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Prairie Organic Spirits


It’s that time of the year again, and what’s a party without some festive holiday beverages? Allow me to introduce you to Prairie Organic Spirits, a certified organic spirits company whose beverages are made from organically-grown corn on prairie farms in the Midwest. What makes Prairie Spirits special is that the corn is grown by three family farms in Minnesota: John Sather and his family own Sather Organic Farms; Marvin Boike, his son, and his son-in-law own Little Big Man Organic Farms; and Jonathan and Carolyn Olson own Olson Organics.

I received a bottle of Prairie Organic Gin, Prairie Organic Vodka, and Prairie Organic Cucumber-flavored Vodka. I’m not much of a hard alcohol drinker, so I really like how smooth all of the drinks tasted. The Prairie Organic Cucumber-flavored Vodka was my favorite because I liked the refreshing and crisp taste of the cucumber. I made it into a festive cranberry mojito and thought it went well with the fresh cranberries and mint leaves. I used the Prairie Organic Vodka for a classic screwdriver and the Prairie Organic Gin for a gin and tonic. Prairie Organic Spirits make a great gift this holiday season, and if anyone asks what the company is about, just tell them that their name says it all. To learn more, check out prairievodka.com. And remember: drink responsibly!

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