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How Can You Live a More Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Life?


Have you ever thought about how you can live a more eco-friendly and sustainable life?  Most of us have….at least subliminally that is.  Almost everywhere you go we see new ads for electric cars or hear politicians talk about sustainable energy.  It’s no secret that we as a species have caused massive amounts of damage to the planet that we live on. And in recent years, more issues are coming to light which force us to really evaluate our lifestyles and make changes for the better. When it comes to saving the planet, it absolutely has to be a joint effort with each person taking responsibility for the waste they produce- here’s how you can make changes to your own life.

Make changes to your home

It’s possible to make huge, positive changes and reduce your carbon footprint in a big way without even leaving the house. Simply make changes here and you have piece of mind that you’re really doing your bit. First of all, if you own your home and are able and willing to make bigger changes that involve spending money, consider cavity wall and loft insulation, as well as having new windows fitted. These changes will mean your home is more energy efficient, it will stay warmer in winter where less heat is escaping, and cooler in summer since the sun’s rays aren’t penetrating through as easily. This means you’re running your air conditioner and your central heating less, using less energy (which often comes from fossil fuels).

Other ways you can be more eco-friendly at home is by using less water- and there are a number of ways you can do this. Switch to showers instead of having baths, at least some of the time. Turn the tap off while you’re brushing your teeth, and buy a rainwater storage container to catch rain which you can then use to water your garden during drier times, rather than using the hose. When water goes down the drain, it eventually ends up back in treatment plants to be cleaned ready to be used again, and it’s this treatment process which is bad for the

environment as it’s generally powered using fossil fuels. Simple changes you can make involve using thermal blinds to keep the home cool in summer, drought excluders in winter, and setting up a compost area in your garden. Composting is great as it reduces the amount of waste you’re sending to landfills and incinerators.

Consider what you’re buying

We are all products of massive consumption, due to media and advertising we are taught that buying makes us happy and there are all kinds of things that we should or need to buy (even if it’s not true). The sad fact is, much of what we buy ends up thrown away shortly after, and ends up in landfills which pollute the ground or incinerators which pollute the air. Making more conscious decisions about what we buy can help us to live more eco-friendly lives. Don’t just buy for the sake of it, weigh up every purchase carefully (this will save you money too!) Consider the companies and brands you’re buying from, ideally, choose eco-friendly and sustainable brands where possible as these will already be having less impact on the environment with the products they make.

When you no longer need items, get rid of them responsibly. One way of doing this is by using a rubbish clearance service which will help remove items you no longer need. Always opt for reusables rather than disposable products like LastSwab which is a sustainable alternative to cotton swabs. You can use them about 1000 times besides you will reduce harmful waste impacting our planet.  Consider donating to charity where they can be reused, or give them to friends and family who might want them. Facebook marketplace is fantastic for giving away things like furniture, people on lower incomes benefit as they get items for free or cheap and you have peace of mind that you’re not just sending perfectly good items to the skip. Even things like clothes that aren’t good enough to be resold can be recycled and sent overseas where the fabrics are used again. Think carefully before throwing things in the bin just because you no longer need them. There are also efforts to reduce carbon emission through the introduction of electric cars. Furthermore, electric vehicles have inspired debate as to whether they emit fewer carbon emissions than gas-powered automobiles. Nonetheless, this Dcbel article addresses the myths surrounding this argument and sets the record straight. 

Think about the ways you travel

The way we all get around contributes massively to global warming and pollution, and again it’s about each of us doing our bit. If you’re guilty of driving everywhere, could you walk or cycle shorter journeys? As well as benefiting the environment your waistline and wallet will also thank you. Could you set up a carpool scheme for your workplace, or make more trips using public transport? There are more cars on the road than ever before, and driving is something that many of us take for granted. We’ve all done it, jumped in the car to drive to the shop around the corner or to the postbox when we could easily walk in five minutes. Be more mindful, if each of us take even small steps to minimize the damage we do then it can all add up in a really big way. Unfortunately, it’s not possible for many of us to stop driving completely, if you work a long way from home or have a busy schedule and have lots of places you need to be with kids and family then a car is your lifeline. But there are almost certainly occasions you could skip the car and take your bike or go for a nice stroll instead. 

Learn more about the subject

Learning more about the environment is a great way to understand the damage we cause as a species and therefore how we can minimise it. From short courses to full environmental science qualifications from institutes like the University of Nevada-Reno, there are lots of ways we can all educate ourselves. Even just casual learning such as reading articles and watching Youtube videos provides us with fast, free knowledge which we can then use to make positive changes. Knowledge really is power, and finding out what the issues we currently face when it comes to the environment are important, as we can then take preventative steps. 

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Images provided by Flickr, Unsplash, Pexels & Pixabay

How To Look Glamorous in Green on St. Patrick’s Day


“For the whole world is Irish on the Seventeenth o’ March!” — Thomas Augustine Daly

March 17 isn’t just a day where the Irish honor St. Patrick, the foremost patron of Ireland, it’s also a day where other cultures show appreciation for the Irish holiday by wearing green. Green symbolizes money, shamrocks, and leprechauns in the Irish folklore. Whether you’re wearing green to honor St. Patrick, or to simply show appreciation for the Irish culture, here are fashion pieces to look glamorous while you’re out celebrating!

Connemara Marble Shamrock Bead Bracelet, $49.95. Courtesy of TheIrishStore.

Where’s me lucky charms? Accessorize with charm bracelets – get into the St. Patrick’s Day spirit with shamrocks or cute treasure charms. Don’t limit yourself to shamrocks, Celtic charms make a great statement too.

Luxurious Wool & Cashmere Irish Cape, $259.95. Courtesy of TheIrishStore.

Luxury of the Irish
This may be costly, but if you want to wear traditional Irish clothing, style yourself in a luxurious wool and cashmere Irish cape. You can also add a shawl!

Elegant Green Belted Sleeveless Wide Leg Casual V Neck Jumpsuit, $28.00. Courtesy of FadCover.

All Green Everything
If green happens to be your favorite color, why not wear all green everything on St. Patty’s Day? Here are a couple ways to wear all green without doing too much. Jumpsuits are a great way to pull off all-green.

Women’s High Waisted Wool Check Print Plaid A-line Skirt, $22.79. Courtesy of BeautifulHalo.

Get in the Irish spirit with wearing skirts that resemble kilts. Wearing plaid A-line skirts can pull off this look. There are many colors, but we’d go with green for St. Patrick’s Day.

St. Patricks Day Dress, $44.99. Courtesy of Etsy

Shamrock On. 
Make a bold St. Patrick’s Day statement with this bright green dress with its asymmetrical shamrock patterns.

Green Detachable Bow Embellishment High Heeled Pumps, $36.99. Courtesy of Choies

Lucky Night Out
If you plan on going to nightlife events, these dark green heels will have you looking classy and sexy.
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How To Look Glamorous in Green on St. Patrick’s Day. Image courtesy of Eventbrite.com

Trend Alert: Wood Details


We are dancing with spring fever here at Cliché as we prepare for our long awaited time away (a.k.a spring break!). One item we’re ecstatic to add to our wardrobe accessories is a travel must-have: sunglasses, specifically Woodzee sunglasses. Woodzee, a business equally committed to providing quality products priced for everyone to enjoy while promoting a healthier relationship between humankind and nature, is a company we love and proudly support. Join the movement of 2016 for a cleaner, brighter, and healthier planet by creating your best memories this spring break by rocking Woodzee’s wood details and of course being the fashionista you are by setting the mark for what’s trending across social media platforms.
Woodzee’s collection of sunglasses consists of beautifully-constructed pieces created from natural and renewable resources. Founded in June 2011 in the City of Trees in Chico, California, Woodzee began a business centered on eco-packaging, which constructs their packages in a triangular shape to minimize the amount of paper and maximizes the strength of the package. You can also recycle their products, which allows you to change your style and retire items as little or often as you’d like by sending them back (Hint, hint: If you recycle their products, Woodzee provides 40% off your next product and 10% off your first purchase. How sweet is that?)  To shop Woodzee’s page, check out their various selections starting with everything from new items, to men and women’s sunglasses, to specific styles and prescription eyewear, to wooden accessories, and new products on sale.
Woodzee February 2015
Some of our favorites products include the Olivia Pear Wood White Dip Sunglasses, retailing for $100. These shades give a feminine touch with the classic oblong cat-eye and on-trend industrial wood accent. There’s no question this piece will be a definite conversation starter no matter where you’re headed on spring break.
Woodzee February 2015 (2)
Meanwhile, these stunners – Cara White Walnut Wood Sunglasses, retailing for $100 – go with just about anything while incorporating those modern edges straight off the runway.
Featured Image (2)
Lastly, these  Palm Black Bamboo shades are sure to create jealousy amongst your lady friends. These sunglasses retail for $120 and are perfect for those days you can’t decide between your minimal, cool Ray Bans or laid-back, chill Aviators; why choose when you can have both?
For more wood-erful pictures and updates, check out Woodzee’s Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and Tumblr, and feel free to reach out to them with comments, questions, or even an awesome story. Trust us, you’d make their day.
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Trend Alert: Wood Details: Photos Courtesy of Woodzee

How to Wear Colorful Eye Shadows and Eyeliners


Last spring’s beauty trends involved gorgeous and delicate pastels, but this spring we’ve opted for a little more oomph. We’ve incorporated three vivacious colors – greens, blues, and purples – to show you how to wear these colorful eye shadows, eyeliners, and eye shadow sticks. We recommend Clinique’s Chubby Stick Shadow Tint for Eyes or Rimmel Scandaleyes Shadow Stick because these beauty products work as wonderful multitaskers.
The eye shadow stick works as well as eye shadow primer because its formula allows the eye shadow to adhere better to your lids while intensifying the color of your choice.
Fashion Gone RogueAlthough the eye shadow stick works the same as powder eye shadow, they differ in how the product is applied. For instance, the eye shadow stick is quick and easy to use as you swipe the product over each lid. If necessary, use a blending brush to help distribute the color more evenly or neatly. Pick any of the three spring colors to add a beautiful brightness to your face while also creating a breathtaking appearance.
For another popular but more subtle look, keep your eyelids bare while adding a pop of color (or all three) to the inner corner of your eyes – adding nothing else but mascara (although it can be done with a cat eye if you so choose). This style is striking and beautiful but most of all unsuspecting.
Lastly, despite the eye shadow stick having a thicker tip, it can still be used in the same way as a regular eyeliner crayon or pencil. A thicker line with colorful eyeliner is a unique and distinctive combination, so you might as well dare to be bold with a strong cat eye, winged-eye, or graphic eye.
eyes-cat-makeup-for-women-2014 (edited)
In case the eye shadow stick is not for you, these stunning makeup ideas can still be achieved with your typical powder eye shadow or basic eyeliner. Alternate suggestions for this look include: Stila ‘Stay All Day’ Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner, Pop Beauty Eyeliner Pencil, and Morphe Individual Eye Shadow.
We encourage you to try these gorgeous colors because they’re invigorating, upbeat, and it’s time to break out and enjoy spring!
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How to Wear Colorful Eye Shadows and Eyeliners: Photo Credit to Sonny Vandevelde/Indigitalimages.com, Preen.Me, Fashion Gone Rogue

Dying For Some Fun This Saint Patrick’s Day?


Are you dying for some fun this Saint Patrick’s Day? We figured we’d start you off with some cool and edgy beauty ideas! After all, we imagine you’ll be spending the day taking lots of pictures, so we want your look to be as memorable as the fun you have for the holiday!
From our favorite celebrities to our friends, unnatural hair colors have become a crazy but fun phenomenon for quite some time now. We thought this holiday might be an exciting time to join in on this trend, and here are two options to choose from.

Amethyst Skye Salon.com - Green Colored Ombre

Green Colored Ombre

For those wanting to switch up their mane without the semi-permanence, hair chalk is a fantastic idea. You can either color in a strand of hair or do the whole bottom half of your tresses, which would create the popular two-tone style. Enchanting pastel greens may be more flattering on lighter hair tones while more vivid greens might be more complementary and show up better on darker hair tones. Some product options include: 24 Colors Non-toxic Temporary Hair Color Chalk Square Hair Chalks, Hot Huez Hair Chalk, and Splat Hair Chalk.
Make Up For Ever Ink Liner $23.00

Make Up For Ever Ink Liner, $23.00

On the other hand, those who might like to be a little more daring can try the colored ombre, which is a great way to keep your natural hair color while also adding a slight edge. The best way to achieve this style might include going to a professional, particularly if it’s something you’re open to keeping even after Saint Patrick’s Day. However, if you decide to take up the challenge yourself, we recommend Manic Panic Semi Permanent Hair Dye Enchanted Forest Green or Pravana ChromaSilk Vivids Hair Color in Green.
Lastly, if you’re in the mood to play with your eyes, we have an eye look that is universally beautiful. Of course when we think of Saint Patrick’s Day, we think of green, so naturally there’s bound to be tons of green eye shadow; however, to make sure your eyes pop and stand out from the crowd, we’ve decided to add a unique twist.
bhcosmetics 120 Color Eye Shadow Palette 1st Edition $14.95

bhcosmetics 120 Color Eye Shadow Palette 1st Edition, $14.95

A gorgeous eyeshadow combination would be gold and green eye shadow. Makeup Geek Eyeshadows or BH Cosmetics are reasonably priced, have great pigmentation, and offer plenty of colors to choose from. A shimmery gold eye shadow enhances all eyes and would look beautiful dusted on top of the lids, while the green is striking and bright when added to the lower lash line. Matte black liquid eyeliner, such as Make Up For Ever or Kat Von D, would balance out the shimmer from the gold eye shadow while also making a stunning addition. The cat eye is optional depending upon whether you wish to dress up or dress down your look. Be sure to complete your eye makeup with mascara as it adds definition, flair, and gives an overall finished look.
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Photo Credits to Amethyst Skye Salon, Sephora, bhcosmetics. Featured image courtesy of Hairchalk.co

Green Fall Trends


Hi, readers! I hope all of you have had extraordinary summers involving beaches, beaches, and more beaches. Where did the summer go?! I feel Memorial Day was just yesterday and we were getting our barbeques up and running for a cookout. Time truly flies when you’re having a lot of fun. Nevertheless, who said fall and fall style couldn’t be fun? Fall becomes fun when pumpkin spice latte makes its return to its rightful place on the coffee throne. It becomes fun when the leaves begin to change and you hear the crunching of leaves under your feet. It also becomes fun when jungle green becomes a primary player in the fall palette. I love jungle green primary because it is so versatile and mixes so well with browns, blacks, plum purples, which are many colors that designers are incorporating in the fall color scheme this season. Kermit the Frog once sang that it wasn’t easy being green. To that I reply: how can it not be when it’s so central in a fashionista’s way of dressing for autumn? Jungle green, to me, is a strong and tough color that can definitely hold its own weight. Give green fall trends a try this season!

1. Girls’ Lightweight Military Jacket
J. Crew
2. Green Pebbled Leather Mini Miss Sicily Bag
Dolce and Gabbana
5. Dancer Boiled Wool Skirt
Acne Studios
3. Basic Round Neck Cardigan
4. Ballet Flats

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


In honor of today, March 17th, being Saint Patrick’s Day, it seemed appropriate to divulge a list of celebs who you may (or may not) know are Irish! From the obvious being Bono and Liam Neeson, did you know that Niall Horan of the ultra popular boy band “One Direction” is the only member of the band to hail from Ireland and not England? Colin Farrell, Michael Fassbender, Pierce Brosnan, and Sinead O’Connor also make the list of famous Irish celebs. (Eonline)
(Image courtesy of livescience.com)
And as the Irish saying goes, “If you’re lucky to be Irish, you’re lucky enough!” 
Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

– by Amanda Sikoral

(Feature image courtesy of timeanddate.com)