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How To Truly Optimize Your Fitness In The Healthiest Way


Today we want to discuss how to truly optimize your fitness in the healthiest way. Fitness. We all know what it is, but how it translates to us can sometimes vary. For instance, what fitness means to an eighteen-year-old man will no doubt differ from what it means for a seventy-year-old Grandmother. The former may run miles every day in preparation for athletic extracurricular activities, the latter may find that going for a long walk with her dog each morning enough to get her heart beating and her mood elevated.

Furthermore ‘optimizing’ fitness can sometimes seem like a mixed bag. After all, none of us can eat absolutely perfectly each day (unless training for an advanced competition such as in bodybuilding, where we demand this of ourselves), nor can we train every single day of our lives. For most people, optimizing our health is not about becoming a superman, but in becoming fit and staying fit. As such, sustainability is an essential perspective worth caring about.

Optimize Your Fitness

Photo by Ketut Subiyanto on Pexels

In the following advice, we’ll discuss what it means to optimize your health,  how you can do so, but how you can also pursue this effort without overdoing it, becoming too dramatic, or burning out and forgetting the project altogether. Let’s consider:

Proper Rest

It’s very important to get the proper rest you need before working out again. Novices often hit the gym passionately the first few weeks or months, and can overdo it if they’re not getting the restful sleep they need to recover. This might sound trivial, but actually, most of your muscles and fitness is actually built by your diet and sleep, working out is actually there to put stress on your system to ensure it improves. Without that, you’ll no doubt feel uncomfortable and your body won’t be able to repair. 

For instance, some weightlifters find that they need even more than the customary eight hours of sleep a night in order to recover, particularly if they’re lifting heavy through the week. Proper rest also means ensuring you don’t overtrain, mixing too much cardio in with your lifting and vice versa. Find a program that works for you, that slowly ascends in pressure while you perfect your form. It will make the most difference going forward.

Correct Stretching

Optimize Your Fitness

Photo by Jonathan Borba on Pexels

Correct stretching is important, both to warm up and relax before and after working out, respectively. Dynamic stretching is how you start off a workout, that is stretching with movement, as static stretching can lead you to harm your muscles when expecting them to work out moments after. Static stretching is a great way to wind down, to iron out the kinks of your body, and to feel more comfortable in doing so.

Stretching also helps you become more flexible, stronger and perhaps even better-trained. For instance, isometric stretches have been proven to increase strength by up to 10% when keeping to a careful regimen, and not overdoing things. Stretching not only helps you keep your muscles healthy and supple but prevents injury. For that reason, it is more than worth your time.

Training, Not Exercise

Exercise is great. It’s conducive to the best possible life you can lead. It’s important to manage your health, and its essential for your weekly well-being. Unfortunately, it’s also not as worthwhile as training if you’re hoping to optimize your health.

What does this mean? Well, exercise is running twenty minutes once every other day. That can be a great way to stay trim. However, training is a program that is often measured, starts off slow, and is increased in load over time. It demands of you the ability to learn proper form, to stay disciplined, and to measure your results. It’s how people increase in strength, endurance, and capacity.This is why the best newbie programs focus on starting off slow and helping you get better – such as Couch 2 5k, or novice weightlifting programs like Starting Strength. The more you can train, the better you can exercise, and often, the further you can go. Note – there is absolutely nothing wrong with exercise in the least, of course. For optimal results however, focus on training.

Deload Weeks

Deload weeks are also important, and worth taking when you can. You might have been training for two or three months straight, and feel like you’re not making much progress after the ‘newbie gains’ you’ve faced. That’s fine. A deload week can help you more easily reduce the strain on your body, provided you eat healthily, take some time for yourself, and rest up. 

This is how many bodybuilders, athletes, and competitors take some time for themselves, and the approach can work wonders for you, too. You simply need to trust in the process, take some time out, and limit your ego for the time being. In that way, you can come back stronger and more capable.


Optimize Your Fitness

Photo by Dear W on Pexels

Great Supplements can help you optimize your nutrition. They may help you get your protein quota, your vitamins and minerals, energy granted to you in the form of a pre-workout, or perhaps BCAA’s to help stimulate muscle growth.

Supplements may also simply involve vitamin D when running in winter, or making sure that you get enough fish oil during the week. You should always check with your Doctor when taking something new, and never use it as a substitute for a balanced, healthy and nutritious diet. If you do that, then supplements can help you potentially increase your chances of making headway in your goals – in the best possible light.

Proper Form

You can lift the most weight in the world, or run the farthest, but if you don’t use proper form, the results won’t be a fraction as good as they could have been – and you’re liable to injure yourself. Don’t let this happen to you. Focus on good and proper form. It will help you become a better, more appreciative amateur athlete or trainee. It will help you get better results. And, it will give you the satisfaction for doing something properly.

With this advice, we hope you can more easily optimize your fitness in the healthiest possible sense.

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7 Things You Need for Your Post-Marathon Recovery


Today we want to share 7 things you need for your post-marathon recovery.  A great runner is not only excellent during the competition. One should also excel in taking care of himself after crossing the finish line. After all, an athlete who’s sore all over cannot train hard for the next race. So, make sure to incorporate these essentials in your post-marathon recovery plan to recuperate faster and avoid injury.

1. Constant Movement

your post-marathon recovery

manfredrichter / Pixabay

As soon as you finish the race and stop running, lactic acid is ready to set in and stiffen your legs. The best thing to do is to keep moving. Go for a light 10-minute walk or jog. Some would use this time to change out of their wet clothes or slip into comfortable footwear. This cool down phase gives your body time to redistribute blood flow, lower the heart rate and reduce inflammation.

2. Compression Gear

Tights or snug calf sleeves put surface pressure on specific body parts to encourage blood circulation and stabilize muscles. It’s advisable to wear one of these a few hours post-marathon, though it can be challenging with your spaghetti legs and all. Some also suggest wearing compression pants to sleep. However, if you’re not a fan of tights, you can put your legs up the wall instead. This alternative helps reduce swelling so you won’t feel as sore. Others also find ice baths helpful in soothing muscle inflammation.

3. Healthy Meal and Water

After all that intense running, your stomach feels uneasy, and food is probably the last thing you want to have. That’s alright. Munch whatever you can for now, like a protein bar or banana, then enjoy a proper meal later. Just make sure not to skip fluids. Drink water after finishing the race, and keep sipping throughout the day. To get both electrolytes and nutrients in one go, sports drink, chocolate milk, tart cherry juice, and coconut water are good options.

4. Good Night’s Sleep

Your body is still on adrenaline high after a race, making sleep difficult. It’s hard to rest your mind when your twitching muscles keep bothering you. That’s normal, but quality sleep is vital for your post-marathon recovery. Sufficient sleep is necessary for repairing muscles, recharging and reducing stress. So, read a book or take a warm bath. Try not to eat near your bedtime and avoid alcohol. Also, when you can, go home after a marathon and follow your usual bedtime routine. There’s nothing more relaxing than being in your room with your soft, welcoming bed.

5. Post-Race Massage

Foot Massage Foot Reflexology  - dkochli / Pixabay

dkochli / Pixabay

A massage is a runner’s best friend. Just make sure to wait at least 1 to 2 days before getting your treatment. This recovery time should be enough to relax your sore muscles a bit before adding pressure from the massage. And while you can always rely on spa services, some runners make use of self-massage tools like a foam roll or massage gun for relief.

A massage gun is like a handheld mini-jackhammer for the muscles that provide vibration therapy in rapid pressure bursts. Provided that you know how to use it properly, a massage gun is your quick-fix to loosen tight muscles and stimulate blood flow. This tool can also help reduce pain caused by delayed onset muscle soreness or DOMS. Whichever method you choose, gentle massages are 100% essential in speeding up your post-marathon recovery. More importantly, it ensures that you can safely return to training in no time.

6. Foot Treatment

Aside from your muscles, your feet also need some pampering. As a rule of thumb, give them at least two weeks of sufficient rest. The last thing you want to do is to start running a few days post-marathon. Give your feet a break and address blisters if there are any. Use plasters when you have to, and handle blisters hygienically to avoid infection. Also, wear comfortable footwear after the race.

7. Gradual Training Plan

You will still feel a bit tired and sore three days after your race. So, at this point, light jogs or runs for 30 minutes a day for the entire week will do. A daily half-hour of stretching exercises should also be part of your routine.  Your biggest focus should be on your legs, and starting with a butterfly stretch would be smart. It will decrease the tension in your hips and increase their flexibility. On the second week, you can extend your workout to 1 hour daily. But, stick to stretching and low-impact exercises.

Soreness and fatigue should be gone on the third week, allowing you to increase your running output. By this time, you’ll be more comfortable doing a 90-minute workout. If you feel recovered on day 14, a swimming-based routine is an ideal alternative for running. It’s a low-impact exercise with excellent cardio benefits. Doing a few laps is helpful for your muscles, too.

Your health is just as important as any race. Having a post-marathon recovery plan is the best way to reward yourself and celebrate every win!

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A Winter Indoors: Practicing Self-Love During COVID-19


Today we want to stress the importance of practicing self love during COVID-19. This winter, as well as the upcoming Christmas and holiday season, will be completely different compared to all the ones you have lived so far. The chances to spend time with our extended families will be limited, and social distancing measures will be ruling all interactions with our friends. 

But, you can still make the most out of the magical time ahead. You can do so by introducing a routine that focuses on health, self-love, and self-improvement. Because, of course, the pandemic has thrown many challenges at us, but there are also opportunities worth grabbing. And, it is all in the mindset – so, get healthy and turn your life around!

practicing self love during COVID-19

Photo by Cliff Booth on Pexels

Exercise Regularly

Exercising is among the most important components of a healthy lifestyle. Indeed, going for a run, swimming in the ocean, or training at home can help you feel happier, more motivated, and full of energy. 

However, you don’t necessarily need to keep lifting weights and running as far as you can if this type of exercise does not reflect who you are. Luckily, today, you can find trainers that can guide you in discovering other forms of exercise. For example, yoga or pilates can help you improve your flexibility, balance, and strength while also adding a spiritual aspect that many other disciplines don’t provide you with!

Start Meditating

practicing self love during COVID-19

thiemobrand / Pixabay

Meditating can be an extremely beneficial introduction to anybody’s routine. You won’t need to be meditating for hours at a time, and even a short five-minute session can help you keep stress at bay, focus on yourself, and improve the control you have over some aspects of everyday life. Meditation is a completely personal practice, there is no right or wrong way to enjoy it, and it can be done anywhere, without props. So, what’s stopping you from starting to fight stress and anxiety back?

Breath in Some Fresh Air

We might not be allowed to meet our friends and family or gather in public places. However, you are still allowed to take a walk among nature and breath in some fresh air. This, as well as Vitamin D from the sun, can greatly benefit your health, making you feel more focused and energized. 

Cook With Seasonal, Nutritious Ingredients

Nutrition can impact your overall energy and mood level, so don’t underestimate how important this aspect can be. But, during this time of the year, some seasonal ingredients and meals can get you to enjoy every single meal while providing you with all the vitamins, minerals, and healthy compounds needed for a balanced lifestyle.

Speak to a Professional

Home remedies might be helpful when you are trying to fight back issues related to your current environment or lifestyle. But, if you have been dealing with chronic pain such as neck pain and migraines or other underlying issues, there is nothing better than getting in touch with a professional. Indeed, if not promptly addressed, these issues can grow to represent a major obstacle between you and your daily goals. A quick consultation with an expert can help you identify all the possible solutions to the issue you are experiencing. 

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Getting Back to the gym After Lockdown


We know that many of you are contemplating getting back to the gym after lockdown.  If we were to ask you what you miss most now that coronavirus made you spend most of your time isolated at home, many of you would mention your fitness routine.

The Coronavirus pandemic has been challenging for everyone, and especially for gym-goers who couldn’t stick to their training sessions. The last couple of months have been excruciating for the ones who had to exercise at home with no professional equipment. No squat racks, no dumbbells, and no running mills. All of a sudden, doing a single exercise seems like an impossible challenge! 

While some purchased home gym equipment and subscribed to fitness apps, many spent their time in front of the TV and lost their shape. Now that many countries are lifting their restrictions, you are one step closer to returning to your normal training routine. If your gym is about to reopen, you may be tempted to take vengeance on your body and go too hard on your muscles, but you should take it easy at first.  This guide will give you a handful of tips to consider when you re-start training

getting back to the gym after lockdown

Start slowly, your body needs to regain flexibility

You had a long break, and it’s tempting to hit the gym hard and work your muscles like you used to, before the lockdown threw you out of the gym. You should start training slowly and gradually work your way up to the intensity and volume of exercises you performed before the pandemic. In the beginning, keep the exercises simple and aim for lower intensity and repetitions. Your body will tell you what you need to do during your training, so pay attention to its messages and be honest with your limits. 

Your body feels a little stiff from all the lazy days you spent on the couch, so you need to activate the flexibility in the joints and muscles. Don’t wait to go back to the gym to prepare your body for training. Start a stretching routine to regain flexibility and mobility. This way, when you go back to the gym, you are ready to exercise, and you won’t feel your body as hard as a rock.  

Start with cardio

If you did no cardio training during the last months, your cardiovascular system might fail to support your physical efforts. When you go back to the gym, you may notice a decrease in your performance on the treadmill, but it’s ok. Don’t stress yourself over it because it takes some time for your body to get back in shape. 

Before getting a subscription to your local gym, run in the morning or go for bicycle rides to build up your cardio. Start slowly, and don’t push your body. After a couple of sessions, you will feel more comfortable with the physical effort. 

Allow your body to rest

If you go from Netflix and Chill to 2-hours training at the gym, you’ll catch your body off guard, and even a low-intensity workout will feel like a shock. Pay attention to the signs your body sends you and give it at least 24 hours of rest between training sessions. If you feel sore after a killer workout, you may even need a 48-hour break. Check online how to massage your sore areas, and pay attention to your diet because it plays a crucial role in the recovery stage. 

getting back to the gym after lockdown

Engin_Akyurt / Pixabay

Keep an eye on your diet

Let’s face it; the last months have wreaked havoc on your diet because no one eats healthy snacks during a Netflix marathon. But now that you are ready to go back to the gym, you can turn your eating habits around. Start by cutting down on the excessive amounts of sugar and salt you eat daily. Get rid of juices and sodas, and replace them with water. Your body needs minerals, vitamins, and dietary fibre when you exercise, so adopt a diet that supports your physical effort. A functional nutritional diet includes carbs, protein, and healthy fats. 

Keep pains at bay

getting back to the gym after lockdown

princesscea / Pixabay

Getting sore for a week or so after returning to the gym is expected, mainly because your body is no longer ready for the intensity of the exercises. Muscle aches and pains are the results of tiny injuries in the connective tissue and muscle fiber. Doctors call this delayed onset muscle soreness, and it often appears when you exercise after a prolonged pause or when you increase workout intensity. 

To relieve the pain, you can apply ice packs on the swollen or aching area. Wrap an ice pack in a towel and place it on the painful area for 15 minutes. Then apply a heat pack for another 15 minutes and alternate the treatments a couple of times until your body relaxes. The best CBD moonrocks for sale are also popular for their ability to relieve pain and reduce inflammation. CBD can alleviate the pain in the sore muscles and reduce its cause. Some CBD products even relieve the pain you experience from an old injury because it reduced the inflammation at the injury site. Since muscle pain produces a lot of stiffness in the morning, you can take CBD before going to bed to help the body heal and recover.  

What risks do you face when returning to the gym after a long break?

The most significant risk when going again to the gym after the pandemic lockdown is the temptation to force your body to return to your pre-pandemic levels of weight and volume. But you should not hurry to do it because you can injure yourself. 

Allow your body to build back the strength and flexibility it once had, and be cautious when you do it. It won’t take long to get back to your previous performance, but you need to be patient and allow your body to get back in shape. Take it slow for a month to prevent injuries because they are the number one risk gym enthusiasts experience when they put too much strain on their muscles and tissues. The first sign you push your body too much is the stiffening you feel in the muscles. Listen to your body and enjoy the moment you spend back at the gym. 

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Tips on Choosing the Right Workout Equipment


Today we want to share some valuable tips on choosing the right workout equipment.  Traditionally, people don’t care too much about purchasing gym equipment to use at home. If you wanted to work out using the heavy tools, the gym was the place to go.  However, over the years, more and more people have decided to invest in home gyms and workout machines. While this is a step towards the right direction for health and fitness, the challenge of choosing the right equipment is hard to skip by. Below are some tips to find the right workout equipment;

1. Determine your goals

Gym Room Fitness  - janeb13 / Pixabay

janeb13 / Pixabay

The first thing you need to consider when choosing workout equipment is to consider your fitness goals. Ask yourself what goals you want to achieve with the equipment. Doing so will help you determine the right type of equipment that you need. Note that there are so many types of workout tools from which you have to choose. The different types can be split into two categories. Below are two of the primary categories of workout machines;

• Cardio equipment – all equipment that is designed to simulate activities like cycling, walking, running, rowing, skiing, and stair climbing fall in this category. These machines are suitable for burning fat and calories. They can either be motorized or programmable. Examples of such equipment are elliptical trainers, rowing machines, stair steppers, stationary bicycles, and treadmills.

• Strength equipment – machines on this category work by harnessing gravity, body weight, external weight, and resistance force to assist you in building strength. They help to build muscle on the feet, hand, and even the core. The machines come in a wide range of styles and designs depending on the type. Examples of such equipment are ankle weights, resistant bands, tubing, hand weights, and bands.

In addition to the equipment mentioned above, there are some accessory items that you must have as well. For instance, you need to have exercise mats that are well-padded and nonslip for your floor. You may also need towels and the right kind of clothes for working out.

Now that you know the different types and categories of workout tools, you have to determine your fitness goals and which equipment will help you bring them to reality. You may also want to get machines in each category. You may require professional assistance from your trainer or gym instructor before you go to the market to choose the best type of workout equipment.

2. Amount of space

tips on choosing the right workout equipment

Alterfines / Pixabay

After considering the different types of machines, the next thing you need to do is determine the amount of space you need and weigh it against the size of the equipment. The amount of space you have in your house, home gym, or workout area will also determine the number and types of machines you get. Cardio machines take up a lot of space. Therefore, before you go to the market and start looking at the machines, you first have to get the exact measurements of your room. Note that you will also need space for stretching and doing a few exercised off the machines. You also do not want to have your workout area to be too squeezed and congested. You don’t have to worry about weight lifts and bands because you can have them in a box or a shelf as they do not take up a lot of space. If you are having problems with the amount of space, you can get multi-functional equipment that you can also use outside.

3. Available manufacturers

The market is packed with a wide range of workout tool manufacturers

from which you can choose. However, this can be both a blessing and a curse. The benefit is that you have a more comprehensive range of options. On the other hand, the downside is that you may need to take a long time choosing the best one. Choosing the right manufacturer is not quite a walk in the park. You ought to consider elements like the history of the manufacturer, how long the company has been in business, the quality of the products, and what other customers have to say about the manufacturer and the products. Come up with a shortlist of ideal manufacturers from whom you can make a purchase.

Note that you do not have to purchase the equipment directly from the manufacturer. You can always get second-hand products. However, you may need to be keener when buying second-hand products than when dealing with the actual manufacturer. The most important thing is to ensure that the equipment is fully functioning before you pay for it. Also, steer away from products that have been recalled by a former buyer.

4. Ease of assembly

tips on choosing the right workout equipment

janeb13 / Pixabay

Another essential tip for choosing the right workout tool is choosing one that is easy to assemble. Most of these tools do not come fully assembled. Sometimes you may have to put them together after the machine is delivered. Some may be too difficult to put together. This means that you may require professional assistance. On the other hand, you can consider tools with an instruction manual that is easy to follow.

5. Determine your budget

After you have decided which equipment you want to choose, you may also want to consider the prices of the machines. However, you first have to set a budget before you embark on the process of purchasing or choosing. Different machines come at different prices. For instance, the cost of an elliptical machine is not the same as the price of a treadmill. If you decide you need a treadmill, it will help if you shopped around for different types and manufacturers. It is incredibly easy to find products in your price range after you have shortlisted the best brands. The trick is to stay away from shady brands and dealers, despite the low prices. Therefore, try as much as possible not to steer away from the list of manufacturers you came up with after carrying out your research.

Online shopping for workout machines

Workout machines, especially cardio devices, are quite expensive. For this reason, online stores are providing online coupons and voucher codes like Kul coupons with which you can get the equipment at a better price.

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5 Female Entrepreneurs of the Decade


In the midst of this global lockdown, it’s hard not to feel a bit down creativity dissipating, entrepreneurial endeavors stifled, the whole world stuck in a hiatus. Reflecting upon these past few years, however, can be comforting, when realizing the enormous amount of creative productivity generated since the last recession. In fact, this past decade has been monumental in its innovations and creativity, with new startups reshaping our society. What is perhaps most exciting is that women in particular have become a rising entrepreneurial force. According to the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor’s 2019 Report on Women in the Workplace, 250 million women across the globe are entrepreneurs. 

Though this influx of female entrepreneurs is substantial, women are still not provided equal or adequate support. The GEM’s 2019 report showed that, despite the rise in numbers, 66% of female entrepreneurs still do not feel that they receive adequate funding. More educational resources, marketing opportunities, and capital need to be provided to female entrepreneursespecially those of color, who are disproportionately affected by the gender gap. It is more necessary than ever for consumers to utilize their purchasing power and voices to enact change, whether that be through supporting or creating platforms for female entrepreneurs. 

Despite these hurdles, numerous inspiring women have generated groundbreaking new ideas in the past few years. They’ve utilized technology, created engaging content, and catered to demographic needs to build communities around their products and services. They are influential voices to be reckoned with. From Tiffany Pham, the founder of Mogul, a platform that provides resources for women in business, to Melanie Elturk, who founded Haute Hijab, the leading hijab brand in the nation, these women are vehicles for change.

Whether you’re an aspiring startup founder, an avid feminist, or a consumer looking to support female startups, keep reading for a list of five female entrepreneurs who will bring inspiration into your day. 

CEO and Founder of Classpass Payal Kadakia. Photo credits: https://missbish.com/meet-the-entrepreneur-helping-us-all-get-fit-one-class-at-a-time-classpass-founder-payal-kadakia/

1. Payal Kadakia

The mind behind the fitness unicorn of the decade, Payal Kadakia invented Classpass with a single mission: an easy, accessible way to attend almost any fitness class in your area. Instead of paying for a gym membership or attending pricey classes, the app allows members to explore various boutiques for a monthly membership fee. Boxing, trampoline fitness, hot yoga, even wellness classes—you name it, Classpass has it all. In addition to leading this $600 million startup, Kadakia is also the Founder and Creative Director of The Sa Dance Company, a platform that strives to ubiquitize Indian dance in the mainstream media. Follow her Instagram for a glimpse into her life as a mom, an entrepreneur, a dancer, and an activist.

2. Tiffany Pham

CEO and Founder of Mogul Tiffany Pham. Photo Credits: https://www.ofmercer.com/blogs/omindex/tiffany-pham-on-the-secret-to-becoming-a-mogul

Tiffany Pham is the founder of Mogul, a platform that strives to bridge the gender gap in leadership. One of the most influential startups of the decade, Mogul has disrupted the $200 billion recruitment industry with its international partners, recruitment services, and emphasis on diversity and female leadership. Pham has authored several books, such as You Are a Mogul, a self-help book that narrates her experience in moving to America as a French-born Vietnamese, teaching herself how to code, and ultimately founding her groundbreaking startup. Pham has served as judges, co-producers, and co-hosts for various television shows and has received numerous accolades, such as Forbes’, Elle’s, and Business Insider’s “Thirty Under Thirty” awards.

CEO and Founder of Glossier Emily Weiss. Photo credits: https://www.forbes.fr/business/glossier-du-blog-beaute-a-la-marque-qui-vaut-un-milliard-de-dollars/

3. Emily Weiss

Emily Weiss is the founder and CEO of the blog Into the Gloss and the makeup brand Glossier. Early in her career, she founded Into the Gloss to provide beauty and skincare insight from women. When the blog took off, she quit her job in styling at Vogue to pursue entrepreneurial endeavors full-time. The mission behind Glossier was simple: to democratize the beauty industry through natural, radiant beauty and skincare essentials. In just six years, Glossier has garnered a cult following among millennial women through its captivating retail location and creative content, its emphasis on natural beauty, and the community it has built with its consumers. 

4. Rachelle Hruska

Media entrepreneur Rachelle Hruska is the founder of media platform Guest of

Guest and fashion label Lingua Franca. Upon moving to New York City early in her career, she noticed that NYC party-goers were often “the guest of a guest” at a Hampton’s party, and she began reporting high society culture on her blog. In a personal interview with Hruska, she shared that she spontaneously embroidered “Booyah” onto a cashmere sweater one day as she dealt with postpartum anxiety. The design quickly went viral, galvanizing demand all over Instagram. In 2016, she launched the label of cashmere sweaters embroidered with witty and often political quotes, which became pervasive in the media and on the red carpet in the wake of Trump’s election. 

5. Melanie Elturk

CEO and Founder of Haute Hijab Melanie Elturk. Photo credits: https://fashionista.com/2019/09/melanie-elturk-haute-hijab-founder-interview

Melanie Elturk is the co-founder and CEO of Haute Hijab, the leading designer hijab brand in the nation. When Elturk graduated from law school as a first-generation American, she had no intention of being an entrepreneur— she founded Haute Hijab with her husband simply as a side hustle. However, Haute Hijab immediately filled a huge gap in the garment industry—high quality, comfortable, and beautiful hijabs that empower hijabis, regardless of occasion. Haute Hijab has been featured in numerous publications, from Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar Arabia to Popsugar and Elle, as it fights to destigmatize the hijab and establish it as a garment category in the fashion industry.

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Photo Credits: Missbish, Of Mercer, Forbes, The Select 7, and Fashionista

Why Wait For New Years? Start These Popular Resolutions Now!


Start these popular resolutions now!  Easier said than done right?  So strange when you think about it but why do people wait until New Years to start a popular resolution? It doesn’t really make sense. If it’s going to benefit you, why not start now. In the main it’s because a new year signals a new start. A fresh start where you enact your resolutions. It’s tough because Christmas involves a lot of excess, yet there are still ways you can start on your promises. Here are some popular resolutions and tips to get them started. Everyone is different, some will want to dive straight in, others like a slow run up. It doesn’t matter. Don’t look at other people and judge yourself harshly. As long as you’re making movements to better yourself then you’re on the right track. Take help where you need it or when it’s offered, but don’t feel pressured into starting something you’re not comfortable with.

Start these popular resolutions now

HansMartinPaul / Pixabay

Smoking Stop

For the last few decades, one of the most popular New Year’s resolutions has been to stop smoking. To some, it comes easy. They go cold turkey and that’s that. For others, it’s a slog. Luckily there are dozens of ways to quit. Stopping now instead of at New Years is always going to be beneficial because of how bad smoking is for you. A lot of people drop down onto vaping, but there seems to be a significant lack in vaping-related injury awareness. If vaping stops you smoking, great, but then you’ve got to stop vaping. It’s not a long term answer. Try to wean yourself off using nicotine pills or a patch. You might have to try a few options before you find what works for you. You can at least try a day or so without smoking so you know what you have in store when you jump into it for your New Year’s Resolution.


Hit The Gym

Start these popular resolutions now

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Another one of the most popular resolutions is to join a gym. But a lot of people make the mistake of thinking that joining a gym is the resolution. No. Getting fit is the resolution. It’s something you can start doing now, and for much less cost. Start taking longer walks. Maybe even go for a run from time to time. Get involved with team sports or find a hobby that requires you to use a bit of exercise. If you are going to go hard in the gym in the New Year, it’s best to build up a bit of fitness now. Especially if you’re going to put on a few pounds over Christmas. It’s easier than you think too and doesn’t take too much of your time. If you’re really worried, then think about a personal trainer or taking some expert advice online.

Get A New Job

Making a vow to get a new job is popular after Christmas. Whether it’s because you’re being passed over for promotion, or just need something new to get stuck into. It might just be moving from one company to another in your current sphere. It could be something much more life changing, such as a complete change of career. It’s daunting to step into something new. However, it’s better to get a head start. A lot of people do this sort of thing. You’ll be ahead of the curve if you start applying for jobs before New Year’s Eve. You can at least tidy up your CV and began some of the application forms. Plus, you might find a job online now where the deadline is before the New Year, or even just after, meaning you might miss out on it entirely. 

Start these popular resolutions now

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Some like to get stuck into study. You might want to start a new course to better yourself, or you might already be on a course and know that you need to pick the study up. The Christmas period can be a great time to get some study in. you might have some time off work, or at least a chunk of downtime. Use it to study some future course material, or to make up for lost time on study lost up until now. There are lots of methods for study, it’s important you find the right one to suit you and what better time to do so than when you have time off. You’ll be able to ease yourself into it come New Year too, instead of completely submerging yourself and feeling overwhelmed. This way, at least you can get comfortable with the source material beforehand. Again, people study and take on information at different rates. It’s just about being honest with yourself.


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Nick Hounslow Melts Hearts in Holiday Sequel, “Christmas With A Prince: Becoming Royal”


Nick Hounslow is  no stranger to turning heads. At 17, he was scouted off the street by a modeling agency. Within a year, he was walking at Paris fashion week. Work brought him to LA and he fell in love with the city. Acting gigs followed suit,  though not without initial struggle.  Now, he’s set to reprise his role as Prince Alexander in the Christmas film, Christmas With A Prince: Becoming Royal. When he’s not acting, Nick is a popular celebrity fitness trainer, lending his expertise to stars like Gal Gadot, Julie Benz, and Claire Holt. He loves connecting with this clients to help them feel their best. You can catch Christmas With A Prince: Becoming Royal on November 3rd at 7 PM on UPtv.

Cliché: How did you originally get involved in modeling?

Nick Hounslow: I was 17 years old walking around London and was approached by Storm agency who represent Kate Moss. They took a couple of pictures and the rest was history. I had no idea what modeling was or what it entailed. At 18 I had my first Paris fashion week and walked in 3 shows. It was pretty surreal. 

You’ve lived in quite a few places! What made you finally decide on LA?

Honestly it was work. I was in London and my model agency in Cape Town said I had booked a 4 day shoot for Bloomingdale’s in Los Angeles. That was my first trip here and I fell in love. I booked a target commercial and a pre-Oscars fashion show on the same trip. At the fashion show i was approached by a management company interesting in repping me for acting. A month later i was screen testing for Days of Our Lives. It all happened so fast. I didn’t get the Days gig. BUT I was intrigued enough by LA. I flew home to London, as I landed at Heathrow my mobile rings and it was my agents saying I had booked another commercial and had to fly right back without leaving the airport. I felt like that was a sign!

What was it like trying to get into the acting scene?

It wasn’t easy, that’s for sure. It still isn’t. When I first got here I was modeling jobs, screen testing for various projects and then all of sudden it just stopped. It is definitely not for the faint of heart. LA can be a very tough place and you have to keep pushing forward and enjoy the process. That’s the trick right there to master! 

Talk about your upcoming movie, Christmas With A Prince: Becoming Royal.

Christmas With A Prince: Becoming Royal is the sequel to Christmas With A Prince which aired last Holiday season. The first movie we see this playboy prince who gets injured skiing and is hidden from the paparazzi in a children’s hospital. There he is reacquainted with a former high school friend who is now his doctor. After some initial drama and misunderstandings they end up together. In the sequel we see their journey continue as a couple which lets just say isn’t without a ton more drama as they travel back to his native country. 

What is your character, Prince Alexander, up to in the sequel?

From his initial playboy persona portrayed in the first movie we see a shift in Prince Alec as he realises he has a duty to uphold. His Father the King played by the amazing Charles Shaughnessy needs a successor and since his oldest son passed away it falls upon the youngest more irresponsible son Prince Alec to step up to the plate. However that seems a little harder for him to do.  

If you were a prince in real life, what would you do?

Firstly use my powers for good….second, fix healthcare in America (coming from the UK I cant believe how lucky we are!), thirdly take a loooooong vacation maybe for 6 months traveling after fixing health care… Although fixing healthcare here might take a second so that vacation may come in about 2087!

Why do you think the movie was such a hit with viewers?

Who doesn’t love a feel good holiday movie? I honestly didn’t appreciate how big the holiday movie genre is. Being from the UK we have a couple of movies that replay every Christmas, but over here it’s a real thing. It’s so awesome! I’ve had the most amazing messages from fans all over the US and globally. One in particular was from a Mum whose little girl was in hospital over the holiday season and they watched the movie with all the kids in the hospital. She said how great it was and her daughter loved it. That was pretty cool for me!

You’re also a huge fitness buff and a trainer! Why is fitness such an integral part of your life?

I’ve always been into fitness since I was a teen. Fitness is such a huge part of my life. I qualified as a trainer at 17 so I could learn more and then started training others. Since being in LA I’ve helped other actors get into shape for certain movie or TV roles, traveling on set to foreign locations and managing their workouts and nutrition. I get the best of both worlds. For me, fitness keeps me sane. It’s my time to decompress, put headphones in and detach from the world even just for an hour. The bonus is it keeps you looking good. It’s 80% mental for me.  

How do you go about connecting with your clients to motivate them to be a healthier version of themselves?

Every single client like every single role is unique. You have to get inside that clients head and understand who they are and what makes them tick. I approach both acting roles, auditions and clients the same way. You have to listen, watch, understand. Everyone’s journey is different. From the client who has to lose a large amount of weight to the skinny kid who wants to bulk up. I also use my own personal story to help motivate them. I used to be an overweight teen. I struggled and was bullied. I know what it feels like to not fit in and to dislike being in your own skin.  

For someone who wants to start a workout routine, what exercises would you suggest?

I would suggest body weight exercises first. Movements that are not complicated and won’t result in injury. I also say do your research. find a trainer that can educate and motivate you and give you the tools to take away and train yourself.  Start small and slowly increase. I hear all the time too many people rush in, train heavy and hard then crash and burn, injured and/or exhausted.  

Are you working on any other projects at the moment or are there certain things that you would like to get involved with that you haven’t gotten the chance to?

I’m working on some really cool things that i can’t talk about just yet but watch this space! It is also highly likely that Prince Alec isn’t quite finished yet … Holiday Season 2020 …

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Nick Hounslow Melts Hearts in Holiday Sequel, “Christmas With A Prince: Becoming Royal”. Photo Credit: Nick Hounslow.

Fabletics Capsule Collection Created by Kate Hudson and Goldie Hawn


If you haven’t purchased anything from the activewear and lifestyle brand Fabletics yet, you might want to start now. Fabletics was founded in 2013, with Kate Hudson as a co-founder. The brand creates affordable, stylish activewear that suits all types. But this is the first time that Hudson has collaborated with her mother, Goldie Hawn, on a Fabletics collection. The Fabletics Capsule Collection created by Kate Hudson and Goldie Hawn is a limited-edition line that supports Hawn’s children’s charity, MindUP.

Kate Hudson on the Collaboration With Her Mother

Kate Hudson spoke about the collection in a recent press release:

This is the first time my mom and I have worked together, and this partnership between Fabletics and MindUP is an exciting one to start with because the cause is near and dear to both of our hearts. My mom is incredibly passionate about the welfare of children, which is what led her to start MindUP … My mom is also the embodiment of the Fabletics ethos. She meditates, trampolines every morning, runs, lifts weights and even rides a mountain bike — it’s literally hard to keep up with her! Through her example, she’s taught me that the body and mind are always connected in a constant flow.

What the Limited Fabletics Collection Will Contribute to

Fabletics Capsule Collection

The new Fabletics collection will donate half of the proceeds to Goldie Hawn’s MindUP™ foundation. The program promotes mindfulness, social and emotional well-being in children. Photo Credit: Fabletics

If you like the idea of purchasing something that is useful and contributes to an important charity, this collaboration from Hudson and Hawn will fit the bill. When you purchase activewear from this Fabletics collection, Fabletics will donate half of the proceeds to Goldie Hawn’s program MindUP. MindUP, founded by Hawn in 2013, serves to help educate children in mindfulness. “The MindUP curriculum helps children understand and manage their emotions through the workings of their brain, which will ultimately raise a generation of kids who have the power to create their own happiness and thrive in today’s world,” said Hudson. According to the organization, the program has helped over 6 million youth across 12 countries, which is no small feat. This mother-daughter team represents overall wellness. Kate, as a fitness and health-minded individual, and Goldie, with her dedication to the well-being of mind and body.

You can find the Fabletics Capsule Collection created by Kate Hudson and Goldie Hawn on Fabletics.com

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Fabletics Capsule Collection Created by Kate Hudson and Goldie Hawn. Featured Photo Credit: Fabletics.

RUMI X: Sustainable Activewear for the New Year


The New Year is upon us, so whip out your resolution notebooks and start making your list of goals for 2018. Aside from the obvious ‘new wardrobe’ and ‘be happy’ resolutions making the cut, kick off the year by adding ‘save the environment while working out in style.’


Eco-friendly band RUMI X has done it again with their latest high-performance fitness apparel. Their newest RUMI X CORE collection of Mirror Sports Bras are made using green technology and are delicately crafted from eight recycled plastic bottles to ensure ultimate comfort, breathability, and sweat absorption while you’re on the go.

Aside from saving the planet in an incredibly sustainable way, these flattering sports bras emphasize the female form while featuring a soft, stretchy finish and extremely bold graphic designs. The collection also includes high-waisted leggings, chic athletic shorts, tie-up tank tops, and supportive sports bras.

RUMI X’s founder and certified yoga instructor, Melissa Chu, founded the brand in 2015 after establishing a deep-rooted connection to fitness and wellness. Chu’s goal for the design of the brand is to take inspiration from the world and exemplify the 13th-century Persian poet with wise words for whom the brand is named after.

“RUMI X is about living a mindful lifestyle, taking care of yourself within, and being good to the world around you. We take care of our body, mind, and soul, and we take care of others around us to feel good,” Chu’s statement on the brand’s website reads.

Specifically with the CORE collection, every piece of athletic wear produced helps save PET bottles from ending up in landfills or in the ocean. RUMI X uses innovative and high-end green technology to create their collections from recycled materials such as water bottles and up-cycled coffee grounds.

The brand sets out to push the limits of performance with their fabrics while becoming eco-conscious citizens. They even use water-based ink dyes to infuse their fabrics with reusable and safe materials that could otherwise end up in landfills.

“Trash is a growing problem, so finding uses for non-biodegradable materials like plastic is a must,” Chu states on the RUMI X Feel Good website.

By transforming waste to wear, be prepared to feel good while you look amazing in their timelessly chic sportswear.

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RUMI X: Sustainable Activewear for the New Year: Photographs courtesy of RUMI X

From TV Star to Fashion Designer: Draya Michele


The TV star turned designer Draya Michele is making a name for herself in the fashion industry. Her upscale swimwear line, Mint Swim, features modern and sporty swimsuits and started the designer’s climb to the top. Recently, the entrepreneur started Beige & Coco, a clothing line inspired by Michele’s own wardrobe. From designing two different lines, to managing over 5.6 million Instagram followers, to recently becoming a mom—Draya Michele does it all.

Cliché: You started out as a TV star, but have re-branded as a designer and style guru. Have you always had a love for fashion?
Draya Michele: Fashion was always my first passion. It was the reason I even decided to move to California and even consider being on TV at all. It was to make a bigger name for myself in the fashion industry.
How would you describe your personal style?
My personal style is a mix of three things: business, casual, and party. I like to dress appropriate for all three things if possible.
What is one piece that you could never live without?
Black heels.
Your swimsuit line, Mint Swim, has really taken off. How did you get started designing swimsuits?
Swimsuits came first, so Mint Swim has been my brand for six years now, and it’s just been an incredible journey. I got into swimsuits as soon as I moved to California. I knew it was something that I needed to live in California to do, so I decided to come to California and do a little TV work, too. That way, I could be inspired by the pools, the beaches, and the overall lifestyle. From that, I designed swimwear.
What do you think sets Mint Swim apart from other swimsuit lines?
Besides it having a creator like myself behind it, I don’t think there is another answer for that. I think it’s definitely me that makes it unique. The influence that I have on the brand and the way that I pay attention to social media and the requests of my customers…I don’t think anyone else is doing it like that. I really pay attention to what my consumers want, so I design specifically for them. I ask them what they want, and what they ask, they shall receive.
As a designer, do you have a favorite piece that you’ve created?
Since I design them all, they’re kind of all my favorite pieces, so I can’t really choose one. That was kind of a goal to keep in mind in starting the new line. I created Beige & Coco because I wanted to redesign a collection of my favorite things that were in my closet, and I did. So they’re all kind of my favorite.
When did you start working on Beige & Coco?
I got started on the brand about seven months ago, and right away I knew that I wanted it to be a New York-based brand. It has a really East Coast vibe to it because I feel like a lot of the fashion hits the East Coast first. We started very small, with just a few pieces. I think we have maybe 10-12 pieces in the collection and it’s doing really well, and we are already on to spring.
Is it difficult designing for and operating two brands at once?
Yes, it is pretty difficult doing two brands at the same time. I like to measure out times for each one. I take certain days of the week and they’re dedicated to Mint Swim and the other days of the week are dedicated to Beige & Coco. I split it up pretty equally and make sure each brand gets an equal amount of time.
If you could collaborate with another designer, who would it be and why?
I would collaborate with anyone that I would see fit. I’m my own designer, but I’m still very much influenced by other designers. I’d love to work with Victoria Beckham, Tom Ford, Zac Posen, whoever.
What is your best piece of fashion advice?
I would say to throw away any white bras. I think that a nude bra is the best way to go and its runner-up is going to be a black bra. A white bra just doesn’t look flattering under anything. You can see it under a t-shirt, you can see it under any blouse. You want to blend in instead of stand out when it comes to undergarments, so throw away the white bra.
How does social media play a role with Mint Swim and Beige & Coco?
Social media is the number one tool I use in business. I ask questions there and I get answers from the people that follow me, and also I’m able to answer questions that I’m asked from people that follow me. It really helps to be able to interact with your customers and know what they want. It also helps as a marketing tool. You can share sales, promotions, and all different kinds of things on these platforms. I say it all the time: I still can’t believe social media is free.
Aside from fashion, I understand you are big into fitness and health! Having just had a baby last April, what do you do to stay fit?
Besides working out, I’m a member of a gym and I definitely go to the gym several times a week. Besides that, I like to try these crazy outrageous diets; when I start to feel out of shape, I do these crash diets. I really enjoy it, but I usually don’t get through it all the way. My fans really like watching it on Snapchat and experiencing the journey with me, so I try. When I’m not on a crash diet, I really do portion control my food, and I really am a healthy eater naturally.
Do you have a favorite routine?
I just do a lot of cardio. I spend at least 50 minutes on the treadmill alone, so that’s the beginning of my workout. At least 50 minutes to an hour and 15 minutes is the minimum for me. I just think it’s the best way to get your heart pumping, and that’s really the best way to actually keep the weight down.
What advice do you have for anyone that wants to break into the industry?
I would say just do it! The fashion industry is not the kindest industry. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to be “accepted.” I’m still working every day and growing and still trying to get into the “in crowd,” but I’m also very much into creating my own lane. There have been a lot of doors that have been closed and a lot of lanes I couldn’t go down, so I’m into creating my own lanes where I just do my own thing now, and it’s equally satisfying.
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Lights, Camera, Fashion. Feature Image Courtesy of Jay Stewart @jaystewartphoto
Stylist: Michael Mann @michael.mann of @akixmann  
MUA/hair: David Rodriguez @dzrodbeauty

Five Workouts for a Slimmer Waist


Summer may be over, but that doesn’t mean your workout routine needs to be! Keep in shape this Fall with five fun workouts for a slimmer waist that will keep you feeling energetic, motivated, and beautiful regardless of the season. For best results, practice the following exercises 3-5 times a week as you would for any other form of exercise, and be sure to eat a healthy diet to reinforce those good habits for your body.

The Plank
Start by lying flat on the floor, and then elevate yourself onto your elbows as well as the tips of your toes. Keep in mind that your back should be straight for this! Hold this plank position for as long as you can. For those looking for an additional challenge, alternate planking on your sides!
The Belly Twister
Lift your right knee towards your abs and twist to the left. Next, extend your right leg back and return to start with one knee pulled toward your core. Use for three sets of 10, but of course, you want to make sure you’re changing your legs.
The Scissor Kick
Rest your back slightly on the floor. Use your hands for support beneath your lower back. Elevate your legs so that the tips of your toes are parallel with your shoulders. Kick your legs with your toes pointed in a scissor-like motion.
The Single Bridge
To start, lie on your back with your knees bent and lift one left straight into the air and elevate your pelvis off the ground. Afterwards, raise both arms up in line with your shoulders and then circulate your foot in the air for 8 rotations in one direction. Don’t forget to change rotation!
The Thigh Twist
Begin by lying on your left side with the left leg bent and right foot on the floor in front of your left knee with your toes turned out. Then straighten your right leg out to the side so that it’s parallel to the floor. To complete the routine, return to the starting position and then switch sides. As with the Belly Twister, do three sets of 10.
When you feel like you’re starting to master these moves, increase the time! Holding a pose for a few seconds longer than usual will help tighten your midsection faster and will continue to make you become stronger.
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Five Workouts for a Slimmer Waist: Featured image courtesy of Fabletics on Facebook