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Kam Horne Interview


It’s safe to say that Kam Horne has successfully participated in almost every aspect of the entertainment business. She has worked in careers ranging from actress to TV producer to celebrity stylist. With the accomplishment of her career goals, she also makes time for her family. Recently Horne has been co-producing a feature length film called She Must Be Loved, and is currently working on a TV pilot called Guy Theory. After seeing some of her work, I was interested in hearing about her upcoming projects. Kam Horne agreed to give Cliché the scoop on the film.

Cliché: I have read that you have been very busy lately with being an actress, host, TV personality, TV producer, celebrity stylist, and occasionally working on your blog. Is there any one of those that you are most passionate about?
Kam Horne: I’m extremely passionate about all aspects of the industry that I work in. The entertainment industry is so vast, and I get to tap into my creative side on a daily basis… I wouldn’t want to do anything else. I get to wear so many different hats and they are all fun and challenging in so many exciting ways.

Having achieved so many career goals throughout your life, what was your biggest motivation?
My biggest motivation is definitely my family. They make me want to be the best at everything I do. I love seeing them happy and proud of me.

Aside from all the responsibilities you have, do you ever have time for yourself? What are some hobbies that you enjoy doing when you are not working?
One thing I always make time for is me. If I’m happy and at peace, then so is my family, and “me-time” definitely makes me happy. So “girl’s night out,” mani-pedis, spa dates, etc. are a must! I still like to paint, read a good book, or write when I get a chance. Nowadays, I do these things with my kids because they enjoy the same hobbies, so we have a lot of fun together.

Does having such a demanding and elaborate career take a lot of time out from your family life?
The beautiful thing about being “self-employed” is that I have a pretty flexible schedule, which is another career perk. No matter how full my days get with work, I can fit time in between my crazy schedule to spend with my husband and my kids. We always try to eat dinner together and just catch up on each other’s day. My family is a top priority, and I make sure they know that every day. I’ve always felt that no matter how busy we get, we can always make time for our top priorities.

I also read that you are currently working on a film; can you tell us a little about it?
I’m actually co-producing a feature length film that my husband, Ricky Horne Jr., wrote and will be directing. It’s a teen/fantasy romance titled She Must Be Loved about an 18-year-old girl who gets killed and brought back to life Sleeping Beauty style. It’s an amazing script, and I’m excited that we’ll be working on our first project together. We’re currently in pre-production, but will be posting our website with updates on the film soon.

You are also working on a new pilot called Guy Theory. Can you give us the gist on that as well?
I’m very excited about Guy Theory too! It’s a TV show project, and I play the role of Saniya who is married to the lead. We have a child together and I juggle a demanding career in the fashion world with wife and motherhood. The character is definitely relatable to me and I enjoy playing her. The writer/director, Inga Eiland, is a young black woman who is super talented and a joy to work with. It’s currently in pre-production, so I can’t give any other details as of yet. I really think people are going to love the show. It’s fresh, unique, and has a great cast!


Kam Horne Interview “Creatively Overload” originally appeared in Cliché Magazine’s April/May 2014 issue. Photos courtesy of ChampionEyeMedia.com and Kelsey Edwards

Fun Easter Crafts for Kids


Easter Egg Character In Cups

The holidays can drag if kids have nothing to do. Fortunately, arts and crafts are perfect to be enjoyed indoors and Easter is the ideal time of year to get really creative. Eggs, chicks, bonnets, and the bright colours of Spring. It’s all there.

Fun Easter Crafts for Kids

Don’t be stuck for inspiration – there are plenty of guides available online, which provide step-by-step instructions for a number of great projects. Homecrafts has put together an amazing Easter Holiday Boredom Conqueror infographic highlighting a variety of Fun Easter crafts for kids of all ages to create.

Some, like creating Easter egg characters using coloured wool for hair and wiggly eyes, or making Easter chicks, are superb for young children. Others will keep older children entertained. Making batik eggs is a more advanced project, and the end result is beautifully decorative, either to display in the house or to make a unique gift.

As well as whiling away the hours in a fun, creative and stimulating way, parents can also get involved and enjoy not only the crafting but the bonding time with their children.

Batik Eggs

Make An Easter Chick

Egg Hunt

Egg Hunt Bags

Decorate An Easter Bonnet

Quilling Eggs

Face Painting

Giant String Eggs

Epic: A Family Classic



Recently, I saw the film Epic. I knew before sitting down that I would be watching a new take on old ideas. From the trailers, I thought the film would be like Arthur and The Invisibles, or FernGully: The Last Rainforest. In a way, it was. It dealt with a human being turned into a smaller size to help save nature from an evil force. With that said, I was shocked at how grown up the story was.

Epic has a bunch of characters that felt human and showed a side of strength that never gets played much in animated films. In the face of death, there is hope and the importance of moving forward. Many of the key characters show that while losing someone is painful, life is beautiful and worth fighting for. There is no whining or complaining about how life is unfair. There is just understanding that sometimes, life takes the ones you love from you. The only thing you can do is work to be the best you and to create the best future in the name of those you have lost. In time, new life comes into the world, and though it can not replace what was lost, it shows why we dare to care in the first place. The message of the film is simple and not overly stated. It is quite and beautiful, just like nature.

The film’s touching story telling is matched perfectly with the imagery. There was one moment in the film that I felt as I were in a real forest. It is not easy to create moments that tell volumes without anything being said, but this film was able to create such a thing. Epic is a movie that should be owned in every family and should be seen in theaters while you still can.