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Candice Swanepoel Stuns as the New Face of Nicole Benisti FW21


As we all configure our personal styles for this fall and upcoming winter seasons, Nicole Benisti is here to set the trends of the season! In collaboration with supermodel Candice Swanepoel, the Montreal-based designer has launched her latest Fall/Winter ‘21/22 collection of luxurious statement coats. Fusing functionality and style, Nicole Benisti offers designs that capture the essence of modern fashion. 

The luxurious rock ‘n’ roll-inspired collection exhibits a unique appeal that merges street and elegance one coat at a time. Benisti’s Fall/Winter ’21/22 Collection comprises 18 stylish and sleek pieces, perfect for transitioning from day to night and week to weekend. With the usage of mixed-media pieces and a beautiful neutral color palette, the new collection makes for versatile wearability. 

With the launch of this innovative collection, we caught up with Nicole Benisti to discuss her collaboration with Candice Swanepoel, her journey in fashion, and much more! 

Nicole Benisti

Cliché: What attracted you to working in the fashion industry?

Nicole Benisti: I’ve always found that what you choose to wear is an extension of how you want people to perceive you.  I love how clothing can truly express who you are without having to say anything aloud.


Cliché: Where do you draw inspiration from as a designer?

Nicole Benisti: Everywhere! Travelling was and continues to be a huge source of inspiration.  Bill Cunningham said it best – ‘The best fashion show is definitely on the street.’ But when I’m at home, I’m always intrigued to see what women are styling on Instagram, always with a keen eye on fabrication. I love to find new exciting materials that are unexpected and use them for our coats.  

Cliché: What is the inspiration behind your Fall/Winter ’21/22 Collection?

Nicole Benisti: Every collection I design is all about statement outerwear which makes the coats so identifiable when you see a woman wearing one.  This season, I wanted to transform our iconic silhouettes by using really special materials like tweeds and cashmere knit. These aren’t typically in puffers, they are more common in sweaters.

Nicole Benisti

Cliché: Why did you choose Candice Swanepoel to partner with to launch your latest collection?

Nicole Benisti: Candice’s beauty is quite literally ethereal, I knew her training as a ballet dancer would transform the coats so eloquently. That alongside her ability to balance motherhood and fashion is really what drew me to her.  She embodies the strength of the modern woman I envision while designing the collection.



Cliché: What was your experience like working with Candice?

Nicole Benisti: Candice is an absolute gem of a human being.  Aside from being incredibly beautiful, her personality is so endearing.  It makes such a difference to work with a model like Candice. She is just so engaging on-set.  I am definitely looking forward to working with her again. 

Cliché: What elements of rock n’ roll fashion intrigue you the most?

Nicole Benisti: Rock n’ roll can be interpreted in so many ways.  When it came to the collection, we envisioned it as an attitude – it’s the seamless combination of being confident and cool.  

Nicole Benisti

Cliché: Your designs are geared for the modern-day woman. How would you describe the modern-day woman?

Nicole Benisti: I see modernity as a celebration of confidence.  It’s such an inspiring moment for women right now to embrace whoever they choose to be.  It’s hard to pinpoint who the modern-day woman is because she’s so different and that’s what makes it so beautiful.  


Cliché: What advice do you have for up-and-coming female designers?

Nicole Benisti: Be authentic to who you are and what you believe!  There’s only one of you, so apply that to your creations.

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Images Provided by David Roemer
Styled by Celia Azoulay
Makeup by Georgi Sandev
Hair by Benoit Moeyart

Bennov, Supin, and Videmus Omina at New York Fashion Week


New York Fashion Week is an iconic event and every show during the week is unique and carefully crafted by the designers and all those who make it possible. I was very fortunate to attend one of the the Fall/Winter 2019 shows presented by Nolcha Shows. Designers Bennov, Supin, and Videmus Omina sent their models down the runway in beautiful collections that were both cohesive and distinct. The seats around the runway filled up quickly and before I knew it the show was underway. The lights dimmed and the music blared letting everyone know that what the audience was about to see was going to be nothing short of dramatic.

Bennov’s models took the runway first. From flowing, elegant dresses and skirts, to jumpsuits, every look had details that made them all stand out. Keeping materials and themes consistent throughout but crafting several different looks from the same colors and fabrics, Bennov’s collection had pieces that were all connected while also standing out on their own.

Supin took the runway second and “aesthetics is the cultural root of the brand,” specifically, “plain aesthetics.” These pieces were simple and to the point and there was such a coolness about them. These were looks that I could see roaming the streets of cities. Each look distinctly different from the last, there was something for everyone in this collection.

Videmus Omina was the last designer to send their looks down the runway. This was high fashion. Beautifully crafted pieces that are more on the side of avant garde. The amount of time each one of these looks must have taken to create I can’t even fathom. The designer kept some ideas consistent here too, like the use of ruffles and sheer materials. Each look was bold and just incredible to look at.



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Bennov, Supin, and Videmus Omina at New York Fashion Week: Image Credit: Paul Newland

Beauty Rewind: FW16 Trends to Remember


Makeup trends are constantly being invented, so a refresher on what is trending each season is the perfect way for us beauty babes to be in the know of what is currently in! Some of you may remember the makeup trends that were presented on models during FW ‘16, but for those of you that don’t, fear not. We’re here to rewind what sashayed down those catwalks so you are prepared for what will be raging during this year’s fall and winter seasons. Picture manicures that are too cool not to try, vampy lip colors, ethereal complexions, glittery details, and looks that are reminiscent of the ‘70s. Ring a bell yet? If not, we’ll let the pictures do the talking as we dive into more detail with each trend to help you master them as if you remembered them all along. Don’t worry—it’ll be our little secret.


©Sonny Vandevelde / Indigital.tv

Vampin’ It Out
Just when we thought the red lip couldn’t be topped, the red-black version of this classic trend was brought out onto the runway in Rodarte’s Fall 2016 Ready-To-Wear collection. It gives us all mysterious, spooky vibes that we can’t help but succumb to around October. And can you blame us? With lips as dark as these, you’ll feel like an infamous vamp that no one will want to mess with. Paired with a simple face, full brows, and a leather jacket, you’ll be ready to slay the night.

©Sonny Vandevelde / Indigital.tv

Back to the ‘70s
We’ve seen 70’s trends take us by storm again in the fashion game—from chokers and denim skirts to suede pants and folk-like prints—so it shouldn’t be a surprise that the beauty side would be sharing their own take on this era. The cut crease and a smoky eye created an effortless grunge effect in Diane von Furstenberg’s FW ‘16 line. To master this look, all you need is a grey-toned eyeshadow and a blending brush.

©Sonny Vandevelde / Indigital.tv

Goddess Glow
Believe it or not, an au naturale vibe was also favored on some catwalks during FW ‘16. Spotted at Valentino, Prada, and Gucci, models were photographed with fresh skin that had just a hint of a peachy glow for a goddess-like effect. It’s a look that reminded us so much that less can be more when you stick to minimal details and let your natural beauty just show.

©Sonny Vandevelde / Indigital.tv

All That Glitter
Who knew glitter could be a normal everyday makeup look? Thanks to Burberry, we were introduced to gold glitter perfectly placed on the cheekbones of their models. Anyone who is brave enough to rock this trend more than once through fall and winter deserves serious kudos. This look is very much like the freckle trend that has been ruling out there, so if you’re a little taken aback by putting glitter on your face, reach for a metallic liquid liner instead and gently create dots along your nose and cheeks for this mesmerizing effect.

©Rachel Antonoff

Graphic Manis
Cutesy stickers to glass nails with artsy touches—the nail game at NYFW ‘16 was something that was totally new to us. Creatures of Comfort, 3.1 Phillip Lim, Opening Ceremony, and Rachel Antonoff (just to name a few) made a statement all on their own and had us wanting to up our manis right afterwards. If you’re not the best manicurist out there, don’t worry. We recommend grabbing nail polish strips, like the ones by Sally Hansen, which won’t have you swearing every time you can’t perfect a sharp, black line.

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“Beauty Rewind: FW16 Trends to Remember” originally appeared in Cliché Magazine’s Oct/Nov 2016 issue. Featured image courtesy of  ©Sonny Vandevelde / Indigital.tv

CCUOCO SS16 Collection


Project Runway has continued to grace us with phenomenal designs created by impeccable talent from all around the world, right in the comfort of our own homes. Designer Candice Cuoco made her first appearance on millions of television screens during season 14. It quickly became apparent that she was not only a designer to keep an eye on, but one who offered  an eccentric one-of-a-kind world with unpredictable fashion elements.


via twitter.com/tracy_fennell


via twitter.com/tracy_fennell

Since being founded in 2012, Candice officially launched her brand, (a spin-off of her own name) CCUOCO, in 2014 at Fashion Scout in London. Recently, her creations took to the runway a second time around with her latest SS16 collection, Persephone. Her line was inspired by the mythology of Persephone who was the daugher of Greek God, Zeus, and the harvest goddess, Demeter. Known as the princess of the underworld, Candice stepped to the dark side of romance and beauty with edgy, sultry components. The chaos that can come from love is depicted in the SS16 pieces, showing that love can not only be passionate, but uncontrollable and consuming. The dark and mysterious, yet feminine and elegant collection essentially represents a woman in love—showcasing both the good and the bad that can derive from such an intense feeling with a powerful woman.
Rebecca Chivers CUOCO SS16

via sanya-jeet.com and rebeccachiversmedia.wordpress.com

Rebecca Chiver CUOCO SS16

via sanya-jeet.com and rebeccachiversmedia.wordpress.com

True to her aesthetic, the designs feature flattering cuts with lines that compliment a woman’s shape. Candice’s signature style of sensual silhouettes and statement material of leather can all be found in Persephone. She molds her personal preferences with softer tones of silk satin, organza and silk chiffon to flow into the warmer seasons of spring and summer. With sheer and patterned pieces doused in creams, navy, maroons and black this season’s ensembles are destined to be fashion house favorites. We personally are smitten over such an intense line that beautifully captures the empowerment of women. Talk about girl power.  
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Featured photograph courtesy of twitter.com/houseofccuoco

Vancouver Fashion Week



Alisa Tovmanyan

New York Fashion Week may be over, but fashion week has only just begun in Vancouver. The 26th Vancouver Fashion Week premiered on Monday at the Chinese Cultural Centre of Greater Vancouver with over 100 designer collections–the event’s largest number of designers ever! While VFW features designers from around the globe, there were a handful of designers from the US, all with beautiful SS16 collections.


Los Angeles native Alisa Tovmanyan debuted her latest collection, “Spring Time in Armenia.” Her pieces feature a combination of artist Tsolak Shahinyan’s prints, a modern silhouette shape, and a variety of textures. Highlighting her passion for fashion, Toymanyan states, “Everyday, we put on more than just a garment, we put on an identity.”
Learning detailed embroidery at a young age, Mai Vang channeled her creative passion into attending The Art Institute in San Francisco for Fashion Design. After graduating in 2008, Vang began the pursuit of her dream: to create a fashion house. Inspired by her Hmong culture and its bright, colorful clothing, Mai Vang’s MAIV spring line designs spin a modern take on simplistic styles. Many of the clothes are loose-fitting for optimal comfort.

Molly O’Brien



Interested in eco-friendly fashion? MXN has got you covered. Originally formed as Nune Hov Couture LLC, the fashion brand features collections created entirely from repurposed materials. MXN also gets its materials from local communities and tribes as a volunteer effort to empower people of areas that need funding.
Another US designer is 16-year-old Molly O’Brien from Omaha, NE. Already a veteran of Omaha and Kansas City fashion weeks, this young designer is ready to debut her SS16 collection at Vancouver Fashion Week and present her work to an international audience.
For more information on Vancouver Fashion Week, visit vanfashionweek.com.
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Vancouver Fashion Week: Photos courtesy of Charmed PR

Spring Hair Trends Inspired By Fashion Week


With the extreme cold we’ve had this winter, it’s no wonder if our desires to be comfortable and warm have triumphed our desires to look cute. The best way to lose those winter blues is by creating some change to our daily routines, such as switching up our hairstyles. Not only is it cost effective, but it’s also an easy way to quickly change an entire look. As always, Fashion Week provided us with the latest up-and-coming styles. This year, professional hairstylists showed us some seriously gorgeous hairdos on the runway that are perfect for the spring. Here are some spring hair trends inspired by Fashion Week!

The “Polished Ponytail”

Erin Fetherston’s Autumn/Winter 2015 Collection was inspired by her fondness for fairytales. Her collection is both “spritely and sophisticated” as it offers gowns, dresses, and tailored separates with a “woodland” inspired palette that includes mossy greens and poinsettia reds. Blackberry and saffron colors add warmth to her ivory- and ebony-centered collection. These whimsical prints and embroideries are reminders to the designer’s ideal of the natural world. TRESemmé Stylist Jeanie Syfu created the “polished ponytail,” which gives that contemporary, ladylike, imaginative, and unique quality, which greatly complimented Fetherston’s collection.
Jeanie’s Tips:

  1. On damp hair, apply TRESemmé 24 Hour Body Foaming Mousse to roots and hairline, TRESemmé Runway Collection Get Sleek Blow Dry Balm on lengths and ends, and blow dry straight.
  2. Mist in TRESemmé Runway Collection Get Sleek Heat Protect Spray and touch up hair with a flat iron for a sleek finish.
  3. Make a center part and separate hair into three sections. First, create two small ponytails with gold string tied behind each ear, then gather the remaining hair into a ponytail at the nape of neck.
  4. Take two small ponytails and tie a knot on top of the larger ponytail, then wrap the length around the base. Finish with TRESemmé 24 Hour Body Finishing Spray.

Courtesy of TRESemmé, Photos Courtesy of Getty Images

Mara Hoffman Fall 2015 Runway Show


The Mara Hoffman Fall 2015 Runway Show was by far my favorite this Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. Made up of 37 flowy and cozy pieces ranging from turtleneck blouses and dresses to culotte pants and over-sized sweaters, the models all showed signs of ease and comfort as they graced the runway. Sure enough, the pieces included Hoffman’s signature prints such as stripes, geometric shapes in various colors, including gold foil, and even a take on leopard print with black spots.
Not only were the clothes incredible, the music and vibe of the entire experience was tranquil. She incorporated English indie rock band Alt-J’s “Tessellate” into her show with David Bowie’s “Space Oddity” for the finale, and it was completely perfect! My soul smiled to the sight of brilliant clothing and to the sound of brilliant music. The sweetest part of the show was when the designer’s son Joaquin handed his mother a flower.
mara-hoffman-fall-2015-9 mara-hoffman-fall-2015-8 mara-hoffman-fall-2015-7 mara-hoffman-fall-2015-5
Even though my personal style is a little dark, I want everything from Hoffman’s Collection. Most of the garments were neutral shades of white and taupe; quite angelic and soft, but to make it more my own, I’d pair the feminine dresses with black combat boots and dark lipstick.
To learn more about Mara Hoffman check out www.marahoffman.com.
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Images courtesy of Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Sherri Hill Fashion Week Hair Tutorial


Sherri Hill‘s new 2015 Collection has been getting rave reviews since its presentation at The Plaza Hotel on February 19, 2015. From pink and red sweetheart ball gowns to mermaid flared skirts and white, lacy evening dresses, there was much to be coveted. Perhaps what pulled the whole collection together flawlessly was the hair, inspired by classic Hollywood glamour to compliment the romantic designs.
“I wanted to create a romantic updo using braids with a soft swirled rosette,” said Lead Stylist Tammy Mixon for BioSilk Haircare. “It was the perfect look to compliment Sherri’s 2015 collection.”
SherriHillTutorial2To get this look, begin by applying BioSilk Silk Therapy Lite to the ends of your hair, then sectioning off the fringe area in a triangle with a center part, clipping it back. Next, spiral curl the top of your head using DURA Chi 1″ Curling Iron and backcomb the crown area, making sure to spray the roots with BioSilk Natural Hold Hairspray for added volume.
Next, direct your hair on the left side of your head back loosely and braid a three-strand braid adding hair from the nape only. Continue through to just the center of your nape, then do the same on the right side, leaving 1-2 inches braided.
“[Be sure to] turn the braid backward in circling form, creating a rosette shape,” instructs Mixon. This step is very important to achieving that romantic look!
After securing this with pins, loosely curl the fringe area backward with the DURA CHI 1” Curling Iron, top with BioSilk Firm Hairpsray to hold, and finish by lighting spraying BioSilk Shine On for a fine polish. Then you’re set!
Be sure to shop the BioSilk line at Farouk.com.
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Sherri Hill Fashion Week Hair Tutorial: Images courtesy of Getty. Hair tutorial by Tammy Mixon.

Jay Godfrey Fall 2015


I started my Saturday at New York Fashion Week with the Jay Godfrey Fall 2015 Presentation with my mother as my lucky date. As we walked into The Pavilion, guests surrounded each one of the three displays where the mannequin-like models stood and changed their pose while tilting their heads from left to right every few thirty seconds.
“This a celebration day for me and it feels great,” said Godfrey of his collection. With his two beautiful daughters each holding one of his hands, the media swooning over his lovely collection that he worked so hard to create, we completely agree that it must certainly feel great.
Godfrey’s collection was sophisticated, yet sassy and chic. He developed a stretchy floral fabric and created it into a blazer matched with a pair of flare leg trousers, a high cut-out skirt, and a sleeveless gown. He also used marsala, the Pantone color of the year, for a few of his pieces, while incorporating colors such as orchid, black, and a black and gold plaid.
“We started the brand eight years ago with a desire to create beautiful, sexy tailored garments. We became known as this red carpet brand and this is me coming full circle. It’s definitely the most personal collection to date. My mom was born in London and this collection feels very Savile Row, but in a way that feels very feminine and modern to me,” added the designer.
My favorite garment from the collection was a black long sleeved and wide legged silk jumpsuit with a low square neckline. Godfrey added a touch of color by tieing a marsala sash around the model’s tiny waist. I also love the strapless charcoal thigh high cut-out gown. I adore the “peek a boo” effect of the gown that revealed the floral print that you could only see through the thigh high cut-out. All the models had their parted to the side and slicked into a low ponytail.
You can learn more about Jay Godfrey by visiting www.jaygodfrey.com
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Busardi SS15 Collection


Yesterday, Busardi presented their ready-to-wear Spring/Summer 2015 “Air” Collection at the Saint James Albany Hotel in Paris, and “gorgeous” doesn’t even begin to describe it. The collection, which follows a color scheme of power blues, lilac, pink, and gold, was inspired by South American landscapes, including the glacier fields of Patagonia, the Iguazu Falls, and the pink deserts in Argentina. Each gown was designed with modern femininity and natural beauty in mind, and Busardi’s signature use of lace and embroidery is present throughout. The use of feathers on cocktail dresses, evening gowns, and jackets is symbolic of air-borne birds and each piece gives off a very delicate, serene sophistication. Silver ear cuffs, bracelets, and necklaces give each look just the right amount of edge, and the models’ bold, metallic eyes are strong and mesmerizing.
See our favorite looks from the collection below, and visit busardi.com for more information!
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Busardi SS15 Collection: Photographed by Gianni Pucci/Indigital Italia

Kim Kardashian Was Attacked at Fashion Week


What comes to mind when you think of Fashion Week? Exciting, yes. Inspiring and creative, definitely. But dangerous?

We know one person who may be thinking that now after this week’s events: Kim Kardashian. That’s right; Kim Kardashian was attacked at Fashion Week!

Arriving with her husband, Kanye West, and her mother, Kris Jenner, Kim exited her car outside Balmain’s Paris Fashion Week show. According to E! News, as she stepped outside to a crowd of people, Kim was pushed into the side of the car as a man dove for her legs. The man seems to have been trying to tackle Kim to the ground.

As she saw her daughter being attacked, Kris yelled, “Stop it!” Luckily, Kim’s security team were quick to react, pulling Kim away from danger and restraining the attacker.

The man’s identity has not been confirmed, but, according to TMZ, the attacker may be Vitalli Sediuk, a “Ukrainian prankster who did the same thing to Leo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt, and Will Smith.”

(Featured image courtesy of E! News)

VARNHH by Sakshee Babbr SS 2015 Collection


Debuting her first line at Couture Fashion Week was a fashionable success for designer Saskshee Babbr of VARNHH. Her eveningwear collection, feturing colors in Sanskrit, represented just that with each vibrant and intricate gown that lighted up the runway. Nothing but silk was used in each design, creating a fluidity in the line with the various colors. Each colored, full gown wowed the crowd with the attention that went into creating such well-done and high-quality pieces. From pleated details on waistlines to gorgeous neck pieces on some the gowns were the definition of couture fashion. VARNHH no doubt brought some color to the runway that was positively received. This was indeed a sophisticated, elegant, and strong first collection from Sakshee Babbr! It’s safe to say that Cliché cannot wait to see what else is in store for this young, talented designer. We wish her the best of luck!

Check out some of VARNHH’s beautiful looks below that we loved, and visit Sakshee Babbr’s Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/pages/Varnnh, for more information on the line and upcoming news.
VARNHH by Sakshee Babbr SS 2015 Collection: Photo credit goes to Julian Alexander  and Michael Doroc