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Why We Love Foot Cardigan


Here at Cliché, it’s safe to say that we all are a little subscription box obsessed. From Glossybox to Rocksbox, if it includes sweet goods that’ll get delivered to us on a monthly basis for an affordable price we’re all over it. Can you even blame us? Raise your hand if you’re just as crazed as us! Don’t worry—we’re all in the same boat here. So who would it hurt (Besides our wallets, but with the quality items you get for the price that can be overlooked!) if we shared with all of you another subscription box service you’d love to subscribe to.

5 Gift Ideas for Music Lovers


Statistics show that 97% of all humans consider themselves to be music lovers, and sociologists have proclaimed the remaining 3% as “deviant from the norm.” Before you go ahead and Google the accuracy of this research study, I’ll admit that I made it up. But I totally got you for a second there, didn’t I? ...

Scentbird Designer Fragrances


All of us have a bit of a perfume connoisseur within us. The amount of scents out there are literally endless. Now if only the amount of dollar signs in our bank accounts was too! I’m the first to say that some perfumes out there aren’t always the most affordable. The higher quality of a ...

10 Must-Have Mother’s Day Gifts


©Tim VanBurgen Mothers are amazing. They bring us into this world and give us unconditional love, wipe away our tears, kiss our boo-boos, and comfort us when we're afraid. Mom is so awesome that she will always tell you that your love is all she needs. Along with our undying love for Mom, it's cool ...

Yiftee Gifting


Treating your friends and family just got a whole lot easier thanks to Yiftee, an online gifting service that sends real gifts via email, text, or even Facebook posts. The best part? It only takes two minutes or less to select and send a gift to that special someone. After being notified, giftees can pick ...

The Glamour Guide to Gift Giving


(c) Peter Chee The crisp, cold air, the smell of your gingerbread latte, and the jingle bell rock tunes in the air... yes, it is Christmas time! As we approach the holiday season, we are faced with the daunting tasks of which holiday parties to attend, what party dress to wear, what shade of lipstick ...

His & Hers: Christmas Gift Ideas


It’s that time of the year again when we scrambling into stores, searching for that perfect gift for those who made it onto our “nice” list. While walking into stores, be prepared to get ambushed by multi-colored tinsel, ornaments, string lights, and jolly Christmas music. All these things can throw us off of our game, ...

Our Latest Issue

Covers: Jade Chynoweth & Ciara Riley Wilson
Inside, cover star Parker McKenna Posey talks being a child actor, her role on Games People Play, and more; cover star Baby Ariel discusses her music, acting, and her anti-bullying activism; actress Sharon Blynn talks beating cancer and empowering women through her foundation; we chat with actress Tasya Teles about her role on The 100; and much more!