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Exciting Fashion tips to Help Express Yourself


Today we want to share some exciting fashion tips to help express yourself. As of 2019, the global retail fashion market is worth USD 1.78 trillion and is expected to grow in the coming years. This is due to a myriad of reasons, including the ease of cross-border transport and communication that has enabled foreign trade and exposed consumers in every part of the world to all kinds of trends and fashion experiences.

In doing so, fashion has effectively become one of the most powerful industries in the world. It is not only a necessity for every household but also a means for an individual to express themselves. People of all age groups view fashion brands as an opportunity to publicly communicate their opinions and thoughts to the outside world in an impactful way.

So if you are also looking for ways to express yourself and what you believe in in your everyday life through fashion, we have got some exciting tips for you to follow!

Don’t Play It Safe

exciting fashion tipsWhen it comes to building your wardrobe or even buying something on a shopping trip, it is natural to feel hesitant before buying something that is eclectic. In fact, most people would end up settling for what are considered ‘safe’ choices such as white, black, beige, grey, or the like.

However, if you want to truly express yourself, you need to break away from these safe choices and embrace your style with confidence. Whether it’s quirky gothic clothing, feminine style, preppy looks, or monochrome attire, the key is to feel comfortable yet confident in what you wear. Once you achieve a balance between those two, you will automatically find your way to your true fashion calling.

Support A Cause

exciting fashion tipsNothing is more honorable and worthy than supporting what you believe in. And doing that through fashion is something that has become super easy.

Whether you believe in LGBTQI+, the Black Lives Matter movement, you’re antiracism, pro-feminism, or even want to support a political cause, you can express that through fashion. First, you can wear t-shirts, scarves, or other apparel that highlight that. Second, you can purchase your clothing and other products from retailers that actively support these causes.

Additionally, if you believe in causes such as climate change or fair pay, you can research the brand you wish to buy and decide to invest only if they are sustainable and eco-friendly and/or pay a fair wage to their workers, have a transparent supply chain and source their materials ethically, and don’t exploit their workforce.

This way, you can be sure that you are doing your bit of activism to save the planet and contribute to the greater good while looking fabulous.

Skip The Trends

exciting fashion tipsCurrently, with the rise of fast fashion, it is easy to get absorbed in the flood of swiftly changing fashion trends. By some measure, society almost expects us to keep up with these seasonal changes to the point that thousands of people buy into the mantra of constantly shopping for clothes and discarding them at the end of the season.

Dressing to express yourself, however, doesn’t imply that you need to stick to these definitive and frequently changing fashion trends. In fact, it means being confident enough to showcase your own personal style and working around whatever is in vogue so that you look trendy.

So we highly recommend not getting bogged down in the latest fads and instead, stick to your usual and classic styles to make a powerful statement in any room you walk into.

Dress Authentic

exciting fashion tipsAuthenticity is at the heart of expressing yourself through fashion. This takes time and energy as it involves curating a wardrobe carefully and with the utmost love in order to express your individuality on any given day.

This also means that every piece of clothing you wear is special, holds value, and is dear to you. You can choose to be bold or dress in a way that is understated but impactful. Ultimately, this will be an organic process that needs to happen by itself.

While it will take some time to get to this place, we suggest you start the process of authentically building your dream wardrobe collection right now!

Parting Thoughts

Fashion is a wonderful way of expressing yourself in a world that is filled with millions of different ideas and perspectives. It gives you the chance to stand out, make a powerful statement, and be heard.

We hope that you follow these amazing tips to not only look drop-dead gorgeous but also express your authentic self through the power of fashion.

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5 Biggest Fall-Winter 2020 Boots Trends


Today we want to share the 5 biggest fall-winter 2020 boots trends.  A new set of leather boots has always been a great way to get ready for those colder months, but 2020 is certainly unique. With fewer chances to get out and show off your favorite Fall and Winter outfits (at least we’ll always have the socially distant walk in the park), you’ve got to make every appearance count. 

That said, 2020s Fall and Winter styles have struck a nice balance between practicality and style, great news for most of us. So even if your hesitation on getting a stylish new pair of boots is that you need something to handle rain and snow on the daily, you’ve got options.

Who set the boots trend this year?

Winter 2020 Boots Trends

Photo by murat esibatir on Pexels

Despite all of the issues racking the fashion industry from closing physical stores to supply chain issues, most of the big players still showed off their Fall/Winter 2020 collections around the world. For boots, specific trends have their own fashion houses backing them. Italian designers like Valentino, Versace, Bottega, and Prada are pushing chunkier rubber boots while a mix of French and Italian designers have also reveled in chains and other embellishments.

The contemporary European designers

This year we’re looking to contemporary European designers for our Fall/Winter 2020 inspiration. Houses like Ivylee Copenhagen have put out collections that take just the right amount of inspiration from the big trends while also sticking to what makes them unique. Put simply, they’re combining the classic with the contemporary with outstanding results. For millennials, there’s no denying the touch of nostalgia and excitement that’s coming with this year’s crop of boots.

Revival of the classics

Without a doubt we’re seeing a lot of timeless styles mix with revitalized 90s trends like chunky boots and chunky jewelry (seeing a pattern?) The good news is, contemporary designers have gone for a more subtle approach, throwing around clever nods designed to have more staying power than the more in-your-face trends which inspired them.

All of this is great news if you’re not the kind of person who buys for every season’s trends. Designers are adapting to the practical needs hammering the world in 2020 while maintaining their style edge and we couldn’t be happier about it.

The biggest boots trends in 2020

Let’s get into why you’re really here, the 5 trends you should be focusing on this season whether you’re looking for a fresh update or to invest in something timeless. Somehow, despite all of its challenges, the industry has not disappointed with its latest batch of women’s boots.

1. The chunky boots

Winter 2020 Boots Trends

Photo by Godisable Jacob on Pexels

We’re coming up on the 3rd year of the chunky sneaker trend and far from diminishing, it’s expanding into boots. Designers are doing everything from mixing chunky elements into elegant high heels or unabashedly embracing the ruggedness, utility, and outright fun of the style. Some of the more out there designs are going for something reminiscent of a combat boot, something fun we can definitely get behind.

The good news here is that this year’s crop of largely rubber chunky boots are ideal for handling bad weather or doing nothing but showing off indoors. Whether you want something streamlined, reminiscent of classic New England duckboots, or completely over-the-top, there’s a chunky boot out there for you.

2. The riding boots

Riding boots are also offering some refreshing variety this year. Some are taking inspiration from their chunkier cousins while others are simply updating classic looks. Frankly, some of the best of the bunch are striking a perfect balance between the two. Even if you’ve never set food on a horse farm, if you’re a fan of knee-highs and timeless designs, this is a trend worth getting onboard with.

3. The platforms

Winter 2020 Boots Trends

Photo by Godisable Jacob on Pexels

If you’re intrigued by the chunky boot and sneaker trend but unsure about its staying power, platform boots offer the perfect compromise. This year we’re seeing clean lines, mixing leather and rubber along some more punk-inspired options reminiscent of 90s fashion trends. So if you want a heeled boot with a bit of lift that’s not going to look dated next year, platforms are a smart way to go.

4. The western boots

Before you think to yourself “oh absolutely not, I am not wearing ‘cowboy boots’ this season” hold off your judgement. This is actually a more subtle trend because we’re seeing elements from classic western boot styles incorporated into everything from riding boots to chunky platforms.

Instead of outright crazy long-toes, flashy colors, or over-the-top stitching, this season’s western-inspired boots use clean and subtle stitching lines to evoke those classic looks in something more like an homage. Translation: people might not even realize your boots are western-inspired, but they will detect some serious style.

5. The chain details

While most of these style trends focus on very clean lines which emphasize materials and craftsmanship over extraneous additions, chains bridge these two trends in a way that just works. They can bring just the right amount of chunky fun to an otherwise serious boot, adding some visual interest and contrasting material to any number of classic leather boots we’re seeing this season.

In other words, that chunky chain jewelry you’ve been into since the 90s but maybe forgot in a drawer somewhere is back in style whether it’s on your wrist, around your neck, or gracing your latest pair of boots.

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5 Fashion Accessories Everyone Should Have


Today we want to share 5 fashion accessories everyone should have.  As we approach the end of 2020, we are all hoping the New Year will bring with it some kind of normality, and if you are fashion-conscious and want to get ahead for the spring/summer of 2021, here are some essential add-ons you should acquire.

accessories everyone should have

  1. Wide Belts – Wide belts have been popular for the past couple of years and they are a great way to break up the top and bottom garments. This is a chance to add some rich color and contrast to your look. Besides, if you have that hourglass figure, why not show it off?
  2. Polarized Sunglasses – It is possible to source ladies polarized sunglasses from an online designer sunglasses retailer, with supercool Wayfarers and Aviators that are unbreakable, and prices are such that you can afford getting polarized wholesale fashion sunglasses. Buying a couple of pairs or even more wouldn’t be a problem. Shopping online is generally 15-20% cheaper than when you shop at a traditional bricks and mortar store, as the online retailer does not have the huge overheads of a retail store, plus you don’t even have to leave your home when you order products on the Internet.
  3. Apple Watch – If you want to be seen as a tech girl, Apple’s latest watch is the accessory to acquire. With a range of attractive colors, you can select one that works with your outfits. This gadget is not only an attractive add-on, it is very useful and after a few weeks, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without your Apple watch. We are now up to Series 6, with upgraded hardware and software, plus they have some cool designs and colors so you can match with your outfit.
accessories everyone should have

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels

  1. Bucket Bag – These are both stylish and very practical, as you can fit everything you need snugly into your bucket bag, with Louis Vuitton and Chanel creating stunning designs. Bright, rich colors like pink, blue and marigold are in this year and next, and with the online boutique, you pay wholesale prices.
  2. Yoga Tops & Leggings – Pastel colours and animal prints will be seen in all the right places in 2021, as the sports bra look still holds our attention, which is great for the active, outdoor woman. You can browse a great selection from the online boutique, or even visit a yoga specialist website, where you will find Spandex designs that will stand the test of time. They look great with white sneakers and a pair of football socks in a contrasting colour completes the off-duty model look.

The trend for the sporty look isn’t going anywhere, with wrap around shades and tight-fitting casual clothes, and with all of the above in your wardrobe, you will be wearing the right accessories in 2021. Rather than shopping at the local mall, it is much easier to shop online and you will get the best deals from the online boutique, usually 15-20% lower than the recommended retail price, which is great.

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Trending Men’s Designer Glasses 2020


Today we want to talk about trending men’s designer glasses in 2020.  It’s never been easier to make it work for you if you wear eyeglasses. Technological advances provide new expectations of comfort and reliability, but in fashion, there’s no limit. Although some fashionable glasses show off the eccentric side of you, the others show a mixture of style and comfort. Sunglasses have now been one of the most popular accessories ever used. Not only can they shield your eyes from harmful Ultraviolet rays, but they can also be the ideal addition to your wardrobe. You can shop for the latest collection on top brands stores like Zenni Optical, Target Optical, Warby Parker, etc. Also, check here to get exciting discounts and offers on trending styles.

We’ve put together all of the spec looks that men can rock, so read on and let’s guide you through many of the choices that men have to look new and stylish.  Here are trending men’s designer glasses in 2020.

1.Aviator Glasses

trending men's designer glasses

SandeepHanda / Pixabay

With an excellent price, quality, efficiency, and comfort, Aviator sunglasses offer iconic styling. These are characterized by dark, frequently reflective lenses with three to four times the area of the eyeball, and very thin metal frames with double or triple bridges and bayonet earpieces or flexible cable temples that loop behind the ears. Discover all styles and colors available online for cool men. Take a look at personalized Aviator sunglasses if you prefer to pick your style at various online optical stores like Zenni Optical, Warby Parker, etc.

2.Vintage Glasses

Nothing is more timeless than a pair of beautifully crafted metal glass frames. Clean, stylish, and comfortable metal frames will display your unique preferences without losing efficiency. A perfectly round pair of glass frames can support square and heart-shaped faces. Both help balance large, but rounder faces in glass frames, such as square or rectangular, usually benefit from better contrast. Men’s vintage eyewear design adds value to the overall classic look by adapting a tried-and-tested, timeless style trend. When you’re up for a new and unexpected way of seeing yourself, go for metal eyewear.

3.Tortoiseshell Frame Glasses

Glasses trending men's designer glasses

SnapwireSnaps / Pixabay

Tortoiseshell glasses, also called horn-rimmed glasses, are eyewear frames that mimic actual tortoise shells’ appearance. Tortoiseshell glasses will never be out of style. The unique Zenni Optical tortoiseshell pattern is mottled with amber, honey, and brown shell spots. These eyeglasses have a distinct and unique redolent design with the speckled coloring with their reptile. If you want to dress up and make a party, pair your tortoiseshell frames with a solid colored outfit. And choose a color frame to match that. Classic tortoiseshell glasses are available in various shades of brown, yellow, olive, and purple. Apart from being chic and fabulous for having a hipster-geeky look everyone wants, tortoiseshell glasses are a very flexible accessory to wear.

4.Unique Geometric Frame Glasses

The unique and premium geometric frames are a great combination of angularity and modernity while holding your look classic. The popular geometric form makes you want to stand out instead of cover. Geometric shapes accentuate your style. If you got a square-shaped face? A geometric frame adds angles to your profile, which can be very attractive. If your face is round, you can construct angles to differentiate it.

As you know, glasses are one of the best fashion accessories in the world. Like jewelry, they enhance your outfit and show your personality. Would you like to stand out with an odd accessory? Geometric shaped glasses are elegant! This pattern is just as stunning as sunglasses.

5.Browline Glasses

trending men's designer glasses

apostolosv / Pixabay

Browline glasses are a semi-rimless frame type meaning that the frame doesn’t cover the bottom of the lens. This browline pattern looks just as new today as it did when it first appeared on the scene over three decades ago. The large frame fits equally well for trendy, regular glasses, or sunglasses. This is available in various colors: transparent, black, green, tortoiseshell, and gold-metal rim cream. The look is complete with classic silver metal accents at the front corners. You can get these classy glasses at various online optical stores like Zenni Optical, Target Optical, Warby Parker, and many more exclusive offers and deals.

6.Rimless Glasses

Rimless eyeglasses are a kind of eyeglass that is designed so that the frames are as discreet as possible. On rimless glasses, either the bridge – the part that crosses your nose or the temple -crosses the side of the glasses and rests over the ears attached directly to the lenses. Rimless eyewear is a smart and simple option. They often allow you to see more of your face. They are incredibly lightweight, and they are sometimes so comfortable that you can even forget that you are wearing glasses. For a pair of lightweight eyeglasses that remain in place no matter what select rimless frames with cable temples. You can get many deals for these rimless glasses with a 20 to 30 percent discount on Zenni Optical and at various online stores like Amazon.

7.Sausalito Eyeglasses

Sausalito is a stylish glass design from the North Coast Collection for anyone who wants to make an advanced and trendy look with their eyeglasses or sunglasses. It supports a modern square with more geometric lines and narrow temple arms and a closer connection to the classic square shape. A large, solid acetate frame in a subtle striped pattern is available in a variety of colors: Black, Bordeaux Red, or Olive Green. Sausalito’s stylish collection from the North Coast is only available at Zenni Optical in the range of $20 to $30.

These were trendy designer glasses for men, you can change your clothes and shoes all you want, but you can’t replicate the way eyeglasses transform your look. Some men just look better in the glasses. It’s like presenting an alternative version of yourself. If you’re one of the guys that’s changed entirely with a pair of eyeglasses and your vision is perfect, you can go with glamour eyeglasses. Get your customized glasses from any online store on their official website or app by staying at home.

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How Men Should Accessorize In 2020 And Beyond


Today we want to give you some great tips on how men should accessorize in 2020.  In the past, it was only women who thought of augmenting their casual and formal outfit with extra items of jewellery, hats, scarves, or anything else they felt added to the appeal of the outfit. In recent years, however, men have begun to get in on the act as well, using rings, watches, and hats to set off their outfits. In this guide, we take a look at some of the trends for men and how men should accessorize in 2020.


how men should accessorize

Pexels / Pixabay

Perhaps it’s because hats are super flexible, protect the head from sunlight or rain, and offer a gentlemanly prop when out and about. Still, just when you thought they had gone out of fashion, they come back again with a new style that catches your eye and gets you thinking about a possible new look. 

Some hats never go out of style, like caps and beanies, then others come and go. Think trilby’s, brim hats, pork pie hats. Here are some of the ones that are definitely on point in 2020.  

The Fedora hat is a classic brim hat with a lower and upper part. The crown is famous for having two dents in it. They come in various colors and are ideal for a sunny day in the garden or out in town. 

The trilby hat was once trendy, then slipped out of style for a while. It’s back now! This classic performs a similar function to the Fedora but is more suitable for younger men. Add style to any outfit with a well-chosen trilby. 

Coming into winter in 2020 beanie hats for men are on the A-list. Never far away from fashion, this years’ beanies are likely to be colorful but subtle. Men are on the lookout for beanies that are versatile and go with a range of outfits. 


how men should accessorize


Rings have been worn by men for thousands of years to display wealth, status, or to show they are a member of an elite group. The reasons for wearing rings may have changed over the years, but the desire to display one’s personality through this unique accessory has not diminished. That’s why many men choose to wear a high-quality ring as well as their wedding band. 

Alpine rings have a full range of tungsten wedding bands for men and perfect for any occasion or character type. The rings combine sleek classic styles with natural and traditional elements to create rings suitable for the modern gentleman. Below are some of the most popular choices for men this year. 

The black tungsten with domed zebra wood exterior is bold and unique. It’s made from tungsten so it will last forever, precisely what you want since it defines your personality. Regardless of the occasion or your style, this ring was built for your finger. 

The black tungsten wedding bands with African padauk wood interior is slightly different although it does sport the same durability and lasting qualities of its neighbors. The wood interior of this ring is smooth and distinctive, making it comfortable to wear. Furthermore, its tungsten quality means it will appear forever new. 


how men should accessorizeThere are two schools of thought on the wearing of a watch. One group says that it’s pointless, the time is everywhere nowadays, on smartphones and computers, and almost every digital display you turn your attention to. But others argue that there is always a place for a watch on a man’s wrist. Wearing a watch to tell the time is a preference, on top of that its individual, adding style and character. 

So what are the best timepieces to go for at the beginning of this new decade? Well, the Bamford London Mayfair Date is in with a loud shout. It has a black band that supports a titanium face. The monochrome color scheme fits in with any style, and it is robust and dependable, making it ideal for formal occasions as well as outdoor activities. 

This year is all about sustainability and self-consciousness, and some watchmakers are meeting the market demand. Baume Small Seconds is offering a stylish slim-lined timepiece made entirely from recycled and upcycled materials. These watches are fully customizable and can be configured online. 

The Bell and Rose BR03-92 Nightlum is designed for those who like a basic, uncomplicated watch, suitable for most purposes and styled like a government-issue military accessory. This is not too far from the reality since B&R do specialize in aviation. If you want a hard-wearing no-nonsense watch, the nightclub is for you. 


When thinking about your style, footwear is all-important. Although it might not be the very first thing, you consider, it shouldn’t be the last either. Footwear can influence the overall look of an outfit and make or break its success. In the short guide below, we take a look at some of the styles in fashion this year. 

Loake Mulligans are renowned for making shoes and boots that are designed to last. Their footwear has been made in the same family-owned factory since 1894, so they come with a strong reputation. Their derby brogues are made with sturdy brown leather and have a durable rubber sole. They work with any outfit, formal or casual  And are also pretty good for hiking. 

Baker Alderley has released a new range of formal shoes in both black and brown that are classic in style but ready for today’s market. They are seriously smart leather-soled shoes with light punches holes around the lace and heel. They display an elegant and minimalistic look that is perfect for weddings, anniversaries, or important business meetings.  

Men’s Oxford Shoes are not likely to go out of fashion any time soon,  and certainly not in 2020. Made from durable leather, their Dune London range is available in either brown or black. They are an almond toe style of shoe that is best worn on formal occasions if you want a quality guarantee for your shoes to look no further than these Oxford classics. 

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Trend Tips: How to Wear Military Fashion


Military fashion is becoming more popular every day.  We want to share with you cool styles on how to wear military fashion.  Did you know that our clothing has a huge impact on our mood?

If you’re someone who wants to feel more confident, one of the best things you can do is add some military-inspired clothing to your wardrobe.  Do you want to learn how you can look stunning in military fashion? Keep reading for 5 must-know tips that can help both men and women.

1. Start Simple With a Statement Jacket

How to Wear Military Fashion


No military outfit would be complete without a statement jacket. Some of the most popular types of jackets include trench coats, peacoats, bomber jackets, and cardigans. Not only can these jackets help you stay cozy during the cooler months and evenings, but they also add an effortless air of mystery and strength to your persona.

If you want to add some feminine flair to your look, pairing your jacket with a belt can help give your silhouette more shape.

2. Be Mindful of Camo

Camouflage is likely the first thing that comes to mind when people think of a military look. While camo does serve a purpose in battle, that doesn’t mean you’re limited to those patterns for your look. If you’re not ready to add camouflage accents to your wardrobe yet, you can evoke a similar vibe by sticking with earth tones like dark green, brown, black, and navy.

3. Simplicity Is Key

How to Wear Military FashionOne of the easiest mistakes to make while adopting a military-style is to go overboard. Military fashion is simple yet elegant in its neatness.

For example, if you’re wearing a statement jacket, keep the rest of your look muted. This could include wearing a clean white shirt tucked into some smart-casual trousers.

4. Don’t Forget to Accessorize

One of the best parts about wearing military urban clothing is being able to have fun accessorizing. Since military looks tend to be simple, picking out a few interesting accessories can make your outfit pop. One unique way you can accessorize is to create custom challenge coins and use them to make pins and other types of jewelry.

If you’re new to military fashion, you can never go wrong with throwing on a pair of aviator sunglasses or a watch.

5. Finish the Look With Proper Footwear

How to Wear Military FashionThe last component of your outfit that will bring your entire military look together is your footwear. Although you can get away with wearing any type of shoes, boots will always look the most natural. Whether you want to rough up your look by leaving the tongue and laces loose or maintain a neat style, never forget to keep those boots shiny.

Now You Know How to Rock Military Fashion

If you follow these 5 military fashion tips, you can look effortlessly chic wherever you go. Whenever you’re in doubt, taking notes from fashion icons can help you figure out what you like and dislike for your own wardrobe.

Do you want to stay up to date on the latest fashion trends? Bookmark our site so you never fall out of style.

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Must Have Fashion Apps to Download to Your Phone


Today we want to share with you must have fashion apps to download to your phone.  It’s never been easier to stay up to date with the latest trends in fashion thanks to the internet and social media. While traditional print magazines still offer a great experience of being able to flick through the pages, their information can be more than a month old by the time it reaches you.

In a world of fast fashion, speed is crucial in making sure you stay on top of the latest trends. There are several apps that can help you stay on top of these trends, and make sure your wardrobe is refreshed just as quickly.


We’re all accustomed to streaming movies and TV thanks to services like Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu. However, there are many niche services out there too, catering to audiences that want to watch content about specific topics. It doesn’t matter which topic either – there is always an app for it. 

For example, Tech TV contains daily updates of tech news, DIY, and science, while the PokerStars TV app streams full-length television shows, classic clips, and interviews direct to your phone. Of course, there’s fashion news too thanks to FTV+ which is available for both iOS and Android. 

With a paid subscription, FTV+ gives you access to 12 live channels covering Fashion Week, fashion parties, top models, and designers. There’s also catch up options for other shows that you may not have caught live.


ShopStyle brings you everything you need for staying on top of fashion without breaking the bank. With 12 million products across lines for men and women from 1,400 retailers including major brands like Nordstrom, Thom Browne, Nike, and Valentino, there is definitely something that’ll suit your style.

The site was launched way back in 2007 but has since been made available on mobile devices with Android and iOS apps. ShopStyle is well loved in the fashion community, with more than five million searches made through its apps and website each week.

PS Dept

If your busy lifestyle doesn’t give you much free time to keep up to date with all the latest fashion trends, PS Dept can help by providing you with a personal stylist, any time of the day.

They’ve got partnerships with major fashion brands like Chloe, Derek Lam and Net-A-Porter to help you pick the right outfits with the help of their expert stylists. Once you’ve picked your new clothes, you can purchase right from the app, making the process of updating your wardrobe quick and easy.

must have fashion appsBy Rotation

There’s a lot of talk about sustainable fashion at the moment as consumers wake up to the issues facing the fashion industry and its supply chains. One of the many solutions to creating more sustainable clothing has been to create products that are durable and can be shared.

This is where By Rotation comes in. Instead of buying your next outfit, you can borrow it from someone else. The service works on a peer-to-peer system and describes itself as the “AirBnB of Fashion”, meaning the app just acts as a facilitator.

Vestiaire Collective

Vestiaire Collective is another app that helps to cut down on waste by providing a platform for the fashion community to buy and sell their pre-owned designer items. There are thousands of items on the site, including brands like Gucci, Rolex and Louis Vuitton, but you’ll spend much less than on the high street.

If they don’t currently have what you want for sale, you can create an alert that will notify you when it does get listed. When it does, you can even spread the cost of your purchase with interest-free payments.

With these apps we can stay abreast with all of the latest developments in fashion, get advice on what will suit us best, and then either buy it new, rent it, or buy a pre-owned version at a fraction of the cost. Fashionistas have never had it so good.

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Fashion Trends for the Coming Autumn/Winter Season


If you want to be like fashion icons, you must always be one step ahead and therefore, even if the cold season is still quite far away, you should know the fashion trends of the cold seasons that are going to rock the market in the months following the summer.

fashion trends

Nissor / Pixabay

To discover them you obviously don’t need to rely on chance as it happens when you play with the best apps for betting, but to follow the catwalks of the capitals of world fashion that have already provided us with the trends that will arrive next fall.

fashion trends

nastya_gepp / Pixabay

Surely, the star of next year’s cold season will be the color green. You can add a few touches of green already at the end of spring/summer 2019 preferably with emerald shades, remaining not too bright and vaguely mysterious. With the arrival of the new autumn/winter collections, green will stand out in all its freshness with very flashy and enveloping total looks.

A “must have” of all the collections for the next cold seasons is the evening dress that is worn slightly long and adapts to any situation demonstrating great versatility. The ideal accessory to match the evening dress is the oversized coat that guarantees practicality and elegance. The evening dress can be wraparound and neckline, with 80s vibes or suggestive and geometric asymmetries.

Jackets and trousers represent an outfit that no longer belongs only to men but has also been approved for use in the female world. Those who want to give a greater touch of femininity to their clothing can always choose to wear a jacket and skirt, as long as they are characterized by the tailoring mood. The models are various: check, tartan or plain to meet all needs and preferences in terms of fashion. The pants buttoned at the ankle are an all-female habit that makes the outfit even more original and creative.

The cape then returns with all its elegance and its retro charm to be the protagonist of the outfits of autumn/winter 2019/2020. There are many variants available of the cape that can be combined with the most varied outfits: lace, regal, total black, soft and elegant.

fashion trends

uwekern / Pixabay

After a couple of years of hibernation, the high boots, also known as cuissardes, return overwhelmingly. They are much loved by both girls and mature women who want to keep up with the times and adapt perfectly to the miniskirts and the jeans giving you a very sexy and fashionable look. These boots reach mid-thigh, are usually very tight, slimming your legs and the entire silhouette, adapting to and enhancing every physique.

The trendy bags of late 2019 will instead have gigantic logos, huge, almost as if to mark the territory of their self-reference and at the same time suffer the prevailing charm of nostalgia, which brings everyone back to dig up in the past the stylistic inspirations for contemporary design. The bags will be in ladylike mood, in clean colors, such as burgundy, cream, beige, black, brown, and will focus on elegant style.

Very long shoulder straps can be transformed into tiny or medium straps, depending on your preferences. You can also opt for unusual ways and different styles and treat the bag as a kind of giant necklace, or wear it at the waist as a room bag.

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Which Y2K Trends Should Make A Comeback?


The 2000s are on their way back with a vengeance, and with all the nostalgia for reality shows, movies, and other kinds of media, 2000s fashion is on its way back too. Trucker hats, camo print, bootcut jeans, and thanks to Vetements, even Juicy Couture’s iconic velour tracksuits have made a comeback! It was a time where Paris Hilton was the biggest celebrity of the time, Britney Spears’s Oops I Did it Again was blasting on radios everywhere, and Avril With all of these trends coming back,  the wonderful glow of nostalgia may cloud up the realization that some trends should be left in the past, and there were so many things going on during Y2K, that it can be hard to remember what things happened during that time! So we made a list of four of our favorite trends from the 2000s that should make a comeback!

Silvery, space-age metallics should definitely be one of the first things that should be revived! Sure this trend started in the late 90s, but it hit its peak in the 2000s! The 2000s looked to be the start of the future for many, so sleek, shiny metallic fabrics were all the rage. We’re all for this trend to show itself again. We live in a world where the technological future past generations dreamed of is slowly becoming the present, so why not add to the space-age flair with some fun metallic statement pieces!

Barbie pink was one of the biggest colors in the 2000s, characters like The Plastics from Mean Girls wore pink with pride! Prime time to be your most femme self was the 2000s, and we believe that all around girly-ness should make a comeback. Because, after all, being called “feminine” isn’t always such a bad thing! Pink is a power color, and we say, the brighter the better! Sure Millennial pink had its time in the sun, but we think that we’re ready for a brighter pop of color! If you aren’t the kind of person to go full on Elle Woods with your style, a bright pink is a fun pop of color for any outfit to add a bit of a femininity to anything.

Camo print is more of a tomboy staple, but as we said above, the 2000s was the age of the classic girly girl, so there was no way classic camouflage print wasn’t jazzed up in flashier colors along with the classic green color. Destiny’s Child truly gave us multiple amazing camo looks, and we think that may be challenging that vibe might give you a really fun look! We think that the classic army green, as well as all of the other colors, are destined to come back swinging!  

Buffalo Sneakers made such a statement! These chunky sneakers won our hearts back in Y2K, and are slowly coming back in style. These sneakers are perfect for those who love a statement shoe, and a bit of extra height, but heels aren’t their forte. We think that a pair of these sneakers would look great with a cute oversized sweatshirt, and a cute pair of high socks.


There are so many early 2000s trends, some of them cute and fun, some of them downright absurd, but we think that the best trends aren’t ones that need to be worn in the exact same way as they were back when they first came on our radar but can be re-invented in new and different ways!


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Which Y2K Trends Should Make A Comeback? Photos Credits: Asos, Paper, Cosmopolitan, Medium.com, Dolls Kill, ourdailynewsonline, and The Guardian

5 Throwback Trends for 2018



In every time period, there comes the rise of iconic fashion trends. From exquisite flapper dresses in the 1920s to dark grunge in the 1990s, there are specific styles tied to each decade. Now that 2018 is well on its way, and New York Fashion Week has past, we are seeing a rise in recurring fashion trends that are predicted to dominate the new year. While new styles and trends will definitely appear as the year progresses, the fashion industry is witnessing a revival of the most influential looks from the past.



Although plaid was at its height during the 1990s, it made a comeback during New York Fashion Week this year. A revival of plaid trousers, blazers, and boots (yes, boots!) are seen both on the runway and in the streets. A take on the classic plaid button down trend in the 90s, plaid ranging from dull greys to vibrant purples is making a comeback in both the corporate and casual atmosphere.

Photo Credit: thefashiontag.com










Dark Denim

The 1980s saw a rise in the denim trend, and 2018 plans on keeping this look alive. From low-waisted jeans to full-on denim outfit ensembles, this is one trend that will not be dying out anytime soon. Denim is one of the easiest trends to modernize and style, especially since it is on the darker side and matches most clothing and accessories.

Photo Credit: purewow.com




Athletic Wear

Workout gear is quite the phenomenon today with all of the colorful, posh clothing lines that exist. While it was at its prime during the 80s and 90s, workout gear is now seen on both the runway and in our favorite stores. Whether you are in search of breaking out the vibrant tights or keeping it more casual with a grey sweatsuit, athletic wear still proves to be a successful style of clothing.

Photo Credit: lacenlingerie.com













What’s interesting about 2018 thus far is the wide spectrum of styles. Elements of minimalism, a classic, neutral style, are making a comeback this year. While minimalism experienced a high during the 1920s, a revival of the trench coat, oxford button downs, jean jackets and other neutral pieces are back in style.

Photo Credit: popfashiontrends.com







This year is not the first time fringe made an appearance. Rising to popularity in the 1920s during the flapper era, fringe was found on a variety of party dresses women wore to make a statement and entertain their guests. Fringe could also be found on leather jackets worn by bikers during the 1950s or during the 1960s and 1970s when society adopted a more cultural outlook. Today, fringe can be found on the runway as well as in our favorite department stores. Whether it is used as an element on boots, purses, or jackets, fringe is quite the detail.

Photo Credit: sydnestyle.com






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5 Throwback Trends for 2018. Feature Photo Credit: cicihot.com

4 Awards Season Fashion Trends for 2018


Although the year is still young, there have already been a handful of award shows. But before the moving speeches and celebratory awards are received, the public’s attention is directed towards the latest in celebrity fashion. Each show brings the biggest names in Hollywood, and the biggest designers and trends along with them. Shades of black and pink, textures, patterns, and low-cuts are among some of the trending styles this season. Check out some of the trending looks from January’s award shows below!



This year, the Golden Globes attendees were sleek and stylish in their dark ensembles. Black is both effortless and elegant, and it just so happens that every single celebrity in attendance wore black to this event, which is more than coincidental. Besides for a classic look, celebrities used this opportunity to express their disapproval of the sexual harassment unfolding both inside and outside of Hollywood. Aside from the hidden meaning, the stars were eye-catching in black. The perfect blend of fierce and fabulous, the most classic shade was worn to make a statement.

  Alison Brie in Vassilis Zoulias     

Jessica Biel in Dior Haute Couture gown and Jimmy Choos

Samara Weaving in a Laura Basci Couture

 Penelope Cruz in Ralph & Russo Couture.

Photo credits: elle.com



The Critics’ Choice Awards represented the latest in textures. Trends in textures became apparent as celebrities walked the red carpet in the latest sequins, feathers, and lace. Quite the contrary to the Golden Globes, the trending styles during this awards show were much more vibrant and unique. From Angelina Jolie’s angelic white dress with the feathered top to Gal Gadot’s low-cut sequin dress, the stars knew how to catch the public’s attention.

Angelina Jolie in Ralph & Russo 

Gal Gadot in Prada

Allison Williams in Dolce &  Gabana 

Margot Robbie in Chanel

Photo credit: usmagazine.com  



The Producers Guild of America Awards brought out the most unique styles. The dresses worn to this event were vibrant, eye-catching, and bold. Patterns were an apparent trend as the celebrities walked the red carpet just a few days ago. Stars such as Kerry Washington and Leslie Mann opted to walk the runway in bold, floral print dresses. Floral print and embroidery are trending this season, and the stars are proving these patterns can be worn in more than one season.

Kerry Washington in Paolo Sebastian Couture

Gal Gadot in Armani Prive

Leslie Mann in Reem Acra 

Tracee Ellis Ross in Tory Burch

Photo credit: mirror.co.uk and vogue.com



The Screen Actors Guild Awards also saw a rise in floral patterns, sequined-textures, and blush pinks, a color that is becoming more commonly worn. Blush is now a color worn during more than just spring and summer, especially with the help of celebrities who are making it more universal. Most celebrities who appeared on the red carpet opted for a soft, dainty look to this event, which contrasted several of the other awards shows previously held this month.

 Margot Robbie in Miu Miu 

Vanessa Kirby in Valentino

Dakota Fanning in Prada 

Saoirse Ronan in Louis Vuitton

Photo credit: harpersbazaar.com

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Featured image courtesy of elle.com, usmagazine.com, vogue.com, and harpersbazaar.com

The Most Unexpected Fashion Trends for Spring


Thankfully in the world of fashion, trends for spring have already been deemed months ago. While some trends made us nod our heads in agreement, others raised eyebrows and questions of how exactly we can pull them off. Rest assured, Miranda Priestly, these spring fashion trends are much more exciting than florals.



Contrary from the stigma given by pop culture, the color pink is not exclusively reserved for Wednesdays. It’s no longer an ultra-feminine color that fills the closet of a toddler; pink exudes high fashion vibes this season. Taking a nod from collections by Gucci and Valentino, pink has made its way into the stockroom of every fast-fashion retailer.

Photo taken from asos.com


Fishnets? Under ripped jeans? We’ll try anything once, especially if Gigi Hadid and Emily Ratajkowski have rocked it. This look gives off some major 90’s groupie vibes, and we’re totally here for it.

Photo taken from asos.com

Statement Tees

Inspired by Dior’s “We Should All Be Feminists” tee, this movement of incorporating values and politics into fashion has been seen everywhere. Fashion is a representation of one’s personal style and identity, so why haven’t we been proudly wearing our morals across our chests sooner?

Photo taken from topshop.com

Gingham Check

We were a bit hesitant to embrace this spring trend at first, because, hello, who wants to wear a picnic tablecloth? Not us. Once we considered the laid-back, casual vibe this pattern gives off, you better believe we will be rocking this trend every sunny day there is this spring.

Photo taken from asos.com

Corset Top

Quite possibly the only lasting trend from the sixteenth century, the corset has made its way into closets everywhere thanks to social media starlets like Kylie Jenner and Hailey Baldwin. Creating that hourglass silhouette so many of us crave, this trend does just that without all the hours in the gym required.

Photo taken from asos.com


At last, we can wear a hoodie and still be considered as fashion-forward. We’re thanking Rihanna for putting  this trend on designers’ radars this season.

Photo taken from stories.com

Kitten Heels

Straight from the runway, this grandma-heeled shoe has been fully embraced by designers like Dior, Gucci, Jason Wu, and Prada. This trend is anything but frumpy; this comeback-kid has never looked so stylish in metallic colors, crazy prints, and unique textures.  

Photo taken from asos.com


With this trend, we’re talking ruffles, sheer fabrics, pastels, and lace. This feminine style has made us take note after seeing it on the runways of Erdem, Alexander McQueen, and Chloé. The romantic trend adds a sophisticated amount of volume and drama while still being dreamy.

Photo taken from topshop.com


You could credit this fashion craze to Gucci or your grandpa; either would be correct. We were introduced to this trend a few seasons ago on the runway, but fast-fashion retailers are now experimenting with everything from patent leather to suede and even crazy colors and prints.

Photo taken from topshop.com

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The Most Unexpected Fashion Trends for Spring. Featured image by topshop.com