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How to Monetize Your Fashion Blog


There are literally thousands of people running fashion blogs from every corner of the globe.  The great thing about fashion, though, is that unlike business or sport, or investing, there is no “right or wrong” way to do it but learning how to monetize your fashion blog is important for success.  Beauty is in the ...

Blogger to Watch: Kaitlynn Carter


Whether you know her for her rad outfits, incredible business Foray, beautiful blog Hey, Miss Carter, have perused her Instagram @Kaitlynn like no tomorrow, or you’ve spotted her cozied up next to her fiancé, Brody Jenner, we’re sure that Kaitlynn Carter has made it onto your radar one way or another. As a blogger, business owner, fiancée, wanderer, and so much more, Carter is an on-the-move gal who always makes us want to not only pack a bag and go to her next destination, but also go out into the world and do what we wish.

Blogger of the Month: Francesca Felix of Frank Vinyl


At Cliché Magazine, it is no secret how much love we have for bloggers all year round. Every issue though, there is that one influencer whose Instagram photos we cannot help but double tap more than once and whose blog posts have us catching up on the ones published years ago. This time, it’s blogger Francesca Felix of Frank Vinyl who has us hitting replay on all of her fetching outfit combinations, helpful and stylish posts, and of course, social media networks. Having been born and raised in the golden state of California, Francesca Felix is a pro at making an effortless statement in each of her fashionable looks.

Morrisday The Label’s AW 2016 Collection


As temperatures begin to dwindle down and that familiar fall air begins to settle in, we bid adieu to our summer daze and say hello to a season filled with pumpkin spice lattes and scary movies. Ending our summer romance is never easy no matter how many times we go through it, but this time around the heartbreak doesn’t hurt as much with a new fashion brand on our radar. Set your heart on a brand based in Sydney, Australia, where summer never seems to end. Influenced by the song “Que Sera, Sera” (whatever will be, will be) by Dorris Day, Morrisday The Label represents moving with life wherever it may take you, and whatever it may bring you.

Jessi Malay Interview


Whether it’s singing, creating stellar music videos, running a business, or maintaining her blog, My White T, Jessi Malay does everything effortlessly. Born and based in Los Angeles, Malay is a style blogger, singer, songwriter, entrepreneur, and an all-around superwoman in her own world. What links together everything she does is her personal style that ...

Hanna Hotsyk: Dream. Love. Shop.


Ending our fall 14’ Style Column session beautifully is blogger, Hanna Hotsyk, from the gorgeous blog Dream. Love. Shop. Hanna is a fashion blogger with an exquisite sense of fashion that she features all the time on her darling blog. She mixes elements of European style and French details into eclectic outfits that you won’t ...

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Covers: Jade Chynoweth & Ciara Riley Wilson
Inside, cover star Jade Chynoweth talks her passion for acting and dancing, her role on Step Up: High Water, and more; cover star Ciara Riley Wilson discusses her journey as an actress and Kim Possible; actress Siena Agudong talks her first starring role on No Good Nick; we chat with the founders of the wellness podcast Elevate the Globe; and much more!