full of energy!

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Caring For Your Family: 4 Top Tips


Today we want to share some great tips about caring for your family.  Caring for the health of your family is vital to ensure that your whole family is able to enjoy a full and healthier life in the future, minimizing the chance of serious diseases and illnesses during their lives. There are many ways you can take care of your family, including fostering a healthy lifestyle and attending frequent check-ups at a healthcare center such as https://southwestcare.org/. To find out more ways of taking care of your family, read on for some top tips on looking after their health and well-being.

Invest In Healthcare

One way to care for your family is to research, and invest in, the best healthcare. Of course, this comes with a price tag, but using your insurance plan you can find the best healthcare available to you and your family.

One of the crucial things about taking care of your family’s health is knowing the early signs of a problem. If you have small children, you should research the early signs of allergies or other problems that could be difficult to spot at first. By doing this, you will be able to ensure they get the treatment they need, if and when the situation arises.

Similarly, if you are responsible for elderly family members, finding the best specialist healthcare professional for rheumatology, or any other conditions, is important to give them the greatest opportunities for health in old age. 

caring for your family

Homegrounds / Pixabay

Encourage regular exercise

It is thought that as much as eighty per cent of US adult and children do not get enough exercise for optimal health. That is four out of five people! Exercise is one of the most effective ways of keeping both your physical and mental health in check.

You do not have to hit the gym for hours every day, but try to build in plenty of physical activity into your day. That might mean walking to school instead of driving, swinging by the park on the way home and having a run-around, going for a walk or a bike as a family on the weekend. Even gentle activities such as a game of bowling or gardening counts. 

Eat well

caring for your family

pasja1000 / Pixabay

We all know that we should be eating well to feel well, but do you actually know what makes up a healthy diet? It is not just eating plates of lettuce and drinking nothing but water – you can enjoy a slice of pizza or a candy bar AND eat a healthy diet too. Just make sure junk food and those continuing excess fat and refined sugars are enjoyed in moderation, and that you eat meals that are balanced the rest of the time. Look for a balance of carbs, protein, healthy fat and at least five portions of fruit and vegetables every day. You can even make some unhealthy favourites healthy – make your own pizza using a base of wholemeal pitta and spread with tomato puree and low-fat cheese, and top with plenty of fresh veggies. It’s great fun for the kids, tastes great and is a healthier option.

By maintaining a healthy weight and making sure that your diet has all the nutrients that you need, you are less likely to suffer serious health conditions such as heart disease, type II diabetes, stroke, cancer and other illnesses. 

Take care of mental health

Many of us take care of our physical health but neglect our mental health, and this is important. Given the current circumstances that we find ourselves living in, taking care of our families mental health should be just as much of a priority. Try to encourage some mindfulness into your day – anyone can join in, even children. You can do some coloring, focus on breathing – anything that works for you. It helps to bring you back to the present moment and ground yourself, and that can benefit your mental health significantly. 

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Rejuvenate Your Life With Essential Oils



Family Self Care just launched a mobile app that features 1000+ essential oil combinations that are designed to tackle a wide variety of health concerns. Within the free to use app, you will be able to access your personal health concerns, followed by one or two personalized questions. You are also able to choose your own essential oil that is suitable for you. The app allows you to create a program and offers different times for safe dosing to be swallowed, topically applied directly onto the skin, or via inhalation. You will find solutions for:

  • Sleep disorders
  • Stress
  • Focus and Concentration
  • Skincare issues
  • Weakened immune system
  • Mild or persistent pain
  • Headaches
  • Stomach problems
  • and More



Selfcare1® allows users to purchase “Essentielles” kit for Selfcare1® optimal use from the Family Self Care website for $39.99 or use their own oils. All main essential family kits include scents such as True Lavender, Clary Sage, Tarragon, Tea tree, Peppermint, Ravintsara, Lemon Eucalyptus, Roman Chamomile, and Grape Seed Oil.

Essential oils are great for providing respiratory disinfection, decongesting your sinuses, stress relief, energy booster, calms your nerves, improving gut health, and improves skin conditions such as eczema and acne. Incorporating these essential oils into your daily routine will help you stay on track of your health. Essential oils are natural and provides aromatherapy into your life.


“With creating the Selfcare1® app, my goal is to improve daily health habits with custom made solutions that are budget-friendly for families. We should think of prevention first and foremost rather than treatment. People rarely realize that many day-to-day issues can be approached holistically, resulting in better long term preventative care.” States Brigitte Thito, CEO of Family Self Care. “It is important to us as an organization that holistic healthcare is accessible to everyone at the touch of a button.”

Brigitte, the CEO of Family Self Care has over 20 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry and healthcare. She has worked with companies such as Tambrands / Procter & Gamble, Walgreens Boots Alliance, Merck Consumer Health and Boots Healthcare. She launched her Selfcare1 mobile app in 2019 and released her home dispenser in December. Self care offers over 40 programs for individual needs such as skin and scalp care programs, digestion, stress, sleep, muscle and joint stiffness, respiratory problems and other well-managed problems with essential oils. You can download and use the app on your Apple or Android device.

The planned SelfCare1® device is a unique machine that chooses, measures and combines the essential oils for your specific needs and benefits everyday. It also reminds you of your usage history and tracks it for you with an alert feature.Also, if you have questions about the therapeutic properties of essential oils, SelfCare1® is able to answer them. To learn more about this company visit https://familyselfcare.com/?lang=en.

How to Survive Thanksgiving


Thanksgiving is the most monstrous holiday in America. All of our extended family members gather together from far and wide to eat massive amounts of food and watch football. I’m sure for some people this sounds like an absolute dream, but for me and my crazy family it’s a survival challenge. Every year there are explosive political debates, close-minded relatives telling me my writing degree will leave me homeless, and absolute chaos of football fans screaming at the TV and each other. Over the years I have learned how to handle the stress of Thanksgiving and withstand until Christmas. Please enjoy my survival guide and hopefully it will lead to a happy, stress-free holiday.       


  1. Step One: Deflect, Deflect, Deflect: In our extended families we all have either that one ultra-conservative uncle that believes President Trump is the equivalent to Jesus Christ, a hypersensitive vegan aunt that cries and turns Thanksgiving into a protest whenever the turkey is brought out, or both if you’re like me and have a family of total nutcases. The best thing to do when one of these loonies corner you in and start asking your opinion on the treatment of animals in slaughterhouses or gun control is to deflect. In this moment, act as if your guests are in need of more wine (even if it’s not your party), the phone is ringing and you have to take it, or the zombie apocalypse has just begun and you need to get in your bunker. Any excuse you can come up with to run away is worth it. Or you can flip the conversation on its end and make the situation positive. Just compliment like crazy and hopefully they’ll forget what uncomfortable question they asked you and are unlikely to erupt into a heated political debate.
    • “Well I think the treatment of animals is so…wow, where did you get those earrings? They really bring out the color in your eyes!”
    • “That’s an interesting question about gun control, but first can I ask you what the best move in football is? I thought an athlete such as yourself would know the right answer.”
  2. Step Two: Play With the Kids: If you’re sitting around bored out of your mind because your favorite cousin couldn’t make it or you’re tired of talking about your major for the 99th time, go find your little cousins. Kids are a whole lot of fun, all they want to do is play games and throw mashed potatoes at each other. Honestly, they’re probably looking to get away from their elderly relatives scolding them for being (crotchety old lady voice) “Twittering, lazy, millennials.” Kids also love it when anyone older gives them attention. Play a game of hide and seek, Simon Says, or freeze tag– it’ll be a blast. Plus, if one of them breaks something or starts to throw a temper tantrum, you can just walk away and blend back in with the grownup crowd.
  3. Step Three: Wear Stretch Pants: I am absolutely convinced that we still celebrate Thanksgiving because everyone wants to cheat on their diet. It is the only acceptable day to eat an absurdly large about of sugar and carbs, and there’s no way I am filling up on green beans when there’s a plate of cheesy biscuits going around. Which is why every year I pull out my classiest pair of yoga pants and my loosest blouse. No matter how much you eat, those pants will be right there with you supporting that food baby while your blouse covers it up. It’s the most strategic outfit to wear when your plan is to devour sweet potatoes and apple pie.
  4. Step Four: Be the Bartender for the Night: Sometimes assuming a role at the party has its benefits. If you don’t want to be washing dishes or refilling pretzels for the football fanatics, the best thing to do is play bartender. It’s nice to do something fun that keeps you busy for the night while lightheartedly socializing with people. Everyone loves the person who gives them alcohol, plus if they make special requests that you don’t know how to make you can just look up a recipe from under the counter. This is the best way to be the most liked guest at the party and maybe sneak a few drinks.
  5. Step Five: Make a Smooth Exit: When you feel your eyelids drooping and the Thanksgiving spirit wearing off, it’s great to have a polite exit. Don’t slap together a poor reason for leaving– nothing says, “I don’t appreciate the hard work you went through to prepare for this mess” like a sorry excuse. Instead, what you want to do is say something believable and short:
    • “I have to be up early tomorrow. I promised my friend we’d exercise together in the morning.”
    • “I have to be ready for the Black Friday madness.”
    • “I drove Grandma here, and I have to make sure she gets home alright.”

Although the last one means you may have to take a ride with your grandmother, they are nice ways of stepping out of the party. And don’t forget, it is Thanksgiving so remember to say thank you!


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How to Survive Thanksgiving Featured Image Credit: The Washington Post.


5 Amazing Ideas for Your Next Picnic


It’s summer time.  Schools out, the sun is shining, the air is fresh and it’s time to plan an awesome picnic.  Everyone loves picnics.  Mothers, fathers, grand parents, friends, co-workers and of course children.  Picnics are usually accompanies by lot’s of fun, games, activities and lasting memories.  Right now there’s no better time to highlight 5 amazing ideas for you next picnic.  Are you ready?

Pool Party Picnic

Who doesn’t like a summer time pool picnic?  Depending on where you live, most of us experience some pretty hot afternoons during the summer.  What better way to stay cool, have a lot of fun and enjoy some great backyard finger foods and snakes.

ideas for your next picnic

Pexels / Pixabay

Fun Ideas: Water games of course.  You can have swimming races and provide inexpensive medals to all of the winners.  You can play other fun games such as Marco Polo, water volleyball, swim through rings or squirt gun races.

Food ideas:  While the pool might be the main focal point of the day, your going to have a lot of hungry mouths to feed after expending tons of energy playing games and having fun all day.  Children (and yes even us adults) love finger foods, snacks and cool drinks to keep us hydrated which equal loads of food ideas.  Try fresh watermelon sticks, veggie dip cups, rice crispy treats, little bbq smokies with tooth picks, frozen rainbow smoothie pops and of course some fresh squeezed lemonade and plenty of ice water.

Perfect Island Beach Picnic

How many of you think that a summer picnic is perfect for relaxing on the beach?  We certainly do and to help you create a memorable day, we’re going to suggest a few pretty awesome ideas for your next picnic.

Fun Ideas:  If you are with a “significant other” here are a few romantic ideas that could also be fun.  Since your going to be on the beach, don’t forget your blanket.  If it’s an evening picnic, a pair of scented candles adds a sensual and visual element to your picnic.   If your on an afternoon beach picnic, a large sun umbrella will help block the sun and trade winds if they are present.

Food ideas:  Bringing food for a beach picnic is easier than you might think.  No need for fully prepared meals that would go cold if not eaten right away.  Instead opt for your favorite cheeses, crackers, fruit, club  sandwiches or baguette, and lemon bars or brownies for a sweet dessert that won’t require a huge cleanup.   If you are so inclined, you may also bring your favorite bottle of wine.  Just don’t forget the glasses, lighter for the candles and a super cold cooler for the food items that require it.

Scenic Country Picnic

ideas for your next picnic, country picnic

Silberfuchs / Pixabay

Whether you live in the city, suburb or small community, everyone should take at least one day this summer to enjoy a really awesome country picnic. Hop online and find out where the closest state park is or where there might be waterfalls or public recreation areas nearby.  There might even be a few secret estates or wineries with massive properties that you could checkout.  Even better, ask family, friends or even a forum or online community where you might be able to find the most amazing places to enjoy the perfect scenic country picnic.

Fun Ideas: This would totally be up to you and your guests.  Some might enjoy fishing or canoeing if near a pond or lake while others might enjoy, horseback riding, a friendly game of horseshoes or simply relaxing atop a hill with a glass of chardonnay over looking rolling hills and pastures of green grass.

Food ideas:  Whatever you might fancy, your picnic wouldn’t be complete without a few comforts of a real country menu for your picnic.  If you love the outdoors, you might want to build a small fire to BBQ some chicken or to fry freshly caught fish.  A fresh salad with veggies would be a perfect compliment.  How about some fresh arugula with sun-dried tomatoes, onion circles, herbed goat cheese, croutons and some extra virgin olive oil?  If your more into finger foods, try an Italian sub pinwheel with lettuce, garlic mayo, pastrami, smoked ham, pepperoni and thin slices of Monterrey jack cheese.  Now we know a country picnic just isn’t the same without a home baked dessert of some sort.  You can pick up a fresh peach cobbler pie or make up some apple crisp to round out the menu of your awesome country picnic.  Don’t forget a cooler and wine opener if needed.

Playground Park Picnic

You can’t go wrong with a good old fashion playground park picnic.  This is a great picnic that you can have several times throughout the year and one that is super enjoyable for the entire family.  These days everyone is busy and it can seem difficult to find quality time to spend with your family.  A day at a local park is just what you need unwind, relax and enjoy the company of others.

Fun Ideas: Parks are fun all on their own.  Most parks have jogging trails, slides, merry-go-rounds, swings, tennis and basketball courts, soccer fields and more.  Most community parks also have a swimming pool and a lake where you might be able to go fishing.  No matter what park might be at the top of your list, you are guaranteed to have enough activities to keep everyone active and happy.

Food ideas:  I’m not sure about you but when I was younger, an outing to the park was all about the picnic.  After playing all day, it was very easy to get excited about lunch.  Keep things simple so that you don’t have to worry about a huge clean up or long prep times in the kitchen.  Now a days, you can usually find that most parks have outdoor grills you can use so hotdogs, brats and hamburgers are super easy and cook up in less than 20 minutes.  You can also prepare some amazing steak, pepper and mushroom skewers too.  If grilling isn’t an option, you can opt for the infamous PB&J sandwich which goes perfect with a bag of your favorite chips and soda.  Don’t forget to bring some fresh veggies and fruit for everyone.  Carrots, tomatoes, grapes and strawberries are excellent choices.

Delightful Autumn Picnic

Autumn is by far my most favorite season.  The crisp air at night, the leaves turning orange and seemingly falling to the ground non-stop through the day and while it might be summer now, Autumn will be among us sooner than we know it.  Right now presents the perfect time to plan for an unforgettable autumn picnic for families, friends or couples.

Fun Ideas:  In most parts of the world, autumn means that the weather is getting cooler so make sure you wrap up. A light jacket or cozy blanket will probably do the trick as long as you choose a style that suits your needs.  Autumn is all about being outdoors and enjoying the weather so why not try some of these ideas:

ideas for your next picnic

_Alicja_ / Pixabay

1. Bonfires: Bonfires are just fun period.  People can gather around, keep warm, sing songs, tell jokes and just enjoy the company of one another.  Some like to get together for a fun game of soccer or football.

2. Apple picking: Find a local farm where you can go pick apples.  How fun does that sound and of course you get to keep what you pick.  Hello…… delicious apple pie anyone!!

3. Hiking: The autumn is the most perfect time to go hiking.  Head out to your nearest lake or wildlife preserve that has public access and enjoy a 2 hour hike.  Watch leaves fall at your feet and listen to the sounds of nature surround you.  Get a little exercise and enjoy time with friends and loved ones.

4. Visit a pumpkin farm: A pumpkin is always closely associated with fall since that is when they are harvested.  If your luck enough to find a pumpkin farm within an hour from your home.  Guaranteed  you will have a blast.  Some of these pumpkin farms even offer hayrides, food fairs and other activities.

Food ideas:  As with the fun ideas, there are lots of simple recipes that would perfectly compliment a delightful autumn picnic.  If you are having that bonfire, hotdogs and marshmallows are a must as is hot chocolate. Cheese, crackers and a large tin tub full of beer and ice will certainly draw a few smiles from your guests.  If your picnic will last throughout the day, consider a nice hearty chili for your family and guests.  A large crock pot will help keep the food warm throughout the day and into the evening.  For dessert you simply can’t go wrong with homemade pumpkin bread with apple cinnamon butter.  If you are entertaining a lot of guests, add a delicious apple pie.  Don’t forget that antique plates and utensils can add a beautiful sense of nostalgia to your delightful autumn pic.

We hope you really enjoyed our list of ideas for your next picnic.  Picnics are sometimes forgotten about but present an exciting and fun time to spend with family and friends.  Picnics can be taken at anytime throughout the year, even during Winter.  Tell us about your ideas for your next picnic.  We’d love to hear your thoughts or perhaps even your own picnic story.

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Incredibles 2 Was Good, But It Wasn’t Incredible


After 14 years of waiting, the most anticipated film of all time is finally out.  Incredibles 2 hit the theaters June 15th and grossed $180 million on opening weekend.

It was upsetting, yet predictable, that superheroes are still illegal in Incredibles 2, which leaves the Parr family living like refugees, held up and hiding in the Safari Court Motel.

But, there was an interesting twist on Incredibles 2, Elastigirl (Holly Hunter) is in the spotlight while Mr.Incredible (Craig T. Nelson) is home playing Mr.Mom. Winston Deavor (Bob Odenkirk), head of a telecommunications company, is a wealthy superhero fan who wants to help bring supers back. He asks Elastigirl to join him on his mission, enlisting her to partake in public acts of crime-fighting.  

Incredibles 2 had a bit of a different look graphic wise, versus the first movie. The first movie had a 1960’s feel to the graphics, while Incredibles 2 used  flesh stimulation technology. With the movies being 14 years apart, it’s a safe bet to say that technology has changed and improved over time. Although, it seemed like fans preferred the graphics from the first movie versus the second movie.

It was surprising that young baby Jack-Jack stole the show, especially during his scene with super-suit designer, Edna Mode (Brad Bird). It was fun to see Jack-Jack’s many rumored powers, come to life! Who would have ever thought that such a young baby would have so many incredible powers. I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a spin off sequel that was based primarily around Jack-Jack.   

Although Incredibles 2 wasn’t all it was hyped up to be and disappointing to die hard Incredibles fans, the movie was filled with humor and fun. But it seemed to be missing the thrill and adventure that the first movie delivered. There was a lot to live up to, Incredibles was an amazing movie, easily a childhood favorite for many people. Incredibles 2 was good, but it wasn’t incredible.

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Incredibles 2 Was Good, But It Wasn’t Incredible: Feature image credit: Pixar