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Fashion Meets Street Art


Every weekend the Wynwood Art District comes alive with street artists painting on anything that is not moving, and people gathering around to see and be seen, all part of Miami’s hip urbanization.  Photographer Terry Check and cover model Iryna Storozhuk take to the streets where fashion and street art come together. MUA and Hair: ...

Art Bigger Than Life


Terry Check and Eduardo Kobra Art Bigger Than Life Whether traveling to New York, Moscow, or Los Angeles, pedestrians take notice of huge wall murals painted on predominant buildings, deemed artwork for the public. Portraits bigger than life with colorful spectrums and nostalgic reverence bare his signature. The extraordinary artist is Eduardo Kobra. Most people simply ...

Do You Have Art Displayed in Your Heart?


Pouring your heart out it is usually done when you love a person, place or thing to death, but just like anything else there is an art to pouring your heart out so that it doesn't spill all over the place and miss your target completely. On June 21st, a rising street artist from Jersey ...