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Summer Sundresses Every Girl Needs


One of our favorite parts about the warmer months is getting to show off a bit of skin. Suddenly our closets transform to shorts, tank tops and swimsuits with large floppy hats and every color pair of sandals under the sun. Because with summer comes tanned legs, sun-kissed shoulders and beach waves. So let’s flirt with the summer and show some skin with these must-have summer sundresses that every girl needs.


The Yellow Maxi

Much Obliged Golden Yellow Wrap Maxi Dress, $69, lulus.com

It may be summer but we are not over our favorite color from the fall season – yellow! Starting off modest, one essential sundress you need to have is a flirty, maxi dress. For those early morning brunches and mimosas to long nights walking the beach and dancing with friends, the maxi dress will have you looking perfectly dressed for every occasion. Check out Lulu’s Much Obliged Golden Yellow Wrap maxi dress for its sexy slit to show off your legs while keeping the appearance of being covered up. The golden yellow color helps to make your skin look tan before you even hit the beach chairs, which is definitely another plus! Pair it with heels or gladiator sandals and you’re ready for anything.


The Off the Shoulder

Roman Holiday Dress In Navy Stripe, $46.95, showpo.com

One of the best comeback trends in the past few years was the off-the-shoulder style. Something about exposed shoulders just makes a world of a difference! The Roman Holiday Dress in Navy Stripe from Showpo is a fun, flirty and shifty sundress that screams wanderlust. There’s just something about navy and white stripes in an outfit that makes you feel like you are on vacation. So dress the part with this loosely ruffled off the shoulder top with a wrap bow. Throw on some white keds for comfort or simple heels for a more dressed up look and you’re ready to hit the town.


The Floral Eye Catcher

Caprice Blue Multi Print Shift Dress, $58, tobi.com

With summer comes floral and and bright colors so we prefer to make our own twist on the classic summer-y fabric by finding a floral sundress with lighter tones to accentuate the pattern. Tobi’s Caprice Blue Multi Print shift dress is the perfect shade of light, dusty blue to make your floral pattern look as simple yet stated as possible. One of the best parts about sundresses is their effortless style. Whether you wear makeup or throw your hair into a messy bun, a sundress will have you looking fluid and cute for a day spent in the sun and that’s exactly how this shift dress will make you feel! Show off a bit more skin with its low v-neck design or add your bathing suit underneath for a day spent by the beach.


The Embroidered Shift

Peace and Lovely Shift Dress, $79.00, modcloth.com

Lastly, to fulfill all of your summer sundress needs you must get your hands on a fun embroidered piece. Embroidery is making a comeback in all levels of fashion (from purses and shoes to tops, skirts and more!) so now is the time to climb aboard. ModCloth’s Peace and Lovely shift dress is the perfect combination of subtle yet sweet with its colorful top half and solid bottom. Wear this on your classiest of days in the sun with sum heels, a sun hat and a bright lipstick.

Stay breezy and sun kissed this summer with your favorite sundresses because every girl deserves to flirt with the sun!


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Summer Sundresses Every Girl Needs: Featured image courtesy of lulus.com.

Folkloric Flair


Looking for a standout scarf for fall? It’s easy to become bored by the multitude of seemingly identical scarves that feebly attempt to draw our attention. Look to folkloric costumes for fun, bright prints, warm fringe, and luscious embroidery!

Traditional folk outfits abound in intricate details and bright colors and nearly every culture produced dazzling scarves that were worn around the head, across the chest, or draped from a shoulder. Don’t worry — you don’t have to wear these stunners Babushka-style!

Etsy store MulberryWhisper has modernized this traditional Russian accessory by modifying it into another incarnation of the perennially-popular infinity scarf. This beautiful piece is decorated with a print of tulips, roses, wildflowers, and grasses and the spectrum of colors will make it easy to coordinate this scarf with your favorite cold-weather outfits!

Infinity scarf made from Russian shawl, $40, MulberryWhisper at Etsy.com (Featured)

This small, coastal country hugged by Spain is known for the colorful costumes that reflect the happy spirit of its people. This large navy blue triangle-shaped scarf in the Domingar print of  northern Portugal can be worn by crossing the ends of the triangle behind your neck and bringing them to your chest. The fringe adds a fun texture and warmth!

Folkloric Flair

Portuguese Domingar scarf in navy blue, $15.42, Princezices at Etsy.com

Mmm… can you smell the pumpkin spice in the warm orange colors of this wool scarf? Created in cozy wool to withstand the cold Polish winters, this scarf is both functional and beautiful. The smaller size of this piece lends itself well to being wrapped around a purse handle or protecting your décolleté against the brisk autumn breeze.

Folkloric Flair

Black wool Polish scarf, $26, EnfantTerribleVTG at Etsy.com

You won’t look like you’re wearing grandma’s tablecloth in this vintage silk scarf. The stylized floral embroidery, known as matyó, is characteristic to Hungarian folk art and also appears painted on furniture and housewares. This silk scarf would make a perfect shawl to wear at formal events!

Folkloric Flair

Handmade vintage Hungarian scarf, $125, TransylvaniaMania at Etsy.com

Folkloric Flair: Photos courtesy of respective Etsy shops

Swimsuit Cover-Ups


Swimsuit cover-ups have undergone a much-needed update. We bid adieu to drab, unflattering cover-ups, and welcome new ones in trendy prints and crocheted and sheer fabric.


(Linen Beaded Cover-Up Sweater $94, Victoriassecret.com)

Be a little sultry in this cover-up by showing some skin and a peek at your bikini. A bright swimsuit is a colorful surprise underneath the white cover-up. You’ll feel glamorous and a little daring by having your swimsuit boldly show through.


(Seafolly Summer Garden Eden Kimono $241.99, Asos.com)

Kimonos have become a summer staple. This tropical floral-printed kimono is a stand-out piece, hands-down. At the bottom of this cover-up, the electrifying colors change into a beautiful ombre of yellow and pink. You’re going to want to show off this kimono to everyone!


(Emilio Pucci Cotton Sarong $485, Stylebop.com)

Instead of a covering your entire body, a sarong can be tied around your waist. It’s an easy tie-on, tie-off piece for those quick beach visits when you’re ready to swim or tan. It adds a bit of sophistication to a swimsuit, and if you’re wearing a solid colored suit, it gives some extra color. Wear it with a sun hat, and you’ll look like as if you just came from the French Riviera.


(Minimale Animale Johnny Utah Swimsuit Cover Up $185, Nastygal.com)

Take a look at this more urban spin on a swimsuit cover-up. An oversized baseball-style tee, this cover-up can easily be transformed into a beachy look. Just add a cap, slip on some sandals, and take a stroll down your favorite beach spot. You’ll feel comfortable, cool, and chic.


(Floral Swim Cover Up $15.80, Forever21.com)

For an easy day look, try this summer dress-inspired take. While still following the fashionable floral print trend, you’ll be set to take a walk, go out to lunch, and even run errands with your swimsuit underneath. No need to have to run home and change. Just wear this cover-up, and go where you please.


(Raviya Ombre Chiffon Maxi Dress Cover Up $24, Macys.com)

Often there are times where a day at the beach continues into the night. This maxi dress cover-up allows you to have that sexy midnight feel. Rock it with your swimsuit showing from beneath its sheer fabric, and strap on some sandals or wedges. You’ll blend into the gorgeous, summer night with this cover-up’s cool blue ombre fabric.

Floral Fragrances


The gradual flush of blossoming flower buds and blissful sunshine calls for the scent of spring to linger in the air—and in our perfume! Winter wrapped us up in warm amber and spicy bergamot, but with a new season comes new, fresher notes that smell just as sweet in bouquets as they do in our floral fragrances.s1029941-main-Lhero

Marc Jacobs hit the nail on the head when they released their signature sunny fragrance, Daisy. Gardenia, vanilla, and a touch of musk linger throughout the essence of this lighthearted, breezy perfume. Daisy evokes a feeling of breathing in the fresh, spring air and 10830spinning through a field of bright, white daisies. It’s the perfect fragrance to ring in the new season.

Bodycology has made a science out of perfecting a three-step system that will envelope you in a whirlwind of sweet floral bliss with their Floral Rush fragrance. With top notes of crush greens, sweet lemon, and peony petals and mid-notes of wild rose, gardenia, and jasmine, the fresh botanical blend radiates the warmth and simplicity of spring. The combination of their fresh Foaming Body Wash, lush Moisturizing Body Cream with Rich Butter Complex, and airy Fragrance Mist makes for an exuberant aromatic experience.s1580448-main-Lhero

Roses De Chloé is a delicate fragrance from the ever-classic Chloé that gives you the sweet scent that lingers from an arrangement of roses without the hassle of tangled thorns and fallen petals. The notes of freshly cut roses, rose essence, and magnolia accord mingle to create a soft, luminous sensation that offers a graceful take on the signature rose scent.

pBBW1-15992272enh-z8Bath & Body Works has perfected the blend of crisp warmth in their Japanese Cherry Blossom fragrance mist. The combination of Asian pear, Japanese cherry blossom, and vanilla rice swirl together in a cozy medium that makes this scent the ideal fragrance for the transition period between seasons. This fragrant mist can be layered with their matching body wash and body lotion to amp up the intensity of the intoxicating fragrance.s1480243-main-Lhero

Balenciaga has taken the same passion they have for the runway and infused that liveliness in their Florabotanica fragrance. This exciting, daring fragrance combines carnation, Turkish rose essence, white amber, and vetiver roots to create a flirty scent that is dangerously beautiful. Furthermore, the packaging of this enticing perfume reflects the trendy, unique nature of Balenciaga.

– by Amanda Curran

Photo’s courtesy of Sephora, Bath & Body Works, Bodycology, and C. ha