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The 7 Best Flower Combinations for Christmas


Today we want to share with you the 7 best flower combinations for Christmas.  If you’re like many of the moms searching for ways to keep your kids entertained as the pandemic rages on, you’ve likely taken to frequent outdoor walks.  Perhaps you’ve found that all that time in nature has been uplifting for your little ones (and yourself). That’s no surprise; science has proven time and time again that being outdoors, and more specifically, around plants and flowers, makes you feel better

So with Christmas fast approaching, maybe you’re reconsidering your holiday design this year. Colorful stockings, red and green string lights and Elf on the Shelf might still be your holiday fixtures, but what about incorporating some Christmas floral combinations, too? It might be exactly what everyone needs to muster some celebratory energy after such a hard year. We get the best flowers from Bouqs delivery service for decorating our homes, and these are some of our favorite combinations.

1. Red Roses and Hypericum Berries 

best flower combinations for ChristmasWe like red roses for a floral arrangement because they do double duty: they’re richly-colored and sophisticated enough for the adults to appreciate, and simultaneously cheery and Rudolph’s-nose enough for the kids to get on board with too. We like adding hypericum berries (also known as St. John’s wort) to most of our Christmas arrangements because it reminds us of a vase-friendly version of mistletoe. 

2. White Roses and Hypericum Berries

If your family is more into the color of snow than Santa’s favorite reindeer, then switch out the red roses for white and be prepared for “Do You Want to Build a Snowman” to play in your head on repeat. 

3. Red Tulips and Evergreen Leaves

There’s something about tulips that is so quintessentially sweet. Any floral combination that involves these blooms is bound to make you smile. And though you may think of them as a springtime floral, red ones paired with evergreen leaves make a surprisingly festive combination. 

4. Pine cones and Greenery

best flower combinations for Christmas

Photo by Nubia Navarro (nubikini) on Pexels

Okay, this one might not be “floral,” but it is fun. A few pine cones combined with greenery (think cedar and myrtle) look surprisingly stunning together. 

5. Red Anthurium and Greenery 

If you live somewhere tropical, or wish you did, get your hands on a combination of red anthurium (sometimes called the flamingo flower) and greenery. You’ll be singing Mele Kalikimaka before you know it. 

6. Sunflowers and Hypericum Berries

Nothing about this year has been traditional, so why should your Christmas bouquet be? Take some vibrant sunflowers and pair them with hypericum berries for a cheery, laid-back holiday look the kids will love. 

7. Wreath with Pine cones

If florals aren’t your thing or you have an accident-prone kid at home, a tall vase of buds may not be your first choice. A wreath is a great, harder to knock down alternative and looks extra cute with pine cones tucked in. 

After such a rough year, make holiday decorating simple for yourself this year. A few artfully-placed Christmas floral combinations can have a surprising impact. And all the time you save on decorating is perfect for lounging with a glass of wine and those cookies left out for Santa. 

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Images provided by Creative Commons, Flickr, Unsplash, Pexels & Pixabay

Top Hand Picked Bloomers


Whether summer, winter, autumn or spring, there’s nothing quite like some colorful, fresh-smelling flowers to brighten up your home.  The trick however, is to invest in plants that will actually last all year round. Now, this may vary, dependent on whether your blooms are for indoor enjoyment or outdoor, but one thing is for sure, there are enough options out there that you’re guaranteed to find just about anything that tickles your fancy!
800px-Spring_flowers_Novosibirsk_Siberia_16.05.2012 Although many of us want a great-looking garden, that doesn’t mean we all necessarily know what to look for, what works in certain types of soil or light, or what to do once we’ve bought the plants home. If in doubt, direct your query to an expert. There is a wealth of knowledge and advice on websites such as http://www.spaldingbulb.co.uk which covers bulbs, trees, shrubs and lawn care.
Another helpful source is sunrise.com, which recently featured an article detailing 20 perennial flowers, ensuring you get some great inspiration for your own gardening.

Top Hand Picked Bloomers

To narrow it down a little though, here’s a list of hand-picked top bloomers for all-year flower loving:
1. Let’s hear it for the Salvia nemorosa (otherwise known as Caradonna). With a stunning combination of sharp violet flower spikes on perfectly polished purple stems, not only are these a firm favourite for the much-loved bee population, but with a little dead-heading, these stunning shoots will re-flower through until October! Despite holding out to the colder months, the Caradonna is, however, much more of a sun-lover by choice, and looks beautiful when scattered through late season grass.450px-Salvia_nemorosa_flora
2. A particularly common and well-recognised garden flower is the Foxglove, easily spotted for its height and elegance. The foxglove is actually formed as a result of hybridisation between hedgegrow foxglove and isoplexis (found on the Canary Islands). Because of this combination, this intergeneric hybrid actually continues to flower tirelessly, in an effort to produce seed. Despite failing, it continues to flower, making it the perfect addition to your garden for lengthy bloom.
3. Penstemons are next on the list. Yes, another funny name, but who are we to judge this hard wearing flower? Come rain or shine, this plant is going to hold its own – we’re even talking lows of -15degrees, which let’s face it, is pretty darn cold. The ‘firebird’ form of penstemons come in a crimson shade, but if you’re more a fan of a plum colour, seek out ‘blackbird penstemons’. These are just two examples of hundreds so the choice really is endless.
While these examples are three sturdy outdoor flower choices, to avoid an unfortunate cold-weather mishap, you could always opt for indoor flower and plant arrangments? With a more controlled environment you can concentrate on giving your blooms the right amount of heat and regular water… it’s just the sunlight that’s out of your control!
Still, for indoor plants, why not try Cape primroses? This eye-catching number can in fact bloom all year round if looked after well. Keep the soil damp but not soggy and believe it or not these home-friendly plants actually prefer to be kept cooler – saves you cranking up the heating in your home.
There really are hundreds of different blooms to pick from and while it’s a bit of trial and error, I guarantee you won’t be disappointed with the suggestions above. But to be safe, you can always ask the experts. Especially as a beginner, extra advice and reassurance never goes a miss so it might be worth having a read of the Radio Times Gardening 101 for all year planting. Good luck!