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The Daring Hair Color Trend


We’re bringing electrifying colors and whimsical color combinations to you with a whole new element: your hair! Lately, locks have been showcasing much more intense, pigmented, and fearless shades in the color wheel that we at Cliché are totally in love with. Some of our favorite colored-hair muses include model Irene Kim, who is notorious ...

Beauty Crushes


Beauty brands are notorious for launching new products each and every month. Amongst the hundreds of liners, lippies, blushes, bronzers, and other cosmetics, there are a few that have captured my beauty heart. Here are a few fabulous products of the moment that I have been crushing on and using like no tomorrow. Trust me, ...

Staff Beauty Picks


Here at Cliché, we have a tiny obsession with all things beauty. Okay, it’s more like a serious addiction. And while I might be the resident beauty junkie, I love getting cosmetic tips from my trusted colleagues. And let me tell you, they sure know their stuff when it comes to beauty and cosmetics. Below ...

DIY Highlights


DIY Highlights  Are you dying to shed your winter hair color for something much lighter? Our beautiful locks tend to turn naturally lighter in the summer anyway, but there is no harm in rushing the process. Just by adding highlights to your hair you can easily change your look, which will have you looking fabulous all ...