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5 Fashion Tips For Wheelchair Users


Here are our 5 fashion tips for wheelchair users. Fashion tips for wheelchair users are usually not based on the latest fashion trends (although there’s no reason you can’t be trendy), but rather on what clothes are going to be comfortable while you’re using your chair.

Sometimes it can be hard to find the right combination of what looks good, what you feel good in, and what works best for your lifestyle. These five tips for dressing as a wheelchair user will give you a good place to start from for choosing what to wear. Knowing that every piece in your wardrobe will fit you properly, make you feel good, and allow you to move freely will take a lot of the stress out of choosing what you are going to wear every day.

Don’t wear clothing that is too long

Fashion Tips For Wheelchair Users

Photo by Marcus Aurelius on Pexels

Longer clothing can be difficult for wheelchairs to wear. Long pieces, such as floaty scarves or maxi skirts can easily get caught in the wheels. They may look good, but you will struggle to be able to move freely and will spend your time constantly having to make sure you aren’t about to get tangled. This will soon get frustrating and annoying, and just not worth it. Choose clothes that are tighter, and that don’t flow away from your body so you don’t run the risk of getting tangled up when you’re trying to get around. 

Draw attention to your waist

Flowing shirts or long jackets can bunch up and look boxy when you are sitting down. To avoid this boxy look, you can add a belt to help your top to stay smoothed down and where you want it. A belt will also help to emphasize your waist. You could also look for more fitted shirts that are naturally tailored at the waist. The material will make a difference, as well. Thick cloth or big buttons can make strange lumps that make your midsection look thicker than it really is.

Another trick that can help is having your clothes tailored. Alterations are not usually as expensive as you might think, but they make a big difference. Have a shirt taken in or a jacket shortened, so you can get the definition where you want it and avoid bunching fabric or fabric interfering with your wheels. 

Have fun with your shoes

If you spend a lot of time sitting, your shoes will stay in great shape for much longer, giving you a great excuse to experiment. You can buy shoes that, in the past, would have been much too uncomfortable for you to walk in all day. Experiment with fun shoes that you might wear if you had to walk. Less practical shoes are an option too, as they are less likely to get worn or splashed, or otherwise ruined. 

However, you will need to be extra careful to get the right size. Make sure your shoes are not too small for you. If you are someone who often can’t really feel your feet, it is all too easy to do serious damage to the skin before you realize it by accidentally wearing shoes that are too tight. Otherwise, enjoy adding an exciting touch to your outfits.

Buy longer tops

Fashion Tips For Wheelchair UsersLonger tops will give the illusion of a thinner torso. Sitting down can make you look lumpy. It can also make you look shorter. A shirt that carries on past your waist can help to smooth everything out and lengthen your torso, making you look taller and slimmer. A long top will also prevent you from accidentally exposing any skin when you lean over. Shorter shirts ride up when you are sitting down. If you wear them long, you can keep your back and stomach covered whenever you need to reach for something or stretch. 


Now that you know how to choose your clothing, don’t forget to play with your accessories to draw attention to your favorite features. Necklaces, earrings, or ties can be used to pull attention to your face. If using a wheelchair means you find it more convenient to keep the rest of your wardrobe simple, accessories can help you to feel more on-trend. You can accessorize your chair too, with fun wheelchair bags or charms that attach to the wheels. 

Confidence and positivity are the best things that you can have while shopping for clothes. There are lots of styling possibilities for wheelchair users. Just remember to think about what makes your body look good, not what everyone else is wearing.

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Learning the Difference Between a Radiant Cut and Princess Cut Diamond


Today we want to share tips about learning the difference between a radiant cut and princess cut diamond. With a flare of weddings and proposals that always have something ‘diamond’ in attendance, it is now necessary to explore what can give your precious diamond ring some company. Your proposal ring, wedding jewelry holds a special place for a lifetime and that delicate diamond ring on your fingers deserves all the love.

Wedding bands have gained limelight and women are often seen wearing it along with their engagement ring. Symbolizing togetherness for a lifetime, the wedding bands are also at times customized with your wedding date engraved on it. Not just wedding or proposal rings, a priceless radiant cut diamond studded on your ring looks even more elegant with a plain gold, white gold, rose gold finish band. The mesmerizing look of a radiant cut diamond ring is enough a reason to make it a part of your collection. A radiant cut diamond looks very similar to the facets of an emerald gemstone that is a tapered edge rectangle. Diamonds are inevitably versatile, it can easily become the perfect piece of jewelry for every attire in your wardrobe.

A few women leave their rings precisely as they were set on their big day, with the wedding ring on top of the wedding band, in light of the fact that the feeling behind their accomplice slipping that ring on their finger implies a lot for them to transform it. Different ladies stick stringently to the custom of wearing the wedding ring underneath (or behind) the wedding band, since that puts the wedding ring nearer to their souls. Then again different ladies eliminate the wedding band from that finger for wearing JUST the wedding ring, picking rather to put their wedding band on their other ring finger, or to eliminate it from their clothing inside and out. Along these lines, to respond to that question, it truly is dependent upon you, and the inclinations of you and your accomplice.

So many diamonds in the market, and almost every man or woman is spoiled for choices when shopping for these jewels. What confuses the buyer is a princess cut in comparison to a radiant cut. Are you curious to know the difference between a radiant cut diamond and princess cut diamond. How are they different?

The geometric look of both the diamonds marks key differentiation. Diamonds with the radiant cut have sharp uncut edges, popularly known as “cut-cornered square mixed cut”.

Shaped differently from one another, the both precious diamonds are equally charming. While the radiant cut diamonds are rectangular in shape, princess cuts are mostly square. In terms of popularity among the masses, princess cuts stand over the radiant cuts in position hence, not widely available in the market. The most popular diamond still remains to be the round cut classic diamond that stands as a first preference for buyers.

Both the diamonds embody a classy cut. Having a close look at the beautiful princess cut diamond, one can notice the ‘X’ right at the center which is the result of a vertically cut pavilion and chevron-shaped facets. The modern princess cut has more facets than the earlier available versions. The radiant cut diamond is structured with a higher crown and smaller table. When looked at these diamonds have a spherical pattern as a result of multiple facets.

Difference Between a Radiant Cut and Princess Cut DiamondAs a result of its splendid aspects, the Radiant Cut mirrors light better compared to the Princess Cut and in this way has better shimmer, settling on it as a mainstream decision for commitment, wedding, and anniversary rings! The Radiant Cut was imagined by Henry Grossbard in 1977, who needed to create more interest for square and rectangular precious stone shapes in adornments pieces. He took the fundamental state of the Emerald Cut and added more splendid features to build up the Radiant Cut.

Not long after Grossbard’s production of the Radiant Cut, the Princess Cut was conceived. This new square cut was the aftereffect of the craving to hold a greater amount of the unpleasant precious stone’s load by adjusting the Radiant Cut’s aspects, accordingly keeping away from patent encroachment. The Princess Cut emits high contrast reflections on account of its differentiating direct features.

The radiant cut diamond rings are more qualified for those with dynamic ways of life since it doesn’t highlight sharp corners that can get captured or broken off with thorough exercises. It is additionally the best cut for various prong settings on account of its cut corners. Then again, the Princess Cut highlights a mathematical shape that makes it ideal for the individuals who favor channel settings.

The financial plan is additionally a thought while picking between the two precious stone cuts. The Princess Cut is more reasonable than the Radiant Cut since it holds up to 80-percent of its unpleasant precious stone weight. It is likewise less expensive to create, since one harsh jewel ordinarily yields two Princess Cut precious stones.

Tracking back at what goes best with everything, there is no clear winner between the two diamonds as both of them stand with their own beauty. To pair up with your diamond laden finger can be a dainty piece of necklace that can look put together like one set. For adornments, rose gold is perceived as an unobtrusive and heartfelt shade that praises every one of the frilly shades and unbiased tones. Regardless of what your tone or undercurrent is, it is a constantly complimenting shading. Rose gold changes itself into fantastic and exquisite fine adornments, primarily wedding bands, because of its unmistakable and stylish tone.

Discussing the age of today, the most utilized and trendiest type of adornments material is rose gold. It has gotten so well known that on the off chance that you go for a fast stroll across the road, you may see in any event one piece of adornment that is rose gold as it is the perfect sort of gem that will make you look great. Today, with the ease of online websites one can just search ‘diamond stores near me’ to reach their desired diamond studded heaven.

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Mai Pham: Travel, Authenticity, and Her Self-Designed Clothing Brand


Mai Pham was born and raised in Alberta, Canada. She began her YouTube channel at 13-years-old, by uploading a video of the contents of her high school volleyball bag. She continued taking her followers through her lifestyle and various beauty transformation, and has grown her channel to over 1.39 million subscribers. Mai is passionate about traveling, going on adventures, and also being an outlet for conversations about real and meaningful issues. Her next big journey is her self-designed fashion brand!

Before youtube, what did your day to day life look like?

I started YouTube when I was 7, so I don’t really remember life before YouTube. But before it became my full time job, I was in high school. So I was just waking up, going to school, playing sports after school, then working on YouTube. Which was editing videos and filming videos.

I would play volleyball after school, and I would bring my camera around. So a lot of my vides on YouTube revolved around that sport. So, it was never really like YouTube became a full time thing all-at-once. YouTube was all around me, and I would always bring my camera around. So it was always involved in my life somehow. I guess the cycle just repeated until I made it my full time job.

You started youtube at the age of 7, what has it been like growing up on camera? Did you have someone who acted as your inspiration? 

I felt really natural growing up on camera just because it was all I had. I wasn’t allowed to hang out with friends much as a kid, so I was just stuck inside with a computer and my camera. My camera was kind of an outlet to talk to people, because I didn’t have people in real life to talk to.

So, I’ve always been really comfortable on camera. I think that my supporters can see that I’m really genuine when I speak about things, which I love. It’s never felt like a pressure to be someone that I’m not online because of that.

Photo By: Nikii Victoria

What challenges have come with being an Influencer, and how have you stayed authentic to who you are when in the spotlight? 

I would say the challenges with being an “influencer” is that your life is online all the time. Especially with me posting three times a week, and sometimes every single day, it’s kind of hard to filter out what gets put online. Sometimes you post things without even thinking about it, and realizing the consequences it could have. But, I think the way I present myself online is my genuine self. Some of the things I say may not be popular opinions, but people respect that I’m real online. Maybe I don’t have a filter all the time, but it’s being authentic and genuine that I think people really love.

I noticed my supporters like when I’m more vulnerable online, and it’s easier to be vulnerable online than to be a person that you’re not. So, it hasn’t been difficult for me to be authentic online because of that reason. I grew up on camera, so it was never something where I had to force a personality.

You’re known for your transformation or “glow-up” videos. What drew you to begin creating those types of videos? 

I think what drew me into creating those types of videos, is that I would see all these celebrities and influencers post selfies and stuff like that, but you never really see the behind-the-scenes of what they do to look that certain way.

Sometimes it can be misleading to young girls, because they see those pictures without seeing everything that they had to pay for and all the procedures that they had to go through. So, I wanted to create a video where people can see all of the money that goes into it and all of the time that goes into the process of looking this certain way. When you look at it online for a split second, you can see girls and be like ‘oh they look so flawless and effortless, I wish I could look like that’. But you have no idea the amount of effort that they put in to look that way. So, I made those videos for young girls to be able to look at them and realize that not everyone looks that way. There’s a lot that goes into it.

I’m only 18, so I am learning new techniques and everything as well. But I’m just referring back to myself when I was younger, I would always use YouTube as a platform to learn new things because I never had a female figure around me to help me. So, I want to be that outlet that young girls can go to because I used to feel the same as them and I know how they feel.

 Moving out at the age of 15 is quite an accomplishment, but how different is it to be moving into a house in LA with your best friend at the age of 18?

Even though I lived only 5-hours away from my parents when I moved out, I never relied on them to come help me with things. So, I feel like it’s honestly the same. The only difference is the laws.

Whenever I talk to people that move to a different country though, I notice that one of the biggest struggles is that you can’t just road trip to go see your parents. Especially right now with all the restrictions, you can’t just fly them over and you can’t just take a quick flight to go see them. So, I would say one of the most difficult things is realizing that you are out here alone. And if you needed the support from your family, it’s not as easily accessible. But other than that, I would say it’s pretty easy!

Photo By: Nikii Victoria

Traveling has always been a part of your life, whether it’s to Bali or LA. You started traveling the world on your own at the age of 16, What do you love about traveling independently? 

What I love about traveling independently is that you really learn a lot about yourself and what you like. I don’t think people realize that when you travel alone it’s not as lonely as you think it would be. If anything, you just get to do whatever you like without the pressure of having to please others. I know that sometimes when traveling with friends or family, you want to do things but other people don’t want to or your forced into doing things that you don’t want to do. When you’re traveling along, you’re on your own schedule. You’re really just stuck there with yourself, and you have to learn how to overcome obstacles and problems without the help of others. Yes, it can be challenging and difficult at times, but it just helps you in your everyday life.

I think a lot of people see it as such a huge step of ‘Oh, I could never fly to another country!’ Well, you don’t have to do that huge step first. It all starts with little things, such as going to eat at a restaurant by yourself to realize that not everyone’s looking at you and no one actually cares that much. And you do those little steps to reach your big goal, which may be doing a solo travel trip. I think the most important part is having fun by yourself. If you’re just doing things alone it can get lonely, but if you make it a goal to be comfortable in your own skin it will be really good learning curve.

Where has been your favorite place that you have traveled to? 

My favorite place I’ve ever traveled to is I think pretty obvious if you went and took a look at my channel, but it’s Bali. The reason why I loved it so much is because it’s always been my dream place to go to as a kid. After my 16th birthday I finally decided to take a solo trip there. It was my first solo trip to a whole other continent, so it really has a special place in my heart.

The reason why I love it so much is that the people there are so kind, and their culture is so unique compared to every other place that I’ve ever been to. I feel like it really is a spiritual reset. I’m not sure what it is there. Everyone there loves yoga and really believes in energies. I feel like there’s always so much to do. You can wake up, go to a waterfall, hang out there for hours and hours, and there’s endless amounts of things to explore. So, I never feel like I’m bored. I’ve gone back there about 5 times now and I’ve never felt like it’s gotten old for that reason.

You have worked on many collaborations with Bumble, The Picnic Collective, Reebok, Belief, and more but how different is it to be releasing your self-designed clothing brand? 

What I love about making my own clothing brand is that I had a lot of input into the sourcing of the clothes. It was really cool to see the process of how everything works. When you’re working with other brands, they handle everything and you’re just promoting the product. But with me creating my own clothing brand, I really got to talk to the people – the warehouses that manufacture the clothes, the designs with the graphic designer – and I really got to create my own product that I’m promoting.

So, there’s a lot of backstory to it. I like how I’m gonna be able to explain the whole process of me creating the product, everything that went into it, and the story behind it.

Who has been your biggest fashion inspiration? 

Honestly, I wouldn’t say there’s one particular person that I look up to. Obviously, I’m on social media all the time so I see all these trends coming in and out when it comes to clothing, and I try to be on top of them. Other than that, I would say my core when it comes to my fashion inspiration is street wear. That’ll always be what it is, just because I grew up loving that. By that I mean: sneakers. A lot of my clothes revolve around what shoes I’m gonna wear. It doesn’t even have to be sneakers, it can be heels. I just love shoes, and street wear.   

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How to Dress for a Cocktail Party


Do you know how to dress for a cocktail party? Cocktail parties are a hot event, especially for small groups of people. They can replace a formal wedding reception dinner, and they’re a great way for business associates to mingle with each other. Who wouldn’t want to throw an elegant but fun party instead of a stuffy formal gathering?

If you’ve been invited to a cocktail party (or are hosting one yourself), you may be wondering how you should dress. It’s glitzier than business attire, but it’s not as formal as a black-tie event. Determining which dress you should wear can be a bit of a struggle. Follow these guidelines so looking glamorous at your next cocktail party is a breeze!

What is Cocktail Attire? 

An easier way to think of cocktail attire is to think of semi-formal dresses. Picture what you would wear to a fundraiser or a friend’s wedding. The dresses you would choose to wear at these events will be appropriate for cocktail parties. Cocktail dresses are often knee-length and come in a variety of colors.

When Should You Wear Cocktail Attire?

How to Dress for a Cocktail PartySpeaking of fundraisers and weddings—these are just two of the events that are appropriate for you to wear cocktail attire to. You can also wear a cocktail dress at business events, engagement parties, graduation parties, and reunions. Any time an event has a festive feel, a cocktail dress is the right choice.

When choosing the style or color, consider the setting. More formal events—such as a cocktail party celebrating your boss’s ten-year anniversary—may require a more conservative dress. For more casual, outdoor, and daytime parties, you can choose flashier dresses or outfits that are lighter in color.

Guidelines for Cocktail Dresses

Dressing for a cocktail party shouldn’t be a hassle or a stressful experience. Before shopping for the perfect dress, review these guidelines for cocktail dresses. With these dress codes in mind, you’ll be able to feel more comfortable choosing a dress that is perfect for your event!

  1. Think LBD (Little Black Dress). No, we don’t mean you have to choose a black dress, but in terms of length, having your ideal LBD in mind can help you find a good length of dress. Stay away from maxi and mini dresses. Instead, choose knee-length.
  2. Sequins and Beads. For fancier, more glamorous events, select a cocktail dress that features sequins or beads.
  3. Keep It Classy. When attending a business cocktail event or fundraiser, be sure to keep everything covered that you wouldn’t want your boss (or your grandmother!) to see.
  4. Holiday Festive. Don’t be afraid to choose holiday colors (think red or metallic hues) for office Christmas parties or New Year’s Eve celebrations.
  5. Beachy Vibes. If you’re attending a semi-formal function at the beach, try a cocktail dress with a more comfortable fit and a vibrant color.
  6. Dress for the Season. It’s important to note the time of year your cocktail party is taking place. For summer cocktail events, choose a white or light-colored dress. For winter cocktail parties, wear a dark-colored dress, such as navy or black, and opt for one that has sleeves to keep you warm.
  7. Wear the Right Undergarments. Make sure you have the appropriate bra, underwear, or shapewear for your dress before the day of the big event. You don’t want to be tucking your bra straps away or worrying about a panty-line the whole night!
  8. Dress Alternatives. Not a fan of dresses? No problem! Blazers and blouses, jumpsuits, and pantsuits are all beautiful alternatives to cocktail dresses.

How to Accessorize Your Cocktail Dress

Now that you’ve found the best cocktail dress, it’s time to select all the finishing touches! Elevate your look with these tips for accessorizing your cocktail dress.


A cocktail party is the perfect excuse for going all out on a pair of high-heels. Those strappy ones you’ve been eyeing in the store? Now’s the time to splurge! The right pair of shoes can do so much for your cocktail attire. Stay away from flats, flip-flops, and boots. Instead, choose heels or peep toe sandals or flats. Have fun with the colors and embellishments. Choose a color that compliments your dress but adds a little pop. Select a pair of heels with sparkling sequins.


bracelet, silver, gemstones

Photo by pony_up on Pixabay

A statement piece can really make your cocktail dress flare. A glittery hair accessory or dangling earrings can catch the eye of everyone around. Stackable bracelets can also be a fun way to accessorize your dress. Remember to keep it simple. One statement piece is enough to complete a classy look.


Keep your essentials close with a stylish clutch. Match the clutch to your shoes or your statement jewelry piece. Be sure to leave your large purse at home. During cocktail events, a purse strap shouldn’t touch your shoulder!

Dressing for Yourself

Dressing for a cocktail party can seem daunting. It can be hard to remember all the dress codes for different types of attire. But you don’t have to stress! Just remember to choose a knee-length dress in a color and style that fits the occasion and accessorize it with heels, a signature piece of jewelry, and a clutch. Most importantly: feel free to get creative and express yourself! When you wear a dress you love, you can hardly go wrong.

Author Bio: Jonah Levine is the Creative Director of TheDressWarehouse.com. TheDressWarehouse.com was launched in 2018 as the go-to online source for amazing prom dresses on sale. With 10 years of experience in the industry, Jonah works daily to scour the evening wear markets to find the hottest styles and to negotiate the best prices for special designer dresses on the internet.

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How To Choose Vintage Items You’ll Get Wear Out Of


Today we want to share some tips on how to choose vintage items you’ll get wear out of. Buying vintage clothing online has become more and more popular recently and especially during lockdown when we have been restricted to staying in our houses and our online buying addictions have got a little out of control. But do you know how you can choose vintage clothes and accessories that you will get wear out of?

Don’t worry because we do!

Fortunately, we have put together some tips on how to choose vintage items you’ll get wear out of.  Let’s take a closer look below.

Quality Is Essential

on how to choose vintage items

Photo by Sunsetoned on Pexels

As with all clothing or products that you buy, it’s paramount that they are of the best quality. Not only is this important for durability and longevity, but you want to look good too. You don’t want to spend your money on something that is going to either break easily or look cheap. You should feel confident in your new vintage clothing and be sure that it isn’t going to get damaged or break with ease.

Plus, you will want to continue to wear your new vintage clothes time and time again, so you don’t want clothing that can only be worn once or twice.

Know Your Vintage Shops

That leads us nicely onto our next point; know your vintage shops. If you want to know that you are getting quality and where the prices are set just right, then spend some time browsing different vintage shops and check out reviews, as not all vintage shops are the same.

In fact, you may have a specific vintage shop that you visit for different occasions and events, or for certain items of vintage clothing that you know you can only find in specific places.

Don’t Be Fooled By The Label

Just because the label has a high-end brand on it and the sale price is significantly lower – don’t be fooled! This style of clothing may not suit you, so don’t waste your money on high-end labels for your vintage clothing if you then aren’t going to get wear out of the item!

Try Clothes On

on how to choose vintage items

Photo by Olya Kobruseva on Pexels

Leading on from our last point; try clothes on! Whether you buy the clothes online or visit a vintage shop now lockdown restrictions have eased a little, you should always try the clothes on. You will get that instant feel of whether you feel confident in the item or not. If you are unsure when you first try, then you shouldn’t buy the item, as the likeliness is that you won’t get good wear out of it and you will have just wasted your money.

Start With Accessories

If you like vintage clothing, but it isn’t similar to your current style, then instead of buying loads of vintage clothes, start with accessories instead. This way you can slowly implement your new vintage style into your wardrobe, which will give you time to decide if the look is right for you or not.

Plus, vintage accessories are available at brilliant prices and gives you the chance to dip your toe into the world of vintage! From jewellery to hats and bags, there are so many options to choose from.

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Q&A with Alexa Leigh: The Story Behind Her Jewelry Line


Alexa Leigh, founder of eponymous line

Born in California and raised in Colorado, Alexa Leigh Meyer founded her jewelry line in 2010 with the notion of creating sentimental value behind every piece. Alexa’s vision was to cultivate a jewelry line that could be worn everyday and look good at any occasion. The collection started with double pendant necklaces that are worn with one pendant in front and one at the nape of your neck and has expanded to cuffs, rings, bracelets, and anklets, all of which manifest Alexa Leigh’s vision. The line expanded into ball bracelets and necklaces that could be customized with unique charms to create something one of a kind. Each piece can be worn separately or layered together and add the perfect touch to any outfit.

Alexa Leigh “Snake Necklace” and “Huggie Hoops.” Modeled by Livia Caligor. Photographed by Erica Skylar.

How did you get into jewelry design? What motivated you to found your eponymous line?

I had lost an old necklace, and my father casually suggested I make it. I was naive enough to try, and that set me down a path of creating an entire jewelry line of delicate necklaces and bracelets. I’ve never looked back. While it was first started as a creative outlet, it quickly became my passion.

What are the differentiating characteristics of your jewelry?

It can be worn day to night and withstand the wear and tear of your everyday life. It’s the perfect compliment to an outfit whether you’re wearing a sweat set or a nice dress.

How did your home state of California impact your design aesthetic?I was born in California and raised in Aspen Colorado but I don’t think either place really impacted my design aesthetic. I created the line while I was living in New York but regardless of where I am living, I’ve always dressed for comfort first. I wanted to create a jewelry line that could be worn day to night and would last through the wear and tear of life, while also being comfortable enough to sleep in. That second skin jewelry line that you forget is on but looks effortlessly cool with everything!

Alexa Leigh “Star Huggie Hoop” and “Gold Ear Cuff.” Photo credits: Alexa Leigh

What are 3 words you’d use to describe the Alexa Leigh woman? 

Chic, timeless, effortless.

What was the hardest part of founding your own line? The most rewarding part?

I think the hardest part is to have the perseverance to keep going. Most brands aren’t an overnight success. You have to be willing to to keep your head down and never give up. There are really no days off. It’s so rewarding to have something that’s your own though and you’re able to do things in your own way. It’s an expression of my spirit and incredibly gratifying.

Alexa Leigh “Snake Necklace” and “Huggie Hoops.” Modeled by Livia Caligor. Photographed by Erica Skylar.

How do you think the jewelry industry has changed over the course of your career?

Social media has changed our industry just like it has any other. Having access to a platform that you can display your brand and help tell your story is priceless.

What is your design process like? Where are your products produced?

I make the majority of the first samples myself. There’s a headspace that I occasionally get into where the ideas just flow. I don’t know where they come from but they can pour out. In some cases I’ll sketch my ideas and other times I’ll get right to trying to make a sample. Some pieces we leave as limited edition to keep the site fresh and ever evolving but others we love too much to let go of and we make them part of the core line. Styles are made overseas, in Miami or New York. 

Alexa Leigh “Huggie Hoops” and “Gold Ball Necklace.” Photo credits: Alexa Leigh

What is your favorite piece of jewelry, or which piece do you think best embodies the ethos of the Alexa Leigh vision

Hard to pick a favorite child but I never take off my comfort rings and love the way a snake necklace catches the light. I also love a 2mm or 3mm ball necklace, bracelet or anklet because it can be layered or worn alone. They are all the perfect touches to any outfit. 

Alexa Leigh “Ball Bracelets.” Photo credits: Alexa Leigh

Where do you find inspiration as a designer?

I envy the people that can point to one place of inspiration. If I had that, I’d make sure to use it all the time. For me, the ideas often come right before I fall asleep or when I am in the right zone mentally during the day. I can totally tell the difference between when I am being right or left brained. I make items I would want to wear myself and hope other people feel the same.

What’s next for you?

I don’t pretend to know that! I am constantly thrown curveballs and surprises that I would have never predicted. Whatever comes I let come, and whatever goes I let go. I’m just gonna continue to ride the wave! 

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Photo Credits: Erica Skylar Photography, TBD PR, Alexa Leigh

Appropriate Jewelry Pieces for Every Work Occasion


Today we want to share appropriate jewelry pieces for every work occasion. Every fashion lover knows that the one element that can either make or break an outfit are accessories. They come in many forms and are the perfect way to add more style and vibrancy to every look, especially at the office. The most popular one that no trendy, sophisticated woman can live without is jewelry.

Completing an office look with fine jewels simply proves that you are an elegant woman who invests time and effort into her style to always look her best. Jewelry is intended to make a statement so it must be chosen wisely in order to match your personal taste and fit flawlessly in the work environment.

From the classic pearl bracelet to the diamond stud earrings, there are endless styles the ladies can choose from to take their office fashion up a notch. To help you along the way, here are the different jewelry styles you can wear to the most common work gatherings and occasions.

Jewelry Pieces for Every Work Occasion

Everyday office style

In most conservative workplaces, there is a specific dress code that must be followed. This includes wearing a neutral color pantsuit or a below-the-knee pencil skirt matched with a cute blouse to keep up with any work guidelines. However, such everyday office looks can often become dull for stylish women, so they turn to jewelry to add more playfulness.

For example, although the pearl necklace is considered a minimalistic jewelry piece, it has the power to instantly enhance any monotone work ensemble. It is available in many shapes, sizes and colors allowing you to choose the one that will best match your office look. The most sought-after is the princess-length pearl strand that makes the perfect focal piece for your work outfit.

Also, keep in mind to opt for lightweight jewels to wear around the neck or your wrists as the heavier ones may get uncomfortable for your 9 to 5 schedule.

Business meetings

Business meetings are more formal than the everyday work setting which usually requires incorporating an even more sophisticated style. And because of this, it is recommended that women go for a minimal amount of jewelry to complete their looks.

For example, a pair of diamond earrings is one of the best choices to wear on such an occasion. They are considered effortlessly stylish and are a safe way to elevate your business meeting look. Whether you opt for a workaday suit or a high-neck A-line dress of appropriate length, your diamond studs will be an excellent option.

If you want to add some subtle playfulness to your outfit, you can opt for a pair of emerald ear studs which you can match with a ring of the same style. They are perfect for when you don’t want to go overboard and draw all eyes to your jewelry pieces.

Jewelry Pieces for Every Work Occasion

Formal office dinner

In general, formal dinner parties and functions are the perfect work occasions where you should aim to impress not only with your garments but also with your jewelry. The dress code is quite similar to the office setting, so you should go for graceful jewels to help you look both professional and stylish at the same time.

One of the best options for this occasion is to wear a matching jewelry set. For example, a pair of gemstone drop earrings matched with a bold cocktail ring, necklace or bracelet is an excellent choice. The earrings will compliment your jaw and neckline while making you look more elegant. You can even pull your hair back or in an updo to enhance the sophistication of your look.

Since this is a formal dinner occasion, you should go for expensive-looking gemstones. Some of the most common ones include jewels with diamonds, emeralds, ruby stones or sapphires.

Casual Fridays

Although almost every work setting has a strict dress code, there is the occasional casual Friday which doesn’t require you to wear a workaday pantsuit. Instead, work fashion is less formal which gives you the perfect opportunity to express your personal taste with playful, yet elegant jewelry.

For example, tasteful hoop earrings are a very popular choice among fashion lovers. They come in every size, color and style, making them an excellent option to give that final sleek touch on a casual office look. Most trendy women choose to wear them with their hair up in a bun which leaves room for the pair of hoops to really shine.

Another jewelry piece that is perfect for a casual Friday look is a pendant necklace. You can look for a multicolored style to match the color palette of your clothes and make a bold statement in a sleek and minimalistic way. 

Jewelry Pieces for Every Work Occasion

For an interview

Interviews are often regarded as formal occasions that call for well-put-together looks so you can make a great first impression on your potential employers. That’s why your appearance including your jewelry should be as subtle as possible in order to look your best.

For example, bangle bracelets are a very common choice that can be a great accessory to your interview look. They come in different styles and metals, so if you want you can wear more than one to make them the focal point of your outfit. Just remember to keep them on the same wrist and don’t add anything else on your other one. Check out various types of bracelets from ARY D’PO.

If you are looking for an even more minimalistic jewelry style, then the classic watch can be the ultimate finishing touch to make your outfit. A very common choice is the gold and stainless steel watch that will undoubtedly make you look both formal and stylish for your interview.

Final thoughts

No matter what the work occasion is, every trendy and sophisticated woman should always strive to look her best. This doesn’t only include putting together the perfect elegant office look but also choosing a jewelry piece to complete it.

Fortunately, there are endless gem styles available that can fit every work situation, so the only thing you have to do is choose the one that will best suit you. In case you are looking for inspiration, you can borrow some of the ideas mentioned here and always look sleek and stylish at the office.

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Work-from-Home Fashion in the Times of COVID-19


Work-from-Home Fashion in the Times of COVID-19: How the Pandemic Has Changed Our Sartorial Senses

Today we want to discuss work from home fashion in the times of Covid-19. Little remains to be said about how the pandemic has disrupted our lives and changed the way we function and interact with the world. Industries have shut down, and the ones that have somehow managed to stay afloat had to change their core values. Businesses shifted online and started branching out in different directions so that they could stay put and navigate times of crisis. As such, most people found themselves working from their homes. Now working from home, despite certain technological impediments, seemed to be a lucrative offer. There was no need to follow any dress code or dress up in formals every day. One could slip into their comfortable pajamas and start working from the comforts of their beds. Thus, the demand for formals and office wear went down, and fashion and lifestyle brands had to change the kind of clothing they manufactured.

Most of these brands started a new “work-from-home” fashion line to attract more customers and make a profit out of the pandemic. Having said that, in this article, we shall take a look at the ways in which fashion has changed and evolved over the course of the pandemic. Plus, one thing that we must consider is that the virus is not going to disappear. Work-from-home might be our new permanent reality. Therefore, only because we might have to continue working from home does not mean that we should stop paying attention to our fashion game. Therefore, without any further ado, let us look at our present state of work-from-home fashion and see how we could experiment with the same to tweak our sartorial elegance.

Pajamas Replaced the Classic Pair of Denim Pants:

Working from home has been a comfortable affair for most of us, as we already mentioned in the article before. No one had to follow any dress code or stick to formals. And in case we had to attend Skype calls and meetings, we could easily team our formal t-shirt with more comfortable bottoms. Most fashion and lifestyle brands jumped on the bandwagon and started manufacturing different kinds of pajamas.

Comfortable and chic pajamas made out of silk and cotton started being sold, and people also started opting for accessories that complimented the casual style.

A pair of denim pants has stood the test of time, and people have always opted for them over anything. You can team them up with a crisp, white formal shirt or wear a more casual tee with it. However, ever since the pandemic struck us and we started working from home, denim pants took a backseat and found a permanent place at the corner of our wardrobe. Pajamas replaced these good old pairs and became a preferred choice of clothing for work.

Bermuda Shorts Are Back in Style:

In all honestly, Bermuda shorts have always been in vogue. However, better casual wear started inundating the fashion industry, and people realized that there is more to lounge and beachwear than just Bermuda shorts. However, now that we have started working from home, these comfortable little things are back in action. There are a number of ways in which you can style your Bermuda shorts, even if you practically have nowhere to go. Bermuda shorts have mainly been a choice of fashion for men.

However, in a day and age where sartorial choices have no gender, these shorts can be worn by women too. Team up your Bermuda shorts with a fabric of your choice or any type of shirt. Bermuda shorts come in several patterns and styles. Feel free to choose the one that suits your style the best. In fact, you could even take a walk outside in these lovely pair of shorts or play online at Slotsformoney.com when you want to take a break from work. There are a number of ways in which you can experiment with these shorts, if you have the will for them.

Sports Wear is the New Luxury Loungewear:

Most people working from home are opting for clothing like track pants, leggings and trainers. This not only helps them feel active but also encourages them to hit the gym right after work. Working from home is easy and comfortable, but it also makes a couch potato out of a person. Therefore, if you want to incorporate some discipline into your life and ditch the couch after you are done with work, slip into these trainers and gym gear. In fact, these workout clothes have now been adopted by people as the new loungewear. They are super easy to wash, wear and maintain.

Wrapping Up:

There are a number of ways in which you can experiment with your work-from-home fashion, and the points that we have mentioned in the article are just a few. The pandemic has changed all that we knew about our lives, including what we wear and how we wear them. Therefore, if you have become too comfortable in your pajamas, maybe try to explore a few more options about how you could experiment with them and ramp up your work-from-home fashion.

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A Guide to Choosing Sneakers: From Functional to Stylish


Today we want to share with you a guide to choosing sneakers. Sneakers are shoes that range from casual and stylish (perfect for regular use) to functional (designed for both athletes and gym-goers). And, when it comes to shoe-shopping, comfort should be a top priority as it never goes out of style.

Today, with loads and loads of available shoes in the market, there might be times that it can be challenging to decide what pair to opt for. Nonetheless, you don’t need to worry as this article has rounded up a general guide that can help you choose the appropriate pair the next time you shop!

Look For The Perfect Fit

a guide to choosing sneakersFor functional sneakers, the perfect fit will keep your feet safe from injuries as you move a lot during a physically demanding activity. Similarly, for stylish sneakers, the proper fit will protect your feet against ingrown toenails, blisters, calluses, corns, and other foot concerns that can affect your productivity and confidence.

For such reasons, some customers prefer to shop at physical stores rather than online retail shops. In physical stores, you can wear the shoes, walk around the store, and see if they feel comfortable. Know that there might be times that you need to fit the pair and decide on its actual comfort level rather than immediately trusting the sneakers‘ size, description, or even online feedback about them.

Moreover, although you’ve been a size eight for the majority of your adult life, take note that this measurement might still change as your feet will continue to grow over time. Size changes are also prominent, especially if you’re pregnant, have shed weight, or experienced a recent injury.

Additionally, take note that you may need to size up or down on some brands as sizes may differ among shoe manufacturers. For instance, if you wear a size 10 pair in Adidas, it doesn’t directly imply that you’ll also be a size 10 in 2021 Air Jordan 5 ‘Raging Bull’.

Bear in mind that sneakers that are too tight may distort the position of your toes. On the same vein, wearing shoes that are too big may contribute pain to your feet’s arches.

Base Your Choice On Activity Or Purpose

a guide to choosing sneakers

Photo by Public Domain Pictures on Pexels

The cliché, “Dress for the occasion,” is also applicable when it comes to choosing your next pair of sneakers.

For functional pairs, bear in mind that you need to select shoes designed for the activities you intend to use them for. For instance, if you’re about to shop for soccer shoes, you’ll be required to purchase cleats instead of conservative sneakers. On the other hand, if you’ll be playing basketball, then you must turn to sneakers that have flat soles. Manufacturers have carefully studied and planned this shoe design to help basketball players perform better, make quick court movements, and minimize their likelihood of suffering from pain and injuries.

When it comes to stylish sneakers, it’s crucial to think when or how you’ll be using them. For instance, if you plan to purchase slip-on sneakers for spring, then you need to look for a pair that can weather the troubles of the season. Also, deciding on your pair’s purpose teaches you to be more intentional with your purchases, saves you time as you get ready, and helps you identify the types of sneakers that you’ll be needing for different events.

A General Reminder

To help you find the perfect fit, examine your feet’s shape—length, width and arch type. Determining these factors ahead allows you to save time and make smarter purchase decisions.

Likewise, it’s significant that your toes still have space to wiggle around and that your soles are supported by great cushion. Hence, try to check the sneakers’ soles and see if these are sturdy enough to offer you protection against sharp objects.

In addition, Harvard Medical School published an article suggesting that the best time to shop and have shoes fitted is during the latter part of the day or after you’ve been running errands all throughout the day. During this time, your feet are at their largest due to normal swelling. With this, you may be able to find a sneaker size that isn’t too tight for you.

a guide to choosing sneakers

Photo by Web Donut on Pexels

The Bottom Line

Although the fashion and athletic industry may advise you to choose a certain type of pair, know that, at the end of the day, you’re the one who’s going to judge if the shoes’ fit and features will help you perform better in your intended event or activity.

Moreover, know that choosing the right pair of sneakers will protect you against possible injuries and potential threats, which can harm your productivity, confidence, and level of comfort.

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7 Style Tips for Those Who Have Lived the Military Lifestyle


Today we want to share 7 style tips for those who have lived the military lifestyle. When you first get out of the military, it’s a moment for celebration and change. It’s a time to break away from your uniform blues and trade them in for jeans, t-shirts, shorts, or whatever else is making you feel comfortable! Of course, you can wear your military uniform to formal occasions and show your pride to be a veteran.

When you were in the army, apart from when you were in uniform, you didn’t have the time or inclination to look good. You might have been often on the move, traveling for days at a time with no access to showers or laundry facilities. With the demanding lifestyle of service life with long hours and little sleep, looking stylish was probably the last consideration that passed your mind. But now you have the time, why not indulge yourself and think about being in shape with a brand-new makeover? What’s even better, you can achieve that without losing your proud military heritage! How?

Well, here’s a list of seven style tips for anyone who has recently served in any branch of the US Military.

1. The Sweater Jacket

The sweater jacket or “Varsity Jacket” is a classic icon of American sportswear and has been popular since the 1950s. It is a perfect fit for a starter outfit. Choose a classic color, like black, navy, or gray, and get ready to make your style statement!

2. The Polo Shirt

Style Tips for Those Who Have Lived the Military Lifestyle

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels

The polo shirt is a timeless classic that has been around since the 1930s. It’s a smart-casual option for summer and easily pairs with chinos, jeans, or shorts. A polo shirt is an easy way to look stylish without making too much effort. It’s available in a wide range of colors, including stripes and checks, so choose one that suits your style.

There are also polo shirts designed especially for ex-military. If you’re in the search for army shirts for veterans – click here. There is nothing better than adding a military polo shirt to boost your appearance without losing the army heritage.

3. Casual Shoes

Wearing casual shoes will give you a relaxed vibe. Choose simple canvas shoes that suit your lifestyle and taste – whether canvas trainers or casual flip-flops. Alternatively, if you’re more of a formal person, leather lace-ups are always right on the money.

4. The Leather Jacket

style tips for those who have lived the military lifestyle

Photo by Ava Motive on Pexels

A leather jacket is a classic addition to any person’s wardrobe. In fact, no closet is complete without one! Its design and its soft leather touch will make you look and feel cool every time you wear it. In other words, it looks great with anything! Wear it with jeans and t-shirts, or with formal shirts and trousers. You’ll be surprised how well a leather jacket works with both formal and casual outfits!

5. The Bomber Jacket

The bomber jacket has been popular since the 1940s and is unmistakably associated with the military. Particularly with the air force. It has become one of the most iconic fashion items in history and has been featured in movies and music videos all over the world. The bomber jacket is a perfect choice for anyone who wants to keep things simple yet look stylish at the same time.

The bomber jacket was originally designed for men but can be adapted to suit women’s bodies too. It’s a good option if you want to look stylish but don’t want to wear a formal jacket or coat. Choose a soft leather bomber jacket in black or dark grey from a premium designer brand to add some edge to your look!

6. Belts

Belts are another essential item for anyone who wants to look their best. Whether you’re dressing up or down, a belt will add extra style points! There are hundreds of different styles available, from classic braided belts to vintage-looking buckles to simple leather belts with no buckles. Choose one that suits your personal style and take advantage of this opportunity to make something old new again! Don’t overlook this small accessory – it really can make a big difference.

7. Sunglasses

Sunglasses add a touch of sophistication to any outfit, and they’re especially useful when you’re looking for shade on those sunny days! There are so many different styles available that you’re bound to find something that suits your personal style perfectly. From aviators to Wayfarers to cat-eye shades, sunglasses are an essential item that every person needs in his wardrobe.

Final Note

It is fair to say that the military does not care too much about fashion. It’s the durability, reliability, and practicality that are the most important. That is why many ex-military still look at these three traits when choosing clothes. However, as you can see, it is still possible to mix fashion with practicality.

By following our simple tips, you’ll be able to boost your appearance and look stylish without losing the military traits you are so proud of. Give yourself a makeover using simple pieces of clothing like sunglasses or polo shirts. Mix your old lifestyle with new, and embrace your future!

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5 Ways to Manifest Your 90s Self Back!


5 ways to look like in the 90s 

Today we want to share 5 ways to manifest your 90’s self back. There is no doubt that GenZ has brought back fashion from the 90s. They say that trends come back with a 20-year cadence and this time we have landed ourselves back into the age of bandanas, sheers, and ripped jeans. Here are some pointers:

1. Get a slouch-fitting pair of jeans

5 ways to manifest your 90's self back

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels

With GenZ reintroducing 90s fashion back into the world, you can swap out your skinny jeans for the slouch-fit and awaken the inner Spice Girl in you. The Slouch Fit Jeans are available in the vintage blue wash and in light blue wash. Each pair of jeans is fitted with 5 pockets with fashion rips. The jeans are high quality with 60% to 90% cotton. Flare jeans and straight-leg jeans are a gateway to slouch-fit jeans. Some say you can thank the coronavirus for driving out oxygen-starving skinny jeans and the more comfy slouch fit jeans that can make any Casual Friday snug and easy. You have a choice of going for either high-waisted or low-waisted jeans, but regardless they are meant to hug your waist and give enough breathing room for the booty and thighs. The baggy fit gives you the comfort and confidence to walk out and strut your stuff even during the lockdown.


2. Pair Those Jeans With Your

5 ways to manifest your 90's self back

Photo by Panos Sakalakis on Pexels

Own Custom Sneakers

Sneakers are here to stay and a fresh pair of kicks will complete your slouch-fit jeans. You can pick from high-grade brands like Vans, Nike, and Adidas. You can either get a custom pair or hand-paint them yourself. The great perk is that these shoes are the byproducts of several artists and there is a myriad of options for you to choose from. For example, you could match your outfit with a pair of hand-painted shoes for each one of your outfits. The choice of paint or canvas utilized by the artists is customizable as well. While buying fixed designs from known brands have their own place, custom sneakers are all the rage. Having access to these custom shoes is not a pipe’s dream anymore with the power of social media giving many talented shoe artists the platform to showcase some of their eye-catching designs.

3. Brown and Beautiful

Brown t-shirt, cotton joggers jeans, white sneakers, leather cross body bag and camera on a light background, top view. Fashion beauty conceptArticles of clothing in hazel, chestnut, coffee, umber, chocolate, tan, amber, and cinnamon are in for the spring season. This mood board creation is inspired by celebrities like Kanye West who have sketched this color as the main theme for their product lines. You can pair your slouch fit jeans with a brown fitted top. Go for deep browns to color some intensity into your outfit of the night. Brown can be mixed and matched with several items and will make it seem like you just walked out of a slow R&B music video! Brown is making a comeback as it has always been put on the backburner when up against other dark neutral colors. This color keeps you in between the earthy urban hipster look while making a warm re-welcome for 90s fashion. With the predilection for blending in with nature, the fashion world has learned to warm up to this color. The best reason to buy brown is that you can explore the whole spectrum of this color and find whatever shades suit you and your outfits. Unlike denim, it is completely acceptable to be armed to the teeth with brown clothing.

4. Go for high-quality fabrics

Opt for organic high-quality fabrics like cashmere, linen, silk, cotton, wool, leather, suede, tweed, or synthetic fabrics like elastane, rayon, viscose. Choosing the right fabric will make you no less than a frequent buyer of collections designed by Balenciaga and the likes. Fabric is the most essential element of your clothing despite trends coming in and out of fashion. The best tip you can take from this is to cast your mind back to the listed fabrics when online shopping or actual shopping. By getting the hang of unique certain fabrics from others, you can get your money’s worth, find clothes you may never get rid of, and never have buyer’s remorse again. It is unlikely that most clothing will be made with all high-quality fabric, so you should determine if the composure of fabric yields a bigger proportion of high-quality fabric. Silk is luxurious and elegant and reserves this fabric for warmer days and climates. Wool is also known for its thickness and warmth and you can never go wrong with cashmere wool. Leather will practically never go out of style and for all of us animal lovers, there is also vegan leather. Suede is also a type of leather. Linen is highly sought for its comfort and being stylish. If strapped for cash, high-quality cotton clothing is an alternative and option you may already have in your wardrobe.

5. Butterfly Print

Remember all those butterfly prints you bought while binging on Lizzie McGuire episodes. All that clothing purchases haven’t gone in vain. The greatest perk of 90s fashion is that it blended cute and sexy and produced this sheer-top look. In fact, your hair accessory can be a butterfly clip to accentuate your look. Hair claws are coming back and the greatest perk is that they are available in an assortment of colors. These beautiful stone-based hairpieces also can be given away as gifts for any fashionista you may know. The best characteristic of these hair claws is the usability of these hair clips and those who are unfamiliar – these hair clips are equipped with spring coils. These hair clips are pliant, enduring, convenient to use, and rock-hard. The hair claws are slip-resistant and they can hold and keep your hair gathered in a cute bun without leaving any gnarly dents for when you wanted to let your hair loose. It is recommended to get clips in many different colors to mix and match with your outfits.

Not only are these clips fashion statements but are helpful in daily use for morning face routines, makeup sessions, meal prep, and even for bathing. It can also be used as a clip for hair cutting or styling. Be informed that these clips were traditionally used in the 90s for not only casual purposes but also date night so let your hair claws come out. If you’re a millennial, you are one phone call away to your mom for learning how she styled her hair in the prime and she can give you great tips to look your 90s best.

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Models La’tecia Thomas and Cindy Mello in New Season for Showpo

Fashion Models, La’tecia Thomas and Cindy Mello launch Showpo’s New Season styles in Beverly Hills.
Expect to see the most defining pieces of the noughties, remastered with a contemporary flare – the bodycon dresses and statement puff sleeves in dreamy chocolate tones and soft creamy hues.
This season, Showpo will take you from the Hollywood Hills to the Sunset boulevard, escape through the iconic Los Angeles scenes of palm trees and day parties.
You can view Showpo New Season styles below:

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