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Exciting Fashion tips to Help Express Yourself


Today we want to share some exciting fashion tips to help express yourself. As of 2019, the global retail fashion market is worth USD 1.78 trillion and is expected to grow in the coming years. This is due to a myriad of reasons, including the ease of cross-border transport and communication that has enabled foreign trade and exposed consumers in every part of the world to all kinds of trends and fashion experiences.

In doing so, fashion has effectively become one of the most powerful industries in the world. It is not only a necessity for every household but also a means for an individual to express themselves. People of all age groups view fashion brands as an opportunity to publicly communicate their opinions and thoughts to the outside world in an impactful way.

So if you are also looking for ways to express yourself and what you believe in in your everyday life through fashion, we have got some exciting tips for you to follow!

Don’t Play It Safe

exciting fashion tipsWhen it comes to building your wardrobe or even buying something on a shopping trip, it is natural to feel hesitant before buying something that is eclectic. In fact, most people would end up settling for what are considered ‘safe’ choices such as white, black, beige, grey, or the like.

However, if you want to truly express yourself, you need to break away from these safe choices and embrace your style with confidence. Whether it’s quirky gothic clothing, feminine style, preppy looks, or monochrome attire, the key is to feel comfortable yet confident in what you wear. Once you achieve a balance between those two, you will automatically find your way to your true fashion calling.

Support A Cause

exciting fashion tipsNothing is more honorable and worthy than supporting what you believe in. And doing that through fashion is something that has become super easy.

Whether you believe in LGBTQI+, the Black Lives Matter movement, you’re antiracism, pro-feminism, or even want to support a political cause, you can express that through fashion. First, you can wear t-shirts, scarves, or other apparel that highlight that. Second, you can purchase your clothing and other products from retailers that actively support these causes.

Additionally, if you believe in causes such as climate change or fair pay, you can research the brand you wish to buy and decide to invest only if they are sustainable and eco-friendly and/or pay a fair wage to their workers, have a transparent supply chain and source their materials ethically, and don’t exploit their workforce.

This way, you can be sure that you are doing your bit of activism to save the planet and contribute to the greater good while looking fabulous.

Skip The Trends

exciting fashion tipsCurrently, with the rise of fast fashion, it is easy to get absorbed in the flood of swiftly changing fashion trends. By some measure, society almost expects us to keep up with these seasonal changes to the point that thousands of people buy into the mantra of constantly shopping for clothes and discarding them at the end of the season.

Dressing to express yourself, however, doesn’t imply that you need to stick to these definitive and frequently changing fashion trends. In fact, it means being confident enough to showcase your own personal style and working around whatever is in vogue so that you look trendy.

So we highly recommend not getting bogged down in the latest fads and instead, stick to your usual and classic styles to make a powerful statement in any room you walk into.

Dress Authentic

exciting fashion tipsAuthenticity is at the heart of expressing yourself through fashion. This takes time and energy as it involves curating a wardrobe carefully and with the utmost love in order to express your individuality on any given day.

This also means that every piece of clothing you wear is special, holds value, and is dear to you. You can choose to be bold or dress in a way that is understated but impactful. Ultimately, this will be an organic process that needs to happen by itself.

While it will take some time to get to this place, we suggest you start the process of authentically building your dream wardrobe collection right now!

Parting Thoughts

Fashion is a wonderful way of expressing yourself in a world that is filled with millions of different ideas and perspectives. It gives you the chance to stand out, make a powerful statement, and be heard.

We hope that you follow these amazing tips to not only look drop-dead gorgeous but also express your authentic self through the power of fashion.

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Amazing Fashion Life Hacks for College Students


Today we want to share some amazing fashion life hacks for college students.  Are you a college student who always wants to look perfect? If so, remember all the recommendations from the post or merely bookmark this page. You never know when fashion life hacks can save your life.

Prevent Denim Fading

Fashion Life Hacks

jasmin chew at Pexels

The first life hack will help you to keep your denim clothes in good condition. If you want your jeans to last longer, you have to wash them inside out. Also, try not to wash them at a high water temperature as it can also fade your denim. 

However, if your jeans are already faint, you can purchase a pack of special washing powder for denim. It will help you renew the color of your jeans.

Remove Lints from your Clothes

After a particular time, lints on clothes may appear. They definitely won’t enhance your outfit. Fortunately, there is nothing complicated to remove them. There are a lot of machines that can cut lints. They are small and not expensive. 

However, if you don’t have time to expect a delivery or go to a store, grab a razor and run it over your clothes. After this, use sticky tape to remove all leftovers.

Iron Collars Fast

Do you like wearing shirts, or are they a part of your uniform? Remember, the collar should always be well-ironed as it’s impossible to hide it under other clothes. If you have a few minutes to iron your collar, bring a hair straightener and go them over it. 

Remember, a hair straightener heats up very fast, so that you shouldn’t stop and hold it on fabric. This can cause your collar’s damage or even start a fire if the fabric is thin.

In case you’re a student who is always in a hurry, feel free to get some help online to free your schedule and relax or take care of your clothes. There are a lot of assignment writing platforms, like CustomWritings, on the Internet. They help undergraduates all around the world do homework and get high grades with no effort. 

If you want to learn more about the mentioned platform, read the Custom Writings review from real users. 

fashion life hacks

Flash-Forward-E / Pixabay

Refresh your Clothes Quick

Do you need to go to a party but your jeans don’t smell well? There are a few options to resolve this problem. For starters, you can wash them and dry, but this option requires a lot of time.

As an alternative, you can spray your favorite perfume over your clothes. Unfortunately, it’s a short-term solution as your perfume may get away fast or get mixed with the existing odor.

To refresh your clothes fast, put them into a freezer. Don’t forget to put them into a bag first. The cold will remove the odor by killing stinky bacteria. It is the most hassle-free way to make your clothes fresh again.

The impact of low temperatures on bacteria can be a great topic for a research paper, especially if you’re a biology student. In case you experience any issues writing your research paper, reach the PaperHelp to hire an expert writer. 

Remove Gum from Clothes

Sometimes accidents with clothes may happen. One of the worst-case scenarios is when gum sticks on your clothes. In such a case, don’t get discouraged. There is no need to say goodbye to your favorite apparel. 

Grab a cube of ice and cool the gum to make it hard. Also, water from the melting ice cube will make it less sticky. After this, grab a knife and remove the gum. Remember, do not scrape or peel the gum before freezing it.

Make your Shoes Comfortable

fashion life hacks

apostolosv / Pixabay

Do you have a pair of your favorite shoes, but they feel tight? There is no need to rub your legs till the blood. Use this helpful life hack and make your shoes convenient. 

For starters, you need to clean your shoes. Then grab two plastic bags, fill them with water, and put the bags into your shoes. Lastly, put your shoes with water bags into a freezer. 

After this, wait. Physics will stretch your shoes. When freezing, the water becomes hard and increases its volume. Correspondingly, it will stretch your shoes. In a few hours, put your shoes out from the freezer, check the fit, and repeat if needed. 

If you’re not good with exact sciences, don’t be shy to order homework at Unemployed Professors, an online homework help website.

Life-Saving Recommendation

All people want to look good. However, sometimes unexpected issues happen. Most frequently, people stain their shoes accidentally. If you like wearing shoes or sneakers made from fabric, you should cover them with wax. It will also make them waterproof. 

Also, there are a lot of different protection sprays for shoes on the market. You can purchase one and make all your shoes safe from the mug, water, and other stains.

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Buy Necklaces Like a Pro: 5 Top Tips for Choosing the Perfect Piece


Trying to choose the perfect necklace to wear? Wondering how to buy necklaces like a pro?  Today we want to share 5 tips for choosing the perfect necklace.  When it comes to buying a new necklace, it can be difficult to decide on the perfect one. There are a lot of options out there, and if you haven’t thought about your choice beforehand, you may find yourself with a bad case of analysis paralysis.

Luckily, we’re here for you. Below we’ll list a few of our top tips for choosing the perfect necklace.

1. Decide On the Length

5 tips for choosing the perfect necklace

drakcode / Pixabay

One of the top things to consider when buying a necklace is its length. While it will come down to personal preference, you should give it some thought.

A 16-inch necklace, for example, will typically be a “choker” style necklace. A 36-inch necklace, on the other hand, will hang very low.

There are also plenty of sizes in between these two extremes as well, so you’ll want to think carefully about what style you like before going shopping.

2. Choose a Chain Type

There are also many different chain types you’ll want to consider carefully when buying a necklace. You can get a necklace that is made of beads, for example. A necklace may also have a mesh, snake, or a Venetian link chain design.

There are many other types of chains as well and each one gives a necklace a slightly different look and feel. You’ll want to consider which type you prefer before making a purchase.

3. Pick Your Materials

5 tips for choosing the perfect necklace

vinarcis / Pixabay

When buying a necklace, you also need to think about what materials it is made out of.

Choosing necklace material will come down to personal preference, but gold, platinum, and sterling silver are all popular options. However, you’ll want to make sure that whatever material you choose is the real deal.

You may want to learn how to tell if silver is real, for example, if you’re thinking about buying a silver necklace.

4. Build Your Look

When thinking about which necklace to buy, you should also consider how your necklace will match other jewelry or clothes that you have.

If you’ve recently added any other jewelry to your wardrobe, it’s always a great idea to build on it. Consider what you may want to wear your new necklace with and then go from there.

5. Aim For Quality

Lingerie Lace Woman Sexy Escort  - IvanJohnson / Pixabay

IvanJohnson / Pixabay

Not all necklaces are made the same, so you’ll want to also consider the quality and cost when buying one as well.

While it should go without saying, a necklace from a well-respected jeweler will always look better and last longer than a necklace that comes from a local department store at discount prices. You usually get what you pay for with jewelry, so be ready to spend a little bit extra to get a necklace that is perfect for you.

Use These Tips to Buy Necklaces

If you’re trying to buy necklaces that are perfect for you and your unique style, you need to make sure that you consider your options carefully. By using the tips above, you’ll be able to find the perfect piece that brings your entire look to the next level.

Looking for more wardrobe and style tips? Explore our blog now to find more helpful tips and guides.

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How Can You Stand Out From the Crowd?


Today we want to share with you simple tips that can help you stand out from the crowd.  While there are times when we’re happy to just blend into the background, there are other times when we really want to stand out. There’s something pretty special about stepping out of the home knowing that we look at our best and that we’re going to be turning heads for all the right reasons. But of course, this is easier said than done. If it were so straightforward, then we’d all be doing it! The good news is that there are things you can do that can help push your look in the right direction. We take a look at some tried and tested tips below. Incorporate them into your style, and it won’t be long before you’re getting attention!

stand out from the crowd

Dress for the Occasion

You’d stand out from the crowd if you were radically underdressed for the occasion, but for all the wrong reasons. When it comes to fitting in with the dress code, most people take the “bare minimum” approach. If it’s a more formal event, then they’ll wear something that’s smart but rarely spectacular. And that’s understandable since people generally don’t want to buy new outfits just for one occasion. Still, if there’s an event you’re going to where you really want to make a splash, look at putting in a bit more effort than usual. A good idea is to look online for outfit ideas — it could be that there’s one particular style that’ll suit the event perfectly.

Be Bold 

You’re not going to stand out from the crowd if you’re playing things too safe. You’ll have an acceptable appearance, but it’s not going to cause any waves. So when you want to make a splash, why not look at stepping things up a little and being bold? There are plenty of ways to do it. On a day to day basis, it’ll be your sense of style that’ll give you a bold look. It can take time to figure out what your style is, but it’s a process worth engaging in! A good way to do it is to play around with a few different styles, and then slowly put your own spin on things. In many cases, the people who stand out from the crowd aren’t the people who are simply dressed well; it’s the people who have taken the time to put together their own kind of outfit together. 

stand out from the crowd

pashminu / Pixabay

Accessories and Jewelry

But it’s not as if you only have your clothes to work with! An excellent way to liven up your look is to add some accessories and jewelry to your outfit. Which exactly you choose will depend on the time of year, the event you’re dressing for, and what you’re wearing. If you’re going to add jewelry to your look, then make sure you’re getting your pieces from top-quality jewelers; they’ll help you to find beautiful pieces that really stand out from the crowd. When it comes to accessories, you can be a bit more playful. It’s one of the few areas of your outfit where you can bold without taking any risks. Colorful scarves, gloves, and funky sunglasses should all be a part of your wardrobe.

Salon Ready Hair

It is possible to do your hair well yourself, in the comfort of your own home. However, it’s also true that unless you’ve got plenty of experience, then it’s not going to be as beautiful as what a professional in a salon can do for you. Obviously, unless you’re rich and famous, it’s not as if you visit the salon every weekend. But if there are occasions when you know that you want to make waves, then look at booking an appointment. There’s just something about leaving a salon after a great treatment that has us walking on cloud nine. 

Makeup Style

As well as your hair, the other big part of your overall look will be your makeup. Most people are pretty good at making themselves look presentable with their makeup, but can you step things up, and be a little bolder? If you don’t know where to start, check out some of the best YouTube makeup channels. There are many excellent tutorials that are easy to follow along! Alternatively, you can look up a professional makeup artist in your area. They can be expensive, though, so maybe only use them for the big events of the year. 

New Threads

Many of us can accidentally harm our overall style by wearing old clothes. All the colors may work together well, and it may once have all worked, but if the clothes are past their best, then it’s not going to work as well as it should. Don’t underestimate the power of high-quality clothing! We know that it can sometimes be difficult to say goodbye to those old favorite items of clothing, but at some point, it just has to be done. You’ll fall in love with your new items of clothing soon enough.

stand out from the crowd

From the Ground Up

If you’re in a rush, or you’re going somewhere where you don’t really need to dress up at all, then try this trick: dress from the ground up. If you’ve got high-quality shoes and legwear on, then you can wear virtually anything you want up top and still look good. This is an effective trick because you’re able to look fantastic even when it seems as if you shouldn’t; people won’t know why they’re drawn to your style.


Being social isn’t always easy, but there are some things you can do to help yourself. The first is to be well-rested. If you’re going to an event where you know you have to chat with people, then you can make things much easier for yourself by getting plenty of rest beforehand. You’ll find that you’re much more conversational and your mind is sharper and more witty when you’re rested and relaxed. It’s also important to bring plenty of energy reserves, so you don’t crash just as you’re beginning to make an impression on people at the party. 

Have Fun

There are times when it pays to be mysterious and aloof. We’re thinking: when you’re in a cafe or taking a journey on a train and stuff. Then you can just gaze out deep in thought, and you’ll probably get people’s interest. But when you’re at a party, that approach won’t work — indeed, it’ll come across as boring or arrogant. People like people that have the capacity to have fun. You can still act classy and also have a great time. A confident, fun person who is dressed to the nines will always be the hit of the party! 

Walk with Confidence

Finally, remember the golden rule when it comes to standing out from the crowd: walking with confidence. Indeed, this point might be the most important on the list. Only celebrities can stand out in a crowd when they’re low in confidence. If you’re going to do this, then you need to stand and walk tall. That means shoulders back, head straight, and generally acting self-assured and confident. If you’ve taken the other tips in this blog, then you’ll probably naturally feel confident anyway, but there are also plenty of things you can do to give your confidence a nudge in the right direction too.

So there we have it. While everyone wants to stand out from the crowd, if you’ve taken our advice, then you’ll find that, more often than not, you’re getting attention from friends and strangers alike, for all the right reasons. 

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5 Clever Storage Tips for Fashionistas


Hands up if you’re forever buying too many pieces of clothing, pairs of shoes or cute handbags. We’re all guilty of it. While it’s amazing to have new items to wear, it can cause problems knowing where to store them all. Luckily for you, you’ve come to right place for some advice on how to deal with this. If you’re looking for clever storage tips for fashionistas, we can help – just follow our 5 tips below.

storage tips for fashionistas

12019 / Pixabay

Make use of storage boxes

One of the best but easiest storage tips for fashionistas is storage boxes.  Available in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors and designs, you can find storage boxes to suit just about every room within your house. And if you can’t, why not create your own? These handy storage items are perfect for all the scarves, bags, belts, makeup and other accessories that might not yet have a home within your house. If you don’t want them on display, pop them under the bed, inside your wardrobe or within one of your cupboard drawers.

Fold like a pro


We’re sure by now that you’ve heard of Marie Kondo, and if not, then you must check her out! The incredible organizing consultant has taught us all a thing or two, including her technique for folding clothes. By keeping your clothes neatly folded in your drawers, you’ll be able to create a lot more room – for clothes that you already own, not new ones of course.

Invest in some fabulous furniture

Need a new triple wardrobe to hang all your coats? Or perhaps you have had your eye on a set of drawers that you’ve wanted to buy for a long time? If you’re in need of more storage, it’s worth investing in staple pieces that will last you for years to come.



Find some clever spots to hide things away

If your shoes are cluttering up your hallway, consider your other options on where to keep them. How about hanging them behind your door, placing them individual sturdy storage boxes or keeping them inside an ottoman?

Get your labels ready

Once everything is packed up and stored away neatly, the only thing that may cause you an issue is knowing where to find all your items. This is where labels will come in very handy! When you’re packing everything away carefully, take the time to label the storage space with whatever items now live inside.

By following these 5 clever storage tips for fashionistas, you’ll not only gain more space, but you’ll also know where to find everything from now on!

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What Every Man Should Have in his Wardrobe


There are certain guidelines that a man should follow in terms of fashion. So, if you are new to the world of adulthood or are finding a burgeoning fashion sense, you have to remember to keep certain items in your wardrobe that you will use at some point. Here is what every man should have in his wardrobe to look amazing at any time.

what every man should have in his wardrobe

fudowakira0 / Pixabay

White Button Down Shirt

The white button down shirt is something that can be used in a lot of situations. Whether you are going business casual or semi-formal, a white shirt can be combined with a tie and worn in many different situations. This particular type of shirt is something that is rather inexpensive, too, so just about every man can afford to keep one or more in their wardrobe at all times.

Wool Trousers

You see wool and think itchy, but the fact is that good quality wool trousers give men a particular look that is hard to match without any discomfort. You can tuck that nice white button down shirt into these for a more formal look or work with a blazer and have something that is nice to wear out to dinner. The versatility of wool trousers is only limited by the color that you buy and the matching options that you have in your closet.

Black Lace-up Shoes

fudowakira0 / Pixabay

Whether you are chatting with someone at the bar or you’re meeting a date from this site, you’re going to want black lace up shoes. Loafers belong in country clubs and sneakers don’t mesh well with the clothes that you should be wearing on the first day. That’s why it’s necessary for you to have some good black lace ups. These match just about everything and they give you a sleek and professional look.



Good Jeans

what every man should have in his wardrobe

winterseitler / Pixabay

Stop getting the discount jeans that you’re using for yard work and trying to make them function as dress clothes. Instead, splurge on a decent brand that fits you right and accentuates your body. You don’t want anything that is going to be too tight for you to move in, but you don’t want some bland, light jeans that look like they would belong on a cowboy. Jeans are a fashionable item when they are worn correctly, giving you a rugged look but without the worn-down look that your everyday pair has by now.

Oakley Sunglasses

Sunglasses are underrated as a fashion item because they are only really used in the spring and summer. However, when you are having those summer parties or attending neighborhood function, sunglasses can make you appear to be a lot more ready for fun and approachable than the squinting man you would be otherwise. Oakley is a solid brand that has recognition and a unique look, so it’s definitely a good idea to grab a pair of them and keep them as your go-to pair.

Men need to have specific items in their wardrobe so that they can look their best in a variety of situations. We have outlined a lot of the most basic and versatile items that men can use to get the most out of each article of clothing and item. The white button down shirt, wool trousers, black lace-up shoes, a pair of good jeans, and a pair of Oakley sunglasses will give you classic looks in a lot of situations, augmenting what should be a formidable array of adult clothes. These building blocks will be the foundation of your future fashion sense which should now be on the right track.

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2019 Fashion Tips for Men


The year 2019 is well under way and a plethora of new fashions have premiered in the wake of the spring season.  For that reason, it is all the more important for men to take a look at the current fashion trends so that they do not fall victim to poor choices. After all, weddings, dating, and the beach season are all almost upon us. Check out our 2019 fashion tips for men and you’ll absolutely be ahead of the curve.

2019 fashion tips for men

cocoparisienne / Pixabay

Spend More on Less

As men, we love the idea of getting a good deal. That’s why it is imperative that you get out of the mindset where more equals better. Instead of buying four shirts for twenty bucks and having them wear thin in a month, you should start buying more expensive clothes that are worth more in the long run. Sure, you might have your eyes bulge when you buy one twenty dollar shirt, but the fact is that shirt will last you a longer time and look better thus one of our great fashion tips for men.

Get Rid of Your Old Outfits

Fashion Tips for Men

Free-Photos / Pixabay

We know how much you love the band shirts that you picked up at the concerts when you were a teen. They bring back a lot of memories, but you haven’t fit in a medium since senior year, so it’s time to get rid of some of the old clothes. Clear out the old shirt you don’t fit into and the pants that went out of fashion years ago. If you absolutely must keep some of the shirts because of the cool designs, consider framing them or putting them up in some other unique way.



Find a Tailor and Use Them

Fashion Tips for Men

matham315 / Pixabay

You might have heard the adage that tailored clothes are to women what lingerie is to men. Tailored suits, shirts, and pants will make your outfit look like it was made just for you, and that tends to strike quite the impressive figure. Finding a good tailor isn’t that difficult. If you have friends that dress well, ask them for a recommendation. Otherwise, the internet is your friend, providing you great reviews and recommendations. Tailoring your suits will make them seem like they are hugging your body in all the right ways and gives you a look for work, dates, and everything else that will make you unforgettable.

Expand Your Color Palette for Clothes

One of our final 2019 fashion tips for men that you should keep in mind is that you need to expand your color palette. There are a lot of guys out there who will stick with gray, blue, and black to get them through the whole year. You need to add a splash of color to your outfits. A lot of men look good in purple and other lighter colors. As long as you build a theme in your outfit, the chances are that you can make any color work. It’s time to get out of your comfort zone and expand your possibilities.

Overall, there are plenty of fashion do’s and don’ts out there, but these simple fashion tips for men will keep you on the straight and narrow. Spending more on fewer articles of clothing, getting rid of old fashions, and getting some tailoring done to pieces that you are going to wear are just some of the basics. Of course, you will want to make sure you take some time to expand your color palette, just in case you got a nice date from Beyondthecharter and you want to adapt to any situation. All in all, these tips will get you through the most basic period of adjustment.

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Fall Tips to Follow From Fashion Designers


Fall is, questionably (in our eyes, undoubtedly), the most fashionable season of the year. Cooler weather brings layers, new textures, and rich colors out of hiding. Scarves reign supreme, leggings are now everyday wear, and peacoats make their seasonal debut. While some fall pieces stay trendy forever, autumn also brings fresh new designs to the runways—and into our closets. This year, it’s all about neutral tones, stripes, red, embroidery, and metallics. From streetwear to holiday soirees, designers Leanne Marshall, Dan Liu, and Laila Wazna have pieces for every occasion as the leaves start changing.


Leanne Marshall

Neutral Tones
Neutrals have been in season for a while now and they’re here to stay. Textured tops and dresses in nude and cream are a trendy addition to any fall wardrobe. Leanne Marshall’s looks hit the sweet spot, where trendy meets elegant. Her floor-length gowns are neutral yet showstopping, proving even neutrals can turn heads.

Large, colorful prints and unique patterns are the name of the game this year. Traditional stripes will always be in vogue on the streets of Paris, but Leanne Marshall has set the bar for the classic pattern a bit higher. Large, colorful stripes and bold new patterns are all the rage. Whether you prefer leggings or skirts, be sure to have at least a few striped pieces in your wardrobe this fall.

Red Hot
The color of love, red, is going to be a hot choice for this season. From traditional coats, jumpsuits, or dresses, you will need to have this iconic color in your closet. Red is the perfect way to add a huge pop of color to an otherwise neutral fall wardrobe. Red accessories or statement pieces will keep your look fresh and exciting.

Embroidery and Metallics
Holiday parties are for drinking eggnog and sharing the joy of the holidays with your favorite coworkers…right? We all know the real thrill of a holiday party is the excuse to find a killer outfit to show off to those favorite coworkers. Embroidery and metallics are where it’s at this year, and Laila Wazna has you covered. A master of the art of details, her looks are elegant enough for any holiday extravaganza.

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Fall Tips to Follow From Fashion Designers: Featured image courtesy of Leanne Marshall

Frustrated Fashionistas: Priceless Pointers for Full-Figured Shoppers


With many retailers not consistently providing fashionable clothing for plus-sized women, many in this category feel like they’re ignored by their favorite stores, simply because they may be more full-figured than the media-driven, skinny sizes that are considered most ‘attractive’ in today’s society.

Because of this, many plus-sized shoppers experience more frustrations than most, from being forced to pay colossal prices for their clothing to feeling like everything looks unflattering. But despite this, there are still millions of fuller-figured women out there who look brilliant, simply because they’re strategic and use a few key tips when shopping both in store and online. So, if you’re sick and tired of feeling down every time you shop, here are a few priceless pointers you can use to improve your entire shopping experience!
Ignore labels

plus size model photo

Photo by Xoyos.com

It’s no secret that different stores hugely fluctuate with regard to their sizing. In fact, nowadays there’s no such thing as ‘standard sizing’ anymore, simply because of how much sizes differ.  So with this in mind, don’t be afraid to try something on that may not have the correct label for your size. And, if you find yourself having to go one, maybe even two, sizes up in a particular store, don’t feel down! As mentioned, sizes hugely fluctuate from store to store, and if you’re super stubborn and won’t consider opting for a different size to what you’d usually buy, you’re massively limiting yourself.
Remember, if you do need to go a couple sizes up, this isn’t a reflection on you – it’s a reflection on the store’s inaccurate sizing!
Alter your clothing
dress extendeer photo

Photo by Vito Fun

If you’ve bought something and it doesn’t hug your curves exactly how you want, why not just alter it?  In fact, plus-sized clothing is often stereotyped to be unflattering and not as feminine-looking as smaller sizes. Whilst this certainly isn’t the case all the time, if you purchase something you feel could do with some added delicate touches, there’s no reason you can’t do this yourself and take your clothing to a whole new level.
Take a look at these plus size dress extender ideas for inspiration on how you can transform your existing clothing into something lacy and feminine.
Check out menswear
Whilst menswear isn’t designed with feminine curves in mind, it’s definitely still worth looking through. Shirts and blazers are likely to be great options and, as men’s sizes generally run larger than women’s offering you a greater selection of choice, finding a garment that perfectly fits your body without swamping you will probably be easier than you think!
Just because you may not have the almost unobtainable model-like, skinny figure constantly pushed upon us by today’s media, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy shopping. In fact, being fuller-figured can actually provide more opportunities for fun garment alterations and expanding into different clothing sections – you just need to branch out and choose what suits your body regardless of size or which gender it’s originally designed for!
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Hanna Hotsyk: Dream. Love. Shop.


Ending our fall 14’ Style Column session beautifully is blogger, Hanna Hotsyk, from the gorgeous blog Dream. Love. Shop. Hanna is a fashion blogger with an exquisite sense of fashion that she features all the time on her darling blog. She mixes elements of European style and French details into eclectic outfits that you won’t want to take your eyes off of. She’s one of our top style muses when it comes to fashion inspiration (put her on your fashion inspo lists, gals)! You won’t get enough of the outfits she is always turning out. Hanna’s blog hasn’t only captured us, but other publications as well, including Teen Vogue, in which she is a contributor. Her talents also have allowed her to collab with many brands and designers such as Daniel Wellington. Doesn’t she sound like a Devil Wears Prada gal? We think so! Gain some inspiration whether it be beauty, fashion, or traveling from this gorgeous soul. Read on for some priceless style and beauty tips she eagerly shared with us!

Cliché: What are you top beauty/fashion routines?
Hanna Hotsyk: I love having a bit more of free time while getting ready to go out. In such situations I spend more time than usually doing my makeup. I love using the highlighter for my cheekbones (my favourite is the Benefit one) or playing with the eyeshadows (Marc Jacobs or Givenchy). I love having my hair curled with a straightener, but be careful, do not do it often because it damages your hair badly.
Name the top three products you couldn’t live without this season.
Body Creams and Body Butters (Victoria’s Secret, Body Shop, or Bath and Body Works), Candles (Yankee Candle, Zara Home) and Woollen skirts. Fall is the perfect time to wear a woollen skirt with a warm sweater and a leather jacket on a sunny day!
Any staple items that you think are fall must-haves?
A warm cozy sweater. Seriously, how can you survive ‘sweater weather’ without a sweater? This season, I am obsessed with grey and I love how grey woollen sweaters look with jeans and leather shorts and olive pants. And don’t forget a matching scarf. I love silky ones. Beige scarf combined with a grey sweater is a must-wear outfit.
What’s your number one tip to feeling confident in what you’re wearing?
Leave enough time for yourself. Do not get ready in a hurry. When you have time to carefully pick an outfit for the day and make your hair and makeup, you always get a satisfied feeling of a finished look. I personally always think of what I am going to wear the day before, try to find something original. It is hard for me to feel special in a pair of simple jeans.