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Top 5 Binge-Worthy Shows to Get You Through Quarantine


For most of us, the last few weeks have consisted of adjusting to the new normal of social distancing and quarantine. While staying informed by the news is important, it can be easy to succumb to the 24-hour news cycle and allow it to drain us. We all need a good distraction, now more than ever. With all live sports and movie theaters on pause, entertainment streaming services have become our new best friend. We’ve compiled a list of our Top 5 Binge-Worthy shows to Get You Through Quarantine. 

#1. Starting off the list we have the most talked about series right now, Netflix’s Tiger King. Whether you are sick of hearing your friends talk about it or have it saved to your must watch list, Tiger King is the ultimate quarantine binge. It gives a wild look into the dangerously competitive nature of big cat breeding and introduces the world to some of the most eccentric characters you could possibly imagine. We can assure you that you will experience almost every emotion while watching the 7 episodes of Tiger King and we know you won’t regret it. Happy watching, all you cool cats and kittens!

#2 Another Netflix favorite that we must include is Love is Blind. If you enjoy shows like The Bachelor or any reality television for that matter you will be obsessed with Love is Blind. This show tries to answer the age old question of whether or not love truly is blind through a social experiment. Single men and women must try and find their true love, and get engaged before ever seeing each other. They must solely rely on the emotional connection they form through ‘blind dates’. We follow the couples right up to their wedding day and get to see whether the experiment worked or failed. Trust us, this is a must-watch! You will fall in love with some of these couples! This show is perfect for some laughs, some happy tears, and some absolute WTF moments. Enjoy!



#3. Coming in our third spot we have an oldie but a goodie. If you need a show to watch with your parents or siblings that will boost your mood and give you a laugh, we recommend Gilmore Girls on Netflix. The story of our favorite mother-daughter duo, Lorelai and Rory Gilmore, and all of their lovable family and friends is the best kind of escape from the day. If you haven’t seen this show yet, be prepared to want to hug your friends and family, but remember, we still need to be socially distant!! Enjoy your trip to Stars Hollow!


#4. In our fourth spot we have an ultimate favorite, Fleabag. This show may not be one to watch with Mom and Dad but if you need a good laugh or a serious pick-me-up this is your show. From the brilliant mind of Phoebe Waller-Bridge we are introduced to a flawed but self-aware woman who navigates the struggles of owning a small business, maintaining her awkward familial relationships while also having quite a colorful personal life. The unfiltered and raunchy comedy is unlike any other. Use that Amazon Prime membership and binge this show, you won’t regret it!

#5. Finishing out our list we have one of Hulu’s best, Ramy. This show is one of the most unique stories being told. A story not often told of a first-generation Egyptian-American guy from New Jersey named Ramy who is finding his way in life through his own spiritual journey. This show is hilarious but also present and grounded in a reality that so many people go through. Discovering yourself through your faith while also being an average American millennial is a combination that describes many people. Ramy tells his story through an honest, realistic, and comedic lens. This show will teach you a new perspective on life that you may be unfamiliar with and will make you laugh in the process. Enjoy! 

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Does Netflix Have More ‘Gilmore Girls’ in the Works?


Last November, Netflix dropped viewers back into the quirky little town of Stars Hollow and the lives of our beloved Gilmore Girls, Lorelai and Rory (Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel). In the much-anticipated revival, Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, fans were given another chance to live vicariously through the fast-talking mother-daughter duo and the crazy antics of the world they live in.

Image courtesy of Netflix

Following the release of the revival episodes, Netflix tweeted a cryptic photo that brought us back to April Nardini’s science fair project and begged the question of who exactly is the father of Rory Gilmore’s future child.
This tweet already had fans questioning whether it was simply Netflix trying to be funny or a subtle hint at another “Year in the Life” to come. Recently however, Netflix has released even more information that has us all squealing. Netflix Chief Content Officer, Ted Sarandos, told the Press Association earlier this month that there are talks of more seasons in the Gilmore’s future.
“We obviously loved the success of the show and fans loved how well it was done,” Sarandos said. “It delivered what they’d hoped…people were really excited about more and we have been talking to [Creators Amy Sherman-Palladino and Daniel Palladino] about the possibility of that.”
Back in December, closely following the release of the revival, Sherman-Palladino stated that she and her husband “pitched this as ‘This is a year in the life’. This is the way it was ending.” However, the two were not opposed to the idea of more in the future.
Many cast members agree on this notion. Kelly Bishop, who played the feisty Emily Gilmore, said that she would “work with Amy any time” and Scott Patterson also stated that “it’d be nice to do every year.”
Many of the characters have moved on to their own post-Gilmore Girls projects but we’re sure they could squeeze in a vacation to our favorite Connecticut town.

Image courtesy of IndieWire

Milo Ventimiglia, who is now starring in the NBC hit show ‘This is Us,’ is the only cast member so far who has stated opposition to more in the series saying, “I think the stories were told…it was great for the fans to get just one small taste of that world again.” With this statement, it is safe to say we can rule Jess out as Rory’s baby daddy.
Though Sarandos called the talks of another season “very preliminary” the cliffhanger “A Year in the Life” left us on, it seems like the Palladinos may have something cooking up for us in the future. We shall see what they have in store for us, however, with the release of these statements we can’t help but begin to count our chickens!
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Does Netflix Have More ‘Gilmore Girls’ in the Works? Image courtesy of Yahoo/Netflix. 

Why The Gilmore Girls Reboot Should Be #1 On Your Netflix Queue


I vividly remember the moment that Gilmore Girls ended.

It was spring of 2007 and Samantha’s living room was cluttered with a scattering of used tissues, empty take-out containers, and pairs of mothers and daughters with red-rimmed eyes. For those 42 minutes, the room, tucked away in a small Connecticut town much like our beloved Stars Hollow, remained completely silent. Well, silent apart from the rapid-fire dialogue and infamous ‘La La’s bellowing from the TV in front of us one final time.
As that crane shot pulled away from Luke’s Diner and the screen faded to black, I couldn’t comprehend it. I knew all things had to end at some point, but as the living room re-awoke, I couldn’t find the words. Emma was the first to break the silence, uttering a simple, slightly cracked: “that’s it?”
That was really it.
No more Lorelai. No more Rory. No more crazy Kirk or overzealous Paris Geller. It was the first of many TV-related heartbreaks that I’ve since experienced over the past nine years.
Gilmore Girls was the first show I fell head over heels for. The love affair started one particularly brisk snow day in sixth grade. My mom and I had burrowed ourselves into her bed, armed with hot chocolate and freshly baked cookies, and watched the entire first season on box set — an impulse purchase from FYE the week before. I guess Lorelai was right: magical things do happen when it snows.
Gilmore Girls
That Hanukkah, Mom got me the next four seasons. Although, realistically, the present was as equally for her as it was for me. Together, we powered through five seasons ahead of the season six premiere, binge-watching like champs before binge-watching was even a thing.
As I made my way through high school and then college, Gilmore Girls became a staple in my life, a show I’d always go back to when I needed something familiar or a new perspective on a situation. I swear, there is a Gilmore Girls episode for everything in life if you look deep enough.
What I always loved about this show, aside from the pop culture references, quick-fire jokes, and natural chemistry between the cast, was that the characters weren’t perfect. All three leading ladies are extremely flawed, but you love them anyway. Yes, Rory is spoiled and at times entitled (and at 32, still is), but she’s also ambitious, a hard worker, and a go-getter. Instead of making her idealistic, she feels real. That’s probably why I’ve spent my life unintentionally emulating her fictional one–both in her successes and in her mistakes. Well, aside from stealing a yacht; I never did that.
More than that though, the moments that have stuck with me (and have also become ingrained in collective pop culture history) aren’t an assortment of big, overly dramatic situations, but rather small, human, flashes that are so relatable you can’t help but laugh or cry along with them — “I’m ready to wallow now,” anyone?
So, in January 2016 when Netflix officially announced Gilmore Girls was coming back for the revival, it’s safe to say I had a little bit of a moment. And by a little bit of a moment, I mean I texted my roommate not to be alarmed if she walks in and finds me in the fetal position “because Gilmore Girls is being resurrected.” Then, I proceeded to cry into the rice pilaf I had been making before I heard the news.

What I always loved about this show, aside from the pop culture references, quick-fire jokes, and natural chemistry between the cast, was that the characters weren’t perfect.

The next 11 months felt like nothing but a countdown to the moment I would look on Netflix and see ‘New Episodes’  under the Gilmore Girls picture. When the day finally came, my mom and I took our seats on the couch, shunned my dad and brother (who had been home for two days from college) from entering the living room, and forbid them from speaking in any audible tone. Then, we took our trip back to Stars Hollow.  
Winter, the first of the four 90-minute episodes, opens with an audio collection of best moments and greatest lines over the names of the core cast. Then, came the ‘La La’s’ which lead into the Stars Hollow sign and a happy Lorelai sitting on the town’s beloved gazebo surrounded by snow, waiting for Rory. I’ll admit, the first 15 minutes or so are a bit rough as the cast finds their footing again. But, as you reach the 20-minute mark, all the awkwardness disappears and we’re back in their world, and being introduced to Paul, Rory’s nice, considerate, but forgettable boyfriend who becomes a running joke throughout all four episodes. Of course, this was a shock to many fans, myself included, as no one could picture Rory with anyone besides from Dean, Jess, or Logan. Which, *spoiler* given her controversial affair with Logan, I guess she also agrees with.
In comparison to other revivals of beloved shows like Full House or Boy Meets World, the focus isn’t on nostalgia. There’s no throw in of random catch phrases and limited reminiscing on the old series; the fully formed world is enough of a satisfying callback and, thankfully, the writers realized that. It feels like we just picked up where we left off, as if these people didn’t lay idle in the imaginary land where characters go when their shows are canceled but rather, continued on with their lives and we’re just catching up to them now.
Unlike that time the writers of Girl Meets World tried to make Topanga Lawrence own a bakery (as if that would have fulfilled her), the characters’ positions nine years later make total sense to who they were. For example, Paris, who was famously pre-med but terrified of sick people, now owns and runs a successful fertility and surrogacy clinic. Or, Logan for instance, has given up his spoiled rich boy antics and joined the family business, which again, makes total sense for his pre-established trajectory. Although a self-proclaimed sell-out, which acts as an evident parallel to Rory’s father Christopher, he’s still the loveable, selfish, and spoiled party boy he always was. As for Kirk? He’s still… as unique as ever.
The revival goes deeper than the original series ever did, which probably connects to how television has evolved with streaming services and the monumental budget this was given. Everything we loved about the original is bigger; the funny moments are laugh-out-loud funny and the sad moments are gut-wrenching. It reminded me time and time again why I loved these characters so much.
While the entire four episodes neared perfection, there were a couple things I could have done without. For one, that stupid ‘Stars Hollow Musical.’ While the moment in Summer where Lorelai breaks down to a song called ‘Unbreakable’ from said musical was beautiful, the fifteen minutes prior that was dedicated to it was a waste of screen time. With only six hours to spend with the characters so many loved, most of that musical time should have been dedicated to another moment between say, Jess and Luke or Lane and Rory.
On top of that, while I loved Emily’s transformation through the grieving process following Richard’s death and her reconnection with Lorelai, I just don’t know if I can really see her giving up her lifestyle of 50 years in Hartford society to become a tour guide in a whale museum. Has she ever mentioned a love of aquatic life before? I mean, hey, it is a total departure from everything she’s known and that’s an exciting new adventure she can go on, but I don’t know… whales?
As for that ending? Sure, a lot of fans were mad but honestly, I’m on board with it.
Beware, MAJOR spoilers ahead.
Amy Sherman-Palladino, the mastermind behind this masterpiece, has famously been holding on to the “last four words” since the show’s conception. At the conclusion of Fall, we finally heard them: Rory’s pregnant. And, chances are it’s Logan’s.
I think that that is the most perfect ending we could have hoped for. It leaves room for there to be more should Netflix, the cast, and the writers see fit. But, it also acts as the closure to one rotation of life cycle and leaves their world, again, able to continue on without us.
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