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Street Style: Dec 2017/Jan 2018


Here at Cliché Magazine, we LOVE bloggers. We love their reading about their personal interests, seeing their stylish clothes, and getting a glimpse into their creative lives. In our recently released Street Style: Dec 2017/Jan 2018 feature, our lovely readers share their favorite looks and blogs with us! Get to know them a little better by checking out their profiles and blogs below. Don’t forget to show them some love on their social media, too!

Jemma Mrdak, 24
Location: Canberra, Australia
Occupation: Communications Consultant/Influencer
Loves: My vintage Burberry denim jacket.
Blog: astylishmoment.com

Pingkan Melbourne
Location: Liverpool, United Kingdom
Occupation: Social Media & Digital Marketing Executive
Loves: My vintage ‘90s Chanel belt from my mama!
Blog: lifeofpingkan.com

Chanèle McFarlane, 26
Location: Toronto, Canada
Occupation: Founder & Editor-in-Chief of Do Well Dress Well
Loves: A pair of statement earrings.
Blog: dowelldresswell.com

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Blogger to Watch: Kelsey White of Something Beachy


Think of Kelsey White, the creator of the fashion and lifestyle blog Something Beachy, as your west coast BFF who knows all the fashion trends before anyone else does. This California-native isn’t only well-versed on being every fashionista’s Instagram girl crush, but was also a past social media manager who decided to walk away and be her own boss by starting Something Beachy in 2015. Talk about being confident. With over 85,000 Instagram followers and counting, White has surely made a name for herself in the blogging world.


Cliché: Your style is the epitome of cool-girl, California chic. How has it evolved over the years?
Kelsey White: Thank you! I definitely used to wear more trendy pieces, but now I tend to focus on easy clothing that compliments my shape. You’ve got to be comfortable and feel like yourself.
What are some spring/summer trends you’re dying to try out?
I’m loving the muted pastel colors for spring/summer and oversized waist belts.
What is one trend you wish people would get over?
Fishnets under jeans.
Where are your favorite places to buy clothes? Do you prefer shopping in person, or online?
Zara, Reformation, Revolve, Moda Operandi, and Asos. I love shopping online.

I definitely used to wear more trendy pieces, but now I tend to focus on easy clothing that compliments my shape.

If you could swap wardrobes with anyone, who would it be and why?
Elsa Hosk. I love her style.
If you could only keep one item from your wardrobe, what would it be?
My vintage high waist jeans.
How important was it for you to finish your college education? Do you feel it was a stepping stone to Something Beachy?
It was really important for me to get my bachelor’s degree. I always knew that I wanted a successful career in fashion and college was the proper foundation for it.
If you could clear your schedule for a week and take a vacation anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?
Kenya. I would love to go on a safari and check out the Giraffe Manor. That’s definitely at the top of my travel bucket list.
Timeless question to close things off: New York or LA?
LA all the WAY!

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Blogger to Watch: Kelsey White of Something Beachy. Photos courtesy of Something Beachy

Barefoot Blonde: Blonde and Beautiful


If you’re a blogger aficionado like the rest of us here at Cliché, then the blonde locks of this once New York-based blogger are hard to miss. Amber Fillerup Clark of Barefoot Blonde has dazzled us with her breathtaking lifestyle, spirited personality, and effortlessly graceful heart. Having first sparked our interest with her dream-like braided styles on Instagram and YouTube, Clark has shared her life with both readers and fans over the years through her blog and social media outlets that have bloomed into something mesmerizing each time. From her loving marriage with her husband David to the birth of her two adorable babes, Atticus and Rosie, this compassionate, carefree, and positive blogger is and has always been a true delight to know. No matter what she posts on social media or her blog, we always find ourselves entranced and wanting to know more of what she is currently up to. At the moment, Clark is soaking up the sun with her family of four (including her dog Chauncey) in Hawaii, where she is now residing. So, calling all Barefoot Blonde fans (if you’re not one yet, you’ll be one in a second), read on and grab your own little ray of sunshine! 

Cliché: Barefoot Blonde has become a phenomenon in the blogging world. It is most known for your magical braided hairstyles and impeccable style. What was the spark that started your blogging journey?
Amber Fillerup Clark: I started my blog as a way to share my photos with family while I was spending a summer in Fiji! When I returned, I kept going and started sharing photos of the hairstyles I would create. From there, it slowly transitioned into fashion, hair, and lifestyle!

You come from a family of three sisters who are all beautifully different. We love when you post photos with them and we can see how close you all are! Growing up, how did your bond with your sisters influence you? Did they help give you the confidence to be your own person and pursue your dreams?
My sisters and I have always been really, really close! We never had that “fighting” period when we were younger and have always gotten along really well. We are all so different and they have always inspired me in their own ways. My youngest sister, Jamie, is one who tries new things all the time, and when she does something, she does it well. She is a super hard worker and always inspires me to try new things with my business and to follow through. Ashley, the middle sister, is always so organized and on top of everything. She and I got to take classes together at BYU and I loved this time with her; she definitely made sure I didn’t skip class and got all of my work done.

There is no denying that you have one of the most adorable families that have graced social media. How do you manage being a blogger while being both a mother to two little tots and a wife?
I’m not going to lie; it is a lot! It is always a battle for me to juggle work and being a mom because I love my job and I love my kids, and it is hard to make time for both. It is hard for me to be away from them, even for a few hours, so I try to remember how lucky I am to have a job I enjoy and I try to make the most of my time where I am not in “mom mode.” Ultimately, my kids always come first, which sometimes means I have to push a deadline back because one of my babies got sick or something, but they will always be my top priority! Being a mom was always a dream of mine since I was really little, and I feel so incredibly blessed to be their mom and to get to play with them every day. They are sooo much fun.

Your husband’s support in all of your endeavors is definitely noted by your readers and followers. When you aren’t being the power couple that you are, what do you do to get away from all the hard work that you accomplish? Do you enjoy weekly date nights or a little getaway?
He is definitely my biggest supporter and has been since my blog was just starting. Anytime someone would make fun of it when we were dating, he was the first to jump in and say how awesome it was and to keep going! Working together can be hard, but date nights and taking time to turn off all work-related things and just enjoy a good show is something we try to do as often as possible. We love binge-watching shows together.
As Barefoot Blonde grows significantly each year, what do you hope your blog becomes for others?
I would love for people to come for inspiration, whether it be a new destination to travel to, a new hairstyle to try, a new beauty product to use, or just to remember to take “me” time as a mom to feel good about yourself―any type of inspiration!

Do you have any exciting collaborations or posts coming up?
We have been holding off on campaigns for the next couple of months to just have a bit of a break, but we are going to be working on a lot of fun content in Hawaii and during our trip in Australia! We have tons of fun blog posts and videos coming up, including hair tutorials, a vlog we are making when we take an ax-throwing class in Sydney, and some photos from scuba diving the Great Barrier Reef! We also have a fun trip coming in March where we will be heading to Asia and we have a lot of great content planned for that trip.

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“Barefoot Blonde: Blonde & Beautiful” originally appeared in Cliché Magazine’s Feb/March 2017 issue. Photographs courtesy of Barefoot Blonde.

Blogger of the Month: Francesca Felix of Frank Vinyl


At Cliché Magazine, it is no secret how much love we have for bloggers all year round. Every issue though, there is that one influencer whose Instagram photos we cannot help but double tap more than once and whose blog posts have us catching up on the ones published years ago. This time, it’s blogger Francesca Felix of Frank Vinyl who has us hitting replay on all of her fetching outfit combinations, helpful and stylish posts, and of course, social media networks. Having been born and raised in the golden state of California, Francesca Felix is a pro at making an effortless statement in each of her fashionable looks. Now, it’s not only Felix’s #OOTDs that we love so much, but her down-to-earth vibe and soulful nature that we cannot get enough of. She’s a darling human being from the inside out, and this reflects in her work and how she connects with her followers and readers. Here, we chat with the influencer about her beloved blog, how good life has been, and what inspires her to create.

Cliché: The blogging space has taken us by storm over the past two years; it seems like hundreds of people are joining it every day! What drew you to this creative corner? And how do you believe your blog, Frank Vinyl, stands out?
Francesca Felix: It’s insane how much it has grown in only the past few years! I have been blogging for six years, so I think just being around that long helps me stand out. I know my blog and the blogging world so well by now. Initially, I was a huge fan of Rumi Neelys and read her blog religiously. She was such an inspiration for me back then and I was in love with the photography that Colin Sokol did for her. It was so dreamy and almost a dream world I wanted to be a part of. So I decided to learn about photography and try to make my own dream world.
What is the number one message you strive to spread in your blog posts?
I have always tried to be true to myself and to my readers and share everything I have learned about blogging throughout the years with them. I think it’s important that now in a world filled with so many fashion bloggers, we help empower and inspire each other to help each other grow. I always try to get some “tips and tricks” type of posts out there and styling tips so woman can do what they want with it.
You recently got married this summer. Congrats on a beautiful beginning and cheers to an even more beautiful marriage! How do you incorporate your personal life into Frank Vinyl? Is there a limit to what you share?
Thank you! It was such a dream! On my wedding day, I actually tried to stay off of social media. I wanted to make sure I was 100% present the whole day so it wouldn’t just fly by. I also tried to keep the special moments just for my husband and I. Part of me didn’t even want to share my wedding day because it’s so personal, but at the same time I thought my readers have been through so much with me. How could I not share this with them? I guess in the end it’s just a balancing act. Some things I am pretty transparent about and others I just make sure to share glimpses of it and keep the rest to myself. I think it’s healthier that way. Blogging is crazy because you can easily be doing it 24/7. With Snapchat, Instagram, taking photos, and constantly answering emails, it’s easy to get carried away. I have learned throughout the years when to be on duty and when to disconnect.
Blogging really has turned into a one-of-a-kind business. Do you have any tips into turning such a new and exciting venture into something that can turn into a source of income?
My biggest suggestion is to network as much as you possibly can. So many of my opportunities have come from me reaching out to people and sending out emails like crazy. Going to all those events I get invited to is also important because that’s where you meet the people that can potentially refer you or get you more business. In the blogging world, so many girls just stay behind their computer and think that just putting yourself out there online is enough, but it’s not. You need to meet people in person and mingle like crazy. Social media of course is also a big priority. I’ve made so many connections through my Instagram alone. Thank god for Instagram! It is just such an easy, relaxed, and inspiring way to connect with like-minded creatives.
Your personal style—from the nifty hats you wear to the stunning jackets you sport—always has us wishing we had your wardrobe! How do you go about styling yourself? Do you have any fashion inspirations that you turn to?
It’s so funny because I always thought of myself as way better at styling other people. I just can get out of myself and see the bigger picture! With me, I guess I just wear whatever makes me extremely happy. If I am not excited by it, then it really comes through in my photos. I have always believed that the key to being stylish is just feeling extra confident in what you are wearing and it always makes the clothes look better. My inspiration comes from all over the place. Free People is one of my biggest inspirations because their styling is sooo good! They are pretty much the number one reason I started dressing boho in the first place. They made me fall in love with layers, patterns, drapey fabrics, and above all, hats. I’m such a hat hoarder! I am also inspired by other fellow bloggers and fashion icons like Lou Doillon, Alexa Chung, and musical legends like Jimi Hendrix (rocking the amazing jackets). Music plays such a big part in everything. I love listening to music as I get ready. It always gets me in a certain vibe depending on what I am currently listening to.
Name three places our readers could find you on social media.
I’m a huge fan of Lookbook.nu, Instagram (@FrankVinyl), and Snapchat (@francescafelix).

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“Blogger of the Month: Francesca Felix of Frank Vinyl” originally appeared in Cliché Magazine’s Oct/Nov 2016 issue. Photographs courtesy of Henry Young

Blogger Spotlight: Love Jomy


Hailing from the Sunshine State, and shining with her own infectious light every day, meet our favorite blogger of the moment, Jomarys Leon-Rivera. I had the luck of coming across Jomarys, also fondly known as Jomy, through Instagram. Her Instagram page, @love_jomy, instantly caught my eye with its authenticity, quality, and heart present within each caption of every photo. Since my first discovery of Jomy, I have witnessed her blossom over social media, constantly innovating and inspiring everyone that comes her way. Not only does Jomy curate her own blog posts on her site, Love Jomy, but she also has a YouTube channel of the same name. No matter what she publishes into cyberspace, from videos where you get to see her absolutely adorable personality, to style posts that make you want to try on items outside of your comfort zone, Jomy has it—the factor to go far, in which the sky is never the limit.
Cliché: What inspired you to create your blog, Love Jomy?
Jomarys Leon-Rivera: It all started when I was in my first semester at the University of Central Florida. I was taking a social media course that required you to start a blog and post consistently throughout the semester. Once I started, I couldn’t stop. I really enjoyed talking about the things I love and sharing it with the world.
Who would you say is your biggest influence?
My mom has always been the greatest influence in my life. I always strive to make her proud and show her that everything I do, I do for her. She’s my drive and I always look forward to hearing her feedback and excitement when I post things.
Where do you gain inspiration to curate content on your blog?
I find inspiration everywhere. I think it’s important to always keep your eyes, mind, and heart wide open because ideas and content can sprout from anything.
How would you describe your personal style?
I think it’s pretty difficult to describe my style and I am totally cool with it. I want people to see items of clothing, shoes, etc. and think, “That’s so Jomy.” I love to dabble in different kinds of styles and make them my own.
If you could give our readers one tip to channeling their own personal style, what would it be?
The best tip I could give would be to always be confident in yourself and to stay true to what you like. Forget about what people think; if you like it, rock it!
Scenario time! You have a road trip planned with some of your best gal friends. What are your must-bring items?
Candy and snacks are definitely a must! I’m not sure if I could survive a road trip without indulging in everything I shouldn’t be eating. The next thing isn’t really an item, but the most important thing about road trips is a killer playlist. That’s the key to having a successful road trip.
Let’s face it: we all have that one makeup product we cannot live without. What’s yours and why?
I don’t know how I could survive my days without mascara. Although concealer is a close second, I think mascara adds a bit of life to your eyes and face.
What is the best thing that has happened to you with the creation of Love Jomy?
I have become such a better person with the creation of Love Jomy. When women tell me how much I have inspired them to feel confident and pursue their dreams, I feel like I have accomplished much more than I could have ever imagined.
What do you hope to create and spread on Love Jomy?
I want people to feel inspired when they come across Love Jomy. I also want to spread positivity and motivate others to be their true selves.
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“Blogger Spotlight: Love Jomy” originally appeared in Cliché Magazine’s June/July 2016 issue. Photographs courtesy of Love Jomy and Lumiere and Love: https://www.instagram.com/lumiereandlove/.

Blogger of the Month: Pia Gloria


This month, we’ve been dazzled from across the pond by fashion blogger Pia Gloria. Based in Brighton, England, Pia’s young and modern aesthetic is evident throughout her range of topics featured on her blog, Beauty and Ruin. Her minimal style and eye for monochromatic details are showcased in each of her posts that she shares with her readers. From lifestyle to inspiration pieces, Pia hones in her personal style in each one, making her work specifically represent who she is as a blogger. Pia focuses on style being one’s personal representation of themselves, whether that stems from how you are feeling on a particular day or an extension of your personality. She isn’t afraid about coloring outside of the fashion lines within the industry, but instead stays true to her own signature style that makes her pop and remain elemental. Youth and edge are two key factors in what she represents, making her blog truly “now” and within our fresh age. 
Pia Gloria 1
Cliché: What inspires you to create content on Beauty and Ruin?
Pia Gloria: I’ve been reading fashion blogs since I was about 12 or 13, and personal style posts were always my favorite! I love seeing how different people style different garments, so I wanted to give it a go myself. I still consistently check up on my favorite bloggers to see their personal style posts, so I would say that definitely inspires half of the content on my blog! I’m also an editor for an online retailer, Thomas Gun, which is streetwear and menswear based, so I spend a lot of time reading up on streetwear and menswear brands. I would say that inspires the other half of the content on my blog as I have really developed a love for menswear as a result of working for Thomas Gun.
What do you believe is the key to feeling confident in what you’re wearing?
Wear what you want to wear! There’s absolutely no point wearing something that you feel like you have to because it’s “on-trend” if you’re going to feel uncomfortable and therefore unconfident. Dress for yourself—that is what will make you feel empowered and confident.
How would you describe your personal style?
It changes day-to-day depending on how I’m feeling, but mainly monochromatic and understated, occasionally channeling menswear with a hint of the Olsen twins.
If you could give our readers one tip to channeling their personal style, what would it be?
Don’t feel pressured to stick to one style. Wear what you want, when you want. I definitely went through a little dilemma a few years back where I was like, “Oh god no, I can’t wear that because it doesn’t fit in with the style I want to portray,” which is ridiculous. You can’t force yourself to be a style because that wouldn’t be personal. If you want to dress minimalistic and urban one day and like Debbie Harry the next day, then do it!
Pia Gloria 4
Scenario time! You’re attending a small, intimate wedding later on in the day after running some errands. How would you style your hair and makeup?
My makeup rarely changes, so it would be my usual winged eyeliner with nude colored eyeshadows on my eyes, a matte bronzer to add a hint of contour (I am nowhere near skilled enough to actually contour properly!), and then for the wedding, I would add my Max Factor lipstick in the shade Burnt Caramel just before the wedding. Wearing lipstick all day means it never looks as nice when I re-apply for the evening. With regards to my hair, if I straighten it towards the end of the day, it ends up flicking where it hits my shoulders and I doubt I would magically have some straighteners on hand! So I would probably wash it in the morning, put it into a deep side part, spritz some sea-salt spray in whilst it’s still wet for some soft waves, and just dry and style the bits that fall around my face. For the wedding, I would pin one side of my hair back to make it look a little more “done.” Et voilà!
Do you have any fashion idols?
The Olsen twins would definitely be the first on my list as style icons. I love their oversized silhouettes they often create, including oversized sunglasses! Plus they are professionals at layering. They always look effortlessly incredible. One of my favorite pieces of clothing in my wardrobe is my leopard print faux fur coat. I love wearing it with pointed black courts, ripped black jeans, a tee, and red lipstick. I wonder where the inspiration for that outfit came from… Kate Moss, of course! She’s probably quite a cliché fashion idol, but I love her. Another of my fashion idols, who inspires the slightly more clean-cut and simplistic aspect to my style, is Swedish fashion blogger Victoria Törnegren. She makes the most minimal of outfits look stylish and fashion forward.
What are your go-to items in your wardrobe and makeup bag?
The first would have to be my faux leather jacket from H&M (I’m still saving for that dreamy All Saints one…) because it goes with pretty much anything! The second is my Topshop Leigh jeans which I DIY ripped them at the knees, and lastly would probably be my eyebrow pencil. I have a really bad habit of pulling out my eyebrows just with my fingers when I’m bored or stressed, and patchy eyebrows are not a good look.
Pia Gloria 3
Where do you love to shop, and where do you find the best bargains?
I love ASOS and Topshop for those trend-focused items to keep my wardrobe up-to-date throughout the seasons. For those one-off pieces, such as my black Levi jeans or my woolen turban, which bring something different to my outfits, it would have to be Beyond Retro! I live in Brighton in the UK, which has an amazing, huge, warehouse style store, but they also have a store in London and online. The best thing about it is that it is so cheap! No need to spend unnecessary amounts of money on vintage pieces with Beyond Retro about!
What’s one item you just can’t live without?
I can’t choose just one because I wear all three of my absolute favorites every day! The lipstick would be Max Factor in the shade Burnt Caramel because it’s nude and pretty subtle, but makes my lips look a bit fuller. For eyeliner, it would be Collection 2000’s liquid eyeliner. I’ve been using it for years and never found anything better for such a cheap price point! And bronzer-wise, I use Sleek MakeUP’s contour kit because the bronzer is the perfect color for my fair skin and is completely matte!
What do you hope to create and spread on Beauty and Ruin?
I blog on Beauty and Ruin because it’s something I genuinely enjoy. Even if no one was to read it, I’d still probably carry on because I love having that little creative outlet. I occasionally got nasty comments about how I dressed and even about the fact that I blogged when I was in school. This really got to me sometimes and made me stop blogging about things I’m interested in and even made me change how I would dress around them, so I’d love to be able to inspire others to start blogging and motivate them to be themselves and express themselves via how they dress.
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Blogger of the Month: Pia Gloria “Blogger Spotlight: Beauty and Ruin” originally appeared in Cliché Magazine’s Oct/Nov 2015 issue. Photographs courtesy of Josh Fletcher

Blogger of the Month: Grace Liang


You know those types of people who light up a room the instant they walk into it? Grace Liang, a fashion blogger and teacher born and raised in China and now living in Troy, Michigan, does just that. Her fashion blog Color and Grace shines right off your screen and into your heart, not only because of her ever-evolving style, but her personal story as well. While she shares a lot of her life with her readers, she also promotes the importance of self-love and finding out who you are. At 41 years old (I know, can you believe it?!), Liang is taking on the fashion world with a fire inside her heart by sharing her authentic self, being bright in color, and creating her own personal grace.
Cliché: What inspires you to create content on Color and Grace?
Grace Liang: That is a very good question! If you had asked me this question three months ago, I probably wouldn’t have had a clear answer. Back then, I just posted my outfit of the day along with some story from my past. It was kind of like my personal journey back then. But when my blog hit the four-month mark in April, I felt it needed to be more original and on a more professional level. So I had the brilliant idea (if I do say so myself!) of following different daily themes. This would allow me to branch out and focus on a variety of fashion topics.
The first theme is called “Fashion 101.” Here is where I demo how to use color and create different styles. I get inspiration from fashion magazines and websites and my sister bloggers, but honestly, I intentionally try to avoid being influenced too much by the fashion world. I know myself; the more I look, the more I try to be like someone else, and that means I’m not being me. And who needs that? There are already so many similar fashion blogs and bloggers out there, but there is only one Color and Grace. I need to keep the originality.
“They Got It Right” is where I give a shoutout to those fellow bloggers who caught my eye that week. Some people say fashion blogging is dying, but I say it is growing into a more professional industry. I like to think that if I can help build this industry, even just a little bit, it will benefit everybody.
“Fashion Gossip” is where I share the latest fashion news, compare different fashion views between East and West, and share some thoughts and experiences about fashion blogging.
What do you believe is the key to feeling confident in what you’re wearing?
You really have to know yourself. What colors, styles, and cuts look best on you? The colors you love may not love you! The hot trends that are right on target on others may miss the mark on you. How can you know yourself, you ask? It takes time, and you have to keep an open mind. Try everything: take notes and document the hits AND misses by taking selfies with all kinds of different colors, styles, and cuts of clothes. You’ll be able to see what works for you and why. When it’s right and you know it, the confidence will be there.
How would you describe your personal style?
I am a 41-year-old petite woman, but I don’t limit myself because I am over 40 or have a very small frame. I love to try all kinds of different styles and trends. I would have to say my core elements are always elegance, sophistication, class, and colorful fun! I can’t live without color and am way past the all-black phase.
If you could give our readers one tip to channeling their personal style, what would it be?
Keep an open mind! Most people fall into these two categories: One, they are trying to find out or create who they are; or two, they think they know who they are and stop trying new things. Treat fashion just like you treat your life. Keep trying new things and try your best. Trends come and go, but every year there are some new twists or new shades of colors. Give these new things a chance. You can never be sure until you try it first!
_DSC6510Scenario time! You’re back in college and are running from class to class trying to finish everything up before work. What outfit do you wear that can easily transition from casual to professional wear?
For summer, I will pick an over-the-knee fitted and flared dress since it flatters every body type. For the class to class dash, I’m wearing a pair of comfy booties or sandals. I’ve also got my favorite denim jacket because the A/C is always too strong, especially in that chemistry lab! Transitioning to work, I will just slip off the footwear and slide into some sleek pumps. Unless it’s casual Friday, I’ll also ditch the denim jacket and grab my tailored blazer.
Do you have any fashion idols?
I am Chinese and China didn’t really have any fashion industry until the early ‘80s, so when I grew up there wasn’t much fashion influence for me at all. Later, I was exposed to different fashion cultures, but like I mentioned before, I don’t like to lock myself in, so I don’t really have any fashion idols. But I do like the American styles of the ‘60s and ‘70s.
What are some of your go-to items in your wardrobe and makeup bag?
For summer, my wardrobe go-to item will be a pair of tailored shorts. I can wear it with a graphic tee to dress down or a blouse and blazer to dress up. In my makeup bag, it must be my SPF 50+ BB cushion cream. It is so light and breathable, but still gives me the strong coverage and protection from sun I need.
What are some stores or online retailers where you find the best discounts and bargains? Do share!
I’ve been a red tag shopper for years and am proud of it! I love it when I can find a great off-season piece with an unbeatable price that still looks great for the new season. I try to stay within my monthly budget, so I focus on well-made and classy pieces. For the trendy things, I just go to a few favorite stores to get my bargains! I have a golden rule when I go shopping: I don’t buy things just because it is a GREAT DEAL. I am very picky, and before I check out, I will rate everything from 1-10. If it’s not a 10, then I will not buy it. Below are a few stores that are my best friends:
Nordstrom Rack: I’ve found lots of shoes, designer jeans, and handbags there. I usually score some trendy pieces in their junior area as well.
Lord & Taylor outlets: This store usually has really good prices for off-season collections on labels like Free People, DKNY, Ralph Lauren, and CK. They have a very good shoe department as well.
Neiman Marcus Last Call: Designer handbags and sunglasses. I scored several cashmere sweaters there for only $20 a piece last month.
Saks Off 5th Avenue: Makeup (I found the Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair line at about 20% cheaper than the regular store), designer handbags, and sunglasses. I got my Dior sunnies there for only $80 with all my discounts and a gift card they sent me. I also scored a Valentino handbag for less than $300.
_DSC6009Let’s face it. We all have that one lipstick, eyeliner, or bronzer we cannot live without. What’s yours and why?
Mine is “Morange” from MAC. It is an orange/red lipstick that has the magical power to make my skin look more even, fresh, and young.
What do you hope to create and spread on Color and Grace?
I want my readers to believe that anybody can be their fashion best at any age and on any budget, and I want to help give them the skills to pull it off. Women can do amazing things and do them every day. We graduate from college, raise families, and hold down jobs just as well as, and often better than, our male counterparts. I truly believe the old saying that “there are no ugly women, only lazy ones.” To me, this means that you need to make time to make yourself happy.
To keep in the know about all things on Color and Grace, head on over to http://colorandgrace.com. Be sure to follow Liang as well through her many social media networks listed on her site—we sure are following!
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Blogger of the Month: Grace Liang “Blogger Spotlight” originally appeared in Cliché Magazine’s Aug/Sept 2015 issue.
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Why We Love Chiara Ferragni


If you happen to check your Instagram account almost too frequently like I do, Chiara (pronounced as Kiara) Ferragni is too much of a familiar face. At 27, the “beautiful blonde blogger” has millions of followers on social media, runs a successful fashion blog called The Blonde Salad, collaborates with major fashion designers and has landed as a cover girl to magazines. Certainly, women all over would go loco over her world.

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Apart from being a cover to numerous fashion magazines (Lucky, Vogue Spain, In Style to name a few), Her blog has been chosen as a case study for the prestigious Harvard Business School. No big deal? According to missbish.com, the MBA students of Luxury Marketing have studied Stella McCartney’s fashion line and Jimmy Choo’s too. To be alongside these designers, Chiara truly is making it big.

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With her recently published style book and

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famous new shoe collection, tell me, what else can’t Chiara Ferragni do?
Once a name, now Chiara is someone we will always remember.
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– by Alve Aranton

Jessi Malay Interview


Whether it’s singing, creating stellar music videos, running a business, or maintaining her blog, My White T, Jessi Malay does everything effortlessly. Born and based in Los Angeles, Malay is a style blogger, singer, songwriter, entrepreneur, and an all-around superwoman in her own world. What links together everything she does is her personal style that she strongly believes you should stay true to. Malay’s authenticity shines through not only her extraordinary work in the music industry, but also in the world of fashion. She has elevated a sense of style that sums up the definition of a girl-on-the-go who has places to be and people to see. Malay’s style has been featured in the press of NYFW, Allure Magazine, Calvin Klein, Dita, Nasty Gal, Ray Ban, and plenty of others. She has collaborated with numerous brands all while representing herself through her priceless style. Get to know more about Jessi Malay, where she gains inspiration, and what personal style means to her. 
Cliché: What inspired you to create a blog and share your style with the world?
Jessi Malay: As an artist, fashion and personal style have always gone hand in hand with my music. While I was signed to Warner Bros. Records, they would always tell me I had to be more eccentric, dress more extreme like Lady Gaga or Nicki Minaj, but that’s just not me. I’ve always been more attracted to street style and women that just do great fashion on an everyday basis, which is what initially inspired me to start a blog. I wanted to talk about what real women love and wear, what sets each of us apart in subtle ways. Flash forward to a year later, and the production company I started with my best friend got a gig covering events for New York Fashion Week. I had the chance to sit down with Diane Von Furstenberg and interview her one-on-one about her latest collection and what inspires her to keep creating. It really motivated me to dig deeper, to become a student of fashion, and now I really use my blog as a space to curate all that I learn and see on runways and make it wearable for every woman.
How do you go about curating inspiration for your style posts?
A lot of what I post on the blog are looks that have been inspired by trends that I’m seeing on the runway that I mix into my personal style, which is a hybrid of ‘70s glam and modern street style. I also try to do a lot of high/low price points, show how to pair a $30 jacket from H&M with a great bag and shoes and make it all look really expensive.
We all have those “I don’t know what to wear” days. What is your go-to look for a day like this?My everyday uniform, whether it be for a lunch meeting, day at the office/studio, or location scout, is a great pair of high-waisted and ripped skinny jeans, deep plunge silk cross front blouse (I have a tailor, and I’ve had her make one for me in every color), and statement heels. I like to have fun with my shoes and bags! Colors, fringe, straps—I’m into all of that! I think it also really helps to have staple jewelry pieces that you wear every day. What I love about fine jewelry is that it becomes a part of you almost. I have a ring on every finger, and I never take them off! Each one has a special meaning attached and they instantly make every outfit look like me.
Do you have any fashion icons who you gain style inspiration from?
Absolutely! I’m obsessed with Brigitte Bardot and her unapologetically sexy yet relaxed style. Also Bianca Jagger via Studio 54 Days for how dramatic and glamorous she was.

Fashion Inspirations On Instagram


Instagram is one of the most used mobile applications in the world. It has been a great material for exposure and micro-blogging in all varieties, especially in the fashion industry. Top brands and prominent fashion personalities have created their own Instagram accounts to update their customers with their newest collections, events, and personal tastes. Through this, it became easy for the people to find style muses, which helps the aspiring fashionistas cultivate in the same expanse. Here’s a list of the style influencers that you should start following:


Andy Torres is a Mexican freelance stylist blogging from Amsterdam. www.stylescrapbook.com is a personal blog about Andy’s style, places she visits, how she translate the trends and merely her outfits.

Photo from @stylescrapbook on Instagram.


Olivia Lopez is a college student and fashion blogger. She is the owner of her vintage shop www.shopthecaravan.com. Her website www.lusttforlife.com is full of her stylish looks and wanderlust adventures.

Photo from @lusttforlife on Instagram.


Dani Song is a graduate of Vidal Sassoon and lover of life! She has been styling and cutting the hair of several clients based in Los Angeles. She is the sister Aimee Song, one of the top bloggers who loves to travel for fashion. Her inspirations are Giuseppe Zanotti, Rihanna, and Balmain.

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Aimee Song is a California blogger and interior designer who began blogging in 2008 while studying Interior Architecture in San Francisco. She is one of the Internet “IT Girls” with over a million Instagram followers.

Photo from @songofstyle on Instagram.


Jessica is a 27 year old half Japanese, half Caucasian artist and fashion lover. She lives in the Northern (South) Bay Area of California. She graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Creative Advertising and a minor in Studio Art in 2010.Her blog is www.hapatime.com.

Photo from @hapatime on Instagram.


Chiara Ferragni was born in Cremona 25 years ago and currently a law student at Bocconi university. She started blogging in 2009, www.theblondesalad.com is a personal style and travel diary. Her Instagram has over a million followers.

Photo from @chiaraferragni on Instagram.


Willabelle Ong  is an Australian based full time student and writer behind the fashion blog, Pale Division (www.paledivision.com). Willabelle is also an ambassador for Australia’s Shop Til You Drop magazine, and a contributing writer for Singapore’s Designaré titles.

Photo from @willamazing on Instagram.


Jennifer Grace is a fashion blogger of www.thenativefox.blogspot.com. She showcases a classy style and has really versatile outfits.

Photo from @thenativefox on Instagram.


Kryz Uy is a fashion blogger of www.kryzuy.com who resides in Cebu City, Philippines. She is also a  Creative Director of WAGW (What A Girl Wants), a chain of retail boutiques in the Philippines. She loves to travel to meet new people and experience different culture.

Photo from @kryzzzie on Instagram.


Nicole Warne is a fashion blogger, model, stylist, consultant and creative director. She is a multi-talented girl who has worked with a lot of top fashion brands in the world. She started blogging for garypeppergirl.com in October 2009.

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