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What To Consider When Choosing The Best Vintage Cufflinks


Have you ever thought about what to consider when choosing the best vintage cufflinks? Cufflinks go back to the 17th century, and they are some of the few fashion statements that keep getting better with time instead of phasing out like so many others. Furthermore, they add a flair touch to a man’s accessories, making them versatile and symbols of style and elegance.

Vintage cufflinks are making a revivification in today’s fashion industry, bringing back the luxurious lifestyles associated with the elite and royalty of the 17th century.The popularity of vintage cufflinks is the reason for the growing selection of unique styles, designs, shapes, materials, and colors.

best vintage cufflinks

Photo by 100K MAKHASETTE on Pexels

Reputable jewelry shops sell customizable vintage cufflinks inspired by animal, hunting, and flower themes, with different styles that fit any occasion. They also incorporate precious and semi-precious stones to make the cuff links stand out.

The best vintage cufflinks are unique and add elegance to any outfit. However, choosing the best is not easy, especially when you do not know what to look for in a pair of vintage cufflinks. You may get lucky if you choose a reputable jeweler to help you pick out the best such as Georg Jensen cufflinks vintage, but if you are not as fortunate, the following tips will help you choose the best. 

Cufflinks Vintage Buying Guide

Vintage cufflinks are classy and elegant, but they come in different designs, shapes, sizes, costs, and designs. Consider the following factors before choosing the right pair.

·      Quality

Quality is the most crucial factor when you are choosing any product. If it is a pair of vintage cufflinks, the quality of the construction material determines its longevity and durability. Some of the most popular vintage cufflink materials are silver, gold, and platinum.

Additionally, they also come with a coating of the same materials, but whichever way they come, the quality that also includes stitching of the cufflinks should be of the highest quality.

·      Type

Vintage cufflinks come in three main types: snap links or pull-a-part cufflinks, fixed back, and swivel back or spring back cufflinks. The most common of the three is the swivel backs that go well with almost any taste and style. They are also more budget-friendly and ideal for people using cufflinks for the first time.

Fixed back cufflinks are the older types, and they mostly come with gold filling or plating, with a wide range of unique styles that are not very easy to find.

Snap links are the smallest of the three types, and they come in different color combinations, sizes, and styles.

·      Design and Style

Vintage cufflinks come with timeless designs, some of which take you back to ancient times. Some of the pieces come with intricate and elaborate handcrafted designs, while others have machine-made designs.

If you want to add style to your cufflinks, you should consider the designs available alongside the materials used. For example, a pair of sterling silver cufflinks is more stylish than a pair of platinum cufflinks.

·      Size and Shape

best vintage cufflinks

Photo by Rene Asmussen on Pexels

Cufflinks come in different sizes, and it is vital to choose a well-fitting pair if you want to convey the right message of elegance and class. Men’s cufflinks are longer than those designed for women and children are. Your wrist’s width and length also determine the size of the cufflink to buy in most instances.

You may need to purchase several pairs of cufflinks to get a design variation for all your clothes. The shape of the cufflinks you choose is another crucial factor to consider as it defines all your collection shapes. Cufflink shapes range from narrow to more prominent and broader.

·      Color

The color of the cufflinks you choose should complement whichever other jewelry you are wearing, such as a watch, for perfect blending.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the right vintage cufflinks is not an easy task, but it should not be hard too if you know what to look for. The most important thing is that it blends well with your accessories and clothing. Vintage cufflinks should also stand out as elegant, classy, and stylish. Shopping at the right places ensures that you get nothing but the best.

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How to Make Your Hair Look Perfect in a Selfie


Today we want to share some great tips on how to make your hair look perfect. Picture this- you just left the hair salon, looking great and feeling better than ever. The only thing that could make the day even better is knowing that a killer selfie came out of it. 

You whip your phone out, but when you take a photo, it just doesn’t look nice. You know that you look absolutely gorgeous, but it’s just not showing in the photo. All that excitement leaves you like the air leaves a deflated balloon. 

Don’t abandon hope just yet though. You’re at the right place for some incredible hair selfie tips.  

Use Editing Apps 

How to Make Your Hair Look Perfect

Photo by Lisa Fotios on Pexels

Okay, you might call us evil for this but there’s nothing wrong with a tiny bit of editing. All you have to do is wave the magic wand (or swipe with your finger) to make those pesky flyaway hairs vanish. 

Or maybe a little change is in order. You can change hair color on the photo using editing apps, add some subtle highlights, smoothen it out, and much more. You’ll still look like you did in the original selfie, just a bit more put together. 

Now your hair looks like you know it does in real life- it’s just that pesky camera that needs some reigning in. 

No Messy Backgrounds 

You and your hair are the stars of this photo, so shove everything else to the side. If a dramatic table swipe isn’t an option, maybe move to a different corner of the house. A white wall or neat background (with a well-made bed and uncluttered surfaces) works best. There are even ways you can edit your background to look better.

Sure, you want people pausing at your photo to admire it- and drop alike- but not because they got distracted by all the outfits in your cupboard and want to figure out if they have the same top or not! 

Style Your Hair a Little 

How to Make Your Hair Look Perfect

Photo by Vinicius Wiesehofer on Pexels

Your hair needs to look its best, so it should go without saying that a simple hairdo will help. We’re not asking you to bust out the flat irons for a bedhead selfie, but a hairpin or two at the right place would make sure it stays in place while you play around with poses and angles. 

Oh yeah, did we mention that those are important too? More on that coming! 

Trial and Error 

No one ever got anything right on the first try. If you want that perfect picture, you best believe that there will be a dozen bad selfies behind it. The best thing is that no one will have to know about them, but they’ll sure be left to admire your handiwork when you post the perfect one out of the batch! 

Play around with angles and poses, with lighting and even different filters and camera modes. Try changing the background colors and moving things around a bit to see what fits. But most of all, remember that it’s really all about your hair. 

As long as you keep in mind what you want to show the world, you’ll be fine. 

Bare Your Shoulders 

How to Make Your Hair Look Perfect

Photo by The Lazy Artist Gallery on Pexels

It might be surprising to hear but bare shoulders help bring attention to your face- and your hair. You don’t want people being distracted by your outfit when you’re trying to show off your hair, so go for a tank top or a shirt with a wide neckline for those hair selfies. 

The same applies to jewelry. Necklaces or bold bracelets in the shot will only drive attention away from your hair. And we don’t want that do we? 

Natural Light 

It’s a well-known fact that natural light in your selfies makes them look way better. Harsh office lighting or indoor bulbs are great for some effects, but not so much when you want to look natural, flawless, and effortless. 

Try finding a window and taking your pictures during the day. Not only will it help your hair look fabulous, but it’ll also help your skin look smooth and glowing too. 

In the end, the best thing to do to make your hair look good is to remember that they’re the star here. Remember, it’s all about the hair! 

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How to Take Care of Tungsten Rings for Men


Today we want to show you how to take care of Tungsten rings for men. Tungsten rings are popular with couples because they are less costly. You can wear them on your fingers instead of the expensive gold or silver rings. Thus, it could be an affordable alternative for a couple that has spent all their resources on wedded expenses. Also, the rings do not require any polishing and are highly durable. They are also easy to polish and maintain. 

Taking care of the tungsten rings entails cleaning and ensuring that they are kept separate from other jewelry to avoid scratching and contamination. If the ring is stained, to clean with water and soap and polish them. It helps the ring to remain shiny and attractive. 

Image Credit: https://www.bluenile.com/

Here is how you can take care of tungsten rings for men

  1. Avoid impact 

Although tungsten rings are durable and do not lose shape or bend easily, they will shatter and crack if struck by force. For that reason, you must avoid instances that will expose the rings to impact. Besides, avoid dropping the ring and knocking it against hard objects. Also, consider buying one from a vendor that gives a warranty. They will always replace the ring if it breaks or gets damaged within the warranty period. 

  1. Clean it regularly

Cleaning the tungsten ring is important. But thorough cleaning should only be done if the ring has been tarnished. To clean it, start by removing the tarnish using a commercial tungsten cleaner. Rub the cleaner generously on the surface until the dirt disappears. 

  1. Don’t clean tungsten using Ultrasound cleaners.

Although using ultrasonic cleaner is likely to give quick results, tungsten will be affected by the cleaners’ vibration. Also, avoid using harsh chemicals like ammonia and bleaches since they are likely to cause permanent spotting which may further tarnish the tungsten. 

  1. Wash with soap and water

Soap BarTungsten rings are hard to scratch, but occasionally, they will get marks and scratches. These are fake scratches that should be removed as soon as they are visible. In most cases, they consist of material residues which can be removed with soap and water. 

Cleaning Tungsten ring

It can be done by pouring drops of mild detergent into the water and mixing them. The solution obtained is free of the harmful chemicals found in other cleaning products like ammonia and chlorine, which can easily damage the ring.

Once the solution is ready, swish the cloth into the solution and utilize a wet piece of cloth to clean the ring’s exterior parts. Also, ensure to add some elbow grease to help remove the dirt. 

Use a toothbrush or cotton swab to get the liquid into the ring’s cracks and let it soak for a while. Once it is properly socked, use the brush to remove the stain. 

Rinse it in warm water and use clean cotton wool to dry it. If the ring looks dull, you will need to polish it to restore the shine.

To do this, ensure that you wear some gear to protect your eyes from the flying polishing paste. Also, use leather gloves to protect your fingers from heat injuries. Notice that the ring will become too hot during the polishing. So ensure to use a high polishing compound of about 0.5 microns. Also, it would help if you can make use of a polishing machine and a handheld rotary tool. 

Procedure for polishing the paste

Smear a little paste onto the ring and use a paper towel to spread it around the ring. Place the ring on a piece of paper before inserting it into the machine. But ensure it is placed vertically and crimped tightly. Smear some paste on the rotary pad to make the dirt come off faster. Polish, the ring for at least a minute or until the pad starts getting darker. At that point, it implies that the polish is cutting into the dirt. It will allow the ring to start shining once again. 

But if you want to get the best results, it is prudent that you keep the following maintenance tips in place after cleaning: 

  •  If possible, avoid using ultrasonic jewelry. But if you must use it, ensure it is used exclusively. Do not try to combine it with other cleaning solutions, including soap.
  • Do not leave the ring in the cleaner for too long. 
  • Do not store the tungsten ring together with other chemicals. It helps to reduce contamination. 
  •  If the tungsten ring gets exposed to harmful chemicals such as ammonia, ensure that you clean it immediately to decrease the probability of damage.

Of course, there are other things you may need to do to clean tungsten rings for men. But ensure you don’t use harsh chemicals or tough cleaning agents. Lastly, ensure that your tungsten ring is kept separately from diamond jewelry to avoid scratches.

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How to Know if Your Slides are Actually Comfortable


Have you ever wondered how to know if your slides are actually comfortable. Before buying a pair of slides, you should know for sure that they fit well and that they’re comfortable. Even though this seems like an obvious thing to do, sometimes it’s difficult to tell at the store whether or not the khaki slides you chose are the right fit for you. I’m sure we’ve all had an experience where we buy something in the store, take it home, try it on, only to find it doesn’t fit or it’s uncomfortable. So, to avoid these situations, below are a few factors that you should keep in mind when buying slides. 

if your slides are actually comfortable

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels

1. The most important factor when determining the comfort level of a shoe is it’s fit. If your shoe doesn’t fit correctly, then it won’t be comfortable, no matter what. A slide that is too short or too small, will have your toes hanging off the front edge or will be too tight on your feet. A slide that is too large though, will make walking difficult. Also, be mindful of the height of the slide’s strap when measuring your foot. The strap will fit, or not fit, depending on whether or not your foot is narrow or wide. To ensure that you’re buying the right size, it’s always a good idea to measure your foot before trying on, even if you think you know your size. This gives you an idea of what size range to choose from when trying on slides. Sizes differ based on brand, so be sure to try a few different sizes and brands to make sure you get the best fitting one! 

2. Before buying slides, always walk around with them on. Some people just stand up and walk to the mirror, but you need to do more than that. Sometimes slides, or any shoe, can be comfortable when you first try them on but can pinch your feet after walking in them. We highly recommend walking around the store once or twice to really get a feel for the slide. This will minimize any chance of you picking a pair that will be uncomfortable later. 

3. Another thing to be mindful of when buying slides is the sole. There are different styles of slides, which means there are different types of soles. Some have tiny, raised pieces of plastic-like material, some are cork, while others are memory foam. Since there are so many to choose from, it’s always a good idea to try on more than one style, even if you don’t think it’ll be comfortable. Who knows, you might be surprised! 

4. While the other factors help you figure out which slides are comfortable, physically, it’s also important to feel comfortable in them in the emotional sense. Buying clothes that make you feel good is wonderful, as that boost of confidence goes a long way, and even affects other parts of your life. If you don’t feel comfortable in the pink slides that you buy, you are less likely to wear them, which would be a waste of money. Additionally, when you do wear them, you won’t feel as confident. While this might seem silly, this is often overlooked, and is actually a big part of purchasing slides, or really any clothes for that matter. So make sure the slides you end up purchasing make you feel good! 

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Celebrity Style: 12 Awesome Smart Casual Outfits for Women


Today we want to share 12 awesome smart casual outfits for women. Everyone knows what casual is, but smart casual may be a little trickier. If you’re unsure what it means, check out a dress code guide. Simply put, it’s somewhere in-between casual and cocktail. Smart casual is perfect for many occasions, and with the winter almost over, you may want to dress up. Here are some smart casual style references from the most stylish celebrities.

#1 Gigi’s Baby Blue

No one is better at street style than Gigi Hadid, and this look is great evidence. Sure, it’s a step up from what we are used to seeing in the streets, but it is a perfect smart casual outfit – not too plain, not too fancy.

#2 Hailey Bieber’s Teedress

If you are unsure whether or not to put a tee with no bottoms on and step out – do what Hailey Bieber does. Put a leather jacket and a pair of white boots on – and you’re all set. Requires confidence, though.

#3 Zendaya’s Monochrome Spring Green

Another queen of street fashion, Zendaya, always serves the best looks. Monochrome outfits are always a bold choice, but they are still in SS 2021, so drop your timidity and join in on the trend.

#4 Office-Appropriate but Make It Fashion

Hailey Bieber is very comfortable with oversized looks, and you should be too. They have been in for a while and are not going anywhere any time soon. A quick tip: if you choose a simple office-style two-piece, don’t forget a pop of color (like a pink turtleneck).

#5 Lowkey but Chic

Nothing makes you look more professional than a nice jacket. If you’re afraid to look dull, don’t be: if a striped jacket with an otherwise total black look is good enough for Gigi, it is good enough for all of us.

Smart Casual Outfits for Women

#6 Over-the-knee Boots and Mini

If you’ve read anything on the upcoming trends this spring, you know that over-the-knee boots paired with mini are in. Once again, Hailey Bieber is a style icon we don’t deserve.

#7 For When You Are Feeling Fancy

The best thing about smart casual is its flexibility – you can make it as smart or as casual as you want. With her heart singlet top and black pants, Kendall Jenner clearly opted for the former. Still, if you want to make this look more relaxed, just wear it with a pair of white sneakers.

#8 Emma Watson’s Total Black

There is a nice saying: if you want to look stylish with almost zero effort, just wear black. The key, however, is to know how to pair different textures and fabrics. Emma Watson (or her stylist) definitely does. If you’re more into classics than trends, opt for a stain top with flattering skinny jeans.

#9 Marta Hunt’s Green PJs

Satin PJs-like-looking suits are everywhere these days, and they have been for a while. There is a good reason for this: they look smart and are comfortable. If you are not into dresses or skirts, wear something like Martha’s green PJs with heels, and you’re guaranteed to turn heads.

Smart Casual Outfits for Women

#10 Emily Ratajkowski’s Jacket Dress

Another excellent option for both office and party, a dress jacket is safe, comfortable, and multifunctional. It pairs well with heels, flats, and sneakers, so it’s a good purchase for spring.

#11 Total White with a Pop of Color

If you don’t think total black works for spring, try total white. Bella Hadid is one of the well-known lovers of a white outfit, and, as you can see, it looks chic. Still, even if you’re not a fan of color, add a small detail, like shoes or sunglasses (or both). By the way, neon is back again.

Smart Casual Outfits for Women

#12 A Dress with a Trench

The outfit Lucy Hale is wearing may be a little too smart for smart casual, but it will be just fine if paired with sneakers. In any case, a dress with a trench is always a winning combo.

Smart Casual Outfits for Women



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10 Comfortable Outfits you Need for 2021


Today we want to share with you 10 comfortable outfits you need for 2021. One of the nicest things about loungewear is that a lot of it is mix and match. No matter your color preference, black yoga pants and a grey cardigan always go together; add a pink tank and you’ve got a proper outfit. Below are several pieces of loungewear that can quickly be turned into a variety of outfits.


Leggings are a nice base for your womens loungewear set mix and match setup. You can find leggings in black, grey and black, or you can invest in some fun colorblock leggings which can be quickly matched to multiple garments. If you are looking for comfy clothes for women, you will love Dressbarn, the whole selection is available online, so shop in comfort!


Healthy fashion people woman

Photo by Mikhail Nilov on Pexels

While men’s sweats tend to be a bit sturdier and come only in a limited number of colors, women’s sweatpants are available in a wide variety of patterns, weights, and styles. Even better, these sweatpants can be found in a variety of lengths, so if you’re headed out for a run, your work from home capris can quickly turn into your workout pants.

Yoga Pants

Yoga pants can quickly be turned into “answer the door” pants with a long tee. While the waistband placement can be problematic for some, there are many different manufacturers and designers that create either low rise or high waist yoga pants. From Dressbarn to Old Navy, you can find yoga pants to wear every day.



A caftan can quickly be turned into a maxi dress if you need to run out and take care of errands while working from home. Luckily, caftans are a great option when the weather gets hot. With a trip pair of capris or biking shorts under your caftan, you’ll be plenty covered and feel quite comfortable.


Photo by Gabby K on Pexels

Comfy lounging shorts can quickly go from sleeping to errands to housework. A snug-fitting pair of biking shorts can even be used out and about if covered with a long tee or a long hoodie. Even more fun, there are many leggings and shorts in a wide variety of patterns.

Long Tee

Finding a long tee can be a challenge for some women, so why not look for a mini dress? The world of tights, leggings, capris and bike shorts is changing rather quickly. With a mini-dress and a long cardigan, you can turn your yoga pants into daywear.


Hoodies are a great option when the weather gets cold; any garment with a built-in hat is a great tool when the temperature drops. Hoodies also often have a pocket, so if you need to make a quick trip out into the world, you can skip the purse and bring your ID and credit card with you in your pocket.


Whether you need to be presentable for an online meeting or you just like to layer up to avoid the chill, there are many wonderful tanks that you can enjoy as a way to add a pop of color to your basic outfit. Black pants plus a grey cardigan is a good base, but you can change up these pieces with a pink, blue, red or yellow tank.

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Why Print is Still Important in the Fashion Industry


Today we want to answer a few question about why print is still important in the fashion industry. It is easy to believe that print is not important anymore. Many newspapers have headed online. Famous magazines such as NME are no more. It is also understandable why this has happened. You wake up in the morning and want to see the headlines. All you need to do is roll over and pick up your phone. Much simpler and quicker than walking to a newspaper stand.

But, is print really dead? The fashion industry has a long and happy relationship with print and there are many reasons why it is still important and indeed vital today. 

Fashion magazines

print is still important in the fashion industry

Photo by Daria Shevtsova on Pexels

Arguably the biggest area of the printed product in the fashion world. While all the main titles have online presences and there are thousands of internet-only fashion forums the printed form is something special.

An online user doesn’t have the same connection with a magazine as someone who is physically holding a glossy printed copy. Although, indeed, printed editions of all manner of comics, newspapers, and magazines are falling it isn’t simply that print is unwanted. In the UK, Cosmopolitan took a 32% drop in circulation during 2019. However, it is to be noted that the magazine also increased the cover price at the same time by 25% which would have affected. 

The biggest selling magazine

Worldwide, fashion magazines still sell with Elle being the biggest globally. The magazine is in its mid-70s now and shows no sign of disappearing. The magazine has 46 international editions that are sold in 60 different countries. The website is spread across 33 international versions and is said to attract 25 million visitors a month. The printed version is the biggest selling fashion magazine in the world with around 6.6 million copies sold each month. In the US Cosmopolitan is the biggest and still sells over 3 million there alone. 

The importance of hang tags in fashion

print is still important in the fashion industry

Photo by Sam Lion on Pexels

Hang tags might not be something that you think about very often but they play a very important role in the fashion industry. When you purchase a garment you will see that there are one or two labels inside. These are there because of US labeling law. They will show how to look after your new dress or coat and they will also display information such as the manufacturer and where the materials were imported from. However there is limited room and anyway, how much notice do shoppers take of these little labels?

A hang tag is different. This is the rectangular tag that is tied and pinned onto a sleeve or tied to a shoe and has some valuable uses. The fashion industry uses hang tags to help advertise their items. If you walk into a shop and see the logo of your favorite designer on a hangtag you might make a beeline towards it. They also help show other information such as the company mission and environmentally friendly credentials. Without print, these tags would be impossible to make. 

Printing on materials

Back in the 1980s, it was very popular to wear t-shirts with big slogans. Obviously, these were printed and while they may have gone out of fashion, printing on materials hasn’t.

If a manufacturer didn’t want to fix a permanent label inside their clothing then they can remain compliant by printing the necessary information inside the garment. Of course, a care tag wouldn’t look very cool being printed in large lettering on your clothes so that is why they are made small. However, printed logos and designs remain popular.

Home fashion enthusiasts can use print

While on the subject of printed clothing and other uses for print, many designers started their careers with a homegrown interest in fashion. While many designers will sketch their ideas on a pad, more students these days use software like Adobe Illustrator or Wild Ginger Cameo for creating patterns. When someone wants to view their ideas, guess what they do? They print them. Also, if someone wants to make custom printed clothing easily then this is possible to do from home with the right equipment. 


print is still important in the fashion industry

Photo by Negative Space on Pexels

Digital marketing is huge and you see it everywhere from those adverts on Facebook to videos on your smartphone when you access your favorite apps. Fashion advertising still employs print as well. There is no substitute for a large, glossy print of a model wearing designer clothing. A small JPEG on a website will not have the same effect and this is why print still works well in the fashion industry.

When you walk down the high street you will see examples of print advertising everywhere and if you were in a prime shopping area, such as Oxford Street in London then the most obvious adverts will be for fashion. Of course, the fashion industry uses Instagram and online marketing to boost sales but the majority of advertising budgets still go into print. On average a marketing budget will see 55% of the cash going towards printed advertising. 

Other uses for printing in fashion

It isn’t just magazines and advertising that require print. The beauty of print is that it can be used for many solutions. You can print on any material at all including satin and sateen and that means being able to use this for packaging and more.

When you buy something from a shop you will receive a bag. These days, plastic bags are frowned upon and most consumers would prefer something recyclable of course. However, if you spent a large sum of money in an upmarket clothes store you would still expect a bag of some type.

Print is needed to be able to put designer’s logos and other details onto a whole variety of packaging from bags to shoe boxes, tags, and labels too.

Point of sales displays need to be printed, as do simple sales reduction posters. Without print, none of these things would be possible. 

Environmental concerns of print

One other area to consider is the environment. The print industry has been accused of not being eco-friendly but there is evidence to suggest this is not quite so simple. The internet at present is not particularly environmentally friendly whereas the print industry has made a lot of changes to its processes and of course, you can recycle printed products. Once you have viewed something on the internet the energy has been used and there is no way to get anything back from it. Far from being an archaic dinosaur it may be that print is more in touch with current trends than the internet is. 


The fashion world sets styles and trends and they believe print is still on point so who is anyone else to argue? A big fashion shoot just doesn’t translate to a website in the same way it does to a glossy, printed magazine. People like tangible products and something they can feel.

While it is true that most people download or stream music these days there is a resurgence in people buying vinyl as there is a tactile element to it. This is the same with print. You can of course go online and view Elle on your smartphone but it won’t feel the same as picking up that thick, glossy, fashion bible will.

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2021 Fashion Trends: Moon Boots are the Perfect Boots for the Mountains


With half a century of experience behind their back, the shoemakers at Moon Boots are still producing the best and the trendiest boots for the mountains.

As the winter comes, people flock to the stores to buy winter wear. With many new collections released for the season, however, it is quite easy to get overwhelmed. It gets even trickier when it comes to winter boots, especially if they are for trekking purposes.

2021 Fashion Trends: Moon BootsNot many snow boots are renowned for their style, let alone the ones made for the sole purpose of trekking in mind. Hence, it’s no surprise that Moon Boots remain such an integral part of the après-ski culture, with both their original lines and the latest ones offering a perfect combination of practicalities and style. Just a quick visit to the Moon Boot website, and you will be spoiled for choice. With shiny colors, intricate animal prints, tried and tested lacing, these boots keep dominating the winter fashion trends of 2021.

So, before you get seduced by the styles, let’s look at a hot 2021 fashion trend and find out what makes Moon Boots such an essential item to have for the mountains.

Warmth and Comfort for Everyone

Whether it’s the legendary design or the trendy updated versions, Moon Boots are available for people of all ages and sizes. With a huge collection for men, women, boys, and girls, they can be the one chosen for the entire family when you are out and about on a ski trip. They are available with different fits as well, making them the boots of choice in the snowy mountains.

Over the years, Moon Boots has evolved to embrace technical materials and breathable fabrics. But the winter boots are still capable of offering the warmth needed for snow trekking. Snuggly fit in classic shapes, they are very comfortable too.

Practicalities Crafted in Style

2021 Fashion Trends: Moon BootsRegarded as one of the most iconic winter boots by many, Moon Boots offers all the practicalities required in the mountains. They are made using nylons or suede leathers, while the upper is protected with waterproof membranes and fabrics. The rubber soles, on the other hand, are made to offer enhanced grip amidst the slippery snows. The traditional lacing still adorns the Moon Boots, particularly because of their simplicity and unrivaled protection.

Offering so many benefits for the trekkers, it’s easy to imagine the boots to be bulky and not so gorgeous. Yet, Moon Boots manages to pack them all in an iconic, yet fashionable shape.

Homage to Mankind’s Greatest Adventure

If you have a knack for the climb, you are sure to get excited about the story of Moon Boot. After all, its iconic shape was inspired by the biggest climb of humankind so far – the landing on the moon by three human astronauts.

Quite reminiscent of the boots worn by the first men on the moon, Moon Boots is more than just a pair of winter boots. It’s more of a homage and inspiration for today’s climbers.

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Q&A with Malia Mills: On Inclusivity, Innovation, and Empowerment in Women’s Swimwear


Designer and Founder of Eponymous Label, Malia Mills. Photo credits: http://www.oprah.com/spirit/malia-mills-swimwear-inspiration-guide/all

Born in Honolulu, Hawaii, a mecca for swim and beachwear, Malia Mills graduated from Cornell University where she was initially enrolled in Design & Environmental Awareness. After spending a semester at La Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne in Paris, she discovered that her passion was fashion, and more specifically, swimwear design. She finished her undergraduate degree with a major in the Department of Textiles & Apparel, known today as the Department of Fiber Science & Apparel Design (FSAD). In 1991, after working in San Francisco as an assistant designer for Jessica McClintock, Mills moved to New York City, where she soon founded her eponymous swimwear label. A waitress at the Odeon — a trendy downtown hotspot — by day, and a designer by night, Mills turned her apartment into a studio and production center, where she cut and sewed swimwear samples with the fit of lingerie. Malia Mills swimwear, which celebrates body inclusivity and empowerment with its attention to fit, comfort and high-fashion aesthetic, pioneered an untapped market and galvanized industry attention, and has since expanded to cover-ups, draped dresses and rompers, blouses and trousers, in addition to swimwear. Within just a few years, Malia Mill swimwear was available through wholesale distribution at over 125 specialty stores across the globe, from Barneys New York and Neiman Marcus to Aman Resorts. From Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar to The New York Times and Women’s Wear Daily, Malia Mills has been featured in numerous publications and is now sold exclusively at three Malia Mills in New and four in California. Renowned for its edgy, luxurious styles, local, women-focused production and “Love Thy Differences” as the brand motto, Malia Mills has opened an inspiring dialogue on inclusivity and fit innovation in swimwear. 

I was so thrilled to chat with Malia, an alumna of my program at Cornell, about her cutting-edge label and lasting impact on the swimwear industry. 

How did you first get into swimwear? 

When I was at Cornell, I did a project on swim during spring break. I grew up in Hawaii so swimwear had always been a huge part of my life. A bikini was a huge right of passage. It’s something I wore when I wanted to feel like a grown up. Upon graduating, my friend and roommate from college was working at Sports Illustrated — she remembered the project I did in school and said I should design some swimsuits for the magazine. That was really the impetus for my first collection. 


Malia Mills “Charlize Top.” Available at: https://www.maliamills.com/collections/all-swimwear/products/charlize-top

Where did the idea for bra-sized swimwear come to fruition?

I was in San Francisco at the time when my friend called — I left my job that day, and on my way home, I went to every store that sold swimwear. 8000 light bulbs went off. The same top and bottom on one hanger seemed so bizarre to me. It seemed odd that lingerie was so fit-specific, but in the swim department everything was one size. When I told people I was making swimwear, the first thing everyone would say is “Ugh, I hate swimwear, I’m too fat, I need to lose weight,” but really swimwear is about getting out there with your friends, celebrating a day off, having fun. Swimwear is transformative, it’s sunshine, it’s water, it’s freedom — but that’s not what I was hearing when I heard people talking about swimwear. That was really the inspiration for me to make swimwear that made women feel liberated out there without many clothes.


Please tell us a little bit about the process behind starting your own company. How did you build your initial collection into a whole business?

I was working out of my apartment, making patterns and sewing samples, and was working as a waitress at night. I found factories in New Jersey, where I still produce today. It was a source of inspiration for me to really go out into the marketplace, talk to factories, build connections with the families behind the production. We work with domestic family-run factories: these family run factories are truly incredible places, as well as a tremendous source of pride.

Malia Mills Body Revolution. Photo Credits: maliamills.com

We are so lucky to have this amazing team and to go on this extraordinary journey together.

it’s been very special to grow up with them. Parents pass their factories down to their kids, or sometimes the parents are still running the factories after their kids grow up. It’s really incredible to grow up with this amazing family dynamic — there’s such a commitment to expertise and artistry and so much love goes into their work. There are negative connotations associated with the word factory in the media today, but factories come in all shapes and sizes, and these family run factories are truly incredible places. What we’re making is what we call 99 hands. There are so many people involved, from the screenprinter, to the grater, to the cutter, to the UPS guys. You really rely on an orchestra of people to meet deadlines and get garments to consumers. We are so lucky to have this amazing team we went on a journey together

Have you seen change over the course of your career when it comes to women in the workplace? 

I do, change is always happening. Sometimes it’s three steps forward and eighteen steps back, but it’s change nonetheless. And sometimes the steps backwards encourage us to double down on what we’re driving towards. It’s the fuel that makes us work even harder to initiate change. 

Malia Mills “Summer of Love” bottom. Available at https://www.maliamills.com/products/pant-size-swimwear-bottom-summer-of-love

Can you tell us a little bit about your creative process as a designer? 

My design process is very chaotic. When you’re running a small business, you’re wearing many hats, constantly jumping between your left brain and your right brain, between critical and creative thinking. My professor, taught me that design is fundamentally about all the senses we have. I feel very lucky to have been introduced to her. I try to use all five of my senses all day so that I can get in tune with how I feel. Design is much more than how the object will look — it’s so multidimensional, and when you hone your senses, you have this ability to find these free moments where all these different ideas you’ve had over time come together. 

How do you hone your senses? 

When I want to design a new swimsuit top, I don’t necessarily sketch or drape it every time. My process is a combination of so many little things and experiences. Design is a process: you’ll go down some roads and come to a dead end very quickly. For me, design involves reading a lot and writing a lot and trying to listen and see things. For example, I met one designer who always turns her garments backwards, and that informs a new understanding of its comfort, design idea, concept, how it could be better. Using all your senses means you turn things inside out, upside down. Design is not just a linear process. It’s messy and complicated, and you need to be unafraid to be wrong in order to get it right. 

What are your defining values when it comes to craftsmanship and production? Could you tell us about your

Course of Trade trains newcomers at Malia Mills. Photo credits: https://wwd.com/business-news/markets/course-of-trade-trains-newcomers-in-industrial-apparel-sewing-1202778480/

Course of Trade nonprofit initiatives? 

We’ve been incredibly fortunate throughout our journey, so we feel that it’s important to give back as much as we can. It’s not just money — it’s also time and expertise and all these different factors, so over the years we’ve been focused on various mostly women-focused initiatives, from Girls Inc. to supporting local chapters of school events. It’s been very joyous to participate in small but powerful ways. About five years ago, our Production Director Libby, who is also a Cornellian, came to us and said she wanted to start a factory — we had just moved to BK and had an incredible new space. She founded Course of Trade, which is dedicated to teaching women in New York how to sew. We produced and sold bags, which paid for the scholarships of the next students down the line. It’s been an amazing experience to empower our students economically, and we are grateful to have a teammate like Libby who tells us what she wanted to do and how we could make it happen. 

What other prominent gaps in the swimwear industry do you hope to tackle?

Guiding brand mantra: “Love thy Differences.” Photo credits: maliamills.com

I believe it is important to use your senses to get a feel for everything out there and address them as you experience them — to listen to and understand other people’s experiences. The swimwear industry has tremendous opportunities to think about how we define sustainability — it goes far beyond the types of textiles you use. The industry is an incredible tapestry of people with an incredibly diverse skill set and there needs to be the utmost respect for every person along the way. The industry is often presented as the designer or the brand and then the business as a separate entity, which is a disrespectful way of looking at it. With all the transparency available nowadays, it is important to see that you can’t create a garment without the contributions of everyone. You can’t have a designer without a salesperson in a retail location who creates a warm and inviting place for the garments, or all the hands creating each piece. It’s time for people to see the humanity in fashion — it’s a force that is really coming to light these days. By virtue of that, we have a lot of great creative minds coming to the surface with opportunities to express themselves. This will continue to yield more movements in how a swimsuit should feel, how it should look, why we should invest in it. The notion of sustainability is actually a catch-all because it’s a little bit shoehorned into a circular idea, but it’s deeper and broader: understanding the complexity and depth of that alone will yield not just new businesses but also some very interesting roads to travel down in the future. 

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Photo Credit: All New American, Oprah, Malia Mills, WWD

7 Reasons Socks Are Actually a Romantic Gift Idea


Today we want to share 7 reasons socks are actually a romantic gift idea. For a long time, socks have gotten a bad rap when it comes to gift-giving. Cue the 1960s footage of boys with well-combed hair, ripping open holiday presents, only to reluctantly hold up a pair of wool socks. But that’s not the case anymore. Today, socks are some of the best socks when you’re shopping on a budget.

And in case your budget is light though your heart is full, socks are not only affordable but they can also be really romantic. That might seem like a crazy statement at first, but there is actually a lot of good reason behind it: socks are warm, they can be funny and silly, they can be luxurious. 

Socks Are Actually a Romantic Gift Idea

Photo by Taryn Elliott on Pexels

If you’re wondering if giving socks to a romantic partner is an appropriate gift, here are seven reasons why those socks are actually a great choice:

1. They keep you warm and cozy

The number one reason to wear socks is to keep your feet warm and cozy all year long. This is an especially tough challenge during the winter months or if you live in a cold environment.

If your partner is always complaining that their feet are cold, give them the fuzziest, warmest, most luscious pair of socks that you can find. Most of us would not purchase those kinds of socks for ourselves because they can be expensive — at least, they’re expensive compared to other pairs of socks. On the gift-giving spectrum, they’re actually very affordable! That’s why they’re the perfect way to spoil your partner while you’re on a budget.

2. They can be part of an at-home spa routine

Self-care is essential to our overall well-being. One way to practice self-care is to take care of your body’s physical needs, making time to relax. This could include getting a good night’s sleep, eating well, and sometimes pampering yourself. Creating an at-home spa routine is the perfect way to pamper yourself in a practical way. 

To boost your partner’s spa routine, give them the gift of a pair of gel-infused socks. These socks help to moisturize their feet and keep them warm. Have them put them on just after a bath or foot-soak and lotion application to lock in moisture and hydrate dry skin. And if your partner wears them overnight, the results will be even better.

3. You can never have enough

Socks Are Actually a Romantic Gift Idea

Photo by Marta Ruf on Pexels

Socks wear out. The elastic stretches. Holes appear in the heel or in the toes. One sock mysteriously goes missing between the washing machine and the dryer. We replace socks all the time. Often, we buy ourselves just plain packs of socks because they’re cheap and practical. That’s why receiving a silly or colorful pair of socks from a loved one is so much fun!

And, because you can never have enough socks, they’re the perfect gift for that person who has everything. Help them stock up on the coziest, silliest socks you can find. They’re sure to be put to good use.

4. Customized socks can play on inside jokes

Customized socks are the most fun way to gift socks. The New York Times puts it in their top 20 list of best stocking stuffers. You can choose the color and style of the sock and also choose pictures to appear in a pattern on the sock.

I’ve seen this done with pets, loved ones, favorite actors, TV/movie characters, you name it! These socks can be romantic because they are fun, thoughtful, and silly. Most importantly, it shows your loved one how well you know them. They can be as goofy as you want, as long as they feature something that your partner loves.

5. They’re practical but playful

Socks Are Actually a Romantic Gift Idea

Photo by Alan Cabello on Pexels

For many of us, work attire can be pretty boring. Slacks and button-ups get old pretty fast. But you can always add a pop of personality and color with your socks. Because they’re hidden most of the time, they aren’t too distracting. But when you get a peek of a brightly colored sock or something with a silly pattern, it can be kind of fun!

If you’re buying for someone who has a 9 to 5 with a strict dress code, try and track down socks with fun patterns and prints. When they have a tough day, they’ll see them and think of you!

6. You can shop for themed socks

As No Cold Feet notes, there’s even a case to be made for giving Valentine socks as a gift. Just about every store that sells socks will sell socks specifically designed for Valentine’s Day. No Cold Feet takes it one step further though. You can buy a two-pack of socks in any color and style of your choosing. Once you have the socks picked out, you can choose one of three V-Day themed packaging options, or choose a custom one. You can also take an eco-friendly approach to this process and gift your loved one sustainable socks made from bamboo.

Sometimes, socks get pigeon-holed into being an add-on gift. You have your main gift and then you have the socks as an added bonus. But themed socks packaged up just for the holiday are a perfect standalone gift.

7. Every style is represented

While we’ve spent a good deal of time talking about silly socks in this article, it’s also important to note that classic sock patterns and styles make for great gifts too. Not all of us want brightly-colored goofy socks. Some would rather stick to solid colors, stripes, argyle, and other classic patterns.

The great thing about socks is that they come in just about every style, color, and pattern imaginable. No matter who you’re shopping for, you can find the perfect pair of socks to fit their style. Even if the socks seem plain or boring to you, your partner might love them and will think of you when they wear them.

Socks might not be the first thing you think of when you start shopping for a romantic gift, but they should definitely be considered. Whether your partner likes funny gifts or serious ones, luxurious gifts or practical ones, you can find the perfect pair of socks to fit their preferences. The next time a romantic holiday comes around, pick out a pair of special socks for the occasion.

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Why the Unexpected Gucci and The North Face Collaboration Works


Today we’d like to explain why the unexpected Gucci and The North Face collaboration works. Gucci is a brand known for its out-there ideas and history of bold colors and patterns, as well as their ability to turn the mundane into something exciting. It’s fun, it’s experimental, and with platform shoes and oversized sunglasses, it’s anything but sensible. The North Face, on the other hand, is most-likely the total opposite of Gucci. They create practical clothing for outdoor adventure. Its clothes and apparel are cozy, dry, and comfortable.

Yet, to the surprise of fashionistas and fanatics of the outdoors alike, the two companies have come together to create a fashionable outdoor collection. So, is there any chance that these two powerhouses could ever work together successfully? Of course, they can! 

Here are just a few examples of how their collaboration works.

Outdoor Fashion Can Be Fun and… Fashionable!

Let’s break a stereotype here. There seems to be an idea that hiking and fashion don’t mix. With clunky brown boots and rustling waterproofs, we can understand where this idea comes from. However, today, this simply isn’t true. As the internet will prove, nature can be amazing, and exploring it is great for our well-being and mental health. So, if exploring the wonders of nature can make us feel good, why not look good too?

By making the most of the fashion opportunities modern outdoor brands offer, it’s decidedly easy for adventurers to feel good both on the inside and outside. Of course, for the collaboration, Gucci has toned down their classic experimental style. But the practical puffer jackets and warm winter hats are the perfect combination of stylish and sensible.

It’s Great For A Photo Op

However good the outdoor life is for the soul, as we mentioned, traditional hiking clothes can be a little bit unfashionable. Sometimes you just don’t want to share photos of yourself when you’re not looking your best in your mom’s old green hiking jacket. Yet, wearing fashionable clothing that possesses the practicality of a The North Face collection and the classical bold style of Gucci, will make you want to share your experimental outdoorsy looks right there and then. Even if you’re at the top of a mountain.

Along with the admiration (and jealousy) of followers, wearers of the Gucci/The North Face collaboration can give you a boost in confidence too, along with maintaining durability and practicality on your adventures. With vibrant wool and nylon hats for all weathers, and even backpacks that brandish Gucci’s signature patterns and prints.

It’s an Original Collection

Just like any cool fashion brand with a unique style that is eclectic and inclusive, Gucci has managed to stick to its principles and the partnership is still full of character. It’s simply more outdoorsy. Especially as it also covers sleeping bags, shoes, and tents. As for the actual clothes, the collection has produced a selection of dresses, skirts, coats, and jumpsuits. All in outdoor-themed patterns, such as flowers and greenery – with that added splash of Gucci color.

It may seem like an odd choice for hiking gear, but who says you can’t walk up a mountain in a dress? All this collection is doing is smashing down stereotypes and helping the world look at both fashion and the way we experience nature differently.

The partnership between Gucci and The North Face may have been an unexpected one, but it really does work. What’s more, it proves that practicality and style aren’t mutually exclusive. Perhaps the best part about the collection is that it allows people to be themselves, no matter if they are into high fashion, nature, or both.

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Artist and Gallery Owner Sir Daniel Winn on Fashion


Sir Daniel K. Winn is an internationally recognized blue-chip artist, fine-art curator, awarded entrepreneur, and highly respected philanthropist. In recognition of his direct support to humanitarian causes, having directly assisted in raising millions of dollars for non-profit aid in the United States and Asia, Winn was honored with the prestigious title of “Sir” when knighted in 2018 under the Princely House of Shaumburg-Lippe-Nachod — one of only five recipients of the title in the recent history of the royal family. Winn’s work has been featured at esteemed exhibitions worldwide. And among many other distinctions, he is the Board Chairman of The Academy of Fine Art Foundation, CEO and curator of Masterpiece Publishing, Inc., and Founder of Winn Slavin Fine Art, one of the most prestigious art galleries in Beverly Hills. Sir Daniel has been featured in and graced the covers of numerous prestigious international magazines including Preferred, Lapalme, Forbes, and Harper’s Bazaar. We recently caught up with Sir Daniel to discuss fashion, his self-care routine, and more.

Your gallery is located in Beverly Hills. What’s entailed in “dressing up”?

Sir DanielBeverly Hills is considered to be a glamorous city. Like New York, Paris, Milan, it’s very fashionable. So, what we like to do is really make sure that we dress appropriately, especially when we’re representing our artists. Our specialists at the gallery are in designer clothes, whether it’s Tom Ford, Armani, Gucci — or women in Chanel, Versace or Prada. Since we’re dealing with collectors in Beverly Hills, international visitors, and the like, we want to look the part.

When you’re working in your studio creating your art, I’m assuming it’s a more casual look. What do you like to wear?

It’s interesting because my studio is pretty much a revolving door. I have a lot of my staff and sometimes even our patrons and collectors come to visit me. And there are always visitors who like to take photos with me too, so I have to look the part of an artist. I love to just wear jeans and a T-shirt to paint in, because it gets pretty messy whether it’s at my studio or at the foundry. And I love very loose T-shirts and sometimes shorts — I even paint barefoot at times. But while I can do that, and I feel comfortable in it, I’m also very aware that I have to look the part.

What would you call your style?

I would say my style is eclectic/bohemian/elegant. As an artist I can go rock and roll — boots and jewelry and heavy jackets. I can also go very tuxedo-formal, however, but with hand-embroidered jackets by Guo Pei. Or I can wear Tom Ford or Giorgio Armani in a business setting. In a more casual setting, I’m happy with Prada and Gucci jeans, T-shirts, and a Saint Lauren shirt. I tend to go in many different directions in terms of fashion. I love wearing these designer clothes because it gives me a sense of confidence: it fits well, it feels good, and in a way translates into my performance as well. And when I feel confident in myself, my art exudes a lot more energy and authority.

Who were your fashion influences when you were coming into your own?

I would say initially it was my mother. She was the very first Vietnamese American that had a couture boutique in Orange County. It was the very first in 1980 — high end, like a Neiman Marcus with all the designers. At that time, she had Chanel, Christian Dior, Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent. I learned a lot by watching her style and from attending a lot of fashion shows with her — and also being a buyer in the clothing industry. I also assisted her in selecting clothes. So, she was probably my biggest influence in understanding fashion, fit, and look. As an artist it was very educational to learn how fashion can also be art. I never thought that I would be into clothing or fashion, yet when I became involved with it, I learned that haute couture is an art form, the difference being that you’re creating wearable art. And after becoming more influenced by fashion, I began to meet people who were very fashionable, like designers, who then guided me even further to the look that I have today.

Sir Daniel

What’s your self-care routine?

In a sense this is a fashion question too, since your physical attributes are affected by what you wear. A lot of designers unfortunately don’t make clothes that are for everyone, especially the haute couture. They tend to make really unique sizes. So, when you’re fit, you tend to have more options; you can wear more form-fitting options that are tailored to your style. Not to say that you have to be fit to wear wonderful clothes and designer clothes — that’s not that case. But for me, I like to stay fit and healthy, so that’s part of my mental and physical daily routine. I exercise four or five times a week. I’m into yoga, boxing, cycling, and of course working out at the gym. I eat a very healthy diet. Never restrict anything, but very healthy. And in terms of skincare products, I have a sponsor called MD Sun. It’s a very high-end, upscale skin product that I endorse. I’m essentially their face for Asian men. Their product is exceptional. A lot of times people mistake me for my late thirties, but I’m in my mid-fifties. So obviously the product is really good. Using their product, staying healthy, eating right, exercising, all of it falls into the same category of being healthy. And the byproduct is that you’re also able to wear clothes that look good on the red carpet and on camera, which is especially important now that I’m on a TV series. Image is somewhat important for television, for my producer, director, and of course my publicist. So, I try to maintain that to make sure my success is parallel to that of my talent and perceived as who I am as an artist.

Sir DanielSpeaking of your TV show, can you tell us a little more about that? 

The TV show is a docu-reality series about the mysterious art industry. It is a unique glimpse through my eyes and experience in the art world based on our galleries in Beverly Hills, Winn Slavin Fine Art. The series will highlight why artworks are in the millions of dollars and what is considered fine art; it is a very fascinating and intriguing world that most people are not familiar with. Events will be insightful with sometimes shocking information based on real experiences; yet extremely entertaining as well. 

I hear you’ve secured a second gallery location in Beverly Hills, this one on Rodeo Drive. Anything you can share with us about that?

Yes, we are opening a second gallery in Beverly Hills located on Rodeo Drive. It’s 3,500 square feet with two floors. To be on Rodeo Drive is considered to be with the “big players”; that’s where you see all the major designer flagship stores like Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Hermes, etc. I’m so proud and excited to have our blue-chip artists and my works be represented in Winn Slavin Fine Art, and to be in one of the most prominent retail spaces in the world. We’re anticipating the opening to be January 2021.

For more information on Sir Daniel Winn, please follow him on Instagram @sirdanielwinn and visit: sirdanielwinn.com.

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