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Spring Accessories to Amp Up Your Style


Spring is finally here, and in celebration of the warmer weather, we are bringing you the pieces you need to have in your wardrobe this season. While I am definitely not a proponent of replacing your entire wardrobe each season with the latest and greatest items, there is no harm in investing in accessories that will uplift your look—and these will certainly do the trick. 

Colorful Bags
While color returns in full force to our spring wardrobe, it always comes packaged just a little bit differently. This year, it’s all about the bag. In addition to bold colors, this season’s bags will feature some interesting shapes. From slouchy shapes to more structured aesthetics, nothing is off limits this season. Runway shows like Fendi, Marni, Proenza Schouler, Prada, and Dior, just to name a few, are good references as we curate our wish lists.

Photo Courtesy of Fendi

Photo Courtesy of Fendi

Trendy Shoes
For those who aren’t quite ready to show off their toes that have been hiding all winter long, it’s time to invest in a seriously stylish pair of flats. While the flat is the usual go-to shoe for spring, every season we search for deviations of the classic cut. The ease of beauty and comfort is sometimes hard to master, but these Free People loafers are the perfect combination. Pair these with jeans or work slacks for a casual or more professional interpretation.

Photo Courtesy of FreePeople

Baseball Caps
Baseball caps emerged in full force this past winter with funny catch phrases on the front, but they are not just meant as comedic items. They have transitioned into a spring fashion staple. You can find solid polyester ones like this one from ASOS, or you can wear one that’s more colorful. When the sun comes out to play, we need to have some protection, and these hats are the answer. The best thing about this emerging trend is you can always play the retro or vintage card and pull out your parents’ old sports caps, thus recycling fashions, making an old a new.   

Photo Courtesy of ASOS

Chunky Earrings
While statement jewelry has been a term in fashion for years, most often what we turn to is a collar necklace or a piece with a larger plate. Another way we would rock some statement jewelry is bangles or stackable bracelets. But this spring, it is all about the earring. Light and large, they are artistic pieces reminding us of sculptures and statues. With minimal makeup and a bare chest, these items make the look come alive. While still gaudy in nature, they are almost minimalist, not calling for any other pieces around it to distract from its presence.
Photo Courtesy of LorenHope

Photo Courtesy of LorenHope

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Spring Accessories to Amp Up Your Style: Photograph courtesy of ASOS

Trend Alert: Chokers Are Making a Comeback


We can thank 2015 for the resurgence of 90’s grunge. I own at least ten different flannels which, you know, I naturally tie around my waist. Oh, yes. It was so nice to see items from my childhood come back into my life. Ridiculously heavy or high platforms, acceptable bare midriffs and we can’t forget… chokers! My go-to choice was always the tattoo choker. However, since the world we live in is all about standing out with that big statement piece, the fashion industry decided to change it up and pay homage to the long history of chokers.
Hate to say it but chokers have been around for quite sometime. I’m talking about as far back as the 1800s! ‘90s weren’t trendsetters. It just so happened, history was repeating itself and evidently, it’s doing it again. You may be like me taking baby steps into the choker-mania, as I call it. But, if you’re a bold, fierce fashionista – that I suspect most of our readers are – here are some chokers you can opt for instead! BY ASHLEY BULAYO


Buy the Monica Sordo Daphnis Choker at Fivestory for $850

Buy the Monica Sordo Daphnis Choker at Fivestory for $850

Buy the Black Feliz Choker at Cult Gaia for $120

Buy the Black Feliz Choker at Cult Gaia for $120


Buy the Quickly Aloft Black and Silver Choker Necklace at LuLu*s for $12

Buy the Aris Lace Choker at Free People for $28

Buy the Aris Lace Choker at Free People for $28

Buy the BALENCIAGA Tri-Bow Choker at Barneys for $289

Tri-Bow Choker at Barneys for $289

Be simple. Be bold. Whatever choker you choose to wear or not, do whatever feels natural to you! No one is saying you have to go out with a full on metal piece on your neck if you feel super uncomfortable.
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Photograph courtesy of Cam Jewelry, Fivestory, Cult Gaia, LuLu*s, Free People and Barneys New York

Summer Hair: Headwraps


The summertime is a season that many of us have been counting down the days until for many reason. It is filled with vacations of paradise, road trips, visits to see friends or families, days to ourselves, and spontaneous happenings. Throughout all of these momentous events, our hair is one situation we can either embrace or let loose. The summer elements of humidity and heat are our hair’s two worst enemies that are in constant battle. Luckily, there is one hair saviour that always has our backs: a headwrap! Headwraps have always been my secret hair go-to on rainy days, bad hair days, and those I-don’t-want-to-do-my-hair days. With summer now in session, I’m extremely happy to share them as a summer hair go-to for all of you gals and your manes out there.

Free People

Spacedye Yoga Headband $14, www.freepeople.com


Cara ‘Pretty Flower Crown’ Head Wrap $15.60, www.shop.nordstrom.com

Whether you’re heading out to the beach, a family event, a concert, or a day out shopping, headwraps are completely versatile and can fit any occasion. They come in a variety of fabrics, prints, embellishments, and designs; what could be better? You can style them into numerous looks as well! Is your hair up in a messy bun? Just wrap this piece around it for some extra detail. Wearing your mane loose?  Use this hair piece the traditional way by just shimmying it over your head. Want something new? Create a faux bob by tucking your long pieces of hair into the headwrap and then securing it with bobby pins. The styles are endless with headwraps, and they work for every type of hair out there—curly, straight, or in-between. My favorite summer go-to look with a headwrap includes a top knot, with a few locks out of place, and the headwrap twisted around ready for display. It’s the perfect way to get anything done or have fun without my hair getting in the way or making me hot. Talk about a perfect summer go-to!


Rhinestoned Front Print Headband $7.90, www.forever21.com


With Love From CA Flower Crown $14.95, www.pacsun.com

Headwraps are a definite must this summer, and there are countless numbers on sale for anyone to grab. Snag your own today and share with us your favorite way to style it via our beauty Twitter handle, @ClicheMagBeauty! We can’t wait to see your fabulous looks with these awesome summer headwraps.
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Summer Hair: Headwraps: Featured image photo credit to www.daisynatives.com (Melina Front Tie Headwrap $18). Photo credit to www.freepeople.comwww.shop.nordstrom.comwww.forever21.com, and  www.pacsun.com