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Kai Wener Breaks Down His Character on “The Orville” and More


With his first major role on FOX’s The Orville, ten-year-old Kai Wener is realizing his dream of becoming an actor. For Wener, working on the Seth MacFarlane created show, which is wrapping up its second season, has been both a lot of fun as well as a great place to learn the craft. When he’s not busy acting or working, you can find him playing video games online with his family and friends. We chatted with Kai about his character, Ty Finn, the feeling that he got being nominated for a Young Artist Award and his upcoming projects.


Cliché: How did you discover your passion for acting?

Kai Wener: I realized that I wanted to pursue acting as my career path when I was young. I would watch great cartoons on Nickelodeon and Disney Channel and then I would copy the characters from the shows. Besides doing that, I would also mimic the commercials that came on during the shows. Eventually, I realized that acting allowed me to have cool experiences on different sets while meeting some awesome people. I am having so much fun being an actor, it’s a dream come true for any kid.

What’s the experience been like working on The Orville?

The experience working on The Orville has been so much fun and it’s also been a learning experience. I get to work every day with the best cast like Penny Johnson Jerald who plays my mother and Mark Jackson who plays an artificial life form named Isaac. Another great actor who I get to work with is BJ Tanner who plays my brother. Some of the other great actors around me who are apart of the cast are Adrianne Palicki, Scott Grimes, J. Lee, Peter Macon, and Jessica Szohr. Not to mention that I get to learn about things that happen behind the camera from the show’s creator, Seth MacFarlane as well as from director Jon Cassar.

Can you describe your character, Ty Finn? Do you relate to him at all?

Ty Finn is the youngest son of Dr. Claire Finn on The Orville spaceship. He has one older brother and looks up to an artificial life form who is kind of like a robot, but better, named Isaac. Ty has already been through some pretty neat adventures for his age but is still very much a regular kid. He loves his mom and at the same time, will have fun watching his older sibling get in trouble, so yes, I definitely can relate to him.

Why should people watch The Orville?

The main reason people should watch the show is that each episode is like a mini-movie and there isn’t much of that on television at the moment. Each episode has super cool special effects and alien costumes that are realistic and out of this world. The show’s creator Seth MacFarlane makes sure to have a huge orchestra playing the music throughout the scenes. It’s like getting to watch something like Stars Wars or any other great sci-fi movie for free each week.

How did it feel to be nominated for a Young Artist Award?

After season one of The Orville aired, I started to see how many kids and teens loved watching the show and were fans which made me proud. I was able to represent the younger audience the show has by being nominated for an award that is for kids.

What was the best advice about acting that you’ve received and who was it from?

I’ll give you the same advice that my dad tells me. He told me, “As a young man growing up, to never compromise my values for an opportunity. Be patient, success will come.”

What are some types of roles or genres that you’d like to try in the future?

I’ve been working hard on reaching my goal to work on a feature film but I would also love to do some voice over work for a cartoon. I also hope that I will be able to play a superhero in the Marvel Cinematic Universe…fingers crossed for Miles Morales!

What are some things you enjoy doing when you’re not acting or working?

When I’m not acting or working, I love to play video games. The video game that is my favorite to play right now is Fortnite because it’s a source for me to hang out online with my friends and cousins when I’m not home. I also love to hang out with my parents and older sister at “The “Happiest Place On Earth,” which is Disneyland.

Are there any future projects that you are working on?

I just finished doing a national commercial for McDonald’s that should be airing soon. I’ve also had some great opportunities to read for some awesome television pilots and films. Hopefully, you’ll see me on one of those really soon. Of course, my fingers are crossed for a season 3 of The Orville so everyone can see Ty Finn grow up and go on more space adventures. 


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Kai Wener Breaks Down His Character on “The Orville” and More. Image Credits: Birdie Thompson

Why You Should Be Watching Bob’s Burgers


Let’s forget for a second about Family Guy and The Simpsons and focus on another dysfunctional yet seemingly relatable television family that’s a barrel of laughs. This is why you should be watching Bob’s Burgers, currently on its ninth season on FOX.

We all like animated comedy shows about families who seem to never have a normal day. Each member is unique in their own way and you somehow find yourself thinking, “Oh yeah! That’s totally me.” The Belchers of Bob’s Burgers have a bit of everything you could want, while it still being PG-13.

Each episode is completely different, but follow the daily lives of a nutty family. Bob Belcher is an ‘entrepreneur’ who owns a burger restaurant on Ocean Avenue in a state we are never really aware of. His wife Linda and his three children, Louise, Gene and Tina help run the restaurant, but episode locations span beyond the restaurant.

In all honesty, if this family was real you would think they are a complete trainwreck.

Let’s start with Bob. He is a pudgy, grumpy, not very exuberant man who really thinks of himself as a craftsmen with his flare for artisanal burgers of the day. We never really see him smile, like ever. He has a classic pessimistic attitude and seems the most sensible of the bunch, but has his exasperated moments. He is also quite stubborn. Is this reminding you of anyone?

Female matriarch Linda is quite the woman. She’s the complete opposite of Bob. Opposites attract I suppose. Linda is go lucky, happy, fun, completely flamboyant and is more than happy to go with the flow of any odd plan. She encourages her children to be themselves, no matter how weird it really is. She’s the definition of exuberant, loves to belt out in song and is loud. She probably resembles you one of your aunts.

Tina Belcher is a special entity all on her own. As a pubescent pre-teen, she is OBSESSED with boys and her number one crush, Jimmy Pesto. She also has a weird knack for writing erotic fanfiction. This includes lots of butts and zombies. Tina even has a hobby for horses and like any tween, a fixation for a boy band. Think One Direction, but worse. Although, you can relate to her social awkwardness and insecure character.

Gene is something else. Being the only boy and middle child, he is out there. He is also carefree and likes to make people laugh like Linda. He consistently likes to annoy people with fart sounds he records on his Casio SK-5 keyboard. He’s the more comical and more childlike character out of the bunch. He reminds you of your little cousin who’s more than happy to sit in a tub of beans.

Finally, we have the mastermind that is Louise. You can spot her a mile away because of her pink bunny ears hat she always wears. You will never see her hair. She is witty, maniacal, devious, smart, cunning and it’s all in one tiny person. She is the one responsible for most of the issues the family has to resolve or the adventures her and her siblings go through. Despite you thinking she is almost narcissistic, she loves her family and is a total Daddy’s girl. You often think Louise in the future will either be a mob boss, in jail or some evil villain.

Each episode will have you snickering with how much each character play off each other and just how much you seem to relate to all the characters in one way or another. Each episode is a brand new problem and adventure The Belcher’s must conquer.


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Why You Should Be Watching Bob’s Burgers: Feature Image Credit: FOX

‘The Grinder’ Star Hana Hayes Proves She is One to Watch


If you’re a fan of FOX’s hit Tuesday comedy lineup, you are well aware of the show The Grinder. Sure, there are famous names such as Rob Lowe and Fred Savage, but the real stars are the names you need to know now. We’re talking about names like actress Hana Hayes, who plays the daughter of Fred Savage and Mary Elizabeth Ellis. We got a chance to chat with the rising star to learn more about how she got the role, her advice to younger actresses, and her upcoming fashion line.

Cliché: The Grinder is lined up next to some of the biggest shows on TV (ex: New Girl, Brooklyn Nine-Nine). Going back to the beginning, how did you learn about the role of Lizzie and book the part?
Hana Hayes: Well, when I first received the audition for Lizzie, the character description sounded nothing like me, so I was almost going to pass on auditioning for the part. Boy, am I glad I didn’t. When I found out that I booked the role, I was over the moon. It was the first series regular role that I had ever gotten.
What’s been the absolute best thing working on set?
Honestly, I can’t just pick one thing. Being on the show has been one of the best experiences of my life. I love all of the people that I work with. I have the same feeling when I’m going to work as when I’m going to meet a group of my close friends. Everyone is so kind and supportive and constantly making each other laugh.
What is it like working next to Fred Savage, Rob Lowe, Mary Elizabeth Ellis, and William Devane?
They are all extremely talented actors, and I love watching their process. I picked up a lot just from watching them do what they do, and I feel privileged to be able to do so.
The Grinder is a clever comedy show. However, what other genres would you love to explore and land a role in?
Up until this show, I was mainly a dramatic actress. I love dramatic roles and that is a genre I definitely look forward to exploring more of in the future.
I read in a previous interview that you used to put on your own plays. What kind of plays could we see you doing?
I would love to do musicals. I definitely have to continue my vocal training if it’s something I plan on seriously pursuing, but I think it would be really fun.
You’re one of the Instagram queens of our day. It’s true! What do you think is the best thing about social media?
I love getting to connect with my followers. I feel like Instagram (and other social media platforms) are such great ways to communicate with people all over the world.
You and your mom plan on launching a fashion line together, correct? Can you tell us a little about that?
Well, we are definitely in the very beginning stages, but I would work on the street wear and my mom would do evening wear.
For younger girls looking up to you, what advice would you give to an aspiring actress?
Well, I know it’s said constantly, but you really can’t give up. This industry is extremely difficult, and rejection is prevalent. You have to be persistent. I promise you it will pay off. I would also say that during those times when you are not working to take as many classes as you can. It is extremely important to learn as much about your craft as possible.
Looking ahead into the future, where would you like to see yourself in five or ten years?
In five or ten years, I would love to still be working in the film industry. If not in front of the camera, behind it.
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‘The Grinder’ Star Hana Hayes Proves She is One to Watch: Photographed by Nikko Lamere

We’re Hopelessly Devoted to ‘Grease: Live!’


Last night, Grease LIVE! aired on FOX, and I’m still trying to comprehend what just happened. This highly anticipated live musical was introduced late last year with massive publicity via Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and just about everywhere else. Grease found itself in our lives again. Live musicals are nothing new. What with NBC broadcasting The Wiz Live! and Peter Pan Live!, it seems like big networks want in on this. Rest assured, I feel like these will stick around for quite some time. After every live production, each musical seems to be getting better and better.

*NOTE: I am basing this review off the film adaptation NOT the original Broadway production!

Grease is no doubt a household name. It kind of makes me cringe when someone says they haven’t watched it or they don’t know what it is (maybe because it was way before their time…) How could anyone forget John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John? They were the pre-Jack and Rose “It” couple. At least, they were in my mind. Now we have new faces to look to as our Danny Zuko and Sandy. Hello, Aaron Tveit and Julianne Hough! Are their looks similar to Travolta and Newton-John? Unreal. The same chemistry as the original? Debatable.

GREASE: LIVE: (L-R): Aaron Tveit as Danny in GREASE: LIVE airing LIVE Sunday, Jan. 31, 2016 (7:00-10:00 PM ET live/PT tape-delayed) on FOX. Cr: Tommy Garcia/FOX

Aaron Tveit as Danny. Cr: Tommy Garcia/FOX

Look, don’t get me wrong. As individual characters, they were AMAZING. I never knew Julianne Hough could sing (I obviously didn’t give Rock of Ages the chance it deserves!) and Aaron Tveit? He’s no stranger to theater. It was just my first time seeing him perform that way. Let it be known, I’m now part of his fan club. HOWEVER, I just never felt the spark as I did with the movie version of Danny and Sandy. I think I felt more chemistry between Patty Simcox and Eugene.

SPEAKING OF PATTY SIMCOX… In the movie, we never got a whole lot of her, but man, this newcomer Elle McLemore made Patty Simcox one-of-a-kind. It was one of the characters I loved seeing on screen. My ultimate favorite character?, however, was Rizzo, played by Vanessa Hudgens.

GREASE: LIVE: (L-R): Vanessa Hudgens as Rizzo in GREASE: LIVE airing LIVE Sunday, Jan. 31, 2016 (7:00-10:00 PM ET live/PT tape-delayed) on FOX. Cr: Tommy Garcia/FOX

Vanessa Hudgens as Rizzo. Tommy Garcia/FOX

During the morning of the live show, she tweeted her father had passed away from stage 4 cancer. Hudgens has been open about this ordeal for quite some time, but it’s unfortunate it had to happen just before her big performance. She dedicated this night to her father and trust me when I say she would have made her father so proud. Rizzo did not fail us one bit. I’ve been scrolling through my Twitter feed and I haven’t seen one negative thing towards her role. Hudgens made Rizzo her own. Gone are the days where she was known just as “the girl from High School Musical.” This role is guaranteed her to break out from that title.

The great thing about this broadcast — other than the fact it was set in front of a real LIVE audience — was that there were so many fresh faces, forgotten actors/artists who showed their true talent on stage, AND cameos. Where do I even start? Was I the only one who swooned over Teen Beach Movie star Jordan Fisher, Doody, during his solo for “Those Magic Changes”? Maybe you were in awe when Scream Queens star Keke Palmer, Marty, killed it during “Freddy My Love.” Or, did you blink your way through missing the original Doody (Barry Peal) and Frenchy (Didi Conn) playing small roles? I mean, I wish John Travolta or Olivia Newton-John did the same, but I’ll let that slide…

This has got to be one of my favorite live broadcasts so far. It went off without a hitch and left viewers remembering why we fell in love with Grease in the first place: the music, the story, and the characters. But we must give a huge round of applause to the cast and crew because, without them, this could have gone a whole different direction, but they didn’t disappoint.

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We’re Hopelessly Devoted to ’Grease: Live!’: Photos courtesy of FOX

‘Empire’ Season 2 Premiere Recap


Warning: spoilers from last night’s episode of Empire ahead!
This is how we last left the Lyon family: Cookie (Taraji P. Henson) planned a takeover of the Empire with the help of Hakeem (Bryshere Y. Gray), Andre (Trai Byers) and Anika (Grace Gealey); Lucious (Terrence Howard) was arrested for Bunkie’s (Antoine McKay) murder (he’s guilty); Rhonda (Kaitlin Doubleday ) accidentally killed Vernon (Malik Yoba) and was pregnant with Andre’s baby; and Lucious left Jamal (Jussie Smollett) in charge of the empire.
Is that enough of a recap?
So, this second season starts with a #FreeLucious concert three months after Lucious has been arrested for murder, and I have a few thoughts on this opening.
The concert highlights issues with the mass incarceration rates and the unequal proportion of minorities, particularly blacks, in the prison system. And I get the references to political events like Ferguson. I get bringing the awareness of the mass incarceration rates to the show. These are real issues that are important to talk about. Even Al Sharpton makes an appearance to talk with Cookie about the event. (He’s not the only surprise cameo. André Leon Talley is also there.)
Cookie wears a gorilla costume, stands in a cage, and spouts off a really impressive and passionate speech about the problems with the American judicial system. But it’s a sham. I never thought I’d say it, but thank you Hakeem for at least feeling semi-guilty about the front and confronting Cookie about it.
Lucious is guilty of the murder he’s accused of and belongs behind bars for a lot of different things, and he’s still the worst character in this entire show (I’m not saying on all TV shows, because some Game of Thrones characters are kind of worse). But this whole concert with an important theme is just Cookie’s way of impressing an investor, Mimi Whiteman (played by the brilliant Marisa Tomei), and to me, that underscores the actual importance of the concert. But I digress. This is a television drama, and a drama it shall be.
Mimi is a lesbian investor that is supposed to help Cookie, Hakeem, Andre, and Anika with the hostile takeover, so is there a better way to get into her graces than by throwing a lesbian party in Hakeem’s house and getting Anika to sleep with her? The answer is apparently no, because that’s just what they do. These people aren’t subtle.
While this is all happening, Lucious is in prison, but it’s a weird prison, because he watched the concert on a flat screen. Anyway, Frank Gathers, a cannibal drug lord — who happens to be played by Chris Rock attempting to be scary — arrives at the prison. Jermel, Cookie’s cousin, warns Lucious about him, but it appears that the two have a mutually respectful relationship. So no drama there, right?
Wrong. Chris Rock, I mean, Frank, has Cookie’s cousin beaten up in an attempt to find out how he was arrested. Jermal tells Frank that Cookie turned him in.
Carol, Cookie’s sister, tries to warn Cookie that Frank is after them because those pesky roses from the first season have been turning up. Cookie goes to talk to Carol and finds a present waiting for her. They send the kids to a different room and open the present only to find Jermal’s decapitated head in it! Cookie handles it like a boss-ass bitch and Carol sobs uncontrollably. I’m Carol in this situation. Cookie needs some help. But anyway, let’s go back a bit to the Lyon siblings.
Jamal and Hakeem are having some tension as per usual. Hakeem wants to release his album, but Jamal is not agreeing with him. And then you have Becky (Gabourey Sidibe) handling everyone’s shit as per usual. I don’t know Becky’s salary, but I do know that she doesn’t get paid enough for what she does.
Jamal meets with Lucious in the prison, and it turns out that Jamal is actually listening to his homophobic, racist father. WHY, JAMAL, WHY?!  Anyway, Lucious wants to know who the lesbian at the concert was, so I guess Jamal is off to do his father’s bidding.
Michael (Rafael de La Fuente), Jamal’s ex, also makes an appearance because apparently Jamal is supposed to be receiving an award from GLAAD. Just when you think Jamal has a heart again, he cancels on Michael and the event, and you know that the evil Lucious has gotten into his head.
Other things that happen: Andre has a nightmare about buying Vernon’s body with the pregnant Rhonda, but it looks like things are in the clear for now; and a prosecutor goes to visit Lucious to offer him a deal, but instead, he insults her character and her shoes and sends her on her way. Whatever, Lucious. You’re still a dick.
Cookie, Andre, Hakeem and Anika burst into the board room to say that they are taking over Empire thanks to the shares purchased in the morning by Mimi and that they are removing Lucious as CEO. Yay! But wait. In a backstabbing twist, it turns out that Jamal did get to Mimi. She met with Lucious and made an even better deal, so Cookie and team are left out of the loop. Somehow Lucious is able to Skype into the meeting to rub it in their faces. I really hate that man.
So after receiving that decapitated head and failing at the hostile takeover, Cookie calls the family and tells them to gather at Lucious’ house for safety and then goes to the prison to finally visit Lucious. He complains that it took her three months, but the woman was in prison for 17 years without a visit, so he can just shut his mouth. Cookie tells him that their family is in trouble because Frank is after them.
Earlier in the episode, Lucious overheard Frank’s daughter rapping in the visitor’s room, so he approaches Frank about signing her to Empire Records. Frank understands that this is about Cookie and says that any drama is between Frank and Cookie, not Frank and Lucious. Lucious says he understands, but that he loves Cookie and that if Frank has a war with Cookie, he has  a war with him. Cannibal Frank is all high and mighty and tells the other prisoners in the room to kill Lucious quickly and quietly. But manipulative Lucious has won over the men with money and promises, so Lucious tells the guys to kill Frank, but to make it long and loud. It’s kind of a badass moment, but again, Lucious is still an awful human, and I cannot support him, even if he is keeping his family safe.
Cookie arrives at the house to let the kids know everything is okay. This leads to Jamal kicking everyone out. He tells Hakeem that the album is pretty much dead, so Hakeem leaves in a huff. Cookie tries to appeal to the better nature of her son and even slaps him, but Jamal breaks her heart (and ours) when he says, “You done now, lady?”
So in summary, Cookie is still the best, we need more music in the episodes, Jamal needs to stop what he is doing and make us love him again, and Lucious is still the worst.
Also, where’s Tiana (Serayah)? We need her back ASAP.
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‘Empire’ Season 2 Premiere Recap: Photo: Chuck Hodes/Fox

Fantastic Four Review


A reboot to 2005’s cutesy attempt at a Fantastic Four franchise, Fant4stic Four is Fox Studio’s revitalization of their second Marvel property (after X-Men). There were some notable changes made in an attempt to modernize and differentiate this version of the Fantastic Four from its last films, but it still went ahead and delivered another unbelievably unnecessary origin story.

Four scientists gain unnatural powers after a botched experiment in inter-dimensional teleportation. The sponsor behind this project is the American military, and they’re none too happy about this accident. However, they figure they’ll recoup their losses, make some lemonade, and use the roasted bodies of the scientists to do it. Realizing the military applications of creating super-powered soldiers, they immediately began plans to test and experiment on the survivors: Reed Richards (Miles Teller), Ben Grimm (Jamie Bell), Sue Storm (Kate Mara), and Johnny Storm (Michael B. Jordan).  Oh, but there’s one thing: Victor Von Doom (Toby Kebbell).  He was the brainchild behind inter-dimensional teleportation. He was the only rational voice that said they should be weary of the military’s interest in their project.  And he was one of the four who actually traveled to this, ugh, second Earth? Yeah, I’ll go with that. Anyway, Doom didn’t make it back from that primordial hellscape, where some of the survivors were lightly spritzed with a taste of this power-imbuing planet’s nectar (I’m sure this is an understatement). Doom, on the other hand, was engulfed by it (now this is pretty accurate), but the government is too preoccupied to worry about those little deets, amirite? It’s not like that’s going to come back and bite them in the ass, right?
Wrong. VVD comes back with a vengeance, and now the Fantastic Four have to work together to stop him.

FF The Thing

Literally, what this movie was doing to me.

Fant4stic Four is much different from its earlier versions. Some of the things that make this film superior to Fantastic Four (2005), in my opinion, is the spot-on casting, and the darker and more serious tone. I enjoyed watching Miles Teller, Kate Mara, and Michael B. Jordan working together. They really made this experience considerably more tolerable than I’d imagine (yes, I was totally against this movie). The seriousness of this movie’s tone did not escape me, I noticed there was a hint of horror elements in there too — something you wouldn’t normally catch in today’s blockbuster superhero summer movies.  It was, er, “interesting,” I guess? It was sort of like watching The Fly, you know, because of the teleportation element, something going wrong — “ahh!,” a transformation that seemed cool at first, but was pretty messed up in hindsight.  So, as far as tone goes, it was aiming for The Dark Knight kind of feel.
But in all honesty, this film is an ungodly monstrosity that must be banished from whence it came.

I’m sorry Kate. But…

Where do I start? It’s supposed to be a superhero movie, right? With a trumpety heroic soundtrack, a fun action driven narrative that everyone can digest, something that doesn’t require that much focus — but no, this movie was emotionally draining (and not in a good way)! Fant4stic Four did some “interesting” things here, but I didn’t come for “interesting.” I came for a movie, something that has a beginning, middle, and an end, but this film avoids the most necessary of narrative guidelines. The film’s setup wears out its welcome, and then nothing really happens until the end. The majority of this movie is just watching things happen with little audience involvement. There’s barely time to care for any of the characters, and their relationships with each other.  Also, don’t let the trailer fool you. The trailer is misleading, because parts of it don’t make it into the actual movie and all the good parts have already been seen before even going into the theater. Do yourself a favor, and save your money.  Or, at least, go watch Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation or Ant-Man, if that’s still showing.
The verdict? The saving grace is the cast, but it’s just not enough to save this boring movie.  This is a glorified B-movie destined for Redbox. Sorry, folks. No bueno.
P.S. I feel bad for the cast, but I’m sure Miles Teller can act like this movie never happened.
Fantastic Four Review photos couresty of: facebook.com/fantasticfour, foxmovies.com
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New Series Line Up


It’s that time of year again where we get a sneak peek at the new shows that will be hitting our television sets. Some look good, some look awful, and some are ify. Here is a breakdown of some of the new series out this year.
First up to bat is the Muppet Show on ABC. Yes, we all knew that the show had been coming for some time. What we didn’t know was what kind of style it would be going for. Would it be like the old series? Would it be something different? Would it cater to children or be in the middle so that both adults and kids could watch the show? I don’t think anyone alive thought the series would feature a new pig girlfriend for our favorite frog while being a parody of reality TV. I’ll get my popcorn ready for the pig-on-pig throw-down that is sure to come out of this.


Fox’s New series Scream Queen ad

Fox’s Scream Queens: The series that focuses on a sorority that is being killed off by a masked figure. The girls must look into their past to find out why this red devil is out for their blood. While there may be countless great horror queens in this show, it hardly seems interesting to me. I wasn’t a fan of Black Christmas, Sorority Row 1 and 2, and other slasher films based on sorority life. I doubt I’ll be a fan of this, but if you’re into that genre of horror clichés, this is the series for you.
NBC’s Blindspot centers on a tattooed woman being found in a bag in the middle of the street with no memories of who she is or where she came from. Her tattoos are clues needed to stop crimes from happening as she and the FBI agent working with her try to figure out who she is and why she was sent to him. Also, she’s like a female Jason Bourne. She reads/speaks different languages, and can fight Matrix-style if she wanted to.
Minority Report has been made into a TV series, and it looks amazing. It will be set about 10 years after the film. It will focus on a male precog, a being that could see elements of future crimes but never the whole picture, as he helps a female cop save lives with his visions. What makes this series worth watching is that it’s set in the same world as the movie, which offered great insight into its own unique criminal world. There was removal of eyes, interesting weapons, and so on. Minority Report will have all these great toys to use and chances to focus on criminals we haven’t even dreamed about for this new world. It will air on Fox, so if you like it, watch religiously, because Fox is known to cancel a good series (Firefly, Arrested Development…) before it even has a chance to gain a footing.

CW’s new series Containment banner as seen on their official Facebook site.

For those that enjoy a good viral outbreak, there’s the CW’s Containment to look forward to. Not only is this a series about the struggle for survival, but it deals with a city on lock-down. Unlike Under the Dome, this series will look at both those inside the lock-down zone and outside of it as they struggle to deal with the virus that has no cure or survivors. Oh, and the virus seems to be passed by touch, something most humans do everyday without thinking. So, this is going to be one of those interesting shows that force you to rethink your life a bit.
NBC’s Heartbreaker focuses on a female heart surgeon, which is awesome, because there aren’t many female heart surgeons out there, both in fiction and real life. She’s strong, doesn’t take crap from anyone, and reminds me a bit of House. She’ll break the rules if needed to save lives, but she’s not a bitter, broken person. It promises to be a very powerful series. In fact, the trailer made me tear up at the end. This is a must-see for all those who love medical dramas.

ABC’s new series the Catch Banner as seen on the official Facebook page

ABC’s The Catch comes from the same woman that gave us Scandal and Grey’s Anatomy. The woman that chases down con artists and thieves finds out that the man she was going to marry has been conning her the whole time. He’s taken all her money and played her for a fool. Now this woman scorned is done playing nice and ready to get even.
NBC’s The Player  isn’t about a man sleeping with a bunch of women or any kind of rom-com. This is an action show about a guy that becomes part of a trio who gamble on crime. Wealthy people bet on if the “player,” played by Philip Winchester, can stop a given criminal. The “dealer” is tasked with aiding the player in his game. Bonus: Wesley Snipes will play the pit-boss and he looks as amazing as ever.
But if you’re looking for a comedy, NBC has People are Talking. This little comedy is about two couples from different backgrounds as they go through the struggles of life. In the opening episode, one couple hires a hot nanny who may or may not have been a porn star and deals with the awkwardness of that issue.
Fox’s Grandfathered features John Stamos as a playboy, restaurant owner who finds out he has a son (Josh Peck) and a granddaughter one day. This turns his whole life upside down, as he learns to be a father and grandfather and struggles to keep his old lifestyle, while helping his new family through life.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Banner as seen on the sites Facebook page.

CW’s new series Crazy Ex-Girlfriend pretty much speaks for itself. A woman (Rachel Bloom) sees Josh, the love of her life and her ex-boyfriend from a summer camp she went to 10 years prior, and packs up her things to move to another state, because that’s where he was moving. She has her heart set on winning him back, girlfriend or not, and has a habit of singing her thoughts/feelings. Score.
The Flash and Green Arrow create a team of superheroes to help save the world in CW’s DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow. Members of the team include, Hawkgirl, Firestorm, White Canary (formerly Black Canary), The Atom, Captain Cold and Heatwave (Yes, those bad guys are possible good guys now)  join forces to stop Savage with the help of a time traveling brit. They will travel through time, not space (this isn’t Doctor Who), to stop Savage’s evil throughout history.
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Shows That Were Gone Too Soon


Now that the season of renewals and cancellations are all but over, we took a moment to step back and recall some of our favorite shows that could have lasted a bit longer. From kick-butt action, dramas, mysteries and comedies, the shows on this list ended too soon for our comfort. To keep the list short, we excluded all animated features and any show that lasted longer than three seasons. Now, here’s our list of shows that were gone too soon.


The Cast of Veronica Mars on the series three DVD collection

Veronica Mars (2004-2007)
This series was filled with drama, both in and out of the walls of high school. Veronica was the girl that most could relate to and would love to be besties with. She was smart, bold, and could hold her own in a fight, a Nancy Drew with an edge. While the fan supported film was amazing to watch and added to this beloved cult classic, it reminded viewers of how we missed Veronica and her witty one-liners. The film left us wanting more. Let’s hope that a new series or film is in our future.
The Lying Game (2011-2013)
Lasting only two seasons, this series was like watching Days of Our Lives without the over acting. The recipe for drama is as follows: a set of twins, half-sisters and step-siblings who unknowingly start a relationship with each other, murder, and secret dating.  The last one is a guilty pleasure, but one of our favorites.
The main cast on the Second Season DVD collectionJoan Of Arcadia (2003-2005)
They say God works in mysterious ways and that has never been made clearer than with Joan Of Arcadia. Often asked to step out of her comfort zone and do things she doesn’t fully understand, Joan showed the power of goodwill and kindness within the harsh reality of the real world. For fans of the series, it is one of a kind. It created an image of God that felt real and touchable. Most religion based shows establish God as a distant being, or leave him out altogether by hinting at his/her existence. One of the major strengths in Joan was that God was real. God walked past you in the streets and God helped you without you even knowing it. There was no religion selling because God was above that. It was just about a girl who talked with God and made the world a better place little by little.
Red Band Society 2014-2015
In short Red Band Society is a drama that focused on the lives of a group of kids/teens who lived in the pediatric ward of a hospital. The outcome is something far more interesting. A show focusing on dying and death can be very moving and hard to watch, especially when young people are involved.
The 9 Lives Of Chloe King (2011)
Chloe King was like a teenage catwoman with a dash of Buffy the Vampire Slayer thrown in. Chloe is chosen to save and unite both her people and the human race. She struggles to understand her heritage and her cat like powers while trying to live a normal teenage life with her friends.

Fox’s poster for Lie to Me

Lie to Me (2009-2011)
I like to think that if you like Criminal Minds this series would have been up your alley. Lie to Me took the ideas of Paul Ekman, one the pioneers in the study of human emotions and its link to facial expression, and showed how they could be applied to crime fighting. The character of Dr. Lightman was based on Paul and his work in this fun to watch crime-drama that took an interesting look into human behavior.
Firefly (2002)
We can’t have a list of shows that ended too soon and not have Firefly on it. This space western had a very thought out cultural backstory and elements that made the series different from anything else out there. Since the show was based in the future, they created new words to mean different things and held a very blended culture. The cast was great and the episodes were well written. While fans of the series did get a movie years after the cancellation, it doesn’t change the fact that this series had years of great storylines ahead of it.
Dollhouse (2009-2010)
On the surface, Dollhouse was an action packed mystery about Echo’s past and what the Dollhouse was really there for. After a few episodes, viewers got to watch an exploration of what it meant to be a person. Are we made up of our memories? Or something that goes beyond that? Does the loss of our memories and replacement of new ones equal a kind of death? It also had heavy mortality issues and a good storyline.
Selfie (2014)
On a light hearted note, we bring you a comedy that reflects the world we live in today. We lost a bit of our social skills over the last few years and watching the main character struggle to regain them was too much to handle.
CW's Carrie Diaries adThe Carrie Diaries (2013-2014)
Ever wanted to know how Sex in the City characters found each other? Well, this show tried to answer that question and explore Carrie’s life before the city. The only problem was the show didn’t last long enough for the four famed friends to come together. It ended with Carrie and Samantha moving in together, but we wanted to see Charlotte and Miranda join the mix. We would have like to see the four of them having drinks together.
Once Upon a Time In Wonderland (2013-2014)
Once Upon a Time is a great series and its spin-off could have been just as great. While the first half did drag here and there, the second half the season picked up quickly. It was full of magic and great storylines. The cast of characters were interesting and it was easy to connect with the main heroes. Alice and the Knive had great chemistry together as did the Red Queen and Jafar. Wonderland offered fans a chance to explore new worlds and stories. It easily could have gone on for more season and explored the past of the Mad Hatter, Queen of Hearts and Cinderella’s stepsister in greater detail. While the show may have ended, at least the writers promised that these wonder-filled characters would appear in the main series. So, we may see Alice and the rest following the Knive’s lead and entering our beloved town of Storybrooke.
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Gotham Review


Even though it hadn’t aired yet, Gotham had been one of the most talked about series for the last few months. Reviews for Gotham started to appear long before the show was close to airing. It seemed that everyone had something to say about the series. Some seemed hopeful while others seemed doubtful. Many wondered how they could have a Batman series that didn’t have a Batman and wasn’t focused on how he evolved into the Dark Knight. In other words, early on fans knew that this series wasn’t going to be another Smallville. After watching the first two episodes, we feel ready to a proper Gotham review.

Speaking as one of the hopefuls, I believe that the series has started off rather well. We get to follow a young, fresh on the force Jim Gordon, but he isn’t a total green horn. We get the sense that while he is new to Gotham City’s police department he knows what he is doing. He is already a man of morals, and a hardworking officer. He is unwilling to cross that line into corruption, as seen at the end of the first episode, even when it seems his back is against the wall.

101-003-gotham-pilot-photos-lightbox-tbdGordon crosses paths with a number of beings who are down right cutthroat, or a least will become so. Fish Mooney, a character made for the series, is fun to watch. It is very possible that she will appear in the comics at some point in the near future. Penguin is kind of lovable, in a strange way. One gets a sense that he has been pushed around all his life. If this was high school, he would be eating lunch in the bathroom, dreaming about how he will show them that he’s not a nobody.

101-005-gotham-pilot-photos-lightbox-tbdFans who love nods to the comics, and foreshadowing, will love/hate moments in the show. Watching a young Catwoman steal milk, or Bruce Wayne trying to overcome fear helps to showcase how far some characters have come. Other nods will be a bit of a headache, case in point the Joker. These are of course just some of Batman’s future rogues that have appeared so far. The first episode has already sparked the debate of “Is this are Joker?” Answer: no. That man is clearly not the Joker. What adds to the mystic of the Joker is that his origin story is a mystery, and it depends on who’s telling his story. Seeing the man behind the curtain kind of ruins the image. Gotham, in keeping with the comics, will most likely have a number of people appear that could one day become the Joker. They will keep his backstory open, and unclear. It’s the only way to do the clown justice. Gotham is clearly going to be an amazing series, and if the series last long enough it will end in one of two ways. Bruce Wayne will start creating the Batcave or he will have his first Batsuit because, let’s face it, you can’t end a Batman series without having Batman appear, even if it’s just in passing.
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Utopia Review


What do you get when you mix a chef, a pastor and a doomsday prepper? That’s easy. You get one heck of a show! Fox’s Utopia gathers contestants from a wide variety of occupations who believe that their way of life is the way of life. They are separated from their family and friends, and brought to a remote location with complete strangers who range from convicts to contractors. The goal is to build the perfect society, or utopia, from scratch. “Will they choose democracy or dictatorship? Capitalism or socialism? Fidelity or free love? Which religion, if any, will prevail? Will they punish or forgive? Keep or share?” (UtopiaTV.com). These are just a handful of the difficult choices the Utopians are forced to decide on. Needless to say, there are plenty of friendships, rivalries, fights and hookups  that form along the way. What else can you expect when a group of strong-minded people with mixed backgrounds and upbringings get together?


While reality TV has become somewhat of a joke in recent years, this is unlike any show you’ve ever seen. The contestants are filmed 24 hours a day and 7 days a week (you can even watch a live feed between scheduled episodes). Utopians can be voted off and others voted in. Although it’s received mixed reviews, we here at Cliché think it has serious staying power. What’s not to love about outspoken individuals who want to restart the world with their own personal vision of a Utopia, especially when they don’t even have a formal bathroom?

Utopia Review: Feature image courtesy of UtopiaTV.com, Content photo courtesy of TheWrap.com

3 Things Every Girl Can Learn From Jessica Day


1. Look cute, feel great
It doesn’t matter the occasion, time, or company, Jessica Day’s appearance is always top-notch. From her cute-chic teacher apparel, to her care-free skirt and flat combos, Jess knows how to make a statement. This style-savvy girl won’t even let a night pass without buttoning up a pair of pinstriped flannels. What can we learn from Jess’s consistent, modestly revealing wardrobe? Always dress to impress, wear your quirks confidently, and give your style a personal touch.
2.Don’t sweat the small stuff
If you know Jess, you know her to be a magnet for trouble. In her day-to-day life, this girl battles problems large and small, making her a pro at navigating whatever trial comes her way. From fending off creepy love interests, to tolerating 3 male room mates, to managing a classroom full of high energy elementary students – our Jess is the Jackie Chan in the duel we call life. What to take away from her capable stride? Keep your head above the water and be willing to improvise when situations get squishy – flexibility is key to enjoying life, despite it’s ups and downs.

3. See the best in others
Finally, one of Jess’s greatest qualities is unconditional love. This superstar forgives time and time again, making her the most trustworthy of friends. Although living with three strong male personalities would cause some women to hide, from the start Jess embraces each one of her loft-mates with open arms. Not only is Jess willing to look past one’s faults, she is set on helping others grow to their full potential. What can we learn from Jess’s big heart? Understand that we all make mistakes, and the only way to build a relationship is by walking alongside someone through thick and thin – smiles and tears included!
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